tagRomanceThe One for Me Ch. 04-06

The One for Me Ch. 04-06


Hello, everyone. Here is the ending of a story I wrote last year. I never posted it because, I felt it wasn't good enough, but it is a story I really liked. So I decided to submit it anyway. If you like it, fine. If not, well that's OK too.

I certainly hope you read it. It's a long read, but I think it will be worth it in the end. If you are going to search for errors and mistakes, I'm sure you will find plenty, as this is self-edited, but please don't let human error distract you from the story.

Chapter 4


I plan to marry this girl. She will be my wife one day. That's one of the reasons I stopped.

I took a moment to admire her beauty. She is beautiful with deep brown skin, gorgeous brown eyes, bountiful breast and a tapered waist with a sexy long legs and a dynamic body.

I entered her home and drew her into an intimate kiss. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I felt the evidence of her arousal pressed against me. She was so wet and I was as hard as steel. She rubbed her body against mine and I wanted to explode.

This was wrong. As much as I wanted to continue, I knew we needed to stop.

"No, not like this."

"Don't stop, Ross. Please." she pleaded as she sought comfort in my arms once more. I removed myself from her tight embrace and lowered her to the floor.

To distract us both from what we truly wanted, I changed the topic and talked about our outing.

"Anna, I am looking forward to seeing the city with you tomorrow. I know how to find some places but there are many places I haven't been.

Anna sighed and chuckled. "I think Mr. Smith is trying to play match maker. He knows my knowledge of this city is limited. He should be showing you around."

"Hmmm, that might be true. But he is not as pretty as you are and I would rather see your pretty face than his." I retorted holding her close.

She wrapped her arms around me tightly and laid her head on my shoulder. She inhaled my scent than licked my neck sucking on the skin gently. Her hot tongue touching my skin and the gentle suction of her mouth fired every inch of my being.

"Anna, I'd better leave now." I whispered, then I kissed her once more and held her close for a moment. When we were breathing normally again, I left.

I was at her apartment a little early Saturday morning. I just wanted to spend the day with her. I didn't care if we toured the city or not.

I rang her doorbell around 7:30. "Who is it? Her sweet voice called.

"It's me." I answered as I waited anxiously for her to open the door.

I was excited when I heard the locks turn. The door opened and there she stood before me wearing her robe.

The sight of her in her night wear sent shock waves through my body. Instantly, I hardened.

It didn't help that I could only imagine what was under that robe.

"Good morning Ross. Please have a seat. I'll be dressed in a minute." She offered me a seat in her small kitchen.

I sat at her dining room table and she went to her bedroom to dress. Knowing the only thing separating me from her naked form was a thin door, drove me crazy.

Fifteen minutes later, Anna came out of her room. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a red and white wifebeater tee set, covered with an open half shirt. She had pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

I stood and walked to her. Very gently, I released her hair. Her long gorgeous locks flowed freely around her shoulders.

"Anna," I whispered. "You truly are lovely", I whispered as I stared into her eyes.


I had just gotten out of the shower and was about to dress when the doorbell rang.

Ross was early. I let him in and he looked amazing. He wore a simple black t-shirt with black jeans that accentuated his form. I asked him to sit at my dining room table and left to dress.

I was embarrassed that he saw me in my robe, so I dressed as quickly as I could. Fifteen minutes later, I was ready to go.

Ross walked up to me and releasedmy hair and told me that hair that was that lovely should not be restrained.

We left my apartment, and went out for our day together.

The city was not that big, so after eating breakfast at Don's Diner, I showed him the parts of the city that I knew about.

In about three hours, our tour was finished. We went to the par and just spent time together. Ross told me stories about his childhood. He described in details the squabbles he'd had with his siblings.

I must admit that I was jealous. As an only child, with parents that were career driven, I only had books and my imagination to keep me company.

I felt his pain as he talked about losing his best friend Rory. I didn't have a best friend or any friends when I was a kid.

As he talked, I wondered what his family would think of me. I wasn't Apostolic, although I enjoyed attending the church. His mother seemed really strict and I felt as if she'd never approve of him being with me.

