tagRomanceThe One Ch. 04

The One Ch. 04


Thankfully, the rehearsal dinner was over. Catherine was in the car with Daniel headed back to her house, and she could feel the tension radiating from him. Do I ask him what's wrong or do I just act as if I don't notice?

The inner battle with her conscious played over and over. Finally, she decided to just get on with it and ask. She settled her hand on top of his, "Something wrong?"

When he ignored her question and didn't respond, Catherine felt that feeling of dread for things lost settle in the pit of her stomach. She reminded herself, I did this; can't blame him at all for having enough and walking away.

Feeling dejected and hurt, even though it was no one's fault but her own, she removed her hand and looked out her window. They were pulling into her driveway and that feeling only continued to worsen when she realized he was not going to turn off the engine and come inside. Valiantly she reminded herself, I didn't ask for this, anyway! I don't need him or anyone!

Without speaking or even glancing toward Daniel, she opened the car door and slid out of the seat. Opening her purse, she noticed how her hands shook as she tried to find her keys. Once she had her keys in her hand, she made it to the door and unlocked it. All the while wondering why Daniel's reaction to her bothered her at all. I don't want a relationship, been there done that. Got the scars to prove it, she thought to herself.

Catherine didn't bother closing the front door, she just wanted to go change her clothes and head out to the club where the bachelorette party would be. There's always tomorrow to worry about how you messed up today, she told herself.

She walked to her closet and grabbed a royal blue shimmering silk top with a deep scoop neck, it showed a little of her stomach, but she wanted to at least attempt to look sexy tonight. Catherine decided to pair it with a pair of white silk draw string pants that hung low on her hips. After she changed her clothes, she grabbed a pair of heels that she had bought on impulse. They were white three-inch sling backs with an open toe.

As she turned around she almost jumped out of her skin. Daniel was sitting on her bed and she hadn't even heard him come in the house!

She put her hands on her hips, "What are you doing in here, Daniel?"

"I'm enjoying the show."

They looked at each other, but neither offered to say a word. Catherine could feel her nipples pebble under her shirt, and willed her reaction to him to just go away. She walked into the bathroom and primped with her hair and make-up, meanwhile hoping he'd leave in one breath and hoping he'd stay the next. After she spent entirely too much time in there, she slowly made her way to her bedroom.

Daniel was still sitting on her bed and he looked upset, but she refused to ask him what was wrong again. Ignoring him, she left the room and went to the kitchen. She grabbed a bottle of wine and was about to insert the cork screw when he reached for it. Catherine decided to grab a couple of glasses and to continue to ignore him as much as possible.

Once he had the wine opened, she handed him the glasses in silence. Daniel poured the wine and stared at her. She told herself, I can't do this. I don't want to want him. Grabbing her glass of wine, she walked out of the room and stared out the front door. Catherine heard him walk up behind her and she could feel his heat, even though he wasn't touching her.

She sipped her wine wondering what to do or say when she felt his hands slide around her waist. Feeling his slightly roughened hands touch her bare stomach caused her to suck in a deep breath. It felt as if his body heat was being absorbed into her. To keep from making any noise she bit her bottom lip.

"Do you have to go to the bachelorette party?"

His raspy voice sent goose bumps across her skin, "Yes. She's my sister, Daniel."

"Can I take you and pick you up afterwards?"

"No. That makes no sense. I may want to stay late or leave early."

He growled, "All you have to do is call me to come get you when you are ready."

"If I drink too much tonight, I'll call a cab. Don't worry about me. Besides, don't you have to go to the bachelor party?"

Catherine was trying to step out of his arms, but he pulled her flush against him. She felt his lips kiss the nape of her neck and trembled. When his teeth grazed her neck as well, she couldn't stop the moan that escaped her lips.

Daniel whispered against her ear, "I would rather stay here with you tonight."

"Don't say that," she groaned.

He nibbled on her ear lobe, "Don't tell you how hard I am for you? Don't tell you how I want you more than I want my next breath? Don't tell you that I know you want me just as much?"

Catherine closed her eyes and felt tears pool behind them. I can't let him get to me. She felt him grasp her wine glass and let him take it. When he turned her to face him, she buried her head against his chest. His hands stroked her back and he pulled her even tighter to him.

"If you have to go, then can I at least come back here tonight after the bachelor party?"

