The Ole Swimming Hole


"You were pretty cruel with me when you were young, Alan Larsens," she said.


"Remember the time with the tree-house in the paddock at the rear of our big backyard? You forced us girls to push off so you could take it over. I was in tears. And there were other times, lots of them."


Then he said, "I was badly behaved. Back then. kinda got even today, didn't you?"

She asked, "I guess you could have died of shame when we turned up?" He found himself shuddering at the recollection. She pressed on, "What on earth did you think when we were staring down at you trapped in the pool stark naked?"

"I dunno . I was embarrassed..."

"Yes, but how did you feel when we were looking at you completely naked? I bet you hated it. I know I would if it were reversed. Did you feel real shame? I mean real shame, like you wanted to faint or die?"

"Yeah... "

"When you had to stand there nude and knew the girls had their eyes all over you? Or when I made you put the leaf down there and when you got...?

"Sometimes that just happens to boys and we can't stop it. But the worst bit..."

Suddenly he fell into a submissive role, walking naked except for shoes and socks next to a girl so neatly attired in pleated uniform, scarf and beret while both of them analyzed his shame. It was giving him a gorgeously sweet flutter in his tummy. He was beginning to like it. He wanted to - jeepers, this was strange - start gushing, tell her more. Tell her all his dirty secrets. Throw all his boy's inner thoughts at her feet and throw himself on her mercies.

He told her no female had never seen him nude. At school he hated visits by female doctors and the idea of having to strip off for them. He had gone missing on the day for medical checks. His sisters once burst in on him when he was naked in his room...doing something....

"You mean, playing with yourself?" she asked giggling and taking a cunning sideways peek.

"Yes," he confessed, feeling an exquisite shame creep all over him. "But I covered myself up with the magazine and yelled at them to get out. They saw nothing. Phew! It was a close shave."

They both laughed.

"Want me to tell you the worst bit back there? The worst bit was coming out of the water." Another shudder ran through his body. Sally giggled. "That's the part I Ioved most! Oh tell me, tell me, tell me! What did it feel like?"

So Alan told her about the spooky feeling of panic in his gut. In fact getting told by that woman to come out and stand in front of them made his guts feel like they were turning to water. He told her how boys don't like girls to see their secret parts. Some worry girls will make fun of their penis and testicles - he used the formal language - because they look funny. And some boys - here he trod carefully - think their penis is not long or thick enough. Yes, the hardest part was hauling himself out of the water. When his privates came out. He said he could feel eyes all over his body. Every inch of it.

"Yes, but what did that shame feel like?" The question made him shudder again.

"It hurt my feelings. I felt so small. I was so helpless and girls were totally in charge. It was...a real queer feeling in my tummy."

She felt sorry for him . It was touching, almost pathetic, that he was ready to share these confidences. His enforced nudity had done it, no doubt, and her in a uniform by his side. What else could he do? Like this, without a stitch, he was too vulnerable to be rude to her. And she liked that stark naked body the more angles she saw it from, the more close-ups she was able to sneak. Under that Elvis hair he was really good-looking.

"Oh, there was one other thing I really liked. That was when she spanked you so hard your...your...thing bounced all over the place. You should have seen your expression as the shoe hit your bottom. Oh gee, that looked funny. And - just turn round. Yes, it's still red."

He thought he would faint at the humiliation.

Then she patted him on the arm and said she guessed that made them even.

After walking about half an hour Melissa called a toilet break. She insisted the boys go first, off into the trees, but three girls must accompany each of them. Continue the biology lesson, she said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes, even adding it might be useful if girls helped the boys take aim. "Don't forget I'm a nurse so I'm thinking about these things all the time. Hold the boy's thing while he does it."

Christine Crawford and Susie Winthrop fell in with Rod and Emily . The three uniformed girls and the naked boy with the elegant erection left the path to find a protected patch of flat ground surrounded by trees. But with this added female company - he didn't like the overweening style of these two - Rod's stiffness began to subside.

Manfully he spread his legs and aimed his dick. Christine sallied forth to insist on holding it, delicately between thumb and forefinger like a cocktail sausage. That encouraged Susie to insist on cupping his balls, delighting in the big loose sack. She, however, made the mistake of squeezing, forcing Rod to double over and wheeze,"Boys. Don't. Like. That!"

