tagLoving WivesThe Oldest: Number 21 Pt. 02

The Oldest: Number 21 Pt. 02


I woke the next morning to the sound of thumps and giggling coming from our shower. Wondering what it was all about, I went to the bathroom door and opened it to see Linda pinned against the wall of the shower, her feet drumming against the wall. Sam had her five foot frame pinned against the wall by his own six plus feet, his cock planted in her pussy driving it home with hard strokes of his pile-driving ass. Just as she noticed me, I saw her beginning the tremors of her body and the flushing of her chest that indicated a massive orgasm. Sam followed through, keeping his cock buried in her to the hilt as she squirmed her way through that orgasm driven by the filling of her pussy by a massive load of sperm that was now sliding in a thick stream down her thighs.

He kept her pinned against the shower wall until she literally collapsed over his shoulders, panting with the erotic sensations he had stirred in her. He let her slowly slide down the length of his body until her feet were once more on the floor. She was so weak she couldn't stand, but gave me a smile that told me as much as anything how she had enjoyed her first fuck of the day. Seeing that she was looking around him, Sam turned and smiled at me.

"She said she wanted just one more," he told me with a smile. He was wiping her lush body with a soapy wash cloth as he continued. "I figured it was the least I could do after last night. You have one real tiger on your hands here." He ended, with a slow kiss of my wife's swollen lips. "Damned if I wouldn't like to take her home with me."

Linda, still weak kneed, managed to climb over the six inch lip of the tiled shower entrance, aided by Sam's hand on her arm. She took a towel that I had pulled from the pile on the commode top and wrapped herself in it until only her lower legs and shoulders were visible. Looking back at Sam, she said, "I've got to tell Earl what we did last night and that may take a little time. Why don't you finish your shower. We'll have breakfast in a half hour or so." Sam nodded, smiled and took one of the towels from the pile after a short burst of cold water that cleared the steam from the small shower alcove. I took Linda to our bedroom and watched her sink back onto the bed, almost exhausted.

"He did me almost all night," she said, watching me drop my nightwear and climb onto the bed with her.

"I thought he would," I told her with a smile, "and, after such a long trip, I figured that the least I could do was to give him a chance to have some fun with you, alone. I know he's been looking forward to it."

"I really didn't expect much after such a long drive and the fun we had on the way back home." She lifted one breast and felt it, sensing the reddened area of a hickey Sameath it, then inspected the other with the same result. "He was sure rough on my tits, but he told me he had never seen such a lovely set. He spent at least an hour sucking on them and finger fucking me before he ever got down to business - and I do mean business. Did you see how long his cock is?"

I nodded as I captured one of her breasts in my hand and began gently sucking the still swollen nipple.

"And so thick! My gosh, I think the head of his cock is at least the size of a plum. At least it felt that big when he began sticking it into me," she told me as I took one of her engorged nipples in my mouth and began sucking it slowly. "I told him I wanted to suck him a little, but I had a hard time getting the whole head in my mouth. When he saw I was having trouble taking it, he said to let it wait until later and then he started to fuck me. He spread me open and wiped it up and down my cunt lips until I was as juicy as I had ever been, then he just began easing it into me a little at a time. I loved that. You know how some of the guys that fuck me just ram it in and screw me. He isn't like that at all. He would stick it in, pump it back and forth a few times, then press a little deeper. I must have cum a half dozen times just while he was getting it all the way in." She groaned as my attention to her tits caused another minor orgasm.

"When he was all the way in, it felt like he was filling me all the way to my throat, but he was so wonderfully gentle. He would slide it almost all the way out, then inch it back in again until I could feel his nut bag against my ass. Over and over again. it was wonderful!"

As she described what Sam had done to her, I slid down her soft body pausing at cunt lips still engorged with their love making. I lapped the thin trickle of juices from her labia, then used my tongue to scoop out the prize. I began eating the sloppy seconds from her swollen, distended cunt lips, savoring the mixed juices of their night of debauchery. Linda generally didnn't like me to eat her after she had been freshly fucked, but she told me my lips felt good against her chapped lips that morning. I took a while to clean her out and was going to fuck her, but she reminded me that we hadn't eaten breakfast yet and Sam was probably hungry after all the exercise.

