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The Oral Bank Teller


My name is Michael. I'm 48, happily married, and I own a successful convenience store in the NY metro area. Owning a cash business like mine translates to lots of trips to the bank. I've been banking in the same place for over 5 years now so I know everyone there on a first name basis. It's my favorite place to visit. It also helps that with bags full of cash everyday, I get the royal treatment from all the foxy young tellers-- which does wonders for my middle-aged ego. I think maybe that's what I love best about the place: the women. Especially the tellers.

The tellers at my bank are all cute single young females paying their way through college, or newlywed twenty-something's working to help hubby save up for the first house. They're all so young and luscious and fuckable...(and I've fucked them all, in my head, many times). Sometimes I'll play these little flirting games with the ones who play back. That's a real sexual turn-on for me. I guess I'm a pretty good-looking guy, a dark haired Italian.... the girls tell me I look like a young Al Pacino. And I'm a big flirter. I sang in rock and roll bands for many years before settling in to making real money and I just can't let go of that Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll attitude... especially the sex part. I still appreciate a slim tight ass and the kind of 19-year-old breasts that defy gravity. Every so often there's a new girl on the job. A fresh face I can imagine coming on the next time I jerk off. That's always been part of the fun of going to the bank all these years. Young bank tellers are great fantasy material.

But this is no fantasy. This is a true story about an adventure I once had with one of those sweet young bank tellers.

Her name was Allison. She had been working at the bank for about 8 months. She was 22 at the time...about 5'2, maybe 105 lbs. Petite, thin.... kind of pleasantly attractive...definitely not a turn off......but plain looking. She wore plastic horn rimmed glasses that actually worked well with her pale angular face. She had a sweet sly smile where the tip of her tongue would flick out and touch her upper lip. Her eyes seemed to sparkle when she did that. And then she'd turn away shyly and giggle off to the side like a teenager. Her soft blue eyes and long Barbie doll lashes suggested a come-hither sexuality, but the rest of her appearance worked against it.

Her mouth was a little small but she had nice, naturally red lips that created a perfect, luscious heart when she pursed them together. Topping this slightly unusual and interesting face was a tangle of shiny reddish-brown hair that was always pulled back in a bun or piled high on top of her head. Sometimes there were two red ringlets hanging down on either side of her face, ala 1970. She always wore out-of-style polyester pantsuits or pastel cotton blouses with long drab skirts and penny loafers. Very librarian-looking. Even so, you could see that her small breasts and nice round ass were in perfect proportion to her size. I sensed that there was a real beauty under all that plainness; but it seemed like she was deliberately hiding it. She was a sweet, smart, and slightly cynical young thing and I loved flirting with her cause she truly seemed to enjoy it and always gave it right back.

One day I'm standing in Allison's line and I hear her and a guy up at her cage bantering back and forth, laughing and flirting...kind of like I do with her all the time. She's smiling like a kid, pink tongue peeking out from between her lips as she counts up his money. I'm straining to listen in on the conversation...watching her every move...when suddenly, I realize I'm getting jealous. She looks real good today, red curls bouncing around that pale face, eyes bright and alert. I watch her intently as she handles this guy with a few sexy retorts and for the first time I notice a real earthiness in the way she moves. Yea, she looks real good today, mm, mm! "This is crazy", I think to myself, "... she's just a bank teller...she could be your daughter.... and you're a happily married man"...yea...well.... tell that to my dick! Undeterred, I step up to the window after this guy leaves and do my thing.

"Allison...sweetie...lover.... I'm hurt...baby...I always thought I was the only one for you.... I thought we were going to run away together some day.... But now there's someone else... I'm crushed...." I joked.

She laughed and there was that shiny pink tip of the tongue...and the little giggle...but she didn't say anything and just did my deposit and slid the receipt over to me. She touched my hand for a moment...and her fingertips were warm and a little sweaty...and she looked straight at me with those blue eyes and whispered through pouty lips "don't be mad at me". Then she quickly turned away and headed back toward the break room. I stood there stupidly for a second and turned and left.