From the sidelines Emily watched annoyed at how the others had intruded on the demi-paradise she and the skinny red-head youth had been inhabiting. She felt she had been in an Arcadia, walking on forest paths with an innocent naked boy who offered up his innermost secrets. Just then Rod let forth a powerful golden stream which seemed to last a lifetime before dwindling to a dribble. The two intruders seemed satisfied with their part in this episode and drifted back to the trail. Christine called over her shoulder, "We'll leave you love birds to it."

Rod stood there holding his penis. He looked at Emily shyly and, like a schoolboy requesting his first dance, asked in a soft, quailing voice, "Would you like to shake it dry for me?" This was the sweetest thing anyone had ever asked of her. She moved to his side and looked at the hooded object with reverence before lovingly taking it . She gave it five gentle shakes. Then without asking permission she cupped his scrotum and for the first time felt the mystery of those hard objects in their soft, flexible bag. Instinctively she knew not to hold it too hard. She looked at him while fondling his large loose sack : his eyes were dancing with pleasure . She took the extravagantly long foreskin and moved it over the disproportionately small head - made her think of the head of a snake - several times. Sighing, he said, "You do it much nicer than the other girl."

She thought it the nicest compliment she ever had.

As they returned to the trail they were holding hands.

Basketball champ Steve seemed in a reverie of his own, walking more or less with Melissa but with a shifting party of girls joining in or following right behind, sometimes elbowing to his side to sneak sideways glances at his half-erect or fully erect member. Now used to the exposure and relishing it, he was playing a game of his own. He was begging, "You're not going to tell girls in my class about this are you? Please, pretty please? I would really hate that."

"Oh yes, we will!" came the playful rejoinder.

"We will be on the phones tonight."

"God, no! What will you tell them?"

"Oh, about you being caught in your birthday suit. About you running away so we couldn't see your dick. About how Miss Haines spanked you with a sandshoe, about..."

He acted as if he was stricken.

"Please don't tell them"

"About your big thing getting stiff all the time? Listen, that's the best part of all!" They broke up in fits.

"I hope you don't," he said in a defeated undertone. It did not sound remotely sincere.

The fact is he desperately hoped they would. He wanted all the girls to hear it and to gawk at him in the school corridors and in the school grounds, whispering behind their hands. And the girl scouts seemed to know he really wanted the story to get out. Indeed during this exchange his big appendage went from sticking out parallel to the ground to jutting up at the sky. It gave his dirty game away.

Half way in their journey Melissa told them to stop at a clearing with camp fires and fallen trees, a good place for rest and refreshment.

Alice and Gerry - the boy terrified of his sister finding out - drifted to a log and sat down, the two taking care to scrape the tree surface so the boy's bare bottom wouldn't be scratched. Alice opened her pack and extracted a sandwich and bottled water to share with him. Again, he thought a nice gesture. This girl is not as bad as I feared, he was thinking.

Her next remark confirmed it.

"You know, I was thinking about that business of telling Karen."


"What if we do a deal?"


"My parents are going to be out of town next weekend and I've got two cousins coming to sleep-over. To keep me company in an empty house. To look after me. I was thinking...well, they're nice girls. My age. Not pretty, exactly. I don't think they've had boyfriends. It just occurred to me...what if we didn't say a thing to Karen?"

"Yes?" His heart was beating hard.

"We say nothing to your sister. But in exchange you come to the sleep-over with my cousins. And..." she drew the word out.


She pointed at his bare chest with her forefinger. "You get to go naked all night - just like you are now."

Gerry felt waves of relief and gratitude. He wanted to fall at her feet and take the hem of her skirt and kiss it...he would do anything for this angel. Sweet submissiveness was surging all over him. It was a queer, sweet feeling he had never felt before. There were now prickles of sexual excitement as well.

"And what would you - and them - do to me?"

She leant over and whispered in his ear, "It would be just like today."

The two didn't have to say anything more. A boy being stripped under the gaze of three fully-dressed females, being shamed deliciously, having his body examined up close, being played with by the dressed females ...their minds were racing, together.

