tagLesbian SexThe Only True Teacher/Student Story

The Only True Teacher/Student Story


First, I want to say that this story is completely true. I know people will probably not believe it, since even I didn't for a while, but it all happened just like I said. The only thing is that minor details are changed because if anyone figures out who she is, she could get arrested and get fired and it could get very messy. And if you want a description of how I look like, look at my story "I thought she was straight". It's in the first paragraph.

When it first started, I was actually a junior in high school. There was this new history teacher, let's call her Mrs. Wells. She's very short, maybe about 5'1 or 5'2, with an incredible body. She has black hair and a dark complexion, creating kind of an exotic vibe. She told me later she's 37, but she looks more like in her early 30's. Her face is very handsome. My best friend said that if Mrs. Wells were a guy, she'd totally do her. So one day I was sitting on a bench at school with some of my friends, and as she walked by she caught my eye, looking over her shoulder at me. I was thinking, "If that were anybody but a teacher, I would have thought she was totally checking me out." Eventually it became obvious that that was exactly what she was doing, so when I found out that she was teaching the history class that some seniors took, when I became a senior I signed up for that class.

For a few months after school started, nothing happened between us, probably since I was still 17. On my 18th birthday, some of my friends announced it during her class and she arched her eyebrow at me.

She said, "So you're finally 18 huh? How does it feel to be an adult?"

I said that it felt pretty much the same, and she said, "Talk to me after class."

I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the period, wondering what she wanted to "see" me about.

As it turns out, she just wanted to talk. "I've been trying to find a responsible person to baby sit my son. Do you need any extra money? Now that you're 18, I feel that you're old enough for me to trust you with my child."

Now, I've done a lot worse things for money than babysitting a beautiful woman's 7 year old, so I accepted without hesitation. It didn't matter that I wasn't a kid person.

She smiled and said that she needed me this Friday night, if I was free. I said that I was busy then but she said that she also needed me Saturday night. I hadn't made any definite plans, and my friends would understand if I ditched so I could make more money to put into the party fund. "Responsible", ha.

Nothing happened that first night, and in fact for quite a long time. This isn't a porn movie. In real life, things usually build up and climax (no pun intended) after a certain period of time, and this was no exception.

I'd gotten to know her, and the kid for that matter, fairly well by December. She needed me again a few days before Christmas, and when she came back home she said that she'd like to treat me to dinner the day after, as a thank you for all I'd done for her. Her original idea was to go out to a restaurant somewhere, but I thought that it might not be good if we were seen eating together at a restaurant. People knew about how I babysat for her, but we didn't want to take chances. So she had the kid stay with her sister for the next night, while she cooked me dinner at her house.

She'd told me to bring an overnight bag since she didn't want me driving back at such a late hour, and I knew that this was the night. There is nothing like the anticipation before you know you're going to be having a very special night, and I found that it's even more intense when it's going to be with a teacher. Something about the naughtiness of it really turned me on. At one point it occurred to me that this was really inappropriate. She could get in serious trouble and have her life ruined, just for sex. I decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up and if I didn't do it, I'd spend my whole life thinking back and wondering "what if?" Anyway, I considered dressing up for the occasion but I didn't want to look stupid or like I was trying to impress her, so instead I put on a brown spaghetti strap, low cut top which shows off my "perfect" (as a stripper once called them) breasts. The stripper thing is another story, by the way. So I obviously wasn't wearing any bra, and I slipped on a light blue, lacey thong and pulled tight jeans over it. Topped (or bottomed) off with a pair of 3 ½ black stiletto heels, the outfit was sexy without being slutty. Perfect.

I showed up fashionably late, and she offered me some wine to drink while the meal finished cooking. I'm not a big wine drinker, I prefer to drink other things, but it didn't matter since I really wasn't concentrating on it anyway. I don't remember what we ate that night, it was something with chicken and it was actually pretty good, but I was totally focused on her. She looked so hot in this black, slinky dress that clung to her body and came down to mid thigh. I could see her nipples trying to poke through the material, and I didn't see any panty lines. So much for not dressing up.