Unconsciously I withdrew, thinking. His family will not accept me. I'm not a part of their church. I really like this guy, but I won't ask him to choose. In the end he'd have to, and he probably won't choose me. After today, I won't bother him again..

I would simply enjoy this day with him and put any ideas or romantic notions out of my head.

Ross stopped talking and asked me to tell him about my childhood. There wasn't much to tell. When I finished, talking, he had a really tight smile on his face.

"Anna, I don't mean any disrespect, but I'd love to spend a little time alone with your parents." He said in a tight voice.

The implied threat was clear and surprisingly I was somewhat offended. "Well, Mr. Thompson, I'm sorry if my story wasn't as entertaining as yours. Apparently this day was not a good idea."

I knew I didn't stand a chance with him anyway, so once he expressed his thoughts on my parents it solidified my decision.

I stood and asked him to take me home.

"No," he said.

Taken aback, I stared at him, "No, what do you mean, no?" I asked. "I'm tired and I want to go home, please."

"You want to get away from me for some reason, and I want to know why?" he asked.

"I was supposed to show you around the city and I have done that. You have been very kind, but I know there is probably some other things you'd rather be doing." I explained.

"No, Anna, that's not the truth. I want the truth." Ross demanded softly.

I gasped. My eyes flew to his and he must have seen something in my eyes because he stood quickly and pulled me into his arms and held me for a moment. I wrapped my arms around him and just for that moment, I pretended he was mine.


We finished our tour and ended up at the park. I told Anna about my childhood and my family. While I was talking about my life, she withdrew from me. Not so much physically, but mentally.

She sat, listened attentively, and even laughed at my childhood antics, but I could feel her cool toward me and I didn't like it.

I stopped talking and asked her about her childhood. Anna looked away, as if she had secrets. This made me pause for a moment.

She took a deep breath and told me her story.

She told me about being cared for by babysitters and nannies. Her mother was a scientist and her father was a businessman who catered to her mother. Her parents were so focused on their careers that they spent the minimal amount of time they could with her.

I knew she was smart, but I had no idea she was a veritable genius. She finished high school so early and went straight to University. Her parents throughout the years were mostly MIA as usual.

I had issues with my parents as well, but they would never leave me on my own like that.

All of a sudden I felt anger combined with hurt for a little girl that had to depend on others to show her affection. In that instance I hated her parents and wanted to confront them.

Anna looked at me and pain flashed in her eyes. All of a sudden she wanted to go home. I wanted to know why. She gave me a reason, but I knew it wasn't true. So I called her on it.

"Ross, I just want to go home, now." Anna whispered as I held her and she held me in return.

I stepped back and Anna let go and walked away from me with her back to me. I knew she was trying to get her emotions under control so I gave her a moment.

"You hate my parents, don't you?" she asked.

"Honestly, Anna, I don't like them. They hurt you." I answered.

"Ross, how would your Mom feel if you brought me home?" she asked.

Then I understood, I finally got it. With my background and the rules of my church, she didn't think we could be together.

"Anna, my mother has nothing to do with who I date. She will have her opinion, but I choose who I spend my time with." I explained.

"Ross, when did we start dating? I thought we were just touring the city as friends." She asked softly.

I laughed and pulled her to me once more. "Anna, will you go out with me tonight?" I asked.

"Hmm. We are already out, so let's make the most of it." She replied.

"No, today does not count. I want to take you to dinner, tonight." I insisted.

Anna stepped back. She looked at me. I could still see the hesitancy in her eyes but it was bellied with curiosity as well.

"I need to change clothes and find something nicer to wear first. That would be too much trouble. Maybe we could go out at a later date.:" Anna tried to say.

"What you are wearing is fine. We can spend the day together and around six, we can go to dinner. It will be our first date." I kissed her to keep her from saying no.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying each other's company. After our initial date, Anna and I were inseparable. Even the people at the office recognized us as a couple.

Anna and I had been dating for seven months when Mark came to me one day.

"Hey, Preach. Congrats man, Anna's a good woman. Treat her right, but I know that you will. I wish I had just asked her out sooner before you got here." He patted me on the shoulder and walked away.


