tagMatureThe OPALS Club Ch. 01

The OPALS Club Ch. 01



The 'Older People Actively Loving Sex' Club

"What do you mean, 'I'd probably qualify.' You mean to have sex with some stranger in your 'secret club?'" The sarcasm in my tone of voice was palpable.

My friend Megan Cook had just shocked and aroused me, but then openly talking about sex usually does that to me, and I'd probably just shocked her. I feigned shock, but secretly hoped she'd continue. I glanced around at the other outdoor tables at Starbucks, but no one else was paying any attention to us.

Megan was on the plus side of sixty, and I was only a couple of years away from that birthday. We neither looked nor felt like we were aging. We had been blessed with the kind of genetics that made us look at least twenty years younger, and at a quick glance on good days we looked thirty years younger. When I was out with my twenty-seven year old daughter, we were sometimes referred to as sisters, remarks that did wonders for my ego and self-image.

While our natural hair color would have been a start on salt and pepper, we had become dishwater blonds, a hair color that gave us a natural look and added to our youth. Our skin remained soft and unwrinkled, well, except for around my eyes a little. We were thin, exercised regularly, had curves in mostly the right places and then some, ate right, and if I say so myself looked sexy. Megan was a divorcee, and I was a widow.

I guess as a pair, we'd found the fountain of youth. Megan talked about how we were resilient, resourceful, and had a young attitude all the time. I knew I didn't think anything like what I thought I would at fifty-seven when I'd been much younger. I felt youthful and vigorous. I also felt horny, a condition I thought women over forty ceased to experience.

Megan explained about her Club in a lowered voice, "Well, it's not a secret organization, but we do try to keep our name out of the news, in part because there would be so many people who would want to join that don't qualify."

I gestured with my hand for her to say more. I'd started to smile at the idea of this special dating club of hers where sex had some kind of primary role.

Megan laughed and whispered, "We call it the OPALS Club, but for a long time we went without a name and we just referred to our group as The Club. OPALS stands for Older People Actively Loving Sex. Basically, it's an over fifty-five club of nice men and women like you who still feel sexually active and vital, and who want to meet similarly inclined people for discrete but satisfying sex. Oh, lots of other stuff happens too: kayak trips, theater nights, concert trips, and one group even flew out to Las Vegas for a long weekend. There's stuff like that going on all the time too."

I said to Megan in a hushed tone, "So my remark a few minutes ago about feeling horny most of the time qualified me?" I thought most of the world was horny all the time, so why would that alone qualify me for some exclusive club. Could you be sleeping and horny at the same time? Based on some of my dreams, I guessed the answer was a solid 'yes.'

Megan said, "Oh, no. While sex is one of the main focal points of the Club, there are a lot of other qualifications, and from what I know about you I think you'd be a welcome member."

Megan and I had met on the board of a local charitable organization when we put on a fund-raising gala. We liked each other, and developed a separate friendship that was now two years old. We'd become each other's best friends, but now I was learning about this unspoken side of her life.

"What are the other qualifications?" I asked with some degree of uncertainty about whether I wanted to belong to a club that focused mainly on sex. I briefly had visions of some large room full of couples fucking madly away beneath a sign that said 'Clubhouse.'

Megan said, "There are a lot of qualifications actually. I'll see what I can remember. You have to be handsome or pretty, at least in the eyes of most club members, and I think you're stunning; even at your age you still get guys in their twenties turning around to look at you.

"Oh, I do not!"

"Oh, yes you do. Let's put that to the test. Go over the corner and act as though you're waiting for someone to pick you up. I bet you'll get checked out at least once within a couple of minutes."

The corner was only twenty feet from our outside table at the coffee shop, so I rose and went to the corner to humor my friend. A block away, the traffic light turned green and the next group of cars started to roll past my corner on the way into the center of town. I adopted my best 'Where's my ride?' posture, and looked at the oncoming traffic but didn't turn around to look at Megan.

After the dozen or so cars passed, I shrugged, and walked back to the table. "See, no one stopped or gawked at me."

