tagGay MaleThe Older UPS Delivery Guy

The Older UPS Delivery Guy


The morning sunshine beamed through my blinds as they covered my eyes with sun light. I used my hand to cover the bright ray of light looking around for the clock; I looked over to the right of the night stand seeing that it around 8 in the morning. I just remembered from the email I got from the company that I ordered my toys from; they said my dildo would be arriving in the mail today. I pushed myself up from bed looking at the mirror; my hair was a total mess, I decided to take a shower before the delivery man came by to drop off the box.

After washing my face I took off my clothes looking at myself naked in the mirror, my furry stomach was growing a little more hair each month, I looked up at my chest, and some hair was visible. My chubby build seemed to grow bigger and bigger with each week as well, I decided that once in a while I would need to lose some of that weight, I turned on the shower hopping in, after the shower I put on my blue long robe, I walked out combing my hair when I heard the door bell ring. I looked around putting the brush on the table walking to the front door. I opened it to see the UPS man standing there holding a rather large box.

"Hello, I've got a package for you, but we just need a signature and COD deposit" the UPS man said out loud to me.

"A COD deposit?" I replied back confused.

"Yes Cash on Delivery, you just need to pay a small fee of two dollars nothing major." The UPS man said.

I looked at him, the name on the shirt said Ben; I stood there knowing I had no cash on me at the moment to pay the fee. I decided that I would have to do something in order to get the fee paid.

"I don't have two dollars on me right now, I don't know how to repay you" I told him.

"Well I can try calling my manager and see if the fee can be dropped can I use your phone?" Ben told me as he stood there holding my box.

"Sure come on in" I said to Ben letting him in, I was already calling him Ben because I knew that with a good looking older man like him he shouldn't be called UPS guy.

Ben walked in walking over into the kitchen he looked around placing the box on the kitchen table; I grabbed the cordless phone giving it to Ben. He turned it on dialing the numbers; I looked over Ben checking him out. He had salt and pepper type hair, full set of hair on his head too, his age might have been in his late 40's to early 50's he looked quite slim in the tight brown UPS uniform, and his shorts tight making it visible to see how nice his ass looked. I looked down at Ben's legs seeing that they were moderately hairy. Ben punched in the numbers on the phone waiting for an answer from the front desk at his work, after a few seconds he started to talk to someone by the name of Roger.

"Hey Roger it's Ben over here at my first delivery point I've got a package here and it requires a COD fee and the guy here doesn't seem to have the cash at the moment to pay the fee, would it be okay to drop the fee, I'm pretty sure he can pay it off later. Yes, I understand, well I'll let him know, thanks a lot Roger, bye" Ben hung up the phone putting the phone on the table.

"Well?" I said to him, thinking it was kind of rude to ask such a question knowing that he might not give me the package without the fee being paid.

"My manager says that it would be okay to drop the fee for now, but the next time it would be a lot easier if you had the money" Ben said smiling taking off his sunglasses showing off his blue eyes.

"Well there has to be another way to repay you for today, I mean you came all the way into my house and used my phone, that's a lot of work for a busy man like you to do, maybe you should at least let me repay you." I said to him opening the box looking back at him.

"How can you repay me sir?" Ben said holding his clipboard.

"Well I'll find something, have you ever used one of these?" I said pulling out a blue dildo, showing it to him.

Ben's eyes focused on the blue dildo as a smirk appeared on his face, I could see that he was slowly getting the hint that I wanted him to use it on me, I started to direct the dildo towards my chest, using the tip to go down the opening of the bath robe. I put the dildo towards my crotch rubbing it, feeling my own erection start to grow inside the bathrobe.

"Yes I've used those before, but I don't know what you want me to do with it" Ben said.

"I want you to use it on my ass, can you do that Ben?" I asked him.

"Yes sir, bend over, open your robe up." Ben said taking hold of the dildo from my hand.

Ben walked over to the open box pulling put a bottle of lube that I bought from that sex toy website. He opened it squirting some lube on the dildo he used his hand to spread it all over the toy. I bent over on the chair lifting the bathrobe up showing him my hairy hole. I looked back to clearly see a view of his bulge in his tight brown shorts he was already leaking precum, I felt the old tip of the dildo press against my ass cheeks pushing them apart trying to enter inside my hole. It was quite large in length and it was very thick just like a real cock, it felt good entering my hole, but it felt even better knowing that a 50 year old man was inserting it into my ass. He was able to get the entire dildo into my ass, it felt erotic when he pulled it out leaving the cock head still inserted inside me.