Ross and I had a great day together that ended in our first date that evening. I wanted to change into something more appropriate, but he assured me what I was wearing was fine.

He ended up taking me to the place in the city that sold Gyros. I had never been to that part of the city before and was surprised at how well received he was there.

Jokingly I said, "Maybe you should have given me the tour." Ross cracked up at my joke.

He explained to me how he found this place. It was an interesting tale. We ate our gyros and then he drove me home.

It was almost ten when we arrived at my apartment and he gave me a simple kiss good night.

We've been dating for seven month now. They people at work seem really happy for us and the Smiths seem happy as well.

Mrs. Smith even gave me the talk. She reminded me to always stay virtuous. I listened partly out of respect but mainly because Mrs. Smith feels a lot like a Mom.

I know that I have a mother, I know. Her advice to me was don't have sex, and if you do protect yourself. I actually miss my parents. And just realized I haven't talked to them in over a year.

During my break, I took a moment and called my Dad.

"Hello," his cool baritone voice came on the line.

"Hello, Daddy." I answered smiling. My dad's voice always made me smile.

"Annalise, sweetheart, how are you?" Dad recognized me immediately.

I answered and we talked for a while, before long my break time was over and I had to return to work. Dad told me he'd let Mom know I called and instructed me to take care of myself.

Gruffly he whispered he loved me at the end and we hung up.

Mr. Smith called me in his office as I entered with a huge smile on my face. I told him I spoke with my dad and that he and my mother were well.

He was happy for me and then we got to work. I had quite a few assignments to keep me busy, so I didn't get a chance to visit my buddies or my boyfriend that day. At the end of the day, I was preparing to leave when Mr. Smith stopped me.

"Anna, something is different about you. I'm glad you've made friends he said referring to the fact that I was socializing more . If you're not busy Sunday, I want you to join my family at church. Farrah and Kelly are coming home for a short visit this week and they'd love to see you." Mr. Smith said.

I smiled. Their daughters were my friends and I missed them, so of course I would join them on Sunday. They were in college and rarely had time to come home. When I first moved to the city over a year ago, they befriended me and made me feel welcome. I was excited to see my two friends.

I knew if they were here for the week, I'd have to take a day off just to spend time with them. I couldn't wait for them to meet Ross. I wanted to see what they thought of him.

Then I had a thought, What if, he likes one of them more than me. They were a part of his church and more acceptable to his family. Maybe, introducing him to my friends was not a good idea.

"Mr. Smith, I know, I talked to Farrah last night. I am really looking forward to seeing them. Of course I will join your family at church." I answered excitedly.

Ross walked into the office and told Mr. Smith that he'd bring me with him. We left the office and joined our friends at the local nightclub. Sara and Jill's band was performing that night and we went to support them.

We snacked on hot wings and fries at the club and I was stuffed when Ross drove me home.

Ross escorted me to my apartment door and I invited him in. He came in and we sat and talked a while. I told him about my friendship with Farrah and Kelly. I was nervous because I wanted him to meet them but they were better for him than I was. I knew his mother would not approve of me, but either of the other girls would be perfect in her eyes.

"Come here," Ross whispered to me and I climbed onto his lap. He held me to his chest. I loved listening to his heartbeat.

"Why are you so worried about my Mom? She has nothing to do with us." Ross assured me.

I wanted to believe him, but I'd gone to church with the Smith family enough to know that marrying someone not from their church was frowned upon. Not that he'd even mentioned marriage. We were just dating.

"I talked to my Dad today. He and Mom are fine. They are now working in India." I told him and felt him stiffen.

"Why do you hate my parents? You've never met them." I asked curious.

"Anna, don't hate your parents. It's just, the way you grew up..." he stopped and looked away.

I straddled his lap and cupped his cheeks. I looked deeply into his eyes. "Ross believe it or not, my parents loved me. They just have a hard time expressing emotions.

I hugged him and then I realized the position I had placed the two of us in. I knew what I was about to do was wrong. I knew that I should stop. But it was very rare that we had a chance to be intimate because Ross exercised such strong restraint.

