tagGroup SexThe One That Got Away - Fat & Sexy

The One That Got Away - Fat & Sexy


As I get older, I look at things differently.

I think about my life and relationships now, and although they are great, I sometimes wonder how things would have turned out if I had different choices.

I wonder how things would be -- how much fun I had missed -- by letting one girl in particular get away.

Kelly was fat. She didn't like terms like 'Ruebenesque,' or 'BBW,' although she was. She preferred to be called 'fat.' "I am what I am," she'd say, "a fat, horny blonde."

Like many big people, she moved with a kind of grace -- she was a great dancer. She had short blonde hair, longer in the front that in the back, blue eyes, full lips. Her breasts were very large -- I never asked the size and she never told me, but they were round. She had curves, a nice round ass, round thighs. Her feet were small, and she painted her toenails a color she called "Come Fuck Me Red," which matched her favorite lipstick. When she wore her open-toed black "Come Fuck Me Pumps," she was hot.

And she knew it -- she always moved with a confidence that let you know she knew she was sexy. And not just sexy to men who liked plump women, but just plain sexy.

We went out to dinner a lot, we went to a lot of movies, but mostly we hung out, and had a lot of sex.

We went through phases, different things that turned us on for a while, then we'd experiment with other things. We tried cum-play: she liked me to cum on her tits, and she'd lift them to her mouth and suck my cum off; she'd suck me, and then kiss me and I'd suck my cum from her; she'd let me jack off on her face and she wouldn't wipe it off, she'd wake up the next day crusted.

We tried light bondage; she liked to be tied, ropes taut around her tits until they turned red, then purple. Tied down, face down, spread eagle and fucked hard.

We experimented with food, pee, spanking, and role playing. Then we tried other couples.

Friends of our, Kathryn and Mike, would go out to dinner and movies with us. Kelly and I liked to make out, often. Sometimes we'd come back to Kelly's place, and open a bottle of wine after dinner. Sitting in the living room, joking and sitting there, we just kind of slid into making out in front of Kathryn and Mike, and then disrobing a bit, fondling. It was an easy step into same-room sex.

Kathryn was taller than Kelly, brunette, with nice breasts but no where near as big as Kelly. She reminded me of the dark-haired singer in the movie "The Commitments" which we had recently seen. Mike was as tall as I was, and not muscle-bound but in great shape.

The night we got to topless fondling in front of them, I don't think either could help but watch Kelly's big tits. Kathryn ripped her sweater off and yanked Mike's head to a nipple, and he nibbled and bit.

Kelly didn't help by rubbing my cock through my jeans.

After a while Kathryn and Mike got up, got their clothes together, and left. Kelly just unzipped me right there on the couch, and kissed me while she stroked my cock. It didn't take long before I was going to cum, and she knew it. She dropped her head into my lap, and quickened her pace and jacked me off into her mouth. Just as I quit cumming she moved up and slammed her mouth onto mine, spitting my own cum into my mouth. I barely recovered from the intensity of that when she ripped her own jeans and panties off, lay down on the couch and almost begged me, "Make me cum!"

Kelly didn't shave, but she kept herself tightly trimmed, and she tasted great. I slobbered all over her labia, rubbed my face on her sticky clit, and sucked her cunt. She shuddered when she came. I loved it.

Well, seeing how the exhibitionism in front of our friends affected her, I was really looking forward to our next night out together.

It was only about a week later. We went to dinner at a sports bar. Kelly wore a very low-cut black sweater -- her cleavage looked so hot. She wore her tightest jeans and her highest heels. My fat tramp. I loved it, and she knew it. (Many guys there ogled her, she loved that, too.)

Kathryn gave her a run for her money -- a white blouse, with no bra. You could see her hard nipples pressed against the fabric. Our conversation as light and friendly, and full of laughter, just like always. But I was very aware of my throbbing cock.

There was no pretense in the living room. We'd opened a bottle of red wine, as always, but barely touched it. Kelly and I fell onto the couch, our hands all over each other. Mike and Kathryn were on the love seat, making out with their hands under each other's shirts.

