tagLoving WivesThe Only Way to Fly Ch. 01

The Only Way to Fly Ch. 01


I was initially reluctant to relay this story, especially with recent instances of bad behavior by business executives in the press. But, enough time has passed since this event occurred and since Mark agreed to let me post this, I suppose it's okay to tell this story now.

I play golf from time to time with one of the marketing execs for a large medical firm in Kansas City. During one of our outings, he happened to mention he and some other execs were taking a trip to California to play golf and have a series of what he called 'Strategy Meetings'. Laughing, he added that in previous years, these trips had always been an excuse to party away from their wives, spending most of their time in strip bars, on the golf course or cruising the hotel bars looking for women agreeable to one night stands or a mercy fuck.

"We use the corporate jet," he went onto tell me, "it's a non stop party from the time we load up to the time we get back."

As we made the turn at 9 and started up the back side, he was saying that the only thing missing was some good entertainment on the private jet, poking me with his elbow saying "What we really need is a cute chick to warm us up on the flight. Know what I mean?"

I started to laugh, my own mind filling in the blanks as we pulled up to the tee box on 10. Pulling his driver out of his bag he said "You know any hotties that would like to be our Flight Attendant?"

"Hey, only if I get to go." I replied as he walked out to look toward the pin. "Well, if you find us someone, then sure..... you can come along, too.... No problem." With a chuckle, he set up his ball, took his shot and laid up just short of the green. I hate guys that can make those shots at every hole.

After I hit, we got back in the cart and made our way down the cart path to find my ball. As we were looking through the rough, I asked "Are you serious, if I can find you a hottie for your trip, you'll let me go along?"

"Hell yes!" He said. "You find the girl, and you're in. But look, what happens on the trip, stays on the trip. Some of these guys can get kinky and, well.... let me put it this way..... these are some pretty high level dudes getting out to have some fun. They don't want to have any issues when they get back. There's this unwritten rule about everybody joining in so no one can hold this over anyone's head. If you go, you have to learn the secret handshake and take part."

He pulled his sunglasses away from his eyes, looked directly at me and asked "Know what I mean?"

"Oh," I said, "I'm cool with that. What if I told you I may have someone in mind that would.... how should I say it..... fulfill all your requirements?"

"If you can pull that off," he answered, "I guarantee it would be appreciated by these guys and you'll get a ton of golfing invitations out of it. Plus, I might just show you what you're doing wrong with your driver.... maybe you'll spend less time looking for your ball and more time pitching and putting!"

As we played the rest of the holes, we chatted about the course, my new sand wedge and a bunch of other things, but I never forgot about his offer. As we were unloading the cart at our cars, I brought it up again saying "Dave, I'm going to see what I can do about your in-flight entertainment problem. If I can do it, I'm going to expect you to keep your end of the deal."

"Oh, you don't need to worry about that," he said, "these guys have been saying for years how much they wanted to join the 'Mile High' club on one of their trips. If you can do it, I guaran-damn-tee you you're in for a hell of a great time."

What Dave didn't know was that I already had someone in mind: Mark's wife.

I'll call her "J" since I don't want to get her in any trouble where she works or in our town. But, let me tell you this, she is a walking erection generator. She's just as cute as she can be with this really innocent Midwestern look. Every time I see her, my blood pressure drops because all my blood goes right to my cock. She's got perfect breasts topped with the most suckable nipples you've ever seen. I've seen her with a full bush and also when she's been shaved. I've had the opportunity to see her pussy wide open, and believe me, it's sheer heaven.

In the past, I've kidded with Mark telling him how much I would like to just sit and stare at her while I stroke my cock. I know he thinks I'm kidding, but, I'm deadly serious. She's a beautiful girl with a killer body. What I wouldn't give to be the proud owner of a pair of her worn panties!

So if all of that isn't enough, she's intelligent, conversational and just a really sweet girl. Oh, and I forgot one other trait that makes her desirable and attractive. She's an exhibitionist.

I bet you were wondering how I could describe her body in such detail, huh? Well, now you know.