I actually spent some time afterward thinking about all this, and thinking about Allison the cute little bank teller as my little bank teller...feeling possessive about her talking to this other guy like that... until my next visit to the bank a couple days later.

This time the bank is busy as hell. I'm in the main line, ready to step up to the next available teller. To my left I see Allison's got a customer and I notice her glance over towards me and I see her rushing through the customer- no conversation, no banter- and call out for me to step over. Smiling to myself I stand in front of her.

"Honey we have to stop meeting like this...I mean fate just guides me to your window", I joke. She laughs and that pink tongue slips out and I shudder a little inside.

"Well Michael, Ill just have to get you a free pass over here so you don't have to wait in that nasty line anymore."

We both laugh. She's counting my deposit. Dainty ivory fingers with red nail polish a blur against the green bills. Then the click clack of the calculator and the receipt printer and she's handing me the deposit slip.

"You know I was concerned that I gave you the wrong impression the other day...you know....that other customer...I mean, he's nothing...you know, I mean you..." And with me staring into her eyes trying to get whatever it is she's trying to say, she slides a folded up note under the deposit slip and pushes it under my hand. I flash her a puzzled look and, seeing that she's nervous with customers all around ...I turn and leave.

Now, I'm really confused. I've been playing around with this girl for months now. We've talked, joked, flirted...made each other laugh, blush even a couple times. But I'd never seriously come on to her or vice versa. We were both married for chrissakes! But I knew this was no official bank note. I couldn't wait to read it...was dying to unfold the little piece of paper but I waited till I got back to the store.

I can't believe my hands are shaking a little as I open and spread the single sheet of paper on my desk:

"...Michael, I'm hurt that you would think that I would ever choose that guy over you. He's nothing to me. You're my favorite guy around here. Not to mention you're the best looking man I know. Actually, I have been thinking a lot about you lately, picturing you in my mind...in a certain way. To be perfectly honest, I think I've been attracted to you since the first day we met. Don't be offended by this, but I like older men who are experienced and self confident. I've always been attracted to them. I love it when you come to my window and I get to serve you. It makes me feel competent and useful....and needed. And boy do I love to flirt with you. It make me feel warm and appreciated...like a woman should always feel...not like my asshole, immature husband makes me feel. He treats me like a little girl. Michael, when your standing in front of me, believe me-- my mind is not on your money.... It's on you. From the first time I met you I've felt this way. I know your married but... I can't tell you how badly I want to taste you........... Uh-Oh, I think I've said too much! I hope you're not offended. Love, Allison"

I couldn't believe what I was reading! I wasn't absolutely sure what she meant. It seemed clear enough.... but, whoa, I could get myself in a whole lot of trouble if I make a move on her and it turns out she was just being nice as opposed to my interpretation of her words as being a bit more than just that. "...Taste me?" Whatever the case I would surely find out. I grabbed a pen and paper:

"Allison. Thanks for the compliment. Your words mean a lot to me, you know. I like it when a woman knows her feelings and is not afraid to express them. I've always enjoyed our little 5-minute meetings and I'd like to actually get together sometime and talk...without that window between us. But I'm confused about something you said (here goes!).... About wanting so badly to taste me. That's a very slippery word, Allison. Are we talking about tasting, as in...you know.... getting to know me.... who I am...what I'm into....or are you talking about tasting me, as in lips on lips, tongue to tongue, skin on skin? Forgive me if I misunderstand you, but I won't step over that line on my own... unless you want me to. If I'm off base here, just tell me up front and Ill never speak another word about this again. Love Michael"

Of course, next day I cant wait to get to the bank. I maneuver my way to her window and slide her my note with my cash deposit. She unfolds the note and makes like she's organizing the bills on her counter while she reads it. She quickly drops it into her handbag under the counter and proceeds to count the money and do her thing. Maybe its me, I think, but her face seems a little flushed and she seems very nervous. We make this a quick transaction and before handing me the deposit slip she scribbles something on the back of it and hands it to me. Outside I read her note: "If you come back later, after lunch, I'll explain" You bet baby!

