tagGroup SexThe Opium Den

The Opium Den


My first wife, Emily, and I flew to San Francisco to look at a house we owned near there and planned to spend two days dealing with contractors. My lawyer Larry and Laura had business up there as well, so they flew up and we agreed to meet for dinner.

Larry was wildly out of control (maybe that's why he's in prison now). He worked with an accountant, Laura, who looked like the sultry librarian in soft-core porn; just not quite too voluptuous; glasses; medium brown hair she usually wore up, and slightly dated suits. They were together a lot, and I'd always assumed they were a couple even though then never showed a PDA.

We'd managed to finish our business in one day, so we chatted over dinner about what to do; Larry suggested we rent a car and drive down instead of flying. We all thought that was a great idea, and so we arranged a one-way rental.

We stopped in Monterey for breakfast and ate at a forgettable waterfront restaurant. I somehow started feeling crummy, so Larry offered to drive most of the way. Emily curled up next to me in the back seat and Laura sat in front.

We drove and I dozed for a while; we were south of King City on the 101 when I woke up -- awakened by Emily having unzipped my pants and gently playing with my cock. I may not have felt good, but my genitals were apparently feeling just fine; she had a serious erection in her hands.

She leaned down and began to lick me, then started seriously sucking on me. I may have moaned, or maybe it was the gentle slurping that could be heard over the wind noise, but suddenly I saw Laura's hand reach back between the seats, rest on Emily's bare thigh, and move up her leg.

It was a warm summer day, and she was wearing a sundress and no stockings. Soon Laura's hand had pushed her dress up to her crotch and was obviously working around Emily's pussy; she began to roll her hips in time to her pushing her head down on me and she began to breathe more sharply through her nose.

Suddenly she sucked me deep into her mouth and held me as she shook her hips back and forth under her dress. Watching her come sent me over the edge, and I groaned loudly as I felt myself coming deep into her mouth and throat. Emily gulped it down, and the gently started licking me clean as I kept pulsing small drops of come onto her tongue. Laura turned to Larry and said "Someone just got a really good blow job..." and then to Emily, who was wiping her lips with the back of her hand and said "I didn't think you were that kind of girl!"

Emily was definitely that kind of a girl...

We drove through lunch and got to Los Angeles in the midafternoon. We stopped for takeout Thai food in the Valley, and then drove up Laurel Canyon to Laura's small house to sit down and eat.

We set the table and set out food, and Larry went back into the bedroom. When he came out, he had a small glass bottle.

"What's that?" Emily asked.

"Black opium," he answered. "Want to try it? Van, it'll fix your headache for sure..."

I looked at Emily and shrugged. She shrugged and said "Sure!" and Larry poured a capful into each of our tea.

We stirred it with our chopsticks and drank. It was bitter going down, and we killed the taste with pad thai.

By the time dinner was over, I was feeling a lot of warmth radiating from my stomach, and beginning to feel like I was floating a bit. Laura took my hand and we slowly ran out hands over each other's hands and forearms, just feeling the smooth warm flesh, and suddenly I was quite horny.

I stood up, took Emily's hand and said we were going to lie down for a bit if that was OK. Larry and Laura smiled at us and said "Of course".

Once in the bedroom, I stripped Emily and began running my hands over her muscular body.

Emily was a perfectly curved woman who had been stretched sideways to be 10% wider than ideal; broad muscular hips and shoulders, a narrow waist, incredibly strong legs and arms. She had hand-sized round breasts with small pale pink aureoles and bright pink nipples that hardened quite pleasantly, and to go with her short blonde hair, thin light-brown pubic hair that made two perfect curls that barely covered her labia. She had bright pink inner lips that hid inside her outer ones, and a small clit that always peeked out from its hood -- maybe that's why she came so often and easily.

She was a brilliant and quick-witted woman, but as soon as she became aroused, her brain turned off and she was simply a beast in heat that intended to be satisfied by any means available. If I ever left her unsatisfied, she'd simply straddle the edge of the bed and rub herself into an intense orgasm or four; she'd used bottles, fruits, and hairbrushes as sex toys when the mood had struck her, and while she was sometimes happy with one orgasm, most often it was just a prelude to five or six.

And at the moment, she was seriously in heat. She undressed me and neatly piled my clothes on top of hers. We pulled down the covers and slipped onto a strange bed together. Our focus had narrowed to the small world of the bed and each other. She straddled me and I entered her and she shoved down on me and came almost immediately, her pussy spasming around me. She sat straight up, hips wrapped in blankets, breathing deeply as Larry and Laura walked into the room, and stood on the opposite side of the bed, just watching us. We were a bit exhibitionist, I remember looking at them and thinking, "Well, let's see what happens..."

