tagBDSMThe One About the Shrew

The One About the Shrew


She stood in front of him, her auburn hair pulled back into a tight bun, arms across her chest, legs spread. She was donning a short, red leather mini dress that zipped all the way up the front; with black stockings held up by a red garter. The best part of the ensemble was her boots; authentic black combat boots. He felt an erotic pull across his groin as his cock began to swell. He smiled in anticipation of the moments to come.

"What the fuck are you smiling at, boy?" She said moving closer. She slowly circled him, eyeing his body up and down. He knew enough to keep his eyes downcast, which served him well when she finally stopped in front of him. The bodice of her dress landed just above her nipples, perfectly displaying the mounds of her sexy breasts. He wanted to pull her close, but he knew better. She was calling the shots.

"I was smiling at you." He offered with a grin. He knew he was giving her the rope with which she would hang him. She chuckled and picked up his silk tie in her hands, pulling him down, closer to her face. They were nose to nose.

"Did I tell you that it was ok to smile? I have not even given you permission to address me yet, have I?" She hissed, her sweet breath intoxicating him. In his eagerness, he could not help but smile again. It was ridiculously exciting being physically manipulated by her, especially since she was 6 inches shorter than him. She pulled back and shook her head slowly, rolling her eyes in mock disgust. She undid his tie and pulled it slowly away from his collar. He felt the pull against his neck but did not make any moves to assist. That would definitely be crossing the line. He did not want to give her any reason to ask him to leave.

"I see you are going to need a lesson in respect." She whispered. She took his tie with her as she crossed the room and sat down on a beautiful antique chair. She crossed her legs slowly, deliberately exposing her upper thighs. He swallowed hard but said nothing. He did not move an inch. She quietly stared at him for a few minutes, not saying a word. He waited, trying to not let his impatience show. He knew that this was a test, and he meant to pass it.

"Come," She beckoned. "Kneel in front of me, boy." He slowly crossed the room and knelt in front of her, with little concern for his Armani suit.

"Hands behind your back." She ordered. He eagerly did as he was told, ignoring the discomfort in his knees, trying hard not to grin again. She smiled, in spite of herself.

"Very good. Good boy. Feel free to sit back on your legs. We are going to be awhile." He gratefully sat back, easing the pressure. He was at eye level with her knees. As if aware of what he was thinking, she slowly uncrossed her legs, exposing her red satin panties to him. He swallowed hard and felt his cock tighten again.

"So, here are my rules. I will only say them once. You will follow them to the letter. You will not get any second chances. If you fuck up, you will be asked to leave. If you please me, you will be greatly rewarded. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." He humbly offered. She smiled in approval. She was excited by him but in keeping with character she could not show it. She loved a man in a fine suit and she wanted nothing more than to get him naked and fuck him senseless, but there would be time for that later. She wanted to see how far she could push his limits; how far he would go for her. She must have been staring at him for a few minutes because he cleared his throat and then smiled at her, as if trying to break her trance. She glared back, as if to get in character, and sat up straighter, crossing her legs once more.

"Rule number one," She began. "Do not speak to me unless I speak to you first, ever." She dropped down his tie and picked up a riding crop from the small round table beside the chair. She gently slapped it against her palm in a rhythmic motion.

"Rule number two; do not touch me unless you are invited to do so, no matter how tempting it is. Clear?" She placed the riding crop under his chin, raising his head up to look him in the eye. She could tell he was conflicted. He was not the sort of man that took to rules easily, and yet he wanted nothing more than to please her; meet her expectations.

"Yes Mistress, I understand." He offered. She smiled in approval and removed the crop from his chin.

"Good. Rule number three. "She stopped and smiled at him playfully; then slowly enunciating each word she said, "You will not cum unless I tell you to cum." He smirked and shook his head slowly, in mock disbelief, knowing his insolence might irritate her. He knew he was challenging her. She raised her eyebrows and with a quick flick of her wrist brought the riding crop swiftly down on his thighs. His stifled groan sent a warm wave of pleasure through her. She liked the way he controlled his response to pain. He would be fun to break.

