tagErotic CouplingsThe Onan Variations

The Onan Variations

byNakod Apa©

Editor's Note:

My late Uncle, a prolific writer of short erotica, observed two principles. The first was to have several stories, or fragments of stories, in preparation at any one time - this he considered avoided writer's block, since if he felt temporarily unable to continue one story then he could switch to another. The second was to follow the premise that every good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Following his demise the enclosed story fragments were found on his computer filed under the headings of 'Offering ', 'Preparing' and 'Taking' - which precisely match the need for a beginning, middle and end. Unfortunately there is no indication of which variation connects with which.

In each fragment the action is very conventional and has just two characters. The first, Mea [or 'Male Erotic Arouser'], is a nubile young female just blossoming into maximum fertility. The second is you, the reader [and you know what you are - pun intended].

I recommend a set of dice - roll them, read the corresponding 'Offer' fragment. Repeat for 'Prepare' and 'Take', thus you have 6x6x6 or 216 different stories for the price of one. Enjoy.



The pool had been built into the east wing of the mansion; and that is where I find her. She is swimming slow lengths - building up that lean fitness. At first I think her costume is flesh coloured, then I realize she isn't wearing one. I'm not sure why I am surprised since it's far more pleasurable to swim nude.

Sitting I watch enthralled as she leisurely swims from end to end, her back stroke being particularly appealing. Finally she's completed her set number of laps and hoists herself from the water. Wrapped in a robe she turns to leave then notices me patiently waiting.

Coltishly she strides around the edge of the pool to stand before me. 'Were you looking for me? Do you want me?'

'"No" to the first, I've found you,' I say. ' But to the second, "of course", what red-blooded male would not want a beautiful woman like you?'

She colours slightly. 'Am I really that suitable?'

'I suspect you are. Lose that robe and let me confirm it.'

Shyly she looks at her feet then hesitantly lets the robe fall. Deliberately I inspect her tanned, flawless skin. Down from her wet, dripping hair; past the curve of shoulders and arms, well developed by her swimming, I linger on the swell of her firm, rounded breasts - their dark nipples already half erect; I approve the stomach - now slightly convex as she pulls her shoulders back, and finally rest my gaze on the wet, blonde, mass of her bush still dripping water between her slim thighs.

'Most definately suitable. Any sane man would want you,' I conclude.

'Then why are you sitting there when you could be enjoying me? Come, I think my room is closest.'



The tap on my door is purposeful. 'Come in,' I call.

Entering my young protégé walks to the music centre, selects and inserts a CD. Of medium height, her long hair brushing her shoulders, she waits in the centre of the floor for the music to begin.

As the tune starts she sways her slender hips to the slow, dreamy beat. Her white silk robe shimmers hypnotically. The rhythm gets faster; she twists her shoulders from side to side emphasizing her high, firm breasts. Her fingertips rest on her hips then slowly trace up the curves of her body to her shoulders and down again between her boobs to tug the sash of her gown.

The silk swirls and floats as she pirouettes once, then twice, then slides her hands up and under her gown straps to ease them from her shoulders. For a long beat she stands motionless while the silk ripples sensuously down her body to gather at her feet.

The music gathers itself in a crescendo. Now she dances to inflame my need, her olive skin a perfect contrast to the minute white lace thong and bra that alone hide her charms. The music envelopes her, the beat directs her hands as they cup and accent her elegant breasts. She turns, palms sliding to her hips, across her buns, she hooks her thumbs into the band of the thong, plucking it out - teasing me - then letting it spring back. Her hands climb up again to reach high over her head before sinuously descending to find the catch of her bra. A shrug of her shoulders and it falls to join her robe. Arms folded over the mounds I am soon to master, she sways slowly and seductively to the music's beat, moving ever closer to where I sit in my chair.

Slowly she spreads her arms, her full boobs swinging rhythmically she begins, suggestively, to caress them, fingers tracing her sensitive areoli. As her nipples stiffen in response my cock also hardens and thrusts uncomfortably against the cloth of my pants. When I reach for her she pulls away, hooks her fingers in the sides of her thong and with a bend of the knees eases it down and off. She turns and leans back to sit in my lap grinding her arse onto my tool. She must feel it grow larger and harder.