Usually, when Emily was in that state, she would immediately keep coming - one after another - and after a bit I would have come several times as well. The drug seemed to have slowed things down for us, so that we spent a long, ecstatic time with me sliding in and out of her and then suddenly she was seized by a massive second orgasm that made her arch her back above me and drive her hips down onto me as her pussy tightened around my cock like a fist.

That started me driving upward rhythmically into her as my cock hardened and thickened and my orgasm built from my balls to the tip of my cock. I reached up and pulled her down to me, kissing her and holding her head to me as I drove into her and came for what seemed like forever, feeling my cock pulse ever so slowly against her warm softness and leak my arousal out into her flesh. I felt like I was swooning -- it felt like the bed beneath me tipping backward and slowly falling through space.

Finally, we lay quiet, with her limply on top of me as Larry and Laura stripped and joined us in bed pulling the covers off of us and climbing onto the bed.

To my surprise, Laura had a slender body -- soft, as opposed to Emily's musculature. She had large breasts that drooped pleasantly onto her chest, with large dark (and right now, very hard) nipples that pointed up. Her belly was soft, and her full bush was slightly lighter than her medium brown hair.

Larry oddly, looked like he had a child's penis; small genitals with bright red hair around them. He took Emily took in his arms then she scooted down to take him in her mouth.

I was lying on my back and like every other muscle in my body, my cock was totally limp. Laura took it in her hand and commented "Interesting cock -- short and thick!" then, as she fondled it, I felt myself begin to get erect and soon she was running her hand up and down and saying "...or maybe not." She leaned down and took me in her mouth for a moment, and then I pulled her to me and reached between her legs. Her pussy was soaked. I ran my hands up and down it, feeling the juices cover the bump of her clit and her ass. I rolled her onto her back -- her head resting on Emily's breast (Emily was laying back as Larry ate her pussy), and moved myself over her to enter her. Her pussy was much further forward than I expected so my cock found the wrong hole and I slipped the head into her ass; she pushed me away and said "Later..." I came out and wiped it with Kleenex next to the bed; she licked it again and guided me into her sodden cunt.

Her pussy was not small, but also not loose around me; it held me gently. As I rolled in and out of her and she rolled her hips into me more strongly, I began feeling her cervix harden each time I poked it with the tip of my cock, until it was so hard it was almost uncomfortable.

Just at that moment she rolled her head back onto Emily, grabbed my ass and pulled me into her and grunted and came. I felt the tightening at the innermost ring of her pussy, just above the cervix, and at the mouth. She kept coming, moaning "mmmm...mmmm....mmmm" and then crushed me to her for a moment. We kissed passionately, and then she slipped her tongue into my mouth and began to drive her hips into me again. I responded, and my orgasm built and then suddenly fell onto me and when I came, it felt like I was coming directly into the mouth of her cervix and we both gasped. The room did the swimming slowly down and forward thing again, and I rested my head on Laura's shoulder until it was still, looking at the hard nipple pointing up and to the side from the breast I'd pushed to the side with my chest, and feeling the glow that seemed to start where we joined and spread up our bellies to our chests. Emily rubbed my head and brought her hand up and put a finger on my lips in a kiss. Then she took her finger and put it on Laura's lips. I had kept my erection after this orgasm, and slowly pulled out of Laura.

Emily sat up and took my cock in her hand and gently rubbed it, feeling Laura's and my juices coating it.

She turned to Larry and kissed him and then asked if he had any lube. Laura opened the nightstand and took out a tube. Emily pulled Larry down onto his back and covered his cock with lube and rubbed it until it was hard, and then moved her ass over him and slowly slid down so that he entered her asshole. I moved so that I could see it, and Laura came over with me. She reached up and began rubbing Emily's pussy and clit and she immediately shuddered. Then Laura leaned down and began licking her and almost immediately her legs started shaking, she breathed out a soft "Oh!" and threw her head back and came even harder. Larry was lying under her slowly moving his cock in and out of her ass, and then I pushed Laura aside and slid my cock into my wife's familiar pussy.

She had a massive orgasm on the third or fourth stroke. Her legs began to tense and then shake, she grabbed my shoulders painfully hard, and then her face contorted with pleasure. She gasped "Oh My God...Oh...Oh..." I could feel her clenching my cock, and feel Larry's cock through her pussy wall. We began to move in and out of her, just out of sequence; he'd enter her as I pulled out and I'd push in as he pulled out.

I felt my balls resting on his midstroke, which gave me pause for a moment, but we kept this up until Emily had another orgasm, this one stronger than any of the others -- she screamed out, her body writhing and sweating and then soaked and limp between us.

I pulled out of her and pulled Laura to me. She'd been lying apart from us, watching. I lay on my back and pulled her over me, straddling, and entered her. Larry came out from beneath Emily and knelt behind her, entered Laura's ass from behind. Almost as soon as he did, he came, and so did she moaning into my mouth as we kissed.

