tagInterracial LoveThe One Less Traveled By Ch. 07

The One Less Traveled By Ch. 07


I want to thank everyone who has read this series. I especially want to thank those of you who have emailed me or provided feedback. I really do appreciate it.

This story includes real life situations and experiences and I hope you enjoy it. Fair warning! This story is an interracial cuckold story; that involves a loving hotwife, a very nice boyfriend and a husband who is an emerging cuckold husband. I've also included, Creampies and Chastity belts in this chapter. Please do not read any further, if you don't care for those subjects.

I'm wearing a chastity belt. That thought ran in circles through my mind, over and over again, like a broken record. I kept repeating it to myself, thinking it had to be a dream, but I could feel the weight of it pulling my cock down.

I sat on the end of the bed, still in my robe, trying to come to grips with the plastic device that held my cock securely. It made me hyper-aware of my cock and balls. It was unbelievable that I had agreed to wear this contraption and I kept taking deep breaths to steady myself and process this whole situation. It was surreal and I was seriously having second thoughts. At the same time however, it seemed deliciously kinky and the thought of being restrained was a turn on for me.

As I thought more about being restrained, and at the mercy of my wife, I started to get aroused again. I could feel blood start to fill my cock. Almost immediately I felt the chastity belt grip my ball sack tightly and I knew it would get uncomfortable quickly. Abruptly, I switched to thinking about something else, anything else. Football!, I thought feverishly, nothing sexy about football!

Another deep breath was called for and I realized that sitting there thinking about the Chastity Belt was only going to make it worse. My clothes had been laid out, so I got dressed and went to the kitchen. Mercifully, the coffee pot was full and I helped myself. It was surprising how easy the chastity belt was to wear under clothing. Even sitting down was fairly easy and only required a little adjustment. The chastity belt was barely noticeable when I sat and I think I was able to see it, only because I knew I was wearing it. I was confident that it would go unnoticed in most of my clothes, except gym clothes and of course my spandex bike shorts. I wasn't planning on exercising in this thing, that's for sure.

The coffee was excellent and sipped it slowly, enjoying the silence. Nicole and Collin were still in the bedroom and I couldn't go in there wearing the CB. Arousal would follow me in the bedroom and I would get turned on and that would probably end with me in pain as my cock struggled to get hard. I called the sitter and checked on the girls, everything was fine and the sitter was getting ready to head home. My oldest let me know everything was all right and they had started on their chores. I let them know that we'd be home shortly and we'd do something together. The excitement was evident in my oldest daughter's voice and I knew she had something in mind for today. I hung up with her and got a fresh cup of coffee. I opened the door to the hallway, picked up the paper and took it back to the table with me.

The financial section caught my attention and I read an article about how long the bull market had lasted and that it was likely to end soon. I made a mental note to check our 401k's and see if we should move some more money into cash. It also occurred to me that I should ask Collin, who did this sort of thing for a living. The article made a lot of sense and it seemed like a good idea to take a more careful approach to investing over the next several months, maybe the next year or so.

A little gold key hit the table and I jumped, startled and looked up to see Nicole and Collin smiling at me. They looked good together and I got a wink from Nicole.

"Hey baby. You forgot to ask for your key." Nicole slid into the seat next to me and picked up my hand. She brought it to her mouth and kissed it gently. Nicole was wearing only her bra and boy-short, cheeky style panties and I felt my cock stiffen in the chastity belt. Collin moved around the table and headed for the coffee cup. His priorities were clearly in the right place.

"Holy Cow. I did forget to ask for it, didn't I? Thank you honey."

I considered putting the key on my key ring, but immediately discarded that idea. It was an unusual key and it was likely to prompt questions. I slid the key into my pocket and took another sip of coffee. I looked over at Nicole and saw her wearing the necklace that I bought from James Avery. She was also wearing the ring from James Avery that now signified our marriage. She saw where I was looking and kissed me on the cheek.

"Our wedding rings are in my purse and I'll put them on when we leave."

I nodded. "Thank you baby."

"You're welcome, Nick." She paused and let her head fall back a bit, as her hands brought her necklace out from under her shirt. Dangling at the end of her necklace was her copy of the chastity belt key. She smiled over at me.