"Finally, should you not be able to tolerate anything that is happening to you, be it pleasure, pain or humiliation, you may stop me instantly by uttering the safe word." She spoke very softly, as if to reassure him. He looked up to meet her pretty green eyes. She was beguiling. He was captivated by her. He could think of nothing that she could do that he would not gladly accept.

"Yes Mistress." He whispered. She cocked her head, as if quietly regarding him.

"The word is rabbits." She disclosed. He chuckled before he could stop himself. Again he felt the sharp sting of the crop on his thighs. She stood up and walked behind him, bending over to whisper in his ear. He felt the softness of her breasts against his shoulder and her perfume permeated the air around him. It was exhilarating. He inhaled deeply.

"Do you understand the rules? " Her soft breath tickled his ear, just before he felt the nip of her teeth on his earlobe. The contrast of pleasure and pain sent a shiver through him and raised the goose bumps on his body. His flush was not lost on her.

"I understand." He finally spoke.

"Good, now stand up and follow me." She pulled her warm body away from him. The sudden chill left behind felt unnatural to him; unwanted. She walked out of the room and through an open door. Not knowing what to expect, but unafraid, he eagerly followed, as if under her spell.

She led him into her bedroom. He slowly looked around, taking in the surroundings. The room was distinctly feminine, pretty actually. It quite surprised him and only added to the layers and mystery of his Mistress. He opened his mouth to say so, but thought better of it. She walked over to a chest and pulled out leather wrist restraints. He stood quietly in the doorway watching, waiting for instruction. She approached the four poster bed and attached a restraint to each foot post, about halfway up. He sighed deeply, anticipating the discipline to come. While he typically was not a pain slut, he knew he could trust her to push his boundaries, release his endorphins and bring him to the very edge of nirvana.

"Did you not hear me, boy?" He met her eyes and realized that he hadn't. He shook his head.

"I am sorry Mistress, I did not." She shook her head with mock impatience.

"Fucking hell." She walked slowly towards him. "What the fuck am I going to do with you? Stand at the end of the bed, between the posts." He slowly walked around her, looking her in the eyes, deliberately challenging her; maybe testing her. She met his gaze with authority. A shiver coursed through him.

He stood between the posts with his back to her. She stepped closely behind him, her breasts pressing into his back. He stood perfectly still. She felt herself drawn to him in a way she did not expect. Perhaps it was because she sensed that this was a huge step out of his comfort zone. He was not accustomed to being topped, this much was obvious. She found it both challenging and completely erotic all at once. She wrapped her hands around his waist and unbuckled his belt. She felt him stiffen, more out of excitement than fright, she suspected. She slowly pulled his belt out of his pants and regarded it for a moment, then thinking it might come in handy, she set it on the bed. She demanded that he turn around and he complied. After she took off his suit jacket, she leisurely unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him, tossing it on the floor beside her. She seductively ran her hands over his torso enjoying the soft fleece of his chest hair and the warm scent of his cologne as it spiced the air around her. When he smiled down at her, she pouted and pulled two handfuls of his fur, just to make sure he knew who was in charge. He inhaled sharply, but said nothing. He saw her smirk and sensed that this pleased her.

"Take off everything from the waist down." She ordered, rather clinically, he observed. He quickly removed both his pants and his boxers and kicked them aside with his shirt. She did not take her eyes off him but stood legs apart, arms at her side, rather like a sergeant. They stood observing each other for a moment, until he began to wonder if he should say something. Again he decided it was best to wait. He began to feel vulnerable, even shy, which was not something he enjoyed.

"Come here and take off my panties," She whispered huskily. She wasn't sure why she was asking him this, but then nothing about this situation was typical for her. She wasn't accustomed to being so aroused during a scene. He approached her cautiously, uncertain. She did not move, even as he lifted her dress and hooked his thumbs into the waist band of her panties. He felt arousal surge through him and his cock stiffened quickly. She stared intensely into his deep, blue eyes as he slowly peeled her panties down her thighs.

"May I kneel, Mistress, so I can remove your panties?" He whispered. She could hear the eagerness of his request.