She lay on me, breathing hard, and Larry rolled off her. I slipped out from beneath her and added lube to my already slick cock.

Between her juices, Larry's come, and the lube, I slipped easily into her ass. Emily scooted over under her and began kissing her breasts and fondling her clit. She came again, pushing her face down into the blankets and gasping, and her asshole clenched hard around my cock -- immediately triggering a loud "Oh!" from me and an orgasm that felt like it lasted ten minutes as I kept spasming and coming in her ass.

After we recovered, we all got up and the women stepped into the bathroom to shower. Larry and I went to the kitchen and used soap and warm water to clean off our cocks. I couldn't think of what to say to him about the size of his cock, but my thought was that it was perfect for anal sex....

The women came back showered and clean, and I decided to jump through the shower as well. I did a gym shower -- 30 seconds to soap and rinse, and out toweling in less than a minute.

Larry replaced me in the shower, and I stepped into the bedroom to find the women sixty-nining. Laura made Emily come, and then came herself.

I'd once made Emily come fourteen times in a long evening and night, so I knew that she was not yet done. Laura was on top of Emily, so said "Here, come move this way," as I pulled her around to they lay facing the same direction, with Laura on top. Emily spread her legs, and Laura bent her knees and wrapped them under Emily. Their pubes were pressed together and I knelt behind them and slowly licked up two dripping pussies and then down and then up again. Laura's lips stuck out; they were purple, slick, and swollen, poking out from her curly pubes. Emily's were a fine red line between her outer lips with drops of thick sex fluids along them. I looked up and could see Laura kissing Emily's nipples.

In an instant, I was hard and slipped into Laura who gasped and pressed her head onto Emily's shoulder. I slid in and out of her, and then moved my cock down slightly and slid into Emily. She arched her back and wrapped her arms around Laura's waist. I moved back and forth, savoring the feeling of the different pussies -- the texture, temperature and contours were so different. Soon I started moving faster in and out of Emily and in just a moment she was coming again, kissing Laura as Laura kneaded her breasts.

I slid out and back up to Laura and started ramming her as hard as I could feeling her open to me and then feeling the tip of my cock at her cervix mouth again. Feeling that tipped me, and my balls emptied into her again. I pressed myself into her holding tight to let the last pulse of the orgasm drain into her.

I slid onto my back on the bed and Larry took my place. He's been rubbing himself and was hard again; he entered Laura and she began squirming atop Emily and kissing her.

He was moving back and forth between them the way I had, and they were kissing and fondling each other's breasts. I scooted over next to them and began playing with one of Emily's breasts and she pushed me away and said "wait your turn".

In a moment, Larry pulled out and lay back, rubbing his cock.

I leaned in and started kissing them, and they pushed me onto by back on the bed. The two of them began licking my cock and balls, taking turns taking me into their mouths and running their tongues over my tip and balls at the same time. Soon I was moaning and arching my back, and then I leaned up and pushed Emily back onto the sweat-soaked mattress, and began fucking her mouth, running my cock in and out of it as I knelt over her. I began to shudder, and pulled out and came on her neck and breasts...a thin stream of mostly clear come, all I had left in my body at this point.

I lay back and panted as Laura leaned forward and licked the come off her, beginning with her neck and moving on to her breasts and nipples. Emily moaned, and I wondered if she'd be able to come just from having her breasts licked. Laura wasn't about to wait to find out and moved down her body until she could lick her clit and pussy.

Emily took longer to come this time, maybe because she was sated, and maybe because Laura brought her to the edge several times and pulled back, slowing her tongue and making the stimulus gentler. Emily begged her aloud for release and tried to move her own hand between her legs to satisfy herself and Laura pushed it away laughing.

Suddenly, Emily arched her back and lifted herself partly off the bed and began to moan louder and louder. She reached up and began to pinch her own nipples as she moved her hips under Laura's tongue and held her back and belly off the bed.

Larry had been masturbating and he moved next to her and began jerking off over her face, dripping come into her mouth as she panted. She choked once and then began swallowing, as she lay back down and her arms and legs shook from the intensity of the orgasm's aftershocks.

I pulled Laura around, moved my head between her kneeling legs and started eating her dripping pussy. She tasted of my come and her own musk and soon she was flooding my face as she rocked her hips over me and in a moment came one more time, making a high-pitched sound that wasn't words and wasn't just a moan either.

Al of us were drained -- of fluids, of energy -- and lay back. Emily spooned my back and I spooned Laura who in turn lay her arms over Larry and we all fell into a state that wasn't sleep but was not consciousness either.

When the sun came up, Emily and I got up, showered quickly, and drove home smiling and a little sore.

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