I've had the distinct pleasure of seeing her naked on more than one occasion and each time I've come away with a massive hard-on approaching spontaneous eruption status. Now, don't misunderstand me – this lady is no loose floozy my any means. Mark really watches out for her and protects her when they are out. They are careful along with being playful. I kind of see what they do as a public service to men... you know... it's not everyday you get to see an attractive young lady naked in front of you, letting you look at all her charms. She is truly a vision of beauty and real beauty should be shared with everyone, not kept hidden away.

So, back to the story.......

Once I arrived home from my golf game, I sent Mark an email telling him about Dave and his dilemma. I settled in to wait for a reply. The next day, I was elated to find an email from Mark in my inbox. Not only was he interested, he wanted to get some details. He asked if he could come on the trip, too, about lodging during the trip, what J would be expected to do on the flight out to California and back, and a few more questions that seemed pretty reasonable to me. He finished his note reiterating that they were very interested and as long as they could work out the details, he thought it would be fun.

I cut and pasted Mark's questions into an email to Dave and sent it off. I gave Dave some background on Mark and J, told him a little about her sexy little body, adding that in my book, she's a solid 10.

I started to think about all the possible scenarios that could develop on a private jet with a cute, naked girl, then about the possibilities once we were out in California, hoping I might just get my chance to get to look at J's pussy close up and give her a sniff. And, I mean close close..... as in having my face right between her legs, smelling her sweet pussy juices and pulling my cock. Hell, I don't even care if Mark is standing there watching me yank myself. I know other guys have jacked off looking at her, and I don't think Mark got bent out of shape over it.

The excitement racing through my veins thinking that this might actually happen was more than I could stand. I let my mind wonder into fantasy land as my hand moved to my hard cock. Before long, I was stroking myself as I visualized her handing me her wet panties, laying down and opening her legs wide so someone could fuck her while she sucked on someone else's cock..... maybe mine!

The next day, Dave replied to my email. He answered all of Mark's questions and more. Could Mark come on the trip, too? Definitely. Full lodging for me, Mark and J would be provided at the resort. Full room service privileges included. He told us we wouldn't have to spend one cent of our own money. We were invited to play golf, visit the stores on the resort grounds, go out with the group whenever we wanted, or, we could just do our own thing and charge all expenses to the hotel room. Damn, this was just getting better and better.

Regarding what J would have to do on the plane rides, I could tell that Dave was careful about his wording here saying "What we want is a cute girl that will be open to us looking, touching and enjoying her. We will treat her like a lady, for sure, but you will find that we can be most generous if the boundaries and limits were very liberal."

I forwarded Dave's note over to Mark and called him on his cell phone.

"Mark," I said, "take a look in your inbox. I sent you the answers to your questions." I stayed on the phone with him while he read the note. We chatted for a minute and he said everything looked good, but he still had a question about exactly what kind of boundaries and limits they wanted to be liberal. "Do they want her to suck them off or to fuck her, or what?" he asked. I told him I would find out.

Instead of emailing Dave, I picked up the phone and called his office. When Dave answered, he asked me to hold on for a second so he could close his door and talk privately. Returning to the phone, he said "Okay, I can talk now."

"I spoke with Mark and it look like he and J are considering this." I said. "They saw the answers to your questions, but, Mark wants to know if your guys are just wanting to look and touch, or, if you're talking about sucking and fucking?"

"Ideally," he began, "if this lady is as hot as you say, and she's willing to let us have our way with her, that's what we want. We would want to see her naked, touch her in any way and any place on her body, get blow jobs and have any kid of sex we want, so basically, no boundaries what so ever. Look, we want a hot chick that will do whatever we tell her to do."

"I see," I replied, "You just want her to be your naughty little fantasy girl... right?"

"Well," Dave said, "That's not a bad way to put it. I don't want her to feel like we're a bunch of assholes.... But, I do want to be clear that we're looking for some hot action."

He continued right away, saying "Oh, and this should help them decide.... Just tell your friends that I've been given an 'open checkbook' to make this happen. How about this.... I'll give them a check for $2500 once we land in California if she never says the word 'No'. Plus, I'll give them another $2500 for the return trip for the same level of service. While we're out there, if she'll party with us one full night and never say the word 'No', I'll throw in another $2500."