About 2:30 I head back and walk right up to her with an excuse about checking my account info. She punches into her computer and instead of writing down my balance as tellers usually do (to keep it confidential) she slides another note to me. This time I can see how flushed her face is.... and her fingertips linger on mine for just a moment as she passes me the note. I feel the heat from her skin and I want to grab her hand and investigate that warmth and moisture.... but I turn again and leave.

Outside in my car I open the note. "Michael, you understood my words perfectly. I do want to taste you so badly...I want to press my lips against you, kiss every inch of you. I don't care that we are both married. My husband is an asshole. I've been told I give the best blowjobs ...that I have a mouth made for cock sucking.... but he doesn't appreciate me. He wont let me suck his cock. He says it's dirty. He say's its something only a whore would do. I know its weird but I'd rather suck cock than be fucked. I can't help it. I don't know why, but I've always been that way and I'm real good at it. I love doing it. You don't think its dirty, do you, Michael? You don't think I'm a whore because I prefer oral sex, do you? I need a man who knows how to treat me like a woman. I want to show you how good I am, Michael. You're such an attractive and sexy man. It drives me crazy being close to you all the time and not being able to touch you. I want to have you all to myself for just a little while in a quiet, private place. Ever since I met you I've fantasized about giving you a blowjob.

"I love giving head.. I dream about doing it sometimes.... being on my knees servicing men...tasting hard cocks.....swallowing cum. I know how nasty that sounds...dreaming of tasting men's cocks...I'm so bad... but sometimes the feelings are so strong I have to act on them...and I want to act on them with you. Would you let me blow you? I'll get on my knees for you, Michael... anyway you want it; for as long as you want me. I'll do whatever you tell me. I just need to have your cock in my mouth...I need to taste the saltiness of your skin...I want to hold your (cute) ass in my hands and make you fuck my mouth. I love that. I want to feel the weight of your cock on my tongue as you shoot cum on it. God I cant tell you how often I've dreamed about it. I've masturbated thinking about sucking your cock...I feel your strong hands gripping me by my hair and guiding my mouth up and down your hard prick until you shoot your cum in my mouth and tell me what a good cocksucker I am. You've been my fantasy for a long time, Michael, but now I want to make my fantasy a reality! I wont expect anything more from you than to let me be your little cocksucker for a while. No complications, no expectations. Just sex. I've arranged to work tonight until 6, but I'm going to play sick and leave around 4:30. My husband won't expect me home till 6:30. Can you meet me at the old church parking lot on River road about 4:45? I just want to talk. Please be there. Please.... for me. Love, Allison."

Please be there?? It took me about 30 seconds to decide and for the next two hours the clock seemed to tick forever. I left the store at 4:40 and pulled in to the Church parking lot a minute or two before she did, in her white Fiero. She pulled next to my Mustang and motioned for me to get into her car.

I dropped into the bucket seat of the little sports car and slid the seat back to stretch out my legs. It was dusk already and beginning to get dark. I turned toward her just as she loosened her bun and allowed her hair to cascade down and frame her face. I could see now that it was not really straight, but consisted of a tangle of long ringlets that reached down to her shoulders. When she shook them out the huge and unruly pile of bright red hair tumbled around her pale, angular face and made her look wild and sexy. She transformed from bank teller to cocksucker right before my eyes and my dick started to wake up in my pants. She had a real serious look on her face but she didn't say anything. Her soft blue eyes locked into mine, as I spoke softly and reached out to stroke her hair.

"Its so nice being close to you, Allison. I've always wanted to reach across the counter and touch your hair..............mmmmmm...it even smells good." My fingers twirled among the thick red ringlets and brushed lightly against the skin around and behind her ears and along the sides of her slender neck as she smiled contentedly. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted to the side as she rubbed her cheek slowly back and forth against the palm of my hand while I stroked her hair and talked to her. Her face moved sensually against my hand like a cat demanding to be petted. She was breathing heavy. If I didn't know better I'd say there was a purring sound coming from deep inside her throat.

