tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Only Way Out Ch. 03

The Only Way Out Ch. 03


Author's Note

This is the third and last chapter of The Only Way Out.


"Alan, come to bed," Carol called out to her husband of two years.

"I'm putting things away in the living room. Just another minute or two."

"Now," as she created a hand around his balls and fondled them a bit roughly.

"I'm coming now. Don't squeeze." Ten seconds later he ran through the bedroom doorway. "Ok. What should I do?"

"Get undressed. You are about to make love to me."

Alan was both pleased and sad. Sex always felt good, especially given how she always made his cock sensitive, but to be allowed to climax only rarely meant frustration in the end and long periods of it. It was almost worth forgoing sex altogether. Nevertheless, his wife had given him a command and he had to obey.

"I see your sexual frustration in your mind, of course, but tonight is unique. You are not only going to orgasm, you are going to impregnate me."

Alan stopped and stared.

"Really. You are going to impregnate me. And you have to orgasm for that."

"We haven't discussed children except to agree we both want children. You never said you wanted children now."

"Well, I do. Keep getting undressed."

Alan resumed undressing. "You should have talked to me about this. Talked with me about this. I am to be the father and you should not just make a pronouncement on a topic this big."

"It's my decision to make both as a woman and a sex mage."

"We still should have talked."

"It would just have been a matter of me informing you, which I just did."

Alan wanted to ask just how much she respected and loved him but he knew there was no point. He pulled off his underwear and stood naked, looking at Carol sitting up in bed.

Carol grinned at him and reached out with her hand. His cock flew to full erection and his balls pulled him to her. Following his balls, Alan climbed onto the bed and lay next to her as she slid down also. It should have been hard to be sexually attracted to a woman in total control of him with a thought or a whim, but Carol was an attractive woman of twenty three years and he was sexually frustrated. The fact that she caused the frustration by denying him the ability to orgasm for exasperatingly long times did nothing to reduce the frustration or his need to satisfy it. And he knew that in her own way as a sex mage she did care for him.

Alan moved closer and gently kissed her lips. She responded to the kiss and poured a little aphrodisiac into his mind. He reached to pull her body closer as he kissed harder. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue over his lips and then they touched tongues and played with each other.

Carol put one hand on his chest and felt the contour of his pectoral muscle, a lovely masculine contour she loved to fondle. She made him tense and relax that muscle so she could feel it swell and harden and then ease again. This was just the start, for this was a special night and she was going to stretch it out.


Breakfast in the morning started normally. Alan had a pastry and coffee while Carol ate yogurt with sliced fruit. Throughout breakfast both were quiet. Alan's thoughts were on the workday ahead of him and doing his part to create a winning bid on a waterworks upgrade for a nearby community. He couldn't tell what his wife was thinking as she smiled at him.

"Carol, is something wrong?"

"I'm just waiting and I want you to wait with me. You can be a little late for work."

"Is that an order because I'm supposed to be there today."

Carol pondered a moment and said, "Yes, that is an order. It won't be long."

"Is whatever we are waiting for related to our sex last night?"

"Yes. Now be patient. It won't be long."

Alan cleaned up after himself and sat in their living room to resume reading his current book, a recent adventure novel set in Africa some years Before Powers. He had read eleven pages when Carol walked in and announced, "This is it. I'm pregnant with our son. We'll name him Douglas."

Alan had never known that a sex mage's awareness extended this far. "It's news that you have the power to perceive this. This is wonderful! I'm going to be a daddy. Um, I have to ask, are you sure?"

"Yes, Alan, I'm sure," she laughed. "Your sperm just fertilized my egg."

"How can you know we're having a son?"

"Aside from having formed the thought last night to conceive a son, I can simply perceive that this is a son. You can trust me on this."

"I do," and he walked over and hugged her tightly and she hugged him back. He had never felt so close to her and wanted to protect her from any harm. He wanted to be her knight in armor. Then he felt abashed. What could he do to protect a sex mage? It was impossible for a man to have a significant role in the world even at a personal level. Nevertheless, Alan was ecstatic about having a child.

