tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Old School

The Old School


There's an old school on the hill by my house. It's been closed for years, and I've never quite understood why it hasn't been torn down. The lawn is over grown and it had been vandalized for years. Broken glass scattered the lawn outside, and hardly a window was unbroken. The only thing that had been done for it was boarding up the windows on the first floor to deter rebellious teenage kids from breaking in...not that it worked.

There were rumors about it, and stories. I'd starting hearing them from the very first time I laid eyes on the school, and that's when my fascination began. Some said it was built on an Indian burial ground. Others said that someone had gone crazy and killed a bunch of kids in there. I knew these weren't true, because when it was open, a functioning catholic school, my grandmother attended it. There are no records of murder, suicide, or any burial ground. When I was nine years old, someone told me that if you stopped in front of it, you would die within 5 years. The day before hearing that, I had stopped to tie my shoe across the street from the old school. As I lived past the age of 14, I knew that was also untrue. I did find out that every building that had ever been built in that spot had burnt down. Sure enough, I woke up one morning in middle school to a knock on the door, my neighbor telling us that the school was on fire. The gym part of the school was rubble, but the rest stood. And still nothing was done to tear it down.

Whatever else may be untrue about the old school, I knew, deep in my bones, that there was something evil there or perhaps the school itself was evil. The first time I broke into it was at the age of 18. I could tell you countless stories of things that have happened to me in, around, or involving the school. But there's only one story I want to tell you, of the very last time I ever went into the school. It was last Halloween.

I had always wanted to go to the school on Halloween night, but my friends thought I was crazy, and no one would come with me. So I had to go alone, and I wasn't going to put it off any longer.

My boyfriend's best friend was having a huge Halloween costume party, and I knew we had to make an appearance there. Thankfully, his house was only a block away from the old school. Kevin and I got ready and in costume together at my house. He was going as a pimp, and I was his whore for the night. Standing there in his fur coat and ridiculous pimp hat, he stared at me, lust building in his eyes.

I have to say, I was quite a sight. I was wearing a tight black spaghetti strap top that formed to my C-cup breasts, which were pushed up nicely by my black strapless bra, and came to just above my belly button. A few inches of my slim, firm tummy showed above the waist of my low-riding denim skirt. The skirt itself was only about 6 inches long, and when I bent over, my black lace thong was clearly visible. I was wearing shear, thigh-high stockings that ended just below the bottom of my skirt and black open-toed platform shoes completed the outfit. My short red hair hung just slightly over my eyes, which were accented with a touch of black eyeliner and mascara.

Kevin stared at me like that for a few minutes, before moving over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist, and pulling me hard against him for a deep kiss. My panties grew instantly damp, as I felt lust for him grow deep in my belly at his rough touch, and returned the kiss with enthusiasm.

"Mmmm, hunnie, we can't, we'll be late," I said as we broke the kiss, and I could feel his hardness pressing against my tummy.

"Just a quickie?" He asked, pleadingly, his voice breathy and full of desire.

"I'll make it up to you when we get home," I promised, winking and walking away, swaying my hips seductively. He let out a low groan and followed me out the door.

We decided to walk to his friend Brandon's house, since it was within a few blocks. Our walking path took us right by the old school, and I could feel energies flowing from it; I could almost feel it hating me. I started to have doubts. 'No.' I told myself. 'It's Halloween, and you need to go in there.' I firmed my resolve, and we kept walking to Brandon's, Kevin having no idea what I was planning.

We arrived at the party to find it in full swing, full of vampires and angels, witches and ghosts, most of whom were well on their way to being drunk. Upon entering we were each handed a beer and started to mingle. It was your typical drunken Halloween party. People were making out all over the place, costumes getting messed up, and make up smeared. I left Kevin's side temporarily to go to the bathroom, and came back to find him funneling beer with his friends. I decided this was my time. Stopping for a moment to let Karen, Brandon's girlfriend, know that I was going for a walk, I left.

I walked to the old school, and went up the drive way around to the back door, where I knew an easy way to get in. I cursed my sluttish costume for a moment, knowing that it would make this expedition harder. At the back door, I ditched the platform shoes and nylons, knowing that there was a chance I could cut my bare foot on broken glass, but not wanting to risk tripping or slipping. I boosted myself up onto the railing of the staircase leading to the boarded up, tightly sealed door, and tossed my purse through the window above the door. I followed it, crawling through the tight window frame and dropped to the floor on the other side. I took out the small flashlight I had stored in my purse, and proceeded inwards to the vandalized, crumbling halls I had come to know so well.

From the second I had set foot in the driveway next to the school, I knew it was alive with energy tonight, and I longed to feel it more, as much as it terrified me. I was not disappointed when I entered; I knew something was going to happen tonight. The air inside was colder by far than the fall air I had walked there in, and I felt goose bumps forming on my skin. I was excited and terrified all at once at the thoughts of what might happen. The combination of feelings caused my pussy to dampen once again as my heart raced. I was so turned on by fear and the unknown.

My feet led me to my favorite room, which I am pretty sure must have been the chapel. It was a large, high ceiling room, empty except for an altar directly across from the door way, and a crucifix behind it. This room had been vandalized badly. There were dirt and paint chips all over the floor, as well as shards of glass from the many broken windows. Spray paint covered the wall, most of it representing the occult and anti-Catholicism. The broken windows were 2 floors up and looked out onto the street, and light from the street lamps shone inside. I turned off my flashlight and stored it back inside my purse.

Just then, I heard footsteps in the hallway. My heart stopped in my chest, and I held my breath, backing as soundlessly as I could into a dark corner. I stared toward the doorway as I heard the footsteps nearing the room I was in. I said a silent prayer to whatever gods may have been listening to me, in that evil place, on that haunted night.