Mumbling into his chest, "I don't think that's a good idea."

Daniel's voice was sharp as he asked, "Why in the hell not?"

Catherine pushed out of his arms, "I can't do this." She grabbed her keys and purse, "I have to go or I'll be late."

Daniel stood in front of the door, "At least call me when you leave the party."

Catherine wouldn't look at him but nodded her head. He left the house and she followed him out. She had just locked the door when she felt his hand turn her to face him. His lips covered hers. She was shocked and her mouth fell open. He took advantage and thrust his tongue in her mouth, caressing her tongue with his. She couldn't stop herself, she kissed him back hungrily.

Abruptly, he pulled back. His eyes bored into hers, "Call me as soon as you leave the party."

Catherine was in shock as he turned and walked away. She wanted to scream at him that he could forget it, but knew she would do as he asked. If only to hear his voice before she went to sleep.


Daniel's hands clenched the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were white. He looked behind him and saw Catherine's car in the rear view mirror. He wondered what she would think when she realized that the bachelor and bachelorette party was at the same place. Jos and Jake had done that on purpose, so they could spend the evening together before their wedding. As he pulled into the parking lot, Catherine followed.

He wanted to laugh when she walked up to him and poked him in the chest, "Why are you here? I told you..."

Daniel kissed her to stop her tirade. When she went soft against him, he pulled back and turned her to the sign in front of the building.

"Why didn't you say something?"

Instead of answering her, he held her hand and led her into the building. A lot of people were already there and well on their way to getting drunk. Daniel wrapped his arm around her shoulder protectively and led her through the throng of people. Jake and Jos were in the center of the room.

Jake was the first to notice them, "Wow, Cat. You look great."

Catherine blushed, "Thanks."

Daniel noticed the spark of irritation from Jos as she looked at her sister. He didn't trust Jos and knew she was up to something, what he didn't know but planned to find out.

Catherine looked at Jos, "You look gorgeous, Jos, ready for tomorrow?"

Her sister smiled, "Can't wait."

"What would you ladies like to drink? We'll go grab it." Jake gestured to Daniel.

Daniel cocked his eyebrow at Jake but nodded anyway. After the girls telling them what they wanted, Jake and Daniel made their way to the bar. Once they ordered the drinks and waited for the bartender to fix them, Jake cleared his throat.

"What, Jake?" Daniel asked in annoyance.

"You were right. Jos is up to something. We had a huge fight when I asked why she invited Cat's ex. I have a feeling he might show up here tonight, so keep your eyes open." Jake sighed, "I love Jos, but I hate the crap she does to her sister. The whole time I've known her she's been like this. It's some kind of sibling rivalry thing, but Cat isn't like that. I just don't get it."

Daniel nodded, "Thanks for the warning. I wish I could say I was sorry for what I said earlier, but I'm not. Are you sure you want to marry her?"

Jake hesitated, "I don't know if I can say I'm sure, but I'm going to. I know I love her and the thought of not being with her eats away at me. I just wish I knew why she acted that way and why she does shit like this."

Daniel looked at his friend, "I'm here if you ever need anything, no matter what. I just have a feeling that this shit with Jos could cause a problem with us in the future."

Jake nodded to Cat, "Man, I don't know what you've done, but she looks different. She's sexy as hell."

Daniel growled, "Don't you dare look at her."

Chuckling, "In case you have missed it, everyone is." Jake pointed to the men surrounding Jos and Cat, "We better head back over there before Jos runs away with another man and Cat does the same."

By the time they made it back to the girls, there were men surrounding them. Daniel cut through the crowd and wrapped his arms around Cat's waist. She leaned into him and smiled up at him. It was at that moment that he realized that he'd never be able to walk away from her. Mine.

"Dance with me."

Catherine noticed it was more of a command than a question, "Ok."

It seemed like the rest of the night faded away to only include Daniel and Catherine. She did not even argue when he led her to his car as they were leaving. He held her hand the entire trip to her home and as soon as they got there, he took her keys and led her into the house. He noticed how quiet she was being, but she didn't object when he walked her to the bedroom.

He loved how her eyes watched him as he removed his shirt. She chewed on her bottom lip as he unbuckled his belt and pants. Daniel needed to feel her skin on skin against him and walked to her.