Megan waved her cell phone at me, "Oh, babe. You got that wrong. At least four men turned. One guy almost caused an accident looking back at your cute little ass. Here, watch the video I took of you."

I stared down at Megan's cell phone, and she kept saying, "See. There. There's another one. Look at him turn around; the guy in the red car had to jam on the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of him. See, there's yet another."

"OK. OK. Sometimes people look at me, but that doesn't always happen."

Megan laughed and continued in a hushed voice, "Honey, I'll go clubbing with you any day, because maybe I'd get your left overs, and they'd still be hunky and spectacular in bed. You just gave all those guys driving by a momentary fantasy about fucking the daylights out of you."

I laughed, "Megan!" I blushed at her lewd comment. I did have to admit aloud, "Well, I might just be interested in having sex with the right person, but no one stopped."

"Oh, if you gave them the right look, they'd be licking your shoes."

"OK, let's move on, you made your point. So, what other criteria does this Club have?"

Megan said, "You have to be sponsored by someone -- that'd be me. You have to be trim and fit, and have a history of good health -- that's you; what do you do, spend an hour in the gym every day? We don't want anyone that's overweight, or anyone that's emaciated. At least this gives us a select group of people who are potential sexual partners with each other."

I idly commented on my health, "I do pay attention to what I eat and drink."

Megan added, "The Club requires a clean bill of health periodically -- no STDs, and preferably men have had vasectomies and women have had their tubes tied, even if you're past menopause; we don't want to hatch anything inadvertently. Those aren't hard requirements, but it's recommended. We also ask that if you have sex with anyone -- and they mean anyone -- outside the Club that you use a condom. So far, we haven't had one instance of an STD, and I know most of us don't use protection."

"So, I'd qualify. I had my tubes tied when my youngest daughter Darlene was born. Garth and I didn't want any more kids. As for STDs, I haven't slept with anyone since he died seven years ago. So, that's all?"

"I'm not done yet -- don't get impatient; I'm trying to remember them all. There are more criteria. You have to have your act together. No luggage or big psychological hang-ups, particularly where it comes to sex. You have to be relaxed about your sexuality, not that you'll do anything, but you won't get freaked out if some guy suggests a threesome or anal sex. You don't have to agree, but you just take it for granted that there are people that get off on things that you're not into."

"Also, you can't have a big ego or be a bitch, or have a temper that might spook someone. Guys don't want some woman to start stalking them or freaking out if they don't call, or vice versa. You've got to be fun to be with; a good conversationalist, and you don't try to dominate others, nor are you a submissive. You've got to always expect that your date will be with someone else the next night, and you might be too, so jealousy is a no-no. No possessiveness."

I nodded to encourage Megan to continue.

"Penny, you instantly like or even love people at first contact with them, I've watched you. You have a natural loving nature to everything you do ... unusual and a skill that few have. We search for them, not to have them necessarily start long-term relationships, but because these people interact so well together with others. These are also the kind of people we look for in the Club. Now, not everyone does this, but many of us do.

Megan thought a minute, "Oh, yes, more about the sexual stuff, but these really aren't written down, they're just sort of known about. You should still get aroused sexually in a number of different ways -- physically by stimulation to your various erogenous zones, or mentally with the right kind of suggestions or stories. You need to kiss well, although that's pretty subjective, and you should be orgasmic. You should like to cuddle, and that's tough for some of the men, but for the most part the Club has made good choices."

I laughed, "God, it's been over seven years since a man 'aroused' me, and, I'm embarrassed to admit that the few orgasms I've had have been with the help of a little battery-operated friend in my bedside table drawer. I think I'd be OK, but I might have to start all over again."

I had a further thought, "Megan, Garth and I had a pretty 'plain vanilla' sex life. We loved to have sex and I think we did it a lot more often than others. We both had a high sex drive, but we weren't kinky. We didn't involve others. We weren't into whips and chains. I didn't display myself to other people. I did a few blowjobs, but I doubt they were anything to write home about. We watched a few porn movies. I may not have the sexual credentials to keep up with your crowd."