"I'd like to wear my key to your Chastity Belt around my neck, if that's ok Nick."

"Sure baby." I paused. "But what are you going to tell folks who ask what the key opens."

She giggled. "It's so naughty isn't it?" I blushed a bit. "I was going to tell them that it opens Pandora's Box." She laughed.

Collin laughed as well as he carried his coffee cup to the table and took a seat across from me. His smile greeted both of us from across the table and he took a sip of coffee.

"That's funny. It also happens to be true, in a weird kind of way."

He raised his coffee cup to me and we toasted Nicole's sense of humor. I was really surprised at Collin's response to the Chastity Belt. I expected jokes and a little humiliation from him, but he was honestly acting as though nothing had changed. His behavior really made a difference in how I looked at wearing the Chastity Belt. If he had been mean or malicious, or even sarcastic, I would probably have taken it off already. Then it occurred to me that Collin probably knew that and that's why he was so accepting. I shook my head, I could spend days going around in circles, thinking this way. Collin was being cool about it and that was enough for now.

I filled Nicole and Collin about my discussion with the girls, Collin nodded and mentioned that he had a pretty full day as well. Breakfast was delivered and we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. It was a great morning and Collin and I got into a deep discussion about the financial markets. We really went into the weeds and I was surprised at his depth of knowledge. He spoke easily and confidently about the stock, bond and commodities markets and their potential direction in the near term. As a result of our discussion, I decided to move some of our 401k into cash.

We finished breakfast and I called the front desk to have our car brought around. Nicole asked me to wait for her downstairs, so she could say good bye to Collin. I nodded and shook Collins hand before heading towards the door. I took a quick look back and saw Nicole in Collins arms, kissing him passionately, while his hands roamed over her ass and squeezed it firmly. Once again my cock stiffened inside the chastity belt and I felt the ring around my scrotum tighten. I hurried out of the suite.

The elevator was slow and a lot of people were getting on and off. The challenge with being on the top floor is that it takes forever to get to the bottom floor on busy days. As I rode the elevator down and exchanged small talk with folks, I kept expecting them to notice the bulge in my pants, but that didn't happen. Casually glancing down and I was relieved to see that there really wasn't any bulge at all.

The car was ready and I got it started and more importantly, got the air conditioning going. I moved the car out of the way and waited for Nicole. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long, before she strode confidently out of the sliding doors. She looked gorgeous and she was wearing some of the clothes that Collin had purchased for her. They really accentuated her figure and managed to be sexy; without being slutty. Nicole smiled at me as she approached and slid into the passenger seat. I got a kiss on the cheek and we headed home.

The drive home was fairly silent, but we did hold hands. Nicole turned to me once during the trip home and asked if everything was ok. I replied that it was and I had a great time last night. It was true and despite wearing a chastity belt, I was pretty happy with the way things were going. Even wearing the CB wasn't so bad and I had the key, so I felt like I was in control of the situation.

As I pulled into our driveway and shut off the car, I asked Nicole to walk in front of me and make sure the CB wasn't visible. I didn't want the girls to know anything about it. Nicole gave me the once-over and a thumbs-up; so we walked in the door. The girls surprised us and jumped out from behind the door and into our arms. I got my little one and my oldest gave Nicole a hug. I grabbed my little one and hoisted her high in the air. She giggled and laughed as I twirled her around, before setting her down.

"Wow mom, you look great!" My oldest daughter was surveying Nicole. "Are those news shoes?"

Nicole beamed at her daughter. "Yes. Aren't they cute?"

"Yes, can I borrow them sometime?"

Ugh, I couldn't believe she was old enough to trade clothes with my wife.

"Hey, where would you be wearing those shoes to, Missy?" My voice was alarmed and I got the eye-roll from my daughter.

"Don't worry about it dad." Nicole winked at me and turned to her daughter. "Yes you can borrow them, but let's discuss it. Ok?"

I started to reply, but Nicole cut me off. "Honey, it's a girl thing. Just leave it alone."

What could I do? Honestly, I was surrounded by three girls and I had no support. We definitely needed to have one more child and it absolutely had to be a boy! I shrugged my shoulders and headed into our bedroom. I changed out of my clothes and put on my favorite cargo shorts and a polo shirt. It was my normal weekend uniform. Nicole joined me in the closet and she started to change as well.