Somehow we kept up a steady conversation going through dinner, but we both knew that our hearts weren't in it. Don't get me wrong, she's an awesome person and I enjoy talking to her very much, but it was definitely time for other things just then. You could feel the sexual tension in the air. At first we'd steal glances at each other's cleavage and bodies, but later our glances turned into outright stares. She kept crossing her legs and I think she was squeezing them together. I could barely eat.

After dinner, I was kind of at a loss of what to do. Luckily she'd planned ahead and rented a movie, I think it was called "Saving Face". If you've ever watched it, you'd know that the main character is a lesbian. How appropriate. We watched it sitting on the couch next to each other but a respectable distance away, and when the sex scene between her and her new girlfriend came on, I started feeling really uncomfortable but at the same time turned on. It wasn't really the scene itself, but just sitting there with her watching two girls enjoy each other and knowing that we were going to do the same drove me crazy. As the scene moved on, so did my discomfort but I was still horny, damn it. I tried to look at her out of the corner of my eye to gauge her reaction, but she didn't appear to be reacting one way or the other.

After the movie, we compared opinions and you know, the usual after you watch a movie with someone. After a while there was a lull in the conversation, and I looked at her to discover that she was staring at me intently. I think she was imagining me naked or something. I got really bad butterflies in my stomach that migrated straight down to my groin. I smiled nervously and asked, "What?"

She shook herself halfway out of it and said, "You're beautiful, you know. I thought that from the moment I first saw you last year."

This time I laughed for real. I never know how to deal with people telling me I'm beautiful, so I always laugh and tell them thanks, and if it applies I tell them they are too. It ruined the moment a little bit, but then I said, "I think you are too." Then I blurted out, "You're like every student's fantasy teacher." That made her laugh, and she said, "Even yours?"

It was now or never. I went all out, saying as if it was completely obvious, "Uh, yeah! I fantasize about you all the time!" It was really hard to say this, and it made both of us blush hardcore. There was another awkward pause, and she said in a huskier voice than normal, "Me too" and kissed me. Hard. Usually when girls first kiss each other it's soft and gentle, but she seemed to be out of control. Very soon I was kissing back with just as much intensity, our tongues frantically exploring each other's mouths and our hands all over each other. We were driven by pure animal lust, and we probably couldn't have stopped if a plane crashed into the house 9/11 style.

We pretty much tore each other's clothes off until we were naked. Somehow we ended up on the living room floor, rolling around and switching who was on top every once in a while. We were just making out and grinding our full bodies into each other as hard as we could. It felt like I wanted to sort of fuse my body with hers, to become one body, and we tried pretty hard. After a while we concentrated on rubbing our pussies against each other's thighs. By then her wetness was all over my entire lower body down to my thighs, and mine was on hers too. Or maybe it was both of our juices mixed together, who knows. I could feel her clit in the middle of all this softness and wetness on my thigh. We did this for a while, spreading our juices all over each other even more, when out of nowhere I suddenly had this intense orgasm. I'd been about as turned on as I'd ever been this whole time but I wasn't expecting to come right then. I bucked my hips up to meet her thigh/hip area until my body stopped trembling and I realized that I'd drawn a little blood from where my nails were digging into the soft skin of her back. Sometime after I'd started coming, that must have set her off because she started slamming her hips down hard and moaned into the hollow of my neck. As she was finishing her orgasm, I immediately started getting turned on again because that happens when you have a beautiful woman coming on your body. After a while we got up and that time we made love slowly, exploring each other's bodies until the sun was shining the next day.

When second semester began a couple months ago, on the first day I stayed after school so she could "help me with my homework". She turned off the lights and locked the door, then taped a piece of construction paper over the little window in the door. "Let's not tempt fate," she said. She walked back to where I was standing by her desk and kissed me, pushing me against the edge of her desk. I sat down on top of her papers and whatever else was on her desk, and wrapped my legs around her waist as I pulled her top off, only breaking the kiss to get her shirt over her head. I took off her bra and started massaging her breasts roughly, the way she likes it. I held them in my hands and rotated them slightly and I could feel her nipples get harder under my palms. She moaned and thrust her hips into my crotch. I leaned forward and took one nipple in my mouth, sucking and biting while I twisted the other nipple between my thumb and index finger.

