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The Oral Slave


I suppose some people might think my wife and I are into BDSM, but there's not any of the whips-and-chains stuff. Anna IS in charge, but that's just her way. She's a high-level executive with a Fortune 100 firm. I'm a teacher because I like the career. I usually do whatever she says, but that's just my way.

Early in our marriage, Anna and I discovered how much we like oral sex. Or at least we discovered how much we both love cunnilingus. Sex for us has always included my bringing her off with my tongue several times. Now we have an almost daily ritual that helps Anna relax after a long hard day at work. A few minutes before she comes home, she calls me on the cell phone so I can have her bath ready and pour her a glass of wine. I also dim the lights and put on some soft music.

I greet Anna at the door totally naked, then help her undress and slip into the tub of warm water complete with scented oil. I dutifully bring her a glass of wine, then as she soaks, I wash her and shampoo her long auburn hair. After rinsing her and drying her I massage her with her favorite lotions, and dry her hair. Sometimes I also paint her nails and of course I keep her pubic hair immaculately trimmed. For Valentines Day I trimmed her bush into a little heart, which she loved admiring in the mirror.

I help Anna into a sensuous nightgown, then lead her to a large overstuffed chair in the bedroom. She swings her thighs over the arms and positions her pussy at the very edge of the cushion. Kneeling before her I began bathing Anna's pussy with my tongue, exploring her clit with the tip, drinking deeply from the juices that flow from her hole. I keep licking until she tells me to stop, which usually isn't until she's come two or three times. Finally she pulls me to her and guides my engorged cock into her. I fuck her until she reaches another climax, after which I fill her pussy with my creamy cum. Then, you guessed it, I am pushed back down to clean out her flooded pussy.

One day a couple of months ago, Anna called me and told me to be ready. I had the tub filled and the wine poured and was waiting at the door naked. When the door swung open I saw not only my lovely Anna, but her secretary Brittany – a beautiful young blonde with a slim figure and small breasts. I was embarrassed, but Anna only said, "Don't just stand there, Will. Pour Brittany some wine." I knew then that Anna had decided to share my oral talents with Brittany. My cock gave a jump. Brittany looked nervous, but I could also see her hard nipples poking thru both her blouse and bra.

Anna told me to undress Brittany first, which I did. Her A-cup breasts had no sag to them and she was a natural blonde. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, the lips shaved and a nice tuft was left on her mound. After undressing Anna I led them both to the tub, a large Jacuzzi style bathtub that could easily seat four. I attentively bathed them both and shampooed their hair, rinsed them off and dried them. I blew their hair dry and then massaged them both with lotion. My cock was oozing pre-cum by now at the newness of Brittany's young body. Anna gave her one of her many nightgowns and led her to the easy chair.

Anna helped Brittany get herself situated, patted her arm and said, "Just tell him when to stop, dear." She moved off to the bed and I lowered my head to Brittany's blonde muff, which was dripping by now.

I couldn't believe it. This was the first woman I'd been with since before Anna and I married, and the whole thing was my wife's idea. I tentatively licked at Brittany's slit and she moaned. I could see her pussy clinching like she'd just cum and the juices poured out of her. I lapped them up, chasing a few stray drops down the crack of her ass, then returning to suck and nibble on her clit. Brittany was very vocal and her constant moaning and grunting was a huge turn-on – as if I needed one. The newness of the situation and the sweetness of her juices had my cock throbbing and oozing pre-cum.

As I continued to lap at her muff, Brittany got even wilder, her legs were thrown high in the air, she grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled me into her pussy so tightly that it was difficult to breathe, but I kept on. She kept climaxing over and over, wailing non-stop so loudly that I wondered if the neighbors would hear and then with a final explosive orgasm that flooded my face with juices, she pushed me away and lay on the chair flushed and sweating. "You were right, Anna," she said to my wife. "He's a fantastic coochie-licker" I looked over at Anna. She was lying on the bed on her stomach with one hand working wildly in her crotch. She smiled at me. "My turn now, Billy," she said, and rose from the bed to trade places with Brittany.

I performed my regular duties for Anna's pussy, first licking her until she had climaxed, then filling her full of my cum (which didn't take very long due to my excitement) and finally licking her oozing cunt clean of all traces of my seed. The girls allowed me a quick shower and then I was sent to the kitchen to prepare a light supper while they cleaned up.

During dinner, Brittany told Anna that she had never been licked as well as I had done her that evening, and Anna told her that she was welcome to avail herself of my tongue on a regular basis. They made plans for Brittany's return the next week.

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