Kelly just got up, and stripped naked and sat right back down next to me. There was very little tenderness or hesitation. I put my hand between her thighs and she was wet. She clutched at my belt and I stood and stepped out of my jeans and pulled off my shirt. So did Mike. I dropped back down into Kelly's arms but Mike stood naked in front of Kathryn with a huge, hard cock (it must have been 9 inches) and she just leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Her blouse was open, revealing her breasts swaying a bit as she moved. Kelly said, "This is so hot."

Kelly pushed me back so she could roll over, and then got on her hands and knees. I immediately kneeled behind her and slid into her. This position gave us both a good view of Kathryn sucking Mike.

I held Kelly's hips and thrust into her; her hips bouncing with each impact. (She had a very sexy back.) Her breasts really bounced around, especially when she started thrusting back at me.

Kathryn had Mike's cock, wet, sliding across her face, but she locked her eyes onto Kelly's tits and just never looked away. Mike finally led her over to our couch, and Kathryn sat on the floor by Kelly. Mike asked her, "Do you mind?" and Kathryn reached out and cupped her hands, and let Kelly's hard nipples graze her fingers and palms and the moved.

Kelly never said 'yes' to Mike's question, but she moaned a bit when Kathryn made contact with her tits.

Mike sat on the arm of the couch and said, "She's kinda got a thing for big tits." His cock was hard and sticking straight out of his lap. Just about 18 inches from Kelly's face.

Mike looked at me and kind of asked a question without saying the words, and I looked at him and smiled and gave him his answer.

Mike rolled off the arm, moving his hard cock right in front of Kelly's face. My sexy fat slut just opened her mouth and slid her tongue down the underside of Mike's cock, and let him fuck her mouth. She could get about half of him in, it was awkward because her hands were holding her up and she couldn't grip him.

Kathryn, meanwhile, had moved from just barely caressing Kelly's tits to squeezing, and then leaned in and held a big tit in two hands and sucked the nipple.

Kelly was getting into this, being fucked by me, mouth-fucked by Mike, and fondled and suckled by Kathryn. "Let's get in the bedroom," she said.

We ran, and Kelly beat us, flopping onto her back on her king-size bed. We were all laughing, and just started getting 'arranged,' hugging each other. I kissed Kelly, and then Kathryn, who shoved her tongue into my mouth.

Mike crawled up the bed and lay on his side, kind of over Kelly's face, and she took his cock back into her mouth. Kathryn and I arranged ourselves so we were next to, and right up against, Kelly.

Kathryn rolled a bit toward Kelly, and Mike pulled his cock out of Kelly's mouth. Kathryn broke our kiss and moved her face closer to Kelly's and Mike thrust his hips forward just a few inches and Kathryn had his cock in her mouth. Kelly's tongue lashed at the side of it, until Mike moved back a couple of inches and slid back into Kelly's mouth. Kathryn turned to me and kissed me, her mouth was warn from Mike's cock. It excited me.

Kathryn turned again toward Kelly and mike moved, and they both kissed his cock, slipping their tongues over it. Kathryn would suck it into her mouth, and then release it, wet, and Kelly would suck the head into her mouth. Kathryn kept turning back to me and kissing me.

When Kathryn turned her head back toward Kelly, she ignored Mike's cock and slid her tongue into Kelly's mouth. Kelly sucked it like a cock. Mike slapped their face with his hard-on and the broke the kiss.

I really got into kissing Kathryn this time. When she turned her face a bit, I followed. There was now a three-way kiss, tongues probing, sliding against one another...and then, Mike's hard, wet cock sliding across our tongues.

Kelly's eyes were blazing. I could take a hint.

I turned my face and sucked the head of Mike's cock into my mouth.

"Oh, man," he moaned.

"God, said Kathryn," that makes me so wet."