A dark silhouette suddenly stood framed in the doorway. The head was a horribly unnatural shape, and I tried to shrink back in the corner to avoid being seen. What was with me tonight? What did it want from me? I couldn't breathe for fear, and I was sure it heard the heavy pounding in my chest.

"Anna?" a voice called out from the shadow in the door.

I let out the large breath I had been holding in, and my heart starting beating in my chest once more. "Oh, thank heaven, it's you, Kevin," I said, stepping from the shadows. He took a step forward too, and smiled at me. "What the fuck are you doing here scaring the shit out of me?" I asked, mock angrily, "Last I knew you were funneling excessive amounts of beer."

He shrugged. "Saw you leave and decided to follow you. Wanted some alone time." He winked.

The room went black. It was as though the street lights and the moon had both decided to turn themselves off at the same time, and I felt myself thrown back by some huge invisible barrier. The small of my back slammed against what felt like the front edge of the altar, and the darkness consumed me.

I don't know how long it was before I came around. The room was once more filled with the dim yellow light coming through the window, and Kevin was standing over me. I knew something was wrong immediately. Where I expected to see fear and concern in his light grey eyes, I saw lust and darkness and hunger from almost black eyes.

"K-kevin?" My voice wavered as I spoke to him. "Wh-what the hell just happened?" He continued staring down at me, not saying a word. I noticed that his pimp costume was gone; he was standing in front of me, naked, his penis standing up, throbbing and hard. I realized I was laying on the altar still, my legs hanging off the edge. I tried to get up from my vulnerable position, but felt glued to the spot from Kevin's intense gaze. Never taking his eyes from mine, he lifted my legs, and placed my feet flat on the altar. Again, I tried to struggle, but could not move. I tried to cry out, to ask him just what the hell was going on, but my voice caught in my throat, and only a strangled groan escaped my lips. My legs were spread, my barely covered, still damp pussy exposed to him.

The harder I tried to struggle, the more firmly I felt glued to the spot. I gave up, and lay there, whimpering silently, my mind begging him to stop, my pussy asking for him desperately. His large hands suddenly reached forward and pushed my shirt and bra up over my firm breasts. He finally broke eye contact, but I still felt nailed to the spot, or rather, as though something I couldn't see was holding me motionless.

One hand grabbed my left breast, hard and rough, so that I was sure I'd have bruises tomorrow (if I lived that long), and his mouth closed down around the other, already rock-hard, nipple. A muffled moan escaped my lips, but my voice was still trapped somewhere in my wind pipe.

I felt his mouth raving my nipple, sucking hard, biting, sending sharp pains through my breast as his fingers pinched and pulled on my other nipple. Without warning he switched, and his fingers found the slippery nipple he'd already coated in saliva, while his mouth began to bite and suck at the other one. My pussy was swollen and soaking and begging for attention, while my heart pounded with fear and arousal.

He stopped the ravaging of my breasts as quickly as he started, and stared into my eyes again. His fingers slid down my belly, across the denim of my skirt, and between my legs, where he ripped my thong and tore it off. I felt two fingers slam into my pussy without ceremony and his mouth came down, and his teeth clamped on my neck. His fingers slammed in and out of me and pain concentrated on the spot on my neck where he bit me. The strangled groans coming out of me sounded inhuman and felt as though they were solid in my throat and choking me. When he seemed sure my pussy was wet enough (dripping down my ass crack, as a matter of fact), he pulled his fingers out of my snatch and shoved them in my mouth. My tongue responded on its own, licking my sweet juices off of them. My mind told me to bite, to try to put an end to this horror, but my mouth didn't cooperate.

I felt my legs being spread wider as he stepped in between them, and this was all the warning I had before his cock plunged, balls deep, into me. I screamed, but it was lost in my throat, and all that came out was a squeak. He tore my pussy in two as he pounded in and out of me, leaving me full, then empty again. A tear slid from my eye at the pain and pleasure, horror and lust that were filling me, and I started to orgasm. I'm not sure if any sound escaped me; I was lost in a bliss that I had never felt before. In my mind I was screaming in ecstasy. When it finally subsided, I looked up at him to see him staring down at me lustfully, groaning as he shot his seed deep inside me.

All of a sudden, the force holding me down released me as he stepped back. He was still different, not the Kevin I went to the party with, as though whatever was in the school had possessed him and changed him. The fear that I had been holding back, hiding behind the desire, resurfaced. I shoved him back and got up, running as fast as I could through the familiar hallways, feeling my foot sliced open by glass. I heard his heavy footsteps behind me and ran faster. I reached the back door, and jumped with a force I didn't know I had, catching the window ledge and pulling myself up.

Once outside, I hit the ground, running as fast as I could, ignoring my nylons and shoes still sitting on the ground at the foot of the back stairs. My feet led me toward Brandon's house, where I knew there were people. I needed to feel protected and safe, even if it was by a bunch of drunken people.

I found the party still in full force as I went sprinting up the front walk, past a couple of passed out costumed party-goers, to the front door. I threw myself inside, almost tripping over a figure out cold in the front hallway, and found Karen. "K-k-kevin!!" Was all I managed to stammer out as my lungs begged for air, and I stood there, a ragged mess, cum still dripping down my leg, trying to catch my breath.

"Shh, hun, it's okay," she said, quietly, concern filling her eyes. "He just passed out from drinking too much. He's been out cold since about 15 minutes after you left." She gestured to the figure in the fur coat laying in the front hallway. "Don't worry, he'll wake up soon and we can put him to bed. He'll be fine."

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