"Later," she told me with a smile. "Sam said he wanted to see you fuck me, and I told him not until we had breakfast, so let's go eat."

My wife fixed one of her Sunday morning specials, scrambled eggs, sausage and biscuits with orange juice and homemade jam from the store her mother always had us take home when we visited her. As I ate the jam smeared biscuit, I couldn't help but remember how just a couple of weeks ago I had been eating that same kind of jam from one of Linda' aunt's pussy after I had fucked her. The smile I had with that memory aroused a comment from Sam.

"I'd smile too, Earl, if I had this sweet thing with me at home." He reached over and gave one of Linda' breasts a gentle squeeze. She had only a short robe on with no bra and it was easy for him to reach inside and fondle her. She offered no objections even when his hand went beneath the hem of the robe and covered her pussy as he ate with the other. "I told Linda I wanted some pictures of you fucking her and she told me if you would agree, she would let me take them home with me. I'd also like to get a picture of me fucking her and with both of us eating her. Would you mind?"

I looked at Linda. She had never permitted anyone to photograph her when we were swinging, yet she apparently had told Sam he could. "I don't mind if she doesn't," I told him.

"Well, let's plan on doing it this afternoon then. I'm kind of pooped right now and I'd like to take a nap. We can get down to some real fun this afternoon - that is if Linda doesn't mind."

I looked over to where my wife, one breast still in Sam's hand, was smiling. I knew it was something that he had told her during their night together and I though it would be the perfect opportunity to get some pictures of her in the throes of orgasm.

"This afternoon then." I said with a smile of my own. I got up and started piling the dishes to take into the kitchen. When Sam began helping, Linda shooed him away, telling him to go take his nap. She wanted him fresh for this afternoon.

Sam left us alone and Linda and I finished cleaning up the dining room and putting the dishes into the dishwasher. We talked as we worked.

"You obviously enjoyed yourself last night, " I said, "but are you sure you're up to it again so soon?"

Her smile told me that she was even before she said she was looking forward to it. "He's such a gentle lover, " she sighed. "Even as long and thick as he is, he never hurt me. He ate me out twice last night and was just as gentle then as he was when he was fucking me." She laughed. "He didn't even take off the rest of my clothes until he had fucked me and eaten my pussy the first time. I had to take my bra off while he was eating me. I told him I should take of my shoes and stockings, but he wouldn't let me. He said I was much sexier in nylons and high heels and that's the way he wanted me. I just managed to get them off before we got into the shower this morning," she said with a chuckle.

I smiled, because I had always liked the sight of her with her legs wrapped around another man's waist, her high heels bounding up and down in time with his thrusts, and I also know how delightful it is to feel a woman's nylons around my neck when I'm eating her.

"Good. That's the way we'll set it up then. Do you still have that outfit you wore when our neighbor fucked you down in the islands?"

She blushed. "You mean the bustier with the half cup bra and that slinky long night gown?"

I nodded. "That's the one. I think he would love to see you like that."

She obviously believed so too and fell right into the spirit of the game. "With thigh highs and high heels? Should I wear panties?"

I smiled, picturing it in my mind. "No, I like the way you have your bush shaved so it points to your clit. He'll probably like that as much as I do, and will like to see you dressed like that."

I took her into the bedroom and we had a short nap before the afternoon sun woke us once again. We worked as quietly as we could getting her dressed and prepared for the afternoon's fun. She looked like a million dollars when we finished. Thinking to go into the living room and wait for our guest to awaken, we found him sitting quietly reading the local newspaper when we arrived.

Sam stood and gathered Linda into his arms when she approached him. His open mouthed kiss lasted almost as long as his gentle fondling of hr breasts and was equaled only by my wife's enjoyment of the kiss, She was literally panting when he finally released her long enough to sit her down in his lap on the couch facing the lounge chair in which I usually sat.

I asked him if he would like to have lunch before we began our afternoon fun. He declined, saying that he had what he wanted to eat already. Linda gave him a playful slap and then stood up.