Catherine didn't know when she decided to stop fighting how much she wanted Daniel, but she was glad she did. Looking at him standing in her bedroom without his shirt and his pants undone sent need coursing through her veins, she shivered and it had nothing to do with being cold.

Daniel's fingers slid down her arms to her wrists. He held her hands up above her head. Slowly, he lifted her shirt up and over her head and tossed it to the floor at their feet. She kept her arms raised as he traced around her bra. As she watched his fingers, she felt moisture pool between her thighs. She wanted to scream touch me, but didn't want to break the spell; afraid that if either of them spoke right now, it wouldn't happen.

She felt him unclasp her bra and watched as it joined her shirt on the floor. Cat looked at Daniel and noticed the heated look in his eyes. She still couldn't believe that he actually wanted her.

If someone brushed her with a feather, she would have fallen over. Her legs were shaky and weak and her heart was pounding out of her chest. His hands clutched her hips as his lips engulfed her right nipple. Her hands dropped to his head and she clutched him to her. Gasping and moaning his name. He switched his attention and suckled her other breast. She felt her pants loosen and slide into a puddle around her ankles and Daniel's fingers lazily traced around her thong.

She was a bundle of needs and wants in that moment. She needed to feel Daniel inside her now, but she didn't ever want him to stop. She couldn't stop shaking and gasping as his finger teased her through the lace. Impatiently, she pushed her thong over her hips, hoping he'd get the hint.

She heard his sharp intake of breath and felt it against her mound. She was afraid to look down as she felt his head come closer to her body. She shifted almost nervously until she felt his tongue tease her lower lips, just lightly over them. He chuckled against her as her hands tightened even more in his hair.

"Please, Daniel..." she begged.

Suddenly, Daniel was standing in front of her. He bent to brush his lips against hers and asked, "Please what, Cat?"

Instead of answering, she pulled his zipper down and pushed his pants over his hips. Catherine kissed her way down his chest, stopping to nibble on his nipples as she went. When she got to her knees, she looked up at him. Daniel's jaw was clenched tight and his eyes were closed. She watched him breathe deeply and smiled. Turn about is fair play, she thought.

Carefully she lowered his boxer briefs over his straining cock. Leaning forward, she licked up his length with the tip of her tongue. She felt his hands cup her head, trying to guide her. He was impressive, her hand encircled his shaft and she groaned when she realized how thick he was. When she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth she heard him gasp, "Oh fuck!"

Taking her time, she sucked more and more of him into her greedy mouth. Flicking her tongue against him as she took as much of him as she could. Catherine swallowed with him in her mouth, knowing how much it would get to him. She looked into his eyes as he slowly pulled out only to thrust back into her mouth.

Daniel pulled away from her when his legs began to shake, "On the bed, woman!"

Playfully she pouted, "I was enjoying that, you know."

Daniel swatted her bare ass, "I was, too, entirely too much."

She had not been expecting him to flip her on her back, so when he did she laughed. Her legs automatically wrapped around his waist. He had one arm braced above her right shoulder while his other hand guided his cock to her opening. She felt the delicious stretch of her inner muscles as he thrust inside her.

"Open your eyes, Catherine." She hadn't realized they were closed until he said it.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. Daniel's gaze caught and held hers. She was so close to the edge that she felt like she was dangling off a cliff. He thrust harder and faster. Her nails bit into his shoulders, hanging on to him. He leaned down so that his chest hair rubbed her breasts with each thrust. The friction sent more waves through her body and she bit his shoulder to keep from crying out.

It felt like lava rushing through her body as her climax hit her. She heard herself scream his name and felt him continue to thrust through her orgasm, each spasm just as fierce as the first. Then she felt him stop and hold himself deep inside. He gasped her name and what sounded like the word 'mine' as he came deep inside of her body.

Daniel crushed his mouth to hers, kissing her with so much heat that she had to pull away from his mouth. They both struggled to regain their breath as Daniel flopped over on his side, pulling her into him.

Catherine was dazed and shocked. She wanted to be able to hold onto Daniel, but was lost on how to do it. She didn't want to seem needy in any way. As she tried to sit up, Daniel grabbed her and pulled her tighter, spooning her.

"Sleep, baby, we'll figure it all out in the morning."

Catherine repeated, "In the morning."

To be continued...

**Let me know what you think. Be it good or bad, any and all feedback is appreciated.**

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