"Holy shit." I said. "That's seventy five hundred dollars if she'll more or less agree to be at your beck and call for two plane rides and one night!"

"Listen", Dave said, "these guys are top execs and they spend money like it's nothing at all. Any one of these guys could easily drop that much on a trip like this, put it on their expense accounts and no one would question it." Then he went on, saying "I'll tell you what I'll do..... if you help close the deal on this I'll throw in $2500 for you and while we're out there, you can look through the pro shop and pick yourself out a good set of sticks and a new bag – whatever you want."

I was stunned at the way Dave was turning this into a business deal. "You're really serious about this, aren't you?" Once I heard his answer, everything became clear.

"Here's the thing, my friend," Dave said, "the Chief Marketing Officer position is going to be open next month. The current guy is retiring. This is his last trip and he's been one of the biggest proponents of this junket each year. He's also being asked to name his replacement. Putting all of this together is going to seriously improve my chances to slide into his spot. Capish?"

"Okay, Dave," I said, "I understand now."

"Good," he said, "do you think you can wrap this up for us, close the deal and have her on the plane..... shaved, wet, open and ready for action?"

"I'm sure as hell going to try, Dave." I heard him laughing on the other end of the phone. "Oh, one more thing..... this girl is not a hooker, Dave. She's someone's wife and someone I think very highly of. If you guys give her any shit, my bad side will come out and it won't be pretty."

"Don't worry about it," Dave replied, "we'll be perfect gentlemen with her..... we'll just have hard cocks, too."

"Okay, I trust you on that," I said, "Hey, Mark hasn't asked me, but, I'm sure they are going to want some assurance that all of these guys are clean and healthy..... you know, no STDs or anything like that."

"No problem." He said. "I already thought of that. We're a medical company, remember? Our Chief of Medicine is going to examine and then provide certifications that all of us, which, by the way includes both me and you, are free from any kind of thing that might be transmitted orally, by touch, sexual contact or secretions. Will that work?"

"Fuck," I said, "I sure as hell hope so."

"Good," he said, "Okay now, you go close the deal so I can let everyone know we've got it in the bag."

I hung up the phone and called Mark immediately. I gave him all the details Dave gave me. There was a long silence on the other end of the phone before he said "Is he shitting me? $7500 and a trip to a resort in California with absolutely no expenses? I'll check with J, but, I'm almost positive we're in."

"Okay," I replied, "When will you know?"

"Let me call you later tonight," he said, "and, oh, by the way.... what do you get out of this?"

I thought about lying to him or making up some story, but, I consider him my friend so I told the truth. "Dave's offered me $2500 to get you to agree and a free set of golf clubs from the Pro Shop out there."

I waited for him to say something.

"So," he said, "he's giving YOU $2500 if you convince me to let them live out their private sex fantasies with MY wife for a week?"

I could tell from the tone of his voice that he wasn't happy. "Mark, take it easy, it's not how it sounds. He just wants me to try to convince you and J to do this and he's willing to compensate you very well if you do. I didn't ask for the money or the clubs. Believe me, I would be more than satisfied just to be able to look at J again and play some golf at a high class resort. In fact, the money isn't important to me at all. If it's a problem, you can have the money."

"Hold on, man!" Mark laughed. "I'm just giving you some shit.... Can't you tell I'm kidding! I guess you deserve a finder's fee, right?" Now it was my turn to laugh...... and let out a sigh of relief.

Mark called me back that night.

"Okay," he said, "You can call your friend Dave back and tell him he's got himself his fantasy girl for a week. She'll be ready to do anything anyone wants. They can get as nasty as they care to. She won't say 'No' to anything, but, we do have three conditions. First, no pictures or cameras except mine will be allowed. Second, we need some assurance that all these guys are clean and don't have any kind of diseases, and third..... no outside people. Just the people from his company that are on the trip and once the trip is over, we all part and go our separate ways. Can you get them to agree to all of that?"

"No problem," I said, "I'll get working on that. So...... is J okay with all of this?" I asked.