"Well, let's get started then." She turned and started walking toward our bedroom. Sam's eyes followed her swiveling hips. He had a huge grin on his face as he looked at me. "Let's go," he said, "I can't see keeping anything that lovely waiting."

Linda had already pulled the bed covering off, leaving them at the foot of the bed. She was in the middle, still dressed as she had been when we went into the living room. Sam set up his camera on a tripod, checked the focus and then got on the bed with her.

"Get a shot of this," he said, scooping Linda's breast from the confines of the bustier and holding it tightly in his large hand. I suggested that he pull her closer and have her kiss him so that it would show how she felt about having a 'stranger' feeling her up. Linda didn't need any prompting. She was kissing Sam and had her hand beneath his, encouraging him to hold her breast up, The nipple was already stiff and standing proud between his fingers, high enough that at least a quarter inch of nipple showed her own pleasure.

"Now the one I really want," he growled as he unfastened the bustier from my wife's body. When it was totally open, he took several minutes just running his hand up and down her body. She reacted by taking his hand and putting it over her pussy where, within minutes, Sam had her clit protruding enough to be visible. I took several shots of him working on her before he had her raise her body so he could pull the bustier from beneath her. I got one more delightful shot as Sam's mouth circled that hard nipple, lifting her breast with the suction he applied to it. Linda' hand went behind his head, pulling him tighter to her breast. The other held her breast, feeding it to him. She was looking at the camera, a broad smile on her lips as his free hand squeezed her other breast to a appreciative mound above his tightening grasp.

The flash captured the moment. She sighed and turned on her side facing her lover, her back to the camera. Sam raised her uppermost leg and slid his upper leg between hers. His already hard cock was pressed tightly against my wife's pussy lips and I could see the sheen of his pre-cum already coating the point he intended to enter her. Linda's hips moved back and forth, coating even more of her lips with his cock juice before taking him in one small hand and putting his cockhead against the opening to her vagina.

She had been right about how tightly he had to press to get his cock into her. I got a picture just as the swollen, plum sized head passed between her outer lips and began its journey deep into her cunt. She sighed as she felt him entering her, relaxing to let his thickness begin to spread her vaginal muscles. What a beautiful sight!

Sam began working his hips back and forth, pulling almost completely out of her, then pressing against her until another inch or so was in her. After that swollen head had passed through her tightened outer muscles, she began moving with him, pressing ever tighter as he fed his long dick into her core. Her arm slid over his back and wrapped around him tightly as he neared home. She gave a little gasp as he reached her cervix and began entering her as deeply as she had ever been fucked. Soon she was the one whose hips were working back and forth, feeding him the entire length of her vagina and obviously enjoying herself immensely.

I suggested she roll over onto her back and let Sam fuck her in the traditional manner, but she said she wanted to feel the deep penetration in this position a little longer. Sam's balls were tight against the flesh below her pussy and his hand still had her breast in a tight clinch when I saw Linda' back redden and realized she was already reaching orgasm by her own efforts as she fucked her lover.

Sam obviously knew it too and, as soon as her tremors and clutching arm relaxed, he rolled her over on her back without losing his connection. He went at her full tilt immediately. I could tell that the few hours of sleep he had enjoyed this morning had brought his capabilities back with a vengeance. At first he fucked my wife hard and fast. I got a few pictures then, but the ones I thought would really be good was when he slowed down and began to really stick it to her with long, slow thrusts that lifted his hips high then slowly pressed down, feeding his oversized cock into her tight pussy. I could hear the sounds of their juices with each stroke as Linda' legs came up and around behind Sam's thighs, pulling him to her deeply with each thrust. She was moaning softly as he fucked her, but it obviously wasn't from pain. I couldn't see her face because of the disparity in their height, but I could see where Sam's hands had pulled her breasts to each side of her body and he was squeezing them in rhythm with his fucking.

I knew from past experience that Linda couldn't last long with the combined stimulation of her breasts and her pussy, and she proved me right when just a few minutes later I heard her groan as her lover filled her hot pussy with his cum. Sam raised himself on both arms and sank even deeper into her cunt, forcing a gob of his cum from her as he pumped more into her. Linda was panting with her own exertions, and shaking as though from a high fever. The smell of sex permeated the air and left me with a hard cock of my own.