She noticed the question on my face and she shrugged. "I really like the clothes Collin bought me, but they're a little too revealing for being around the girls." That earned my wife a kiss and hug. She folded the clothes and put them away. She turned to me and smiled.

"How do you like my bra and panties baby?"

She cocked her hip out and then gave me a slow turn. My mouth was suddenly dry and it was hard to breathe. My heart started pounding and I could feel the adrenaline hit my system. Nicole had changed again and she was now wearing thong panties that really showed off her ass and barely covered her pussy. They were extremely sexy and fit her perfectly. The bra was completely sheer and I could see her nipples. The pull of the chastity belt brought me out of my daze. I turned away from Nicole and took several deep breaths. I got myself under control and turned back to her.

Our eyes met and Nicole looked at me with a little concern in her eyes. I held up my hands to her.

"I'm ok baby, it's just that you're very sexy and I don't want to get hard in this thing. First, I don't think I can and second, it's likely to be painful if I try to get hard."

She stepped up to me and put her hands on my chest. "Nick, you can take it off, if you want. That's why I gave you a key."

"I know baby, but I wanted to try and wear it as long as possible." I hugged her tightly. "I really appreciate having the key and that makes it easier to wear actually. I think if you had held both keys, I would be more anxious about it."

I looked down at her and kissed her nose. "Besides, it's kinky and I'm enjoying it so far. Weird I know, but wearing it makes me feel a low-grade arousal all the time."

Nicole cocked her head to the side. "What?"

"It's hard to explain, but I'm constantly aware of the CB and that makes me stay just on the edge of full arousal. Obviously I'm not completely aroused, otherwise I'd be in pain, but it's like a steady light stroking. It's not enough to get me hard, but it's more than enough to keep me aroused and focused."

I shrugged my shoulders. "It's hard to put into words I guess."

Nicole patted my chest and kissed my cheek. "As long as you're not in pain Nick. Please take it off, if it becomes painful."

"Sure thing baby." I nodded. "I'm not into pain either."





Nicole and I both got dressed and met the girls in the living room. They wanted to go shopping and of course, Nicole was completely up for it. While shopping wasn't my favorite thing to do, I did want to stop by Barnes and Noble, as well as a few other places. We all jumped into the SUV and made the trek to the mall. The mall closest to us was pretty swanky and new. It attracted some very high-end stores and it was easy to spend a lot of money. The girls and Nicole went in one direction and I went in another. All of us had cell phones, so we could keep in touch and we made plans to have lunch at a trendy pizza restaurant.

I stopped by the pizza place and made reservations for lunch, before heading over to the men's store to look at suits. The sales woman was very cute and she flirted with me while I shopped. I knew her flirting had more to do with making a sale, than my good looks, but I played along. It seemed she made it a point to touch my arm frequently and when she picked out a tie or a suit, she always seemed to bend over in front of me. A bead of sweat broke out on my forehead as I refocused my attention on the clothes. The Chastity Belt pulled firmly against my scrotum, reminding me that I needed to keep my attention away from the sales lady's totally fine ass.

The bill for the shirts and ties was a little steep, but I liked them and they were good quality, so I bought them. I thought about possibly replacing my entire wardrobe, if I got this promotion. It would be nice to move up to the next financial rung of the ladder. We were doing fine financially, but this promotion would go a long way towards our college fund and maybe an early retirement for both of us.

I got a text indicating the girls were finished and were heading over to the pizza place for lunch. I met them there and we scarfed on some seriously good pizza. Nicole and I both had a glass of wine. The girls chatted happily and showed off what they purchased. I was a little miffed to see my oldest daughter carrying a Victoria's Secret bag and Nicole saw my look. Her hand found my arm and she shook her head. Later, she mouthed to me.

You're damned right later, I thought.

Ok, I understand I may be a little strict with my daughters and maybe I'm a bit over the top. It's hard to say, but I'd rather be strict now; then have to hear about them flunking out of college later in life or worse. That comparison might be a bit absurd, but when it came to the girls, I was protective. I didn't know how else to be with my girls.