I reach around her and grasp those firm, young tits. 'Will I be sufficient for your needs?' she asks.

'Possibly,' I say, 'come let us go and find out.'

She climbs from me and, taking my hand, leads the way to her bedroom.



Slowly, hesitantly, shyly, my neighbour's daughter walks through the French window from the garden and comes to stand in front of me.

'Will I do?' She asks, her head bowed.

'Do for what?' I say.

'For your pleasure,' she says uncertainly.

'How can I say. I have not yet seen what you are offering me.'

Diffidently she unfastens her wrap and lets it fall to the carpet displaying breasts nicely proportioned for her slim frame, each curving gently to a prominent apex and adorned by a light pink, almost translucent, little nipple. Underneath they settle full and round, projecting nicely from her ribs. Full hips flaring from a small waist are carried on long slim legs.

As I gaze on her nakedness the demon in me decides to tease her. 'Very nice. You were made to give men pleasure. I could enjoy making a three course lunch of you.'

'A three course lunch?'

'For the aperitif I shall have a taste your red lips; then as a first course a sucking and nibbling of those proud tits. For a second course I think a leisurely eating of pussy garnished with a licking of clit will be suitable. After which the third, and main, course can be nothing other than a good, solid, shagging. One that will leave me replete until the time comes to consume you again.'

'And will I be a satisfying lunch?'

'I see no reason to doubt it. You are young, and fair of face and form. Those full, firm boobs of yours demand to be tasted and savoured, while your legs are long and will enfold me energetically as I enjoy the embrace of your cleft.'

'When do you propose to have your lunch?'

'I seem to have developed an early hunger for you, so I think now would be a good time, and since you will be a meal best consumed in bed, let us to my room. There you shall demonstrate your qualifications for pleasing a man.'

Without comment she turns and slowly walks to my bedroom. I follow, feasting my eyes on her trim rear view.



It is approaching dusk when the new maid enters my study wearing only the long apron I have provided as her uniform. I swivel my chair from the desk and appreciatively watch her trim, bare, boyish backside as she switches on the main light and draws the curtains.

She turns. 'Is me . . . for the sir . . . all right?' Her English, though still hesitant, has improved in the two days she has been in the house; would that all seekers after asylum could learn as fast.

'I cannot tell with you hidden that way.' I gesture that she should remove the apron.

A sharp tug and the cloth rustles to the floor, then one foot slightly in advance of the other, hands clasped behind her back, she waits while I study her naked form. The slender body has all the right curves, so perhaps she is, as she claims, old enough to vote as well as please me.

Petite describes her best, small and dainty although ample breasted. Not being over endowed myself I prefer small women, then the chances are that I will find their main asset a nice, snug fit. Her skin is pale and decorated with a scattering of freckles, her face heart shaped below a mop of disorderly reddish hair which is echoed by the ample bush hiding her treasure. The only morsels of her succulent physique that are out of proportion are those tits with their large areolas which, although bigger than artistic perfection demands, are ripe for my attention since, in common with eighty percent of men, I have a preference for firm, curvaceous, boobs.

I motion her to me. 'Come, let's discover if you are "all right" for sir,' I say.

When she is close I stretch out my legs between hers, grasp her wrists and pull her forward to support her weight on the arms of my chair. Briefly I kiss her full lips before my lowered mouth finds those tasty buds.

My hands slide slowly up her inner thighs and two fingers enter her virgina while my thumb strokes her nub. I am in no hurry but soon her nipples begin to swell and stiffen between my lips, a wetness dampens my probing fingers, and she is moaning with need, her mouth wide open.

She is pleading, though in her own tongue so I can only guess that she is becoming desperate for me inside her. I'm ready myself, but since she must be shown that my needs come first, I make her wait a while longer. Then abruptly I push her away and stand up.

'Come,' I order her as I walk stiffly to the bedroom, my cock an iron bar in my pants.



My bash - a combined birthday and house warming - is in full swing: alcohol flowing, music deafening, smoke clinging in a cloud just below the ceiling; the smell of pot is pervasive. It is hardly surprising that I'm the only one to notice my upstairs neighbour bring her into the room.

Carefully he gazes round until finally he discovers me and his eyes lock with mine. A brief nod and he toils through the press of bodies dragging her behind.