"I know you, and you won't have a problem. You have a natural passion deep inside you, and it shows. As for the Big O's from your vibrator, I've found they're easier to achieve with someone the older I've gotten. I think I can 'allow' myself to have them now, rather than think of all the reasons I'm not madly in love with the schmuck fucking me. In this Club, I like all the men -- a unique situation. So, I'm more relaxed around them, even when I'm meeting someone new."

I ventured, "So, I'd still like to find a nice man to sleep with, but this is the dry season in this town with all the snow birds having gone north. I'm not on the social circuit, I don't do the bars or dance clubs, I don't trust online dating, and so I just don't meet people -- men, especially -- unless someone, a neighbor or friend, tries to match me up with someone. The matches have been pretty bad since I became single, mostly fat, grabby, divorced men who have a fucked up head. That brings me to a question, can you say 'No' to someone in your Club if you don't feel chemistry with them?"

Megan said, "Oh, of course. There's not even a requirement to go out with anyone. By our selections of people for the Club, we hope to create a critical mass of people where 'most' of them have chemistry with the others. We all understand -- men and women -- that the right chemistry has to be there. Thus, we know we might get a solid 'No,' and in fact, we are urged to be politely blunt, for instance, I told one man a week or so ago that I just didn't feel chemistry with him, but that I'd keep an open mind to future dates with him if I felt the situation changed. He just nodded, accepted my rejection, and moved on. Conversely, I asked one guy out and I think I intimidated him, so he just shook his head and told me 'Maybe sometime in the future.' You get over the idea that rejection is bad; it's just a comment on mutual chemistry and nothing more."

I chuckled, "So we can be a little particular in whom we're going to fuck?" I thought, my God, I sure hope so; in giving up my sexuality to a strange man I would want to be particular.

Megan laughed aloud. "I like that you aren't afraid to use a little vulgar language. I bet you can talk really dirty sex talk to the right guy too. I'll tell you a secret, I'm an expert at dirty talk; I studied it. That stuff really turns a guy on when you're making out or screwing. I hope you can be a little dirtier than that."

Now, I laughed, "Oh, you better fucking believe it. With a long cock in my cunt, I can dish out suggestive talk like the best little slut in town."

We both laughed. I blushed because surely the man reading near us at the coffee shop heard every word of my last statement.

I asked, "So, what does sponsoring me into the Club entail -- for you? For me? I still have a million questions, by the way."

Megan started, "Well, now I put your name forward to the nominating committee. They'll arrange for some people to meet with you and do interviews. When you pass that hurdle they'll set up a date or two for you. Sometimes, that all happens at once."

"You went through this?"

Megan rolled her eyes to heaven and did a little make believe swoon, "Oh, the dates I went on were heavenly. I hadn't been with anyone for months, and then I got asked whether I was interested in the Club, I said I was, and the next I knew this dreamboat shows up to take me out. He was about sixty, salt and pepper hair, suave, educated, well to do, looked like he stepped out of GQ magazine, and so smooth that ... well, I fucked him on our first date, or I let him fuck me ... or we fucked each other. He went all night long, cuddled me in between, and he was so loving and caring. I've been out with him a couple of time since. Needless to say, he's very popular. I've met a lot of the men in the club -- dated them, but not had sex with all of them by far. By that, I mean we also made love. I'm used to screwing on first dates now."

"So, this isn't like trying to find a mate to get married or anything?"

"Oh, a few couples have gotten married, but for the most part the singles in the group just circulate amongst each other. I think we've mostly adopted an attitude that we want to experience each other and not get tied down to any one person."

"Are there married people? How would that work?"

"There are some couples -- a few joined, plus those that got married through the Club. They're in very open long-term relationships, and each party is a member. They date within the Club, but they always go back to their partner the next day or so. For Club activities they act single, but have that committed relationship. Some people would think it's strange, but it's really beautiful to see. I went out with one of the married guys one time; he was fabulous. I'd never done anal until he coaxed me through it; he was so tender and careful, I'd do it again with the right partner. Oh, another time, I actually did a threesome with one of the couples. Now, that, was an event from another planet I'd do again in a flash."

I said somewhat in shock, "I didn't know you went both ways. Are you bisexual?"