I looked over towards where he was standing I could see that his cock was bulging so much that you could see he was tenting inside those tight shorts. I reached over with one hand rubbing it; I used my finger to rub the precum stain on his brown shorts. He moaned out loud he picked up the pace faster when fucking me with the dildo I continued to rub my hand on his raging hard on. I didn't really know what size it might have been but it looked pretty big.

"It looks like you're enjoying this because I can see the precum stain on your shorts" I said to him moaning out loud feeling the dildo opening my hole even more.

"Oh fuck yeah I'm enjoy it, you don't mind if I pull this dildo out and slide my cock into you do you?" Ben said using his other hand to rub his hard on.

"Go ahead, I'm sure you want to shoot that hot load you have in your balls some where" I told him still looking at his crotch.

Ben pulled the dildo out of my ass, he put it on the table, and I continued to gaze at his crotch wondering what his dick looked like. He unzipped his pants pulling out his hard on, it was the most beautiful looking cock ever, cut, and he was six to seven inches fully hard. He let go of his cock and it hung down his shorts, he didn't quite unbutton his shorts he just pulled out his dick through his opening of his shorts. He grabbed the bottle of lube squirting some of it on his hand he used his hand to grease up his cock. He stroked it for a while until he inserted his cock into my hole, I could feel this was a cock because his cock was warm and it made my hole happy to finally have a real cock inside me. It was months since I had a real cock. He inserted more of his meat inside me opening my hole up, his cock was a nice length, and the thickness was good enough to fit in me without hurting me like that dildo did.

I moaned out loud as he pulled his cock out just like he did with the dildo jamming it back into me. I felt so hot and bothered that I decided to jerk myself off with my free hand. I closed my eyes feeling Ben's hands grasp around my waist, his warm cock was fucking my hole good, I continued to moan out loud his balls were rubbing against mine, he sure knew how to fuck, with each thrust I felt my balls start to be one second closer to climaxing all over the floor. He groaned as I felt his cock throb inside my ass, he shot his nice creamy cum into my hole, filling me up with his white juices. My cock was still hard, but I didn't at all shoot my load, Ben kept his cock inside me for about another couple of minutes, I could feel his load seep out of my hole, it dripped down my balls and onto the floor.

Ben pulled out his dick, he let his hard cock go limp he went on his knees going under my stomach he took my 3 inch cock inside his mouth taking it all the way, he was sucking on it, his lips wrapped around my cock using his tongue to hungrily lick up the precum that was leaking out of my piss slit. Ben took a hold of my balls and fondled them while he took my meat into his mouth. Ben played with my balls some more, finding my sweet spot, it took a few tries until Ben was able to find it but with his finger he decided to finger my ass, Ben's cum was still leaking out from my hole. Ben's middle finger was inserted into my hole I felt my ass tighten up, and then felt my balls start to go numb. Cum oozed out of my cock down Ben's mouth he swallowed my cream while he continued to fuck my hole with his middle finger. My cock shrunk, my body felt sore from being in the same position all this time.

"BOY! That was fucking hot, your cock tasted so good Brandon" Ben said pushing himself up from off the floor.

"Thanks, I just wish I could have sucked on your cock, but I was glad you decided to fuck me and shoot your seed into my ass" I told him standing up straight looking at him zip his shorts up.

"Yeah I didn't even have to take my clothes off, now I can just go back to work, you sure do have a nice tight hole on you Brandon, I felt my cock being squeezed by it almost made me cum twice if I didn't leave it in there"

"Well I guess my ass is welcoming for any cock that enter in me, well Ben I do hope you enjoyed this" I said smiling with the biggest smirk I've ever given a man.

"Oh fuck yeah I did, I don't get many of these offers but I'm hoping a lot of them make the same mistake as you did. Well I'm off to my 3rd delivery" Ben said grabbing his clipboard from off the table.

"Take care; I hope you deliver to my house often." I told him knowing that it probably wouldn't be possible.

"Oh you keep buying those dildos and I'll come to deliver them to you so I can try them out on you or me...." Ben said licking his lips.

"Yes sir, I'll buy some more next week" I told him.

With that Ben walked towards the door opening it, I followed him to the front opening the metal door for him as well. He walked out putting his sunglasses back on heading down the hallway. I closed my door standing there walking back to the kitchen, my dildo certainly came in handy, I was going to end up buying that website's whole entire collection of dildos since this first one was a great buy. I smashed the box and ended up taking another shower feeling my entire hole ache pleasure from the UPS delivery man's cock......

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