"Carol, I'm delighted but I have to leave for work now."

"Not yet. Practice a little more patience," and she returned to the kitchen.

Forgoing asking why, Alan resumed reading his book. It was fifteen minutes later that Carol returned and informed him, "I'm pregnant with our daughter. Her name will be Meredith."

"You conceived twins? You decided to conceive twins?"

"Yes. Aren't you delighted?"

"I am. I am. Carol, I love you."

"I'm glad, sweetheart, and I love you, too" and she kissed him. "Now you can go to work and make a lot of money for me and our babies."


Carol's pregnancy caused no problems at all. She had no morning sickness, no cravings, no backaches, no difficulty urinating and no problems sleeping. It was a typical sex mage pregnancy and made for a pleasant eight and a half months.

Alan had some extra work to do during his wife's pregnancy. Taking advantage of his engineering and building skills, Carol told him what improvements she wanted to the house. Her maternal instincts were to provide the safest possible environment for her children and a convenient environment for her. Alan was her means to that end.

Over the course of her pregnancy she gave Alan several projects. She wanted an extension built on the back of their house for a playroom, a major project that would cost more than she was willing to have professionally done, especially given that Alan had all the required skills. He built the extension over a period of several months.

She also told him to install safety features such as high quality floor padding and convenience features including a laundry chute. At some of these projects Alan balked. He was doing the projects evenings and weekends and wanted a break.

One Saturday morning Alan told her, "Carol, I need to rest. Not just for a few minutes but rather I need this weekend off."

"When the babies are born there will be more work for both of us so you must complete these projects now. Remember that two babies are a lot of work."

"You should have conceived one at a time. Most women have two pregnancies."

"I may yet have two pregnancies. What makes you think we will stop with two children?"

"I hadn't thought about it. I just assumed."

"And you engineers are taught not to assume," Carol grinned at him.

"Even with twins I just need a break. Carol, please."

"Take this morning off but then keep going. You know the unexpected can make any project take longer than we think."

Taking the concession Alan relaxed that morning. Carol kept him company and cuddled with him on the sofa. Feeling his pregnant wife physically next to him gave Alan the same thrill husbands had felt since time immemorial.

"Carol, since you conceived you have cut down on my orgasms even though we have more sex than before. As your husband and lover I'm asking you to take me back at least to my schedule before you were pregnant."

"Husband, I'm using your orgasms as your incentive for completing our home projects. Neither of us wants you to have only threats as your inducement to work. That's why I give you one whenever you complete a project or a major stage of a big project. You know I've made them especially intense."

"I would do the work anyway. And I prefer more orgasms over fewer orgasms, even if they are especially intense."

"You would not do all the work anyway. After two years of marriage you can't seriously think I don't understand you."

"Not every project is necessary. Not every necessary project must be done now."

"We've been round and round on this. Let's not do it again."

It was time for Alan to give in so he remained silent.

Almost an hour later it was noon. Carol called to Alan, "It's time to get to work."

Alan walked to where he would continue working on the current project. All necessary tools and materials were there. The familiar shift in his groin as he started told him Carol had just put her usual spell on him. He could move about freely but his balls were confined to the work area. He had learned the first day of the first project not to walk away without Carol's approval. Except for bathroom breaks and meals (she did make her husband nice meals) she did not loose his balls until a certain amount of progress had been made.


Right on schedule Carol went into labor. Hospitals were rarely necessary but most women used them anyway because homes were not conveniently equipped for births.

Douglas arrived in this world first after an easy labor of only four hours. Not even an episiotomy had been necessary. Alan was present in the delivery room and held their baby while Carol continued pushing. Six minutes later Meredith emerged into the light.

While Alan continued holding Douglas, a nurse (male, of course) cleaned Meredith as Carol pushed out the placenta. She held her arms out to Alan who gave her Douglas to hold. A minute later the nurse carefully handed Meredith to Alan. He looked at his newborn son in his wife's arms and his newborn daughter in his own arms. A wave of love and protectiveness nearly overwhelmed him as he gazed at the new lives that were half from his body. He understood parenthood as he never had before.