'Thanks for inviting me,' he says. 'Good party.'

'Good of you to come,' I say. 'I'd have invited more of the residents, but so far you're the only one I've met.'

'We're a quiet lot, tend to keep to ourselves.'

'And who's this?' I look appreciatively at the slim girl in the long, clinging, front-buttoning dress standing beside him.

'This is my sister. I didn't know what kind of present to bring, so I thought you might like to have her.'

'That's great, but . . . '

'Go ahead, unwrap her.'

She takes my hands and helps my fingers undo the buttons of her dress. As the last one opens she shrugs her shoulders and the material falls away. Beneath is only smooth tanned skin - no triangles or lines of white - she is obviously given to nude sunbathing.

'You approve? Do I fit the bill?' She strikes a pose that emphasizes her inviting curves.


'Then come. Take me.'


She glances around at the throng. 'Perhaps we would be more comfortable upstairs in my bedroom.' She turns and without a backward glance struggles through the crowd.

Quizzically I look at my neighbour. 'It's all right. She suggested it,' he says. 'Go on, enjoy her.'

I'm reluctant to leave my apartment - who knows what games will erupt in my absence - but with a shrug here, a wave there, and a knowing smirk to close friends I push after my naked gift.

She is waiting for me at the front door, skillfully fending off the attentions of a couple of gate crashers. With a foxy grin she takes my hand and leads me out and up the stairs to her flat. Opening the door she marches ahead.

'Here, this is my bedroom.'



The key scrapes in the lock. The door opens and like a young, fresh, Amazon warrior the female warder enters my cell. When her eyes have adjusted to the gloom my beautiful gaoler strides across to stand before me.

Haughtily she looks me up and down while I ease my arms in the shackles holding me against the dungeon wall. Sneering at my weakness she takes a key on a slim chain from a jacket pocket, steps close and unshackles me.

'They have decided that you are to be released later today,' she announces. 'But not until the riots are over. So how would you like to fill your remaining time with us?'

'Good.' I rub the ache from my muscles. 'Some sense at last.' I pretend to consider her question. 'Now a hearty meal would be nice, but I have a better notion. . . You have been tempting me these last few days so how about if I have a woman to fill? You for preference.'

'Ah, at least you're a man. Not like most of the rabble we get in here.' There is a grudging respect in her tone. 'Yes, I think we can accomodate your request.' With painful slowness she starts to disrobe.

Naked she clips the slim chain with its key around her waist before, legs apart hands behind her head, she stands displaying herself to me. 'Well, do you really find me suitable?'

Deliberately obtuse I reply, 'Compared to who?'

'Your other women.'

With slow, brazen deliberation I inspect her from the top of her glossy brown hair down to her bare, narrow feet. Short nose, wide eyes, soft smooth throat leading to up-tilted, palm-filling breasts. Hips flaring from a small waist encircled by the narrow chain from which dangles the silver key, gently grazing the neatly trimmed bush surmounting her slim athletic legs.

'Possibly,' I tell her.

'Only possibly?' She looks pointedly at the way my erect, jutting cock is straining my ripped combat pants.

'Maybe, probably. I try never to judge a book or a woman by their looks but you certainly excite me. However to finally decide I shall need to know how tight you are, and how skillful.'

'Aha! You want to sample the goods before you commit yourself. I suppose we can arrange that.'

I stoop, still easing the strain in my arms. 'We've no time for that. Come!' She opens the cell door and almost pushes me through, before leading me up the stairs to the staff bedrooms.



As I close the door behind us she moves to climb onto the water bed. With a hand on her bare hip I stop her. 'No,' I tell her, 'first you must undress me.'

She turns and raises an eyebrow but says nothing, just starts to rub the material covering my thigh. Slowly her hand comes closer and closer to my rigid manhood. She looks me in the eyes and, leaning forward, kisses me on the lightly on the lips. I respond with raising passion. She pulls my lower lip into her mouth and sucks it, then her tongue probes between my teeth. Expectantly I await her mouth moving lower down my body.

'This first,' she pulls my tee-shirt up and over my head. The air feels cool on my skin and a frisson runs down my back.