"Oh, hell yes!" he said, "As long as we can get those last few things agreed to. We talked it over completely and it's a perfect opportunity for both of us to realize some of our favorite fantasies. Personally, I would love to see her with other men... to see the way she excites them and watch her be sexual with them. She's a damn sexy woman, you know? Just the thought of guys lining up for her to suck them off, or to fill her full of cum... damn, that would be so hot."

We finished our phone call and I spoke to Dave quickly on his cell phone to wrap things up. "No problem!' he said. "We'll have the papers from the doctor in a day or so, and I'll let everyone know about the camera thing. Tell them both we appreciate it and rest assured, we're not going to do anything to make them regret their decision."

Dave gave me the particulars about the dates and locations plus everything we needed to know about the corporate jet and told me he would make arrangements for the payments. With only a week before the trip, everything was looking pretty good.

I spoke with Mark and Dave twice each during the next week. The trip was going to start on Sunday, so on Friday I called Mark one last time to make sure everything was set. "Sure, we're looking forward to it," he said, "in fact, she's over getting a Brazilian wax job right now. She wants to be all smooth and hairless so they can see her pussy better. She's really getting into it."

We chatted for a few more minutes and Mark told me how they had been fantasizing together about her sucking cock after cock, cum spewing all over her face and opening her legs to let each of them take turns at her pussy. "Mark, you know her pussy is going to be filled with cum by the time that plane lands, don't you?"

"Hell yes!" He answered. "I get so hard thinking about that. I want to see her literally dripping cum from between her legs. Man, last night while we were humping I asked her if she was ready to be fucked by a string of hard cocks lusting only for her. As soon as I asked her, she had a huge orgasm and screamed louder than I've ever heard her scream. So, yeah..... I sure hope she's going to be pumped pretty full."

"Let me ask you this," he said, "do you want to go first, in the middle, or last?"

Now, in all the time I've known Mark and J, I've never known him to let anyone else actually fuck J. He might have let someone briefly touch her, but, I didn't think he'd let anyone fuck her. His question, though, brought home the reality of what was going to happen and the real possibility of ME fucking her, too. As I thought about it, he asked "You DO want to fuck her, don't you?"

"Oh yeah," I said, "it's just that it didn't really set in until now that I might be able to.... I mean.... that you would let me fuck her."

"Well," Mark said, "I know she wants you to, and I want you to. The only questions remaining are...... do YOU want to, and if so, do you want to be first, last or somewhere in the middle?"

"Mark," I said, "can I be honest with you?"

"Yeah, sure." He answered.

"I've always had this fantasy to go down on a woman right after I've fucked her. You know, when she's all juicy and wet....... kind of a cream pie kind of thing."

"That's fucking sick!" Mark replied, "I should have known you were a perverted bastard!"

I didn't know what to say. His comment floored me and I was at a loss for words, now regretting what I had said.

"Come on," Mark said, "I'm just kidding ya. I know some guys like that stuff. Tell you what," Mark continued, "I've always heard that a woman appreciates a man that can clean up his mess, so, if you want to go first and then give her a good lick job, that's fine with me."

"Hey, Mark, you can't blame me for wanting to fuck her and go down on her, too. Granted, I could reverse the sequence and eat her out first, but, I just think that if a woman is okay to taste herself or kiss a guy after he's licked her, it should be okay for a guy to do about the same thing."

As we spoke he told me more of his fantasies about seeing her naked in front of other men, or, watching as she laid back, opening her legs to reveal a pair of soaking wet panties filled with cum. "She's going to really get into this," Mark told me, "this is one of her greatest fantasies, too.... and what better way to do it than with a bunch of guys that have already been checked out and are drooling at the mouth to be with someone as cute as she is?"

I couldn't have agreed more. This was a hell of an opportunity for everyone. The execs were going to get their suck and fuck fun, J was going to get a chance to live out some of her exhibitionist fantasies, Mark was going to finally see others get turned on by his wife and I might get to have my cream pie fantasy.

"Damn," I said to myself, "It just doesn't get any better than this. Who could want more?"

Finally, Sunday arrived. As I drove to the small airport where they kept their corporate jet, Mark called my cell phone. "Hello?" I said.

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