"Carol, I intend to be the best daddy ever. I will do everything I can for our children. Love them, provide for them, teach them."

"You're a good man, Alan, and of course you will. Especially with Meredith."

"Why especially with Meredith and not Douglas?"

"Because if Meredith is displeased with you as a parent, when she gets her powers she will enslave you. And I won't be around every minute."

Alan felt cold throughout his body. This innocent life he held, his offspring, would someday be an enslaver while his innocent son would be some woman's slave. He wanted to shout out but to whom? He hugged his daughter to him and determined to teach her humanity as best he could.


Neil played with his granddaughter by swinging her in a circle and hoisting her higher and lower as he turned. She squealed with delight at every rise. Alan was tossing Douglas in the air and catching him on the way down only to toss him up again. With Carol visiting a friend that Saturday morning the men were free to play with the children as they liked.

Because the children were only three years old Neil and Alan felt free to discuss the affairs of the world in front of them.

"Neil, did Carol turn out the way you expected?"

"I didn't really have an expectation. How any girl turns out when she gets her powers seems unrelated to her personality before. But I think Carol must have been affected by not having a mother during her teen years."

"Was your married life anything like mine?"

"From what you have told me, yours is harsher than mine was, not that mine was a bed of roses. For example, Vicki never used her powers to lock me in a room until I did a certain amount of work. Offhand it doesn't sound like much but she does it so often."

"It's not torture but over a long period of time it's worse. The occasional torment can be tolerated if only painfully but the constant lack of self-determinism is galling."

"It's slavery really, not that they will ever acknowledge that."

"Carol did acknowledge it."

"I didn't know that. I've never heard of a woman being so blatant about her powers. I take it she uses them on you without any hesitation at all."

"Yes. Ever since a time three years ago when she taught me the extent of her powers by actual demonstration. The worst part of it is that she's right. Without an equalizer we are their slaves, and there's no equalizer in sight."

The men fell silent and put their full attention on the children, who like all small children were a delight to play with. Alan was the best father he could be and didn't think about that future date when Meredith would come into her powers.

After a while Neil spoke up. "I have an amusing idea. Suppose some women were stranded on a desert island with no men. Their powers would be useless with no man to use them on. They would have to fend for themselves. I wonder how well they would do. Pretty badly I would think."

As Neil spoke Alan caught Douglas and put him down, putting all his attention on Neil. "You've hit on something. I don't know what but there's something there. No woman will ever be stranded on a desert island but they really would be helpless without any men."

"It's just a thought experiment unless you can think of a way to accomplish this."

"I don't know. But you've put your finger on something and I will be thinking about it even though I don't yet know what I'll be thinking about. But there is something there."


That evening Alan was still lost in thought. Dinner had gone off smoothly and the children had been put to bed but Alan was still distracted by Neil's comments earlier in the day.

"What are you thinking about?" Carol asked him.

"Nothing significant."

"Tell me because I'm curious. You've been absorbed in thought since before dinner and it's nothing about sex because I can't see your thoughts."

"It's nothing really."

"It's obviously something. Tell me because you have made me curious."

"I really don't want to. It's nothing bad, just some private thoughts."

"Then I'll make it a command. Tell me what you are thinking."

"Carol, no. Please. Let's just talk about something else or maybe go for a walk. The kids will be ok sleeping in their beds for a while."

"I'm starting to get angry. It's not possible that you have forgotten that you have to obey me."

"Well I'm getting angry, too. I'm tired of your control. I'm tired of being your slave. Sometimes I just want to refuse you."

"I let you refuse me a lot."

"Less and less as time goes on."

"Be that as it may, you aren't refusing me now."

"Well I am. I refuse to tell you."

Alan was frozen from the waist down. He glared at Carol and found her glaring back at him. Neither was backing down but Carol was sure to be the winner.