She moved away from me and took off her remaining clothes, then sat down in her chair.

"Get down on your knees and lick me."

I'm not really the submissive type, but with her it just seemed natural that way. I obediently did what I was told and got on my knees under her desk. She scooted forward to the edge of her chair and I heard her shuffling papers on her desk and the sound of a pen scratching on paper. I was confused, waiting for her to finish whatever work she was doing but she stopped and looked down, saying, "Well? Am I going to have to punish you, or will you eat me out like I told you to?"

I started kissing the insides of her thighs, but she grabbed my head and shoved it in her pussy.

"I said eat me, slut! Don't make me say it again!"

This time I went straight to work, concentrating on her clit. I heard the pen and paper noises again but I kept going, flicking my tongue over and around her clit. Eventually the writing sounds were replaced by moaning and grunting, and she grabbed my head again and started literally humping my face. I was having serious trouble breathing, so even though my own underwear was soaking wet, I was pretty relieved when her thighs clamped around my head and her muscles started twitching against my face. She kept saying "uhhh" over and over for what I swear was over a minute straight. Finally her body relaxed, and I got out from under her desk.

She told me to strip, which I quickly did, and she pulled me on top of her where she was still sitting in her chair and we kissed for a while, with her cupping my ass and squeezing. She spanked a little too, but she couldn't spank a lot of my ass without hitting her leg in the process. She reached behind me and opened a drawer, taking out a strap on. I'd never seen one until then, but I'd always wanted to try it. It was pink and floppy, and maybe about 7 or 8 inches long. She'd obviously come prepared. We both got up and she put it on, then she sat down in her chair again. I was seriously dripping wet at this point, so when I straddled her hips and lowered myself down onto her dildo, there was almost no resistance. I took it until my pussy lips were resting on her hips, then started rolling my hips in a circular motion. She took one of my nipples in her mouth and rolled it between her teeth and tongue. I have this thing where I can come with straight up penetration, no clit stimulation needed, which came in handy when I was riding her. I was moaning softly into her ear so that whoever might be in the adjacent classrooms wouldn't hear us, and I finally said, "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come" until suddenly she said, "Stop".

It took all my willpower, but I did. She told me to get up and lay down on her desk. I moved to the edge of her desk and shifted around the stuff on top of it so I could lay down. She got up and I spread my legs wide for her, showing her how my juices had run down my thighs and was starting to run down to my asshole. She moaned and leaned down, running her tongue from my asshole all the way up to my clit, flicking her tongue once. I almost screamed when she flicked her tongue, but I managed to muffle it with my hand. Then she pulled my lips wide apart and pushed the dildo in, thrusting her hips violently over and over. I came after no time at all, and as I came down from my high she told me to get up again.

I got up, peeling the papers off my back that had stuck because of the sweat, and she told me to put on the strap on. I put it on with her help, feeling her juices on the base of the dildo and the straps. She got down on her knees and started sucking it, as if it were a real penis. She opened her mouth and I could see her tongue swirling over the head, then she took the whole thing in and started deep throating it. I would almost rather die than be a man, but at that moment I suddenly understood why guys love blowjobs. There would be nothing more erotic than looking down and seeing someone making love to your most intimate part with their mouth and tongue.

After a while of this, I noticed that she was rubbing her clit. I pulled her head away and took off the strap on, and told her I thought it would be a huge turn on to watch her masturbate. I laid down on the floor while she hovered with her pussy inches above my face. She rubbed her clit in tight, quick circles, occasionally slipping two fingers into her whole before returning to her clit. Her juices started dripping down onto my face and I held her hips up so she could really get into it. She was panting for breath then she inhaled, and let out a very long, intense sounding moan while I saw her pussy contracting right there in front of my face. As she was coming, I couldn't help myself and stuck my tongue into her pussy, which seemed to cause a new wave of pleasure. I could feel her muscles rhythmically contracting around my tongue and her juices were flowing straight into my mouth. She relaxed and after she gave me a long, slow kiss, she said that she'd love to keep going, but she had to pick up her kid 20 minutes ago. It turned out ok, she more than made up for it later on.

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