Megan snickered and kept her voice low, "I found out I was that night. Ann was as good a lover as Oliver. The combination left me panting in their bed for more, more, more." Megan momentarily acted like a begging puppy panting for a treat.

"And you did a threesome? I'm impressed."

"Oh, they happen frequently, so don't be surprised if you get asked into one -- also foursomes. They're fun -- a lot of fun. Get in the spirit of sexual fun and play, and enjoy the orgasms. I was even in a fivesome. Oh, a few folks have been in an orgy of sorts, but I haven't been caught up in one yet. I'm hopeful."

I asked, "Who's the youngest and oldest in this Club?"

"The minimum age is fifty-five. So, if you're going to act like a cougar and want to find a toy-boy to fuck, this isn't the place for you. We have a couple of guys and three women in their late-eighties, and they're still going strong, and a delight to be with. The Club's not that old. We've had a few in their early eighties just let their memberships lapse. We hated to see them go."

"They can still get it up -- the older men, I mean?"

"Oh, yes. That's sort of a requirement for men in this age bracket, but we're very tolerant of erectile dysfunction, or for that matter dry vaginas or whatever ails us. A couple of folks in the Club hold classes about sexuality where they talk about this stuff and how to work around it. You should go after you're in; it's on Wednesday evenings for a couple of months now and then. When I went, I usually got laid afterwards by one of the guys in the class. We used to laugh and call it the Sex Ed Lab."

I was still trying to grasp the audacity of this discussion, let alone the idea of the Club. I asked, "I never asked, how many people are in this Club?"

"About two hundred and fifty, split pretty evenly between men and women. We cover the two county area."

"Two hundred and fifty! My God, that's a large group."

"Well, some are snowbirds, so they're only around in the late fall to spring timeframe. Some members in the other county don't want to drive this far, so we do socials up there too, and we do our stuff down here, but some people do sometimes go back and forth despite the distance just to meet new people. Also, we were bigger, but there were a few years when we couldn't find many people that qualified. No one wanted to change the criteria, so we just got a little smaller as people moved, dropped out, or passed away. We're seeing an upswing in new members this year, but at most there'll be only twenty or thirty across the whole year, and I want you to be one of them."

"Why so few potential members?"

Megan patted her trim stomach. "Think about it. Too many people eating too much, or drinking too many beers. We had trouble finding people who were healthy and trim."

I nodded. One of the reasons I hated to go to Wal-Mart was that I was often the thinnest woman in the store by a good fifty or one hundred pounds, and I was no lightweight at my height.

After a sip of my latte, I asked, "So, once you're in, how do you meet people in this Club? Do I have to wait for some guy to call me because my name got written on the back of some men's room door?"

Megan chuckled again, "It's well understood that anybody can ask anybody else for a date -- man or woman. So, don't be shy if you see somebody you want to date. As for meeting, we hold a social twice a month -- first and third Saturdays, with snacks, drinks, and conversation. We do special holiday parties too, like Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and July fourth. We usually meet at various places around town; there's a website that keeps us up to date on events. The socials are well attended. Some people come and that's all they do. There's no pressure to do anything, to ask anybody for a date, to sneak off into the backroom for some nookie, or anything. It's just come and meet some nice people. We do name tags, and, oh yes, we do a membership directory with pictures and an occasional newsletter where we introduce new members to everyone."

I ventured, "I guess you can't be shy in this game, can you?"

"Not in this crowd. We're all self-empowered, confident, and self-assured. Oh sure, some people get disappointed when they get a turn down, or the right person doesn't ask them on a date, but for the most part, we all roll with it and move on to someone else. There's little drama. This isn't like high school."

"Are we expected to have sex on the first date?"

"That's up to you. Most of the others in the Club I've talked to realize that they're past the game playing stage of life, and that time is running out to have fun -- sexual fun. So, most people fuck on the first date, but you don't have to. It's not always expected."

"Megan, this sounds exciting. Could I dip my toe in slightly in some way?"

"Oh sure. I could take you as a guest to one of the socials so you could meet some of the members and get a feel for what we're all like."

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