"Yes you may." She replied. He knelt in front of her, his face just inches from her shaved cunny, and slipped her panties down her calves, struggling to slip the dainty material over her combat boots. Her aroma was intoxicating. He wanted nothing more at the moment than to press his lips to her, tongue her, and taste her sex. She sensed his weakening self control and stepped back. He sat up straighter on his knees and collected himself, although he could do nothing about his erection. She took the same moment to compose her own self, taking deep deliberate breaths.

She put her hand out to him, "May I have my underwear back?" She said with a smirk. He placed them gently in her hand, but not without noticing that they were dampened with her juices. He was pleased that she was as turned on as he was, although he knew better than to say so. Although he was not accustomed to being submissive in a scene, he was pretty sure that she was bending the rules a wee bit and he was not about to complain. He was anxious to see where this was going.

"Stand up and go back to the bed posts." She ordered. He did as she asked and she quickly took her place behind him. She lifted his wrists and one at a time, shackled him to the bed frame. He gave them a tug, and smirked at her, just for good measure. He was a cheeky brat, she thought, suppressing her own smile. She brought her hand down hard across his bare ass, leaving a delicious red imprint. This time he did yelp, causing her an unexpected surge of pleasure. She took a step back to admire her work, and slowly traced the impression of her hand with a long red fingernail. The sensitivity was not lost on him. He closed his eyes to fully appreciate the sensation. Again he felt her palm connect with his ass, this time on the other cheek. He did his best not to growl. She gently rubbed over the bruise with her hand, perfectly balancing the pain with pleasure. She brought her hand around towards his front, over his hip bone and then cupped his balls in her hand. With her other hand she reached around and grabbed his erection. He stiffened up, not sure whether her intention was pleasure or pain. He hoped for the former.

She stroked his cock gently for a moment or two and then he felt the sting of her teeth on the flesh of his shoulder. She continued to nip, not so tenderly, up and down his arms and across his shoulders, torso, and back; all the while stroking his cock. The sweet blend of pleasure and pain was almost enough to pull him over the edge. It took most of his will power not to cum. His moans were a reflection of that. Sensing his need for release, she removed her hands from him and stepped back. He inhaled deeply and slowly let out his breath, his eyes following her to the bed.

She climbed on the mattress and slowly crawled her way towards him, stopping in front of him, inches from his face. As much as he wanted to lean in and kiss her, the rules were clear. He waited to see what she would do. She licked her lips, regarding him, her slave; shackled, primed and helpless.

It was suddenly clear to her; she was going for the mind fuck.

Her hand reached for her dress zipper and she gradually pulled it down, watching his eyes follow the motion. She slipped the garment off her shoulders with a shrug. He stifled a moan as he saw that her little red bra matched her garter and her already displaced panties. She smiled wickedly at him as she pulled the binding that held her hair back in place. It fell loose, framing her pretty face. Suddenly the restraints were unbearable to him.

She slipped off the bed and went back to her tickle trunk. Finding what she was searching for she sashayed back towards the bed and slid back on. He groaned loudly as she brought the blindfold to his eyes and proceeded to secure it into place. Again he objected with a suffering groan and was rewarded with a sharp slap to his cheek. He pulled his head back in protest. Not liking this sudden rebellion, she grabbed the back of his hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him towards her. She kissed him ferociously then pulled back and slapped him again. His growl succeeded in heating her up further. Again she kissed him, this time forcing her tongue deep into his mouth. As he accepted her kiss he felt her fingers gripping his scrotum like a vice. The pain was exquisite. He tried to pull away from her kiss, but she bit down on his lip, hard. He was torn between agony and ecstasy, hell and heaven and he wasn't sure which he preferred at the moment. He pulled hard on the restraints, rattling the bed. She was so exhilarated by his reaction that she could not suppress her own moans. She was completely and totally turned on by him. Hearing her response, he stopped and waited. He hated not seeing her, knowing in advance what was going to happen. He felt exposed and defenseless. This was a hard limit for him. He would have to dig deep to keep it together. The room grew quiet. He tried to listen attentively but could only hear her unsteady breathing, inches from him.