In his naked lap, as he sat down on the log next to her, Gerry's punchy prick began to stretch. She noticed.

"Except there is one thing. Just one extra thing. I think they might want to do things with your beautiful blond hair. Even with a ribbon. Maybe a pink one. And they might want to apply a bit of make-up, lipstick and stuff. And they just might want you to put on nice ladies undergarments...."

"I don't think I would like that."

"Sad,I'd hate to have that conversation with Karen. "

His prick was bolt upright and something was glistening on its end. Which sort of sealed their deal.

Sally and Alan Larsens were in another corner of the camp site - he propped on his elbows on the grass, no longer shy in her presence, his petite penis lolling over his loose scrotum, the outline of the two marbles visible, and she sitting on a rock, feeding him biscuits and relishing the view of his physique. Holy ghost! He thought, here I am actually spreading myself out naked for her, and I'm loving it!

"You know, you should check out the old tree-house," she was saying. "I go there whenever I need some quiet time alone. It's kinda pretty up in the branches and leaves."

"Sure. Sounds good." He was ready to agree to just about anything this girl suggested.

Sally's mind, however, was running hot - stimulated by the gorgeous sight spread out before her on the grass. And the spectacle earlier in the day. Her imagination was racing ahead with libidinous plans. To do with him and her tree house. As soon as she got him inside she would persuade him - no, order him - to strip completely. Yes, order him. Even his sandshoes - because there would be a use for those. In fact, that old treehouse was spacious enough for them to rerun today's whole repertoire including the bare-bottomed spanking. Let alone that tantalizing eyeball inspection of his stripped-to-the-buff nudity. Looking at him now, she was sure she could stretch that out for hours. Oh, he was handsome.

And she was working on another dimension.

Her elder sister was a nurse and had briefed her on the fun of shaving men before surgical operations. Apparently the nurses, young and old, loved performing it on young male patients. The idea had played on her mind and she was intent on practising on the pubic bush now displayed before her.

And she had another grand idea. To make that nude, depilated young man climb down out of the tree house, rung by rung, in broad daylight and walk nervously around the paddock. He would be terrified of a passer-by seeing him. She would even make him work as a gardener, while she watched from up in the branches - watching him fearfully looking over his shoulder while he raked leaves , his ass red from her punishments. And maybe that sweet little penis sticking up.

And it would be delightful to watch him down on the ground naked as a jay when a party of girls swung into view, or a middle-aged woman, and see Alan crouch and cover up with his hands. To witness his shame. And then back in the tree house, to review what had happened and make him shudder with the recollection and talk about what he felt. Finally to make him take that finely-shaped penis and force him to do what Miss Haines had forced him to do. See whether his stuff would land on her again.

Suddenly they both glimpsed tall Steve gamboling over the grass to Melissa who was seated on a log. His huge penis was rampant again. They could see it in stark profile, even make out the sprawling mushroom on the end. "Jeepers, I hate his...thing!" Sally spat.

Alan asked, "Really?"

"Hate it! It's unnatural. Too big."

"I thought women liked them that way. "

"Not me! I like pretty ones." Her eyes roamed, and settled.

And I would do anything you ask, thought Alan.

"We must inspect that old treehouse."

"Yes. Must."

Taking an offer of her jacket to sit on, Steve settled on the grass next to Melissa . She handed him a sandwich. The food had an immediate effect . Or maybe it was the effect of being nude in her company. Or being nude for hours among dressed females. Maybe it was the epiphany by the old swimming hole, the discovery that, while he was nervous to start, he had found what he wanted.

Whatever reason, the rangy athlete with the outsize membrum opened up. He told Melissa how, as long as he could remember, he had liked the idea of getting naked in the presence of dressed females. But it never happened. As an adolescent he had wanted to answer the front door when female canvassers were doing their rounds selling religious books or encyclopedias and letting a bath towel slip as if by accident.

Once when home alone he had seen a middle-aged female coming up their garden path and he quickly stripped and stood at the closed door with a bathroom towel clutched over his midriff. But at the last second he had wilted and not responded to the bell. He now regretted it. He longed to see astonished looks on feminine faces while he stood naked. He wanted female eyes to ravish him.