I leaned back and looked in his eyes. His grey eyes had darkened to a deep smoky color. I felt his member become stiff against the crotch of my panties.

"Anna, please, stop." Ross whispered. "I can't do this. It's wrong."

Frustrated I snapped, "What's so wrong about it Ross? There are only two people here and we haven't done anything. I just want to feel. How can something that feels this right be wrong?"


I knew it was wrong and she did also. We've been dating for seven months. We've kissed and even done some light petting, but I knew tonight she wanted more.

I believe that making love should be between a man and his wife, and I plan to make Anna my wife on day.

"Anna, why now. You know my beliefs, as much as I want you. We shouldn't do this. Sex is wrong outside of marriage." I explained.

Then she grinded her pussy against my throbbing cock. She was so hot I could feel her heat through my pants.

She leaned in and latched on the throbbing vein on the side of my neck. I groaned and held her tighter. Slowly she moved against me and the she moaned.

I kissed her and gently stroked her breast, but this night Anna needed more. I wondered why now, why tonight.

Then it happened. She bit me and fire coursed through my body. Quickly reversing our position on the couch, I covered her body with mine.

I took her lips in a possessive kiss. I reached under her dress and ripped away her cotton panties, sliding my hands between her silky thighs, I stroked her steaming center.

She was drenched and I needed to be inside her.

I inserted two fingers inside her, rubbing and fucking her with my fingers.

She came. Her vaginal walls clinched on my fingers.

I had to have her then. I unfastened my pants took out my cock, rubbed it against her slit to lubricate it, and then pushed it inside her. She was so tight and I noticed that she screamed as I entered her. I froze. Anna lay beneath me shaking, and I remained still until she was ready for me to move.

Then it dawned on me that this was her first time and I was her first lover and I planned to be the only man she'd ever know.

Slowly I began to pump in and out of her after her body adjusted to my size. Before long, she was moaning my name. I held back long enough for her to climax once more before emptying my seed inside her womb.

I rolled so that she would be on top and held her close until she fell asleep. I felt guilty. I took this woman like an animal. I didn't even undress her or worship body the way it deserved.

As she slept, I studied her. Where her skin was brown, I was pale. Her she had dark hair, mine was fair. She had soft luscious curves and my body had rigid muscle plains. We were different from each other, but also perfect for each other.

Her dark hair splayed across my chest. I noticed a small scar at her temple and remembered her telling me about falling and hurting her head when she was little.

I knew what I'd just done was a sin, but I couldn't help but smile. She was mine now, and soon I'd make her my wife. I held her close until she woke up.

"Hey," I spoke as she stirred on my chest. For all practical purposes we were still dressed. "Are you alright, Anna. You passed out on me." I tried to joke.

She looked at me and a look of horror spread across her face. My heart froze and I immediately felt guilty for what I had done.

"Ross, I am so sorry. I made you do this." Anna apologized. "You wanted to stop and I wouldn't let you. I am so sorry," she sobbed.

"Baby, you didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do. Listen, I should be telling you I'm sorry. Your first time should have been more special than a quickie on the couch." I whispered as I held her.

This was not my first time. Although I am not overly experienced, I have been with a few women. One was a girl who went to my father's church, but each time I made sure to use protection. This time with Anna was the only time I failed to do so. I paused at the thought that she might end up pregnant.

"Anna, are you on birth control? We didn't use a condom. I was careless." I get I should apologize.

Anna looked stunned for a second. "No, Ross, I'm not and we didn't. But I should be safe so try not to worry."

"Ross," She asked shyly. "Will you get in trouble with your church for this? I know they don't believe in sex unless you're married."

I paused, but wanted to reassure her. I placed my finger on her lip to silence her. "Honey, I have been a member of the church my whole life. What people think is not important. It's what GOD thinks that matters, and GOD is love. If two people who love each other share themselves intimately, that is only their business, no one else's. Ok. Don't worry about my church." Then I kissed her temple.

She moved to get off my chest and let me sit up. I went into the bathroom to clean myself up before heading home. While I was in the bathroom, I ran a warm bath for Anna. I added the scented beads that were sitting on her vanity.

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