He heard her shuffling off her bed and her footfalls on the carpet. He heard a thud thud, as she kicked off her army boots, he assumed. He could hear her rummaging once again through that trunk and his imagination began to explore the possibilities of what she might return with. He felt the beads of sweat slowly inch down the side of his face as the exertion of the last few minutes caught up with him. He held his breath in order to hear her better. Despite his anxiety, his cock was still hard, and he needed release, soon.

He heard her softly walking back towards him and the swish of the blankets as she propped herself back on the bed. He heard a clutter sound as if several things dropped on the bed collided together. He could only imagine what they were.

"I am going to fuck you, slave." She purred. He pulled in his breath slowly. "But first I am going to fuck myself with this big vibrating cock." He heard the toy hum before he actually felt it on his flesh. She massaged the toy between his legs, on either side of his balls. The vibration sent a warm sensation through his groin and he moaned softly. She turned off the vibration and he felt the toy make its way up his body, across his shoulder and neck, when it came to rest on his lips.

"Open your mouth, boy. I want you to know how big this cock is." She whispered. His first reaction was a kneejerk one and he pulled his face away. She grabbed the back of his hair and pulled roughly.

"Don't make me repeat myself." She whispered in his ear. She once again put the cock to his lips. He opened his mouth and she gently maneuvered the toy in, respectful of his teeth. The length and girth of it made him gag. She took it away slowly.

"I am going to screw myself with this big fucking cock and then when I am done, I am going to fuck you with it." She promised. He felt himself stiffen, both from the fear and the anticipation. The thought of her fucking herself with the toy was unbelievably exciting but at the same time he was terrified of just how she intended to fuck him...and where. Then, she slowly peeled the blindfold away from his eyes and he blinked while they adjusted to the light.

"I was going to leave you sightless, but I think it would torture you more to watch me. Would you agree?" She teased. He was pretty sure she was right.

"Yes Mistress." He responded gratefully, his voice uneven.

"Good." She kissed him hard but quickly, leaving him wanting more. She slipped back on the bed and fell into her soft pillows, her eyes never leaving his. She opened her legs to him, slow and deliberate, exposing her sweet, pink flesh. He felt his gut ache, begging for relief. His cock strained in protest. His pull on the restraints was an exercise in futility, but never the less, proved his displeasure. She smiled wickedly at him and turned on her vibrator.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on her own pleasure as she massaged the toy over her mound and teased her clit. Her hips swayed gently side to side as the toy found its way around her folds. She was skilled with her play cock and her body responded quickly. It was clear to him that among her many layers, she was also an exhibitionist; which served him well as he was an admitted voyeur. He eagerly watched as she entertained him with this delightful little porn scene. She opened her eyes for a moment and locked them to his. She loved what this was doing to him. She enjoyed every ounce of torture it caused him. He licked his lips, desperate to taste the nectar that was trickling down her thighs. She slowly slid the cock into her pussy, mewing softly. He swallowed hard, wishing desperately that his hands were free to touch himself.

She expertly fucked herself with the toy for a few minutes, slowly building her pleasure. He sensed that she was close by the flush of her cheeks and the guttural moans that escaped between breaths. He had never been harder in his life. He was aching to relieve the sensual pressure that was building up in his center. Then she came. He watched with open mouth, in awe, as the waves of uninhibited pleasure overtook her. It was the hottest and most exciting thing he ever saw in his life.

Self satisfied and smug she pushed herself up on her elbows and looked at him. His own eyes bore the look of a man on the edge of madness. It was clear that he was on the verge of losing control. Although she should have felt that warm contentment that follows an orgasm, her need quickly grew as she watched him struggle with the restraints. She crawled towards him, toy in her hand and stopped to kneel in front of him.

"Open your mouth, boy." She purred. "I want you to taste me." The spicy scent of her reached his nose making him anxious to taste her. He licked her juices off her toy, his eyes never leaving hers. She smiled naughtily.

"You are a dirty one, aren't you?" She observed. He smirked but said nothing. She knew she would have to do more to shake him. He was a challenge.

"I promised that I was going to fuck you when I was done taking care of myself, didn't I?" She asked balancing the toy between her fingers. He looked down at the toy, assessing its size and frowned. This wasn't "up there" on his need to do list, so to speak; but at the same time he was damned if he was going to say Rabbits.

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