"Husband, have you lost your mind?"

"Maybe I'm finding it for the first time, wife," Alan replied, his voice rising in anger. He had not openly shown anger to Carol in a long time.

Reacting to his attitude of defiance Carol sternly told him, "You will obey me after your punishment."

Alan was flung up against a wall, spread-eagled and unable to move any limb more than an inch or two. His cock went hyper-sensitive as though he had just had an orgasm and three mouths simultaneously started sucking on it. He bit his lip and tried to ignore the anguish but to no avail.

After only twenty seconds Alan cried out, "I surrender, I surrender, please stop!" and he whimpered a high-pitched moan.

Carol stopped the torment and gently lowered him. "Well?"

"I was thinking what would happen if some women were stranded on a desert island with no men. They would be helpless, their powers neutralized with no target for them. They would not know what to do since they couldn't make a man take care of their needs."

"You have a horribly low opinion of women. A disgusting attitude. I never would have guessed at your attitude. Of course you did not want to reveal it because you did not want to be punished for it."

"I wasn't thinking in terms of punishment. I just wanted privacy for my thoughts."

"What other negative thoughts about women do you enjoy?"

"None. Really."

"You certainly enjoyed this one."

"Yes, I did. Sometimes you women deserve to be punished."

"Maybe so, but until things change it's men who will be punished for their negativity towards women," retorted Carol. With a thought she flung him back up on the wall and resumed his previous anguish. She walked to their bedroom where she brushed her teeth, dressed herself in a nightgown, sat up in bed and started the next chapter of the book she was reading.

She would remember to take Alan down before she lay down to sleep. He was a good husband and father and just needed some handling on occasion.

When he was allowed to retire for the night Alan hid his resentment and hatred for his station in life. He did not really hate Carol herself but rather the inequity in life. He knew he would nurse this hatred in the coming years despite his resolve of only a few years before not to go down that path.


Two more years passed without serious friction between Carol and Alan. With the children in kindergarten part of the day Carol had more time for herself and made fewer demands on Alan. Alan realized he needed some outlets for himself, activities he liked that Carol was neither interested in nor minded his participation. His intention was to find spheres of activity in which he could be mostly self-determined. He found two of them, both completely male.

The first was serving on their county's Traffic Board. This was a body that studied local traffic issues in detail and made recommendations to the county executive and the seven county commissioners. These last were the women elected to serve as the county's chief executive and legislative body.

While the Traffic Board had no statutory authority it was nevertheless significant because its recommendations were usually adopted by the executive and the commissioners. There had been an opening on the Board and Alan had volunteered to serve. As a civil engineer he was perfectly qualified. He was immediately appointed by the county executive and approved by a unanimous vote of the commissioners.

It was not a big time commitment, only about ten hours a month, and only men served on the Traffic Board. Such detailed work was only done by men and they all enjoyed the stag environment in which they could excel and feel as adult men should feel, proud, accomplished and in charge. Alan gloried in his role.

Alan's other male activity was his participation in the Keystone Fish and Game Club. With Carol's permission he became an avid fisherman and hunter. He learned how to use most of the fishing and hunting gear suitable for the terrain and climate of the southern part of the country. Carol even permitted him to take several weekends each year with other members to catch fish or game, especially bass and white-tailed deer. Alan acquired all the right fishing equipment and for hunting he had guns and two compound bows. His attitude toward his compound bows was "Robin Hood, eat your heart out."

Participation in these two bastions of masculinity, even though neither would leave a mark on the world, gave Alan a sense of fulfillment he could get nowhere else, for there were few openly stag venues permitted by the women of the world.


When the twins were seven years old Meredith surprised Alan with her easy understanding of magic.

"Daddy, I saw Mr. Collier stop walking and tell Mrs. Collier to let him go. She said he wasn't going anywhere but then stopped when she saw me. She told me I had to go home so they could talk. She can do things to him, can't she daddy? And I guess all mommies can do things to daddies. Does mommy make you do a lot of things, daddy?"

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