tagAnalThe Only One

The Only One


I enter your apartment through the small door. I rang the intercom and you let me in. It's night, late night and I'm a bit drunk. I come unannounced but you let me in anyway though I had to convince you. Like the other day your apartment is messy. There are clothes on the other bed.

Without saying anything I go to the entrance to your bedroom and I sniff your smell coming out of the bed. It's a sweet and bitter smell, I wonder if it's what you smell when you masturbate face down on this bed like you do in your videos.

"Do you masturbate a lot?" I ask, playfully.

You throw me an evil and yet frightened look.

"What kind question is that?"

I come closer to you, you back away from me with a worried look on your face, your feet catch on the table behind you and you nearly fall. Your back is against the wall, I stop a foot away from you.

I glare at the few centimeters of leopard printed fabric that keep your pussy apart from me.

I glare at your cleavage. You follow my glare and shake slightly.

"If you come closer I'll scream. Neighbors will come." You say in a trembling voice.

"You opened your door to me"

I take a small step towards you.

"I will fuck you no matter what even if I have to do it while the neighbors are banging on the door."

I take another step towards you, I'm very close to you now, our bodies are not touching but I can feel your shaky breath a few millimeters away from my skin.

"But you won't scream, won't you?"

I take your left breast in my hand then proceed to go up and I squeeze your nipple quite hard. You let out a faint moan.

"You're afraid I will hurt you if you scream, aren't you?"

I squeeze your nipple harder through your tee-shirt.

"Aren't you? Answer me"

"Yes" You say in a faint voice.

I stop squeezing your nipple.

"If you do what I tell you. You won't need to be hurt. Just do as I say."

I begin to touch your pussy through the fabric of your legging.

"No, please, no" You beg.

I smell my hand.

"Look, even through your pants it's wet."

I slip my hand in your legging and toy with your pussy through the fabric of your panties.

"Open your mouth"

You turn your head away from me. I grab your chin with my other hand.

"Open your mouth"

You reluctantly open your mouth. I slip my hand in your panties and stroke your already wet clitoris, at the same time I begin to slowly spit in your mouth. When my saliva reach your tongue you turn your head away and wrestle with me, trying to break free. I catch and imprison you with both my arms. When you understand that you cannot run and you stop your struggle I take a step back away from you and slap you on the face.

"Ouch" you shriek.

"Will you do what I tell you now?"


I give you another slap, stronger this time.

"Please stop" You are begging me.

"Will you do what I tell you?"

You throw me a fearful look.

"Yes, I will do what you want but please don't spit in my mouth."


"Because it's humiliating"

"Open your mouth."

"No" You say in last resort.

I give you a small slap on the cheek.

"Open your mouth"

Looking into my eyes you understand that I won't stop, you open your mouth. I slowly spit in your mouth, I grab your hand and guide it to my rock-hard dick. I finish spitting.


You swallow with difficulty.

"Now suck my dick"

I put my hand on the back of your neck and, applying minimal pressure I guide your head till your mouth is facing my crotch. You undo the zipper of my flies and start to shyly suck the tip of my dick.

"I'll turn you into a true bitch, I'll teach you how to suck cock"

You try to make more of my dick fit into your mouth with no great success. I put my hand at the back of your head and gently stroke your hair.

"Look at me"

You can't talk, the tip of my dick is still in your mouth. You are looking at me wide-eyed.

"I'll slowly push on the back of your head until my dick completely disappear in your mouth. Don't worry, I won't choke you but I will go to the end, you have no choice, all of my dick will disappear in your throat anyway."

You swallow, I'm reading the fear in your eyes.

I start to slowly push, you are looking at my pubis.

"Look at me, don't stop looking into my eyes"

I push on your head, my dick enters your throat, you cough. My dick is fitting entirely inside your mouth, you are blinking wildly and shaking your head, suffocating. You push against my hands with the back of your head. I let you go.

You cough and spit against the floor. I come behind you to embrace you and I kiss you on the cheek.

"You did it, big girl"

I stand up and close my zippers.

"I will fuck you now."

I take your hand and bring you to your room.


You undress clumsily. You don' take off your underwear, you are wearing white matching lingerie, you are hiding your big tits with your arms.

"Take off your underwear"

You undress entirely. You are naked and I'm fully dressed.

"Get on the bed, on all fours."

You get on all fours on the bed, shaking. I come near you and kiss you on the neck.

"I will fuck you"

I kiss you on the cheek

"I will fuck you"

I kiss your earlobe.


"You will fuck me" you answer.

I stroke your nipples

"You will fuck me" you repeat.

I stroke your pussy.

"You will fuck me"

I slap your ass.

"I won't fuck you" I say

"What?" you say, surprised

"I won't fuck you if you don't desire it."

I slap your butt, with each slap you are shaking a little bit more. I caress your butt, I lick your whole body.

"Please, please, please, please" you mutter.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

I put my dick inside your pussy, centimeter after centimeter, I can feel your sex throbbing around mine.

I fuck you slowly then faster and faster, I put my hand on your cheek like a fishhook and I pull back, I pull your hair, you moan.

I'm going faster and faster, when you are on the verge of cumming I pull back. You are panicking, putting your hands on your pussy and trying to masturbate in order to cum but I stop you by pulling you back.

"You're not allowed to cum"

"Please, I beg you"

"No, I will sodomize you now."

You stay silent, on all fours on the bed. I lick you asshole to make it wet.

"I will put my finger inside"

I put one finger in, your ass is soft.

"You're ready, I will put my dick in."

I brutally put my dick in, you scream. Your ass is very tight against my dick, I'm very excited to sodomize you like that, you are screaming, I'm fucking you like a bitch. I cum, my sperm flows in your ass.

I pull back, pull my zipper and strike your ass till it's bright red.

"I will go now and you will sleep. Tonight you'll have an erotic dream and you'll wake up very horny, you will masturbate and cum. And when you'll cum you'll know that I'm the only one that can give you these sensations. You will never be able to cum with anyone like you cum with me. Because I dominate your pleasure".

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