We finished lunch and the girls wanted to hit a few more stores. I took all of the packages to the SUV and locked them in the back. There were way too many bags to be carrying around the mall and it wasn't too hot, so I didn't mind. My phone rang on the way back into the mall and I picked it up. I was surprised to hear Collin's voice on the other end.

"Nick. How's it going?"

"Great Collin. How about you?"

"Things are good." His tone was relaxed and friendly. "I was able to finish all my errands for the day and I wondered if you two were available for dinner."

"That's a good question Collin. I honestly don't know. Have you spoken to Nicole yet?"

"Nope. I called you first, I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all. Actually, I appreciate it, thank you."

"No problem. So what are your thoughts about dinner?"

"Well, we haven't made any plans, so we're wide open at this point. I don't know what Nicole has in mind, but I'll check with her."

"Cool. Well listen. I'd like to have dinner with you two tonight, so will you check with Nicole and let me know?"

"Absolutely. Thanks for the call."

"You're welcome Nick."

I put my phone away and headed back into the air conditioning. Anytime I stop by the mall, I always have to visit the Sony Store. It's like a mecca for all things having to do with audio/visual entertainment. They always have the latest and greatest technology on display. As I was drooling over a huge 85 inch TV, my phone went off again. A text from Nicole let me know they were headed over to Barnes and Noble and for me to meet them there.

As I made my way through the mall towards Barnes and Noble, it dawned on me that I had almost forgotten I was wearing the Chastity Belt. Besides the smoking hot girl at the suit store, I hadn't had any issues and completely forgot I was wearing it. It wasn't supposed to be this easy was it? I shook my head and continued to the book store. Once inside I made my way to the bathroom and ducked into a stall. Another thought had occurred to me and it scared me a bit. I dropped my shorts and underwear and checked out my package. A sigh of relief flooded out of me. It was worried that the reason I forgot about the Chastity Belt was that it had cut off the circulation to my cock and that was downright scary!

The color of my scrotum was normal, thank god, and there was no numbness at all. Score one for the home team, I thought and pulled up my underwear and shorts. I washed my hands and started searching for Nicole and the girls. We finally hooked up and headed back to the SUV. The drive home was short and it wasn't until we got some private time in our bedroom that I had a chance to talk to Nicole about dinner.

"So what do you think? Do you want to have dinner with Collin?"

Nicole nodded. "I do, but we haven't spent any time with the girls this weekend, aside from today. I don't want to have the sitter over again, so I'm not sure what to do."

"Well, if it was just the family, what would you want to do for dinner?" I asked her.

"The girls suggested the Joe's Crab Shack and we haven't been in a while; so I thought it would be fun."

I agreed with her. Joe's was a great place for dinner and we all loved the crab. Nicole looked at me and we both knew what the other was thinking. I raised my eyebrows at her and cocked my head to the side. She gave me a naughty smile and nodded back to me.

"Are you going to call Collin or am I?" I asked her.

"I'll call him Nick." She kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my package lightly. "And you can listen, chastity-boy!!" She dialed Collin's number.

"Whatever. You are a cruel little bitch, you know that?" I teased her.

"And you love it, don't you?"

"Maybe a little." I was about to continue, but she held a finger up indicating Collin had answered the phone.

"Hi. Collin. It's Nicole." She laughed and glanced at me. "I better be the only Nicole you know." She laughed again and listened to his response. "Yes, he is still wearing it." I got a wink and a smile.

"Hey, I wanted to call you back about dinner. Nick said you wanted to get together."

I could hear Collins voice, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. Nicole just smiled and blushed into the phone.

"You are so bad Collin." She giggled and refocused the conversation. "Hey, about dinner. We're going to Joe's Crab Shack and we want you to meet us there."

"Cool. I'm glad you like it." She paused and looked at me. I nodded back to her. "Collin, you should know that our daughters are going to be with us. We wanted you to meet them finally."

I could hear Collins laughter on the phone, but that was it before I went to use the restroom. I was washing my hands and I could still hear Nicole talking to Collin. I didn't want to eavesdrop, so I left the master bedroom and went to the living room to watch TV. Occasionally I could hear Nicole's laughter emanate from the bedroom and each time, I had to adjust my sitting position a bit. The chastity belt wasn't uncomfortable, but every time she laughed it seemed to send a jolt through my cock.

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