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The One


Part 1

He couldn't help but stare.

She was nothing like the women he usually noticed, but there was something about the way she smiled that captured him. He watched her talk to the sales clerk at the counter, abent-mindedly stroking a piece of silk. It made him ache to feel her hands stroking him.

Something primal in him told him that she was the one. He gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and someone grabbed his arm. Daniel almost growled at the person and wanted to cringe when he glanced down to notice very familiar long fingers with fake nails gripping his forearm.

The offenders voice reminded him of nails on a chalk board, "I'm so glad we bumped into each other, Daniel."

"Pamela." He nodded in recognition. It took everything in him not to gag when speaking her name.

"I'm so glad that Joselyn agreed to have our fittings at the same time. Too bad that you have to walk down the aisle with her," she nodded in the direction of his mystery woman, "instead of me."

Daniel thanked the man upstairs for that wonderful gift. He tried to gently disengage Pamela's claws from his forearm, but she wouldn't budge. That's when he looked up and noticed her staring at him. Her eyes were the color of dark chocolate. Daniel raised his eyebrows at her when she actually laughed at his situation. He smiled mischeviously in her direction, then jerked his arm from Pamela.

He stalked towards her. With a gleam in his eye that he knew she couldn't mistake. He didn't stop until he was less than a foot away from her. Her big brown eyes widened when he framed her face with his hands, "Hi, baby."

She licked her lips and almost as if asking, "Hi?"

Then he kissed her.


A drop dead gorgeous man was kissing her.

His lips were barely a whisper against her own. For the first time in her life, Cat felt that feeling. Her stomach seemed full of fluttering butterflies. She didn't even think to deny this stranger when his tongue brushed her bottom lip. His tongue gently explored her's. She gasped when he squeezed her neck and deepened the kiss.

Then someone called her name. She snapped out of sensory overload and pulled away from his oh-so-tempting lips. She looked into his green eyes, searching for the answer to what on earth just happened. He stroked her bottom lip with his thumb and leaned towards her again. Cat stood immobile. She couldn't deny this man if she had to.

"Daniel Levelor! Don't you dare kiss my sister again! Everyone's staring!"

Blushing, Cat quickly buried her face in his...Daniel's?....chest. He smelled so good she wanted to groan. When his hands smoothed her hair, she wanted to purr like a contented kitten.

"We need to talk, baby." His voice sent goosebumps down her skin and she had to clench her thighs together.

Cat could only nod in agreance. Taking a deep breath she turned to face her sister and realized not only was her sister staring at her a gape, so was Pamela Grafton. Purposely she chose not to acknowledge Pamela, "Hi, Jos."

"Catherine Barr! You could have told me you were dating Daniel!"

Strong arms wrapped around her from behind and his voice sent waves of heat through her, "Sorry. That would be my fault, Joselyn. It was my idea to surprise everyone."

Pamela shrieked, "No! Not possible! He wouldn't be with her of all people!"

Cat jerked like she had been hit, then turned to face Pamela. Daniel held on to her. He barely held the harshness from his voice, "Do not ever let me hear you say another word about Catherine again. Do you understand me?"

Pamela's jaw dropped open and she dumbly nodded.

Daniel chuckled when Jake, Joselyn's intended and his best friend, asked in obvious confusion, "What did I miss?"

Catherine spun around and poked Daniel in the chest. Emphasizing, "This is all your fault, honey."

Cupping the back of her neck, he promised against her lips, "I promise to make it up to you, baby."

Damn. Daniel loved how she tasted. Loved the way her full lips felt against his. The way her tongue promised his body more. Since the moment he'd seen her, he just knew she was the one. Judging the way she melted against him, she knew it too. Nibbling her lip, "I'll be waiting here for you."

Her smirk warned him, but he never thought, "So you decided to meet mom and dad at dinner tonight, after all?" Her husky laugh and gentle kiss of the cheek made him smile, "Paybacks, honey."

Momentarily thrown off kilter, he shook his head and laughed.

Catherine couldn't believe what just happened. Once she was safely ensconced in her dressing room, she pulled out her cell phone. She was barely dressed. A white corset laced so tight that her natural double d's looked as though they might spill out any moment. The thigh highs and baby blue garter her sister insisted needed to be worn under the dress along with the white lace thong. Cat knew she looked like a rolled up sausage and refused to look in the mirror. Impatiently she stuffed her feet into the too-high heels and stabbed her best friend's number.


Smiling Cat asked, "Now, now, hon. Is that anyway to answer a phone?"

"It is when I turned down a hot little thing for my bestfriend's sister's wedding." Gabe was laughing as he said it.

"Well, Gabe. Grab him quick. You don't have to be my escort after all. You won't believe...." Cat jumped when someone cleared his throat behind her. She wanted to cover herself, but there was too much to cover. She dropped her phone and spun around to face the intruder. "Daniel? What are you doing in here?"

He picked up her cell, "Gabe, she's going with me to the wedding. Have a nice life." He looked fierce as he stalked to her. He threw the cell phone against the wall and pinned her with his body. "Who in the hell is Gabe?"

Cat couldn't catch her balance, her hands reached for his shoulders. She sputterred, "None of your business!"

Daniel groaned and brutally took her mouth. Cat couldn't think. She responded by giving in to him completely. If he thought this was punishment, she'd defy him every chance she got. His hands roamed from her hips to her butt. When he broke the kiss as his hands carressed her bare butt, she blushed and hid her face in his chest. "Damn baby. I want to see you."

Cat couldn't bring herself to look at him. She hated being naked when she was by herself, and there was no way she'd let someone as hot as Daniel she her scantily clad fat ass. She felt his hand on her chin, gently lifting her face, but she kept her eyes tightly closed. "Who is Gabe, Catherine?"

His soothing voice almost had her. Her eyes snapped open and she pushed him away from her. Deciding to say screw it, she turned away from him and primped with her hair in the mirror. At his sharp intake of breath she almost lost her nerve. He wanted to see her. Well there ya go buddy! She just knew he'd run away now. Her voice was a little shaky when she said, "Not only is Gabe my best friend, but he was also my date tonight. I called to let him know that I had met someone else, so he was off the hook."

Daniel's voice held an edge of harshness, "Catherine. You. Are. Killing. Me."

She jumped, and quickly moved to where her too big t-shirt layed on the floor. She almost had it over her head when he yanked it off of her. This time he was behind her. She watched in the mirror as his hands slid from her waist to cup the bottom of her breasts. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. The next thing she knew he had her hands pinned against the mirror and held them there, causing her back to arch and her bottom stuck out. She could feel his erection pressing against the fabric of his trousers in between the cheeks of her butt. He commanded, "Keep your hands there. Don't move."

Catherine groaned, "Daniel..."

"My little wildcat, all full of fire and ready to strike. I need to feel you, Catherine."

She barely knew this man, yet she couldn't tell him to stop. He traced the thong in between her butt all the way to where the strip widened to cover her bare lips. His intake of breath as he touched her outter lips made her shiver. She knew he could feel how wet she was for him, and part of her was ashamed, yet her body's growing need let her get past it. Catherine ground her hips into his hand, but he only teased her. She opened her eyes to see him kneel behind her. She couldn't stop a moan from escaping her lips.

"Catherine?" Her sister's voice broke the trance Daniel had managed to put her in.

Daniel almost fell when Catherine quickly turned around covering herself with her hands.

To be continued....

Please email me if you liked or hated part one of my story. Any and all suggestions and comments are appreciated.

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I don’t care for it. “Daniel” seems to be more than a bit pushy, acts like he thinks he’s “entitled”. I don’t like people like that.

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