Sam stayed in her for the five minutes or so it took her to regain her senses. When her legs no longer were pulling him deeper into her, he rose to his knees and I saw his still semi rigid cock pulling her cunt lips with it as he pulled it from that fantastic portal of lust.

"How about you fucking her now, Earl" he asked as he rolled over on his back and then sat up on the edge of the bed. "I'll get a few pictures of you doing her and then I want to fuck her some more. Damn, that's such a sweet, hot pussy," he added, reaching around to pet that sodden pelt softly. "I think I could eat her all night!"

I loved that thought and knew that Sam hadn't wasted his time last night even, as I pressed my cock between my wife's swollen pussy lips and sank my full length into her well fucked, juicy cunt. She groaned, but not from pain. I knew Linda could be fucked all night like this and still want more, so I had no reason to take it slow. Her legs curled around behind my thighs, just as they had around Sam's moments ago. She smiled up at me and thrust her hips upward, driving me even deeper into her welcoming depths.

"You liked that, didn't you?" she asked softly. "You wanted to see Sam fuck me, didn't you? Damn I love being fucked and this feels so good! Do me like he did me last night, fuck me hard and deep, then eat my pussy. I know you want to."

She was definitely right about that! My love of eating her pussy was second only to eating a load of cum out of her pussy when it had just been filled with at least one other man's cum. She had come to expect that over the years we had been swinging and knew that I would go down on her as soon as I sent my own load to the end of her vagina.

I pumped that hot pussy for what turned out to be more than thirty minutes, oblivious to the clicking shutter of Sam's camera. My hands and mouth were all over my wife's body, still reddened by Sam's equally roaming and squeezing fingers. Her breasts, despite their magnificent size stood high and proud on her chest, nipples swollen and hard from her love of being fucked. I noticed that between pictures, Sam's hands were all over them and he was kissing her with long deep thrusts of his tongue into her mouth, matched by her own response. She pulled him so close twice that I had to angle my body off to one side so he could get between us. This forced me to lift her leg and thrust into her at an angle that definitely was deeper than before, earning a satisfying moan of pleasure from her as the last thrust spilled my load of hot cum into the depths of her pussy. I slowed my thrusts and held her tight as the last of the river of sperm found its way into her vagina, feeling her shuddering with her own orgasm until we were both breathless.

"Eat me," she finally managed to gasp.

I wasted no time. Sliding down her perspiration slick belly, I covered her still gaping pussy with my mouth and inhaled that first cum rich feast. It was ambrosia! Nothing ever tasted better to me sexually than a hot, freshly fucked cunt, and Linda's was special. The exotic mixture of her juices and those of her lovers never failed to arouse me as much as the act of fucking her. Sam, seeing that took another picture of me, stretched out between her legs, face buried deep in her hot pussy as she used those well experienced muscles to feed me my reward. Sam, seeing how busy I was, gave her something else she wanted - a hard, thick, long cock to suck while I ate her out. Only when she had taken another load of cum from my friend's cock and swallowed it, did she finally push me away from my favorite dining area.

The day's sun had long passed before we left her, lying on her back, the fleshy mound of her swollen labia glistening with the dull sheen of dried semen. She was sound asleep, literally worn to exhaustion by Sam and my own efforts. We looked at each other and slowly got up, leaving her to rest by mutual agreement.

"What a woman!" Sam said softly, shaking his head with approval as we gently closed the door to our bedroom. "I knew the first time I saw her picture that I had to fuck her."

"And I knew she wanted you to screw her when she saw that picture of your cock. Putting 'This is for you, honey,' on the border of the photo was the perfect way to tell her that the feeling was mutual. She's been looking forward to this ever since you called and told us you were on the way."

"Believe me," he laughed softly, I couldn't get here fast enough." He turned to look at me, holding out his hand. "And I can't thank you enough for both taking care of my friend down in the islands as well as inviting me to share Linda. I need a shower after all that fun though. Let's get cleaned up and ready to take her out tonight."

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