I was concentrating on Mike's cock; the position was awkward, I was leaning over Kathryn, trying not to crush her. The head of his cock was hot, spongy. I probed the pee slit with my tongue, swirled it around the head, and sucked hard...everything I liked Kelly to do on my cock.

I finally rolled back, releasing Mike's cock.

"I want to watch you suck him," said Kelly.

"And then you suck him," Kathryn said.

Mike and I hesitated. Kelly sealed the deal by saying, "If you give us a good show, you can do whatever you want with us."

I looked at mike, and again, it was an unspoken exchange, and I rolled onto my back and he rolled up and over Kelly and Kathryn and dove onto my cock. He turned some and now we were in a 69, with Mike on top of me. He kept himself up on his knees a bit so I could get to his cock without gagging, while he just about had me down his throat.

Kelly and Kathryn were sitting up, watching. Kathryn was back at Kelly's tits, sucking them and squeezing them.

I could feel Mike's breath, his tongue...the sensations were amazing. I tried to keep up but would sometimes have to stop and take a breath.

Kelly had one hand buried in her cunt, and she told me, "You look so hot sucking cock."

Kathryn moved almost into Kelly's lap, and wasn't even watching anymore. She just nuzzled, nibbled, kissed and bit those big tits.

Mike and I rolled a little to one side, my hands wrapped around him, grabbing his ass and pulling his cock into my mouth. We were both jack-hammering, and I felt his cock swell. God, he was going to cum. And I wanted it.

We kept up the pace, ignoring everything but the hard, throbbing cock in our mouths and he came. It wasn't spurt-after-spurt like I usually cum, but just a flood. I sucked and swallowed, and fucked my face onto his cock. His cum was warm, salty. Oh, god, I wanted to cum, and I did. Mike moved his face off my cock and caught the first blast in his open mouth, and just sucked the head of my cock as I came. When we rolled apart, we were both still semi-hard, with cum smeared around our mouths.

Kelly didn't say a word; she just looked at us both with a mix of awe and lust. I moved to her, and we kissed. She sucked my mouth hungrily, and then Mike moved up and she licked the rest of my cum from around his lips. Kathryn just kept nibbling Kelly's tits.

Mike and I were panting; we stretched out a bit, looked at each other and smiled. Kelly reminded us, "OK, our turn. What's it going to be?"

Kathryn finally sat up, with a dazed look on her face. If someone could reach orgasm just from sucking on bit, fat tits, it'd be Kathryn.

This was an opportunity not to be missed.

"Throw Kathryn down, and fuck her cunt with your tit." No romance here.

Kathryn almost swooned at that. Mike moved up and sat above Kathryn, she lay back into his lap. He held her hands in his, so that her arms were up. Kelly moved Kathryn's legs open and slid down between them.

Kathryn began moaning -- high pitched - as Kelly took one tit and rubbed a hard nipple on Kathryn's clit. I lay just outside Kathryn's leg so I could get a good view.

Kelly and I kissed, and then she tried to shove her tit into Kathryn. Her hard nipple could penetrate a bit, but it was the contact that drove Kathryn nuts. Watching that tit, spilling out of Kelly's hand, fucking her. Kathryn came like a mewling kitten, curling up, tensing, and then relaxing. It was over before it had barely gotten started.

But Kelly was ready, I could tell.

I asked Mike, "What would you like?"

Mike said, "I want to fuck her in the ass." Kathryn sat up and we could see Mike was ready.

Kelly moved forward, on all fours. "Wait," I said, "Kathryn, get under her." Kathryn slide under Kelly and her face was covered by Kelly's swaying tits. Back in heaven. I told Kathryn, "Tickle her clit," and she began sliding one finger -- in long stroked -- through Kelly's folds.

Mike got behind Kelly and slid into her cunt, getting wet. I slapped Kelly's ass and spread her cheeks, and spit down her crack. The saliva dribbled down to her puckered brown hole.

Mike pulled out, placed his cock head right at her ass, and started pressing.