'Mmmm,' I moan slightly as her fingers stroke my nipples. She is building up my expectations, increasing my yearning to feel her warm flesh tight around my hard tool.

She touches my hips then grasps the waist band of my trousers. Her full tits press against me. Slowly she bends her knees, her hands pushing the cloth toward the floor, her boobs sliding down my chest, her tongue licking my throat then my breast-bone. She briefly licks each of my nipples as her hands guide the material past my throbbing cock.

She reaches the carpet and pauses, using both hands to push her boobs inwards, lodging my erection between their firm globes. Gently she moves her chest up and down, my trapped meat slipping blissfully in and out of its divine enclosure. Too soon she leans back and lifts my right foot and tugs off a trainer and one leg of my underpants. She draws further back and lowers her head to gather my cock between hot lips while her hands dispose of my other trainer and toss the last of my clothing to one side.

Energetically she sucks until I can take no more. Grasping her hair I push her head away. She folds my member in a hot hand and again leads me toward the water bed.



As the bedroom door closes I look at her. 'Prepare me,' I command.

She glances down, her large, wide eyes inspecting the bulge in my pants. Realizing the urgency of my need she kneels and reaches for my belt, unfastens it then lowers the zip allowing my tool to straighten and push through the gap. Sliding the material down she kneels at my feet to forcefully tug it off along with my shoes and socks.

Upright again she pulls my shirt over my head, careless of the buttons ripping and flying off. Then kneeling once more she grasps my underpants, pulls them over my rock hard cock and slowly pushes them down my legs. I step out of them while she skims her lips across my chest, flicks first one nipple with a hot tongue then the other, all the time rubbing her hands across my stomach. I'm no fitness fanatic with a solid six pack, but my work keeps me pretty solid and her touch makes me squirm with lust and let out a soft moan.

Now she has me standing completely naked, my rigid shaft thrusting toward her eager lips. She lowers her head and takes my cock into a kissable mouth that is just a touch too wide for beauty murmuring, 'Not the biggest, but adequate for its purpose'. One hand cups my balls, the other briefly strokes her clit.

Four or five strong passes from base to tip of my tool and back, then she stops, holds and inspects my weapon, smiles and says, 'I think you're ready.'

I agree and with a hand under each soft breast I coax her back to her feet and guide her to the edge of the bed, pushing her to lie flat, her long, hard nipples pointing to the ceiling. Having straightened her legs I jump after her.



Closing the door I kick off my shoes, sit on the edge of the king-size bed and, raising my arms, draw her into my embrace. Eyes closed she leans down and kisses me, pulls back, leans down and kisses me again. I place a hand on the back of her neck and keep her close as our lips and tongues passionately engage. Her hand rests on my thigh then shifts to feel the bulge of my rigid cock.

'Is that my fault?'

'What do you think?'

'When can I have him attend to me?

'As soon as you've got me undressed.'

Tentatively she fumbles with the buttons of my shirt. When she has them all unfastened she slides it down my arms. Pulling me to my feet she snaps open the belt and button of my jeans, the weight of the cloth pulls the zipper open allowing them to sag to my ankles. I kick them off and hands on her ass haul her close, our bodies tight to each other down their full length. She feels silky smooth, her legs rubbing against mine. I kiss her again my fingers caressing up her arms to her shoulders and on across her back.

'That's nice,' she says. 'Can I have your soldier now?'

I clasp her hips and ease her away. 'When you've removed my shorts.'

She kneels before me and runs her fingers up my legs to the waistband of my shorts. Easing them over my bulge she pushes them down my legs for me to step out of.

'Attention!' She commands grasping the base of my tool in her warm hands.

'He will, he's got lots of endurance.' I pull her head close and slip my length between those soft lips.

'Good, he's going to need it,' she mumbles as she playfully plunges her mouth over my tip her hair rippling as her head bobs too and fro.

'Enough, it's time he was inside you.' I groan falling back onto the bed and hauling her on top of me.



She stops in the centre of the room and turns to me, a broad smile lightening her face. How experienced is she? How well has she learned to satisfy a man, to invest each action with erotic pleasure? What makes her so alive and sensual, so eager to please me - or is she just following her instincts, doing what women were made for? I don't really care, all I want is to enjoy her.

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