The little pink tongue poked out of her smiling, parted lips. She still didn't speak a word, but suddenly looked up and grabbed my face between her hands and pulled me down into her open mouth. Her whole body let out a tremble so pronounced I could feel it through her fingertips. She slid her warm hands around my waist and then up my back and held me close while we kissed. God her mouth was hot! It felt like she was surrounded by a corona of heat and I had just crossed into the flame. I slid my tongue between those perfect lips, searching, but her tongue pulled back, drawing me deeper into her mouth. Her lips closed over my extended tongue and she began sucking it. Eyes closed like a contented baby, she sighed quietly as she drew my tongue in and out of her moist warm mouth and sucked it like a cock, the tip of her tongue just lightly dancing inside that hot cavern.

What a wonderfully delicious mouth this girl had...so erotic it was like a sex organ, getting wetter and more yielding with every cock-like thrust of my tongue."Mmmm", I moaned into her mouth, and moved my hand down to her firm peach sized tits. Feeling no bra, I searched for her nipple through the thin fabric of her cotton blouse. I found the little nub and kneaded and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger until it was hard and erect. She seemed to like it best when I pinched the ends of her nipples and made her squirm in her seat. She made little throaty noises as she sucked my tongue and I played with her tits. I slid my hand down further and as I moved under her long skirt her legs parted for me and my palm came to rest against very wet and very warm cotton panties. I rubbed my middle finger back and forth between the ridges of her cuntlips while my thumb pressed little circles against her clit. Her cunt seemed to swell and open like a flower. The pungent odor of wet pussy began to rise up and fill the car. I inhaled the sweet smell and it was like an aphrodisiac, causing my cock to instantly harden like a rock in my pants. She squirmed against the leather seat and moaned quietly as I squeezed her cunt in the palm of my hand.

At that point she pulled her mouth off my wet tongue and slowly slid her hand up my thigh, palm coming to rest on my cock. She began to rub it lightly. Her head bent down a little and I watched curiously as she stared at her hand rubbing my dick. She seemed to be daydreaming. Her eyes narrowed as her lips opened and closed slightly with the rhythms of her hand. Her fingers glided along the outline of my bulge, tracing it lightly, then squeezing it gently, and then scraping a fingernail along its length. It was like, for that moment, I wasn't even there. Just Allison, my little bank teller, watching herself playing with my cock. She was making noises that were driving me nuts-drawing air between her teeth and cooing and whimpering like a puppy waiting for dinner. Suddenly she looked up at me and said,

"Michael, I want to feel it against my lips...I... want to.... smell the aroma...I want to put it in my mouth and taste it. I know that's crazy... It's so nasty....I know I'm married ...but I cant help it...I want to be bad with you Michael... please, can I take it out of your pants?...I want to blow you right here in my husbands car. No one will see us. No one will ever know. Can I take it out? It feels so good through your pants but I want to hold it in my hand. It's so hard. I've been imagining what it would be like to hold your cock in my hand for months, to feel it on my tongue and rub it all over my face and on my lips. I want to kiss it. Oh God, I want to kiss it. A girl should always want to kiss her mans cock. Ill kiss it a lot and suck it and lick it for as long as you like. If you want to come in my mouth you can. A good woman should always want that. I'll swallow it like a good girl because I'm a good cocksucker, Michael. Please, let me blow you. I promise you'll like it."

Needless to say I whipped my pants down to my ankles in a millisecond and slid back the seat some more. She pushed my hands to my sides to get them out of the way and then dove in and locked her sucking mouth on my neck as she undid the buttons on my shirt. She really liked to bite. She started nipping up and down my chest. In between she planted wet sloppy kisses and licked my skin with wide, open-mouthed licking like a kid licking a lollipop. Mmmm, her mouth was so fucking hot. She blew her warm breath on my nipple and then took it between her lips and kind of sucked it in and out of her mouth, letting the sensitive tip scrape against the sharp enamel as it slipped between her teeth. It pinched a little but her wet tongue soothed the pain.

As she played with my nipples, her mouth roamed all over my upper body, biting and kissing. She began to scrape her long red fingernails (I forgot how long they were) up and down and across my belly. Every now and then a finger would slide inside my jockeys and graze the top of my hard dick, making it jump and pulse with blood. Goddamn I love to be teased like this...and she was good at it!

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