Kelly grimaced a bit, but Mike kept pressing and his cock began sliding into Kelly's ass. Once he was in, he stopped and stayed still for a moment. Kelly felt his throbbing cock, felt the pressure on her ass, felt Kathryn's fingers probing and sliding over her clit, felt Kathryn's mouth and teeth as she nearly drowned in those fat tits.

I moved up to sit next to Kelly's head; she couldn't lean down to rest her head in my lap because that would crush Kathryn. Mike started slowly thrusting. I told her, "Slap her ass. Spank her. That makes her hot."

Mike did a resounding slap. Then another. Kelly's ass was bright red. Mike kept fucking.

I talked to Kelly -- Kathryn and Mike could hear but I was talking quietly to Kelly, and said "You like getting ass-fucked, you fat bitch?" Kelly loved it when I called her nasty names; it was one of 'our' secrets.

"Oh, yeah," she panted. She was thrusting back a little but, meeting Mike's thrusts. He spanked her again, on her hip.

"You like being our fuck-toy? Do you like having another woman finger-fuck you?"

"Yes, yes -- oh, god --"said Kelly.

Watching this, and feeling the power from taunting Kelly, I was hard again. Mike was really fucking her ass hard, pounding into her, and slapping her every now and then. There was too much bouncing around and Kathryn slid out from under her. Kelly fell forward onto the bed, and Mike continued to ram into her, harder.

I threw Kathryn down, next to Kelly. "Did I tell you to stop?" and I climbed on top of her.

"Fuck her," said Mike, panting.

"Fuck her," said Kelly, almost moaning.

Kathryn was so wet I could barely feel myself slide in. She wrapped both legs around me, and dug in her heels. She held on so tight I could barely pull out of her to thrust in again.

To Kelly, I said, "She's going to cum on my cock. You going to suck her cum off of my cock, you fat fuck-pig?" Mike hammered his cock into her ass; her body rippled with each thrust.

"Yes!" cried Kelly. Mike tensed and his thrusts became fast. He drove deep into Kelly's as and held -- and came. He collapsed over her, not withdrawing until his cock softened so much that he couldn't stay inside her.

I kept fucking Kathryn through his orgasm, and then rolled off of her. Kathryn and Kelly were panting, red, sweaty, and aching to cum. The rolled together, mouths mashing, tits squeezing together, hands clutching. Kathryn got one of Kelly's thighs between her legs and humped it, grinding herself into it.

I started stroking my cock. Mike lay back, exhausted.

Kelly and Kathryn were clenching and grinding, and getting close. I moved up and stroked my cock above Kelly's face.

"Do you want it?"


"Say it."

"I want it. I'm a cum queen," she panted. "Cum on me, please. Please." She was actually begging now. I usually can't cum so quickly after an orgasm. But this evening was hot, I was feeling so full of lust, and I loved the feeling of my hard cock in my hand, touching myself the way I know best, with Kelly's face below me, her half-closed eyes, he open mouth.

Kathryn came again, shuddering, clutching at Kelly's body. Kelly started her orgasm -- it rolled over her. I spurted into her face, her eyes, her hair, her mouth. "My beautiful fat baby," said and splashed her. She loved it. We all sat back on the bed for a while, catching our breath, and then kind of looked at each other and laughed a bit. Mike and Kathryn had to go, and we walked them out into the living room. They got dressed, we said our goodbyes. After they left, Kelly turned and slapped my face.

"That's for calling me 'pig,' "she said. I called her a lot of things -- most times, nastier than tonight, but I wasn't going to argue.

She pulled me down on the couch, and said, "Eat me. I like the way you eat me."

As my tongue probed between her labia, and swirled around her clit, she mused, "Mmmm...maybe next time I'll eat Kathryn..." She slapped the back of my head. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Yes, I would. And I did.


Kelly moved away. We had a couple of years, but when she told me she was moving, neither of us thought of it as 'breaking up.' Maybe sex was the main reason we had for being together. I don't know.

But she was sexy, adventurous, funny...and to this day I can stroke off, thinking of her.

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