But when the woman doctor had examined him at school he had been painfully shy. He had suffered an erection as soon as he entered the surgery and had gasped with embarrassment when she slipped his underpants down while he lay on the examination table. She asked him lots of questions about his penis and examined it minutely. When a girl in his class called with a message for the doctor and stood at the door she apparently caught a glimpse of him and later the teasing in the classroom was unbearable. Now looking back he admitted he would happily relive the affair. Thought about it often.

When he realized his penis was much bigger than those of other boys' he had even stronger urges to show off. He showered with the bathroom window open and the light on hoping the elderly widow who lived next door would end up gawking at him. He still didn't know whether she had. He would go to school swim events in tight racers two sizes too small hoping to catch glimpses of women and girls feasting their eyes on his outline. Whenever it worked, and their eyes were popping, he would panic and cover up with a towel. His ideal job would be a model for female art classes, only he knew he would never be able to avoid a constant rock-hard erection.

He admitted to Melissa that he "played with himself" sometimes. She quickly asked how often. He said once a week - no, every day, he confessed. Actually, sometimes more. What did he think about while he did it? He said it was always the same. He thought about being nude and ashamed in the presence of fully-dressed women and girls.

While he confided in the older woman she absent-mindedly ran her fingers through his auburn hair. It was like having a son, she daydreamed. Only one with a godlike body who was rather over-sexed . He needed her very individual counseling. She would give him the tender, loving attention he craved.

Emily and Rod sat on the grass and looked across at them. They could see Steve's legs splayed in front of him as he carried on the conversation with Melissa ; Steve's mammoth penis was at full stand as he recounted his urges.

It was making Emily wonder about the things she had seen today.

"Do you think there are some boys who are excited by getting shamed, you know, with no clothes in front of women, embarrassed being caught nude like you all were today? It seems that boy likes it."

Rod had now spread his skinny frame out on the grass, lying hands behind his head to reveal wiry red underarm hair. Sporting a half erect penis rising from a blazing ginger bush, he was totally on display. Emily, sitting legs crossed, fed him slices from her apple, and found the sight irresistible.

"Today, at first, it was terrible. Then walking on the trail the humiliation sort of...sort of...melted into something else. Right now I love being naked. But only with you. It has to be a nice girl, like you. "

She reached out and ruffled his ginger locks.

Meanwhile something was happening with Melissa and Steve. As he had been making his confessions he had grown more and more excited. His prick had started discharging copious quantities of sticky, transparent fluid. Unconsciously he had started fingering himself, lightly up and down his penis shaft. He had gone on to admit that, if truth be told, he "played with himself " three times a day every day. The confession shocked and excited Melissa. He said he couldn't help it whenever those dirty thoughts got into his head. It would be even tougher after what he had experienced today.

At this point his motions were getting more urgent. Girls who had been drifting around the camp site in groups of two or three to look at Alan or Gerry or Rod, making comments behind their hands, were now coursing to Steve and Melissa - where Steve was warming up.

He was telling Melissa that when he felt girls eyes roaming his naked body he felt tingles all over, his stomach went fluttery, his penis felt it was on fire. He said he liked them to laugh at him, to tease him, to look amazed at his cock. He liked it - really loooved it - when they acted superior because they were fully dressed and he was in his birthday suit.

The flapping sound intensified and his speech became more blubbery. Meanwhile the congregating girls were fulfilling this very fantasy. They crowded in, arms over one anothers' shoulders to ooh and ahh at his size and stiffness, purple mushroom head and bulging veins. His eyes roamed over their faces and grew more glassy and distant.

In a flash Melissa was kneeling at his side to take the plummy head of his penis and give it the caresses she knew he loved. All the time she cooed in his ear, telling him what a naughty boy he was to want to run around naked and show off his cock to parties of uniformed young women . Look at their faces, she whispered to him, they are all looking at your hundred percent... naked naked as the day that you were born, you naughty boy...looking at you "playing with yourself "...moving your hand up and down on your enormous cock which these virgin girls would all love to play with...

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