tagMatureThe Organist Entertains Ch. 02

The Organist Entertains Ch. 02


Peter had been the organist at St Leonards Church for over thirty years. A widower with two grown up children, he had not had any female company since his wife had passed away from cancer three years before. A few months previously the parish had received a new vicar, Reverend Maxine Power. She was in her early thirties, a brunette with shoulder length hair normally tied back in public with a gold hair clip. She was otherwise fairly plain to look at and was on her first posting as a vicar. She had taken quite a shine to Peter, suggesting that they go for a drink after a series of weddings one summer Saturday afternoon which led to them having oral sex in her car on a remote cliff top. This had been followed by proper sex after the morning service the following day when they had been caught out by Trish Thorndike, a member of the congregation, who had called round at the vicarage for the keys to the parish hall after her daughter had left her mobile phone there earlier that day

Theresa Ruth Thorndike, or Trish to her friends, was in her early forties, around 5'3" tall, with collar length blond curly hair and an ample 38DD chest. She was a divorcee and lived with her daughter Abigail in a smart seventies built house on the outskirts of town. She had been unlucky in her married life; her husband had walked out on her when Abigail was three years old. That had been nearly thirteen years before as Abigail would be celebrating her sixteenth birthday the following month. Trish was always well dressed, especially when she went to church on Sunday, and it was very rare to see her without a hint of lipstick or makeup.

The day after Trish had caught Peter naked at the vicarage, it had been Maxine's intention to call on her with Peter and apologise for any embarrassment they might have caused to her. They had been to visit a parishioner whose brother had passed away on the previous Saturday but had spent quite a while talking and discussing arrangements for the forthcoming funeral. Consequently when they arrived at Trish's house she had gone out so Maxine had dropped him off at his house as she had a prearranged meeting with the bishop that afternoon.

Peter had been due to pick up his two children from the station that afternoon but when he got home from his tryst with the vicar, he'd had an answerphone message from his daughter explaining that they wouldn't now be arriving until the next day as they were meeting a friend in London, so he was at a loss for something to do. While he was eating his lunch, he decided he would go and pay Trish a visit and apologise personally. He knew she would be on her own that day as he had overheard Abigail telling her friend Annabelle that she would be visiting her dad's that day and would be staying overnight.

When he had finished and washed up the few items of cutlery and crockery, he set off for Trish's house. She lived about a fifteen minute walk away so he had decided to leave his car at home as he fancied some exercise.

Trish meanwhile had come back from her outing and had also had her lunch. Her mind was still so full of the previous day's exploits that she felt she just had to share it with someone. She had tried ringing her close friend Helen Faraday, who was the Sunday school teacher at church, earlier that morning but could not get an answer. This was contrary to what Peter and Maxine actually expected her to do as she wasn't normally a gossip. So after lunch she tried again, and this time her friend answered.

"Hi Helen, you'll never guess what happened after church yesterday..." she said and began to regale her friend with the events of the previous day. Helen sat in her lounge listening in wide eyed amazement.

"What, and he was stark naked?" she said. "Blimey, I wouldn't have thought he would do something like that."

"Well it just goes to show you, doesn't it?" said Trish, revelling in her news. "And she had nothing on under her slip you know. I could see all her, um, pubes and that when she bent down to pick up the keys." This last statement was actually not true as she hadn't seen anything. Maxine had taken great care to ensure that she didn't when she bent down.

"Was he, um, you know, um, well endowed," said Helen, stifling a girlish giggle.

"Very!" said Trish. "He didn't know where to put his hands. I tell you this Helen; I wish my ex had had a penis like that. I wouldn't have minded some of Peter's though, I can tell you!"

"Trish, you tart! exclaimed Helen. "Look, I've got to pop out to the dentist shortly, but I'll ring you again in about an hour if you like and you can tell me the rest."

It was at that moment that Peter arrived at Trish's house and rang the doorbell.

"Yes, that's fine," said Trish. "I'm going to have to go now anyway. There's a man at the door. It's probably just someone trying to sell me double glazing or solar panels or something like that. I'll call you in a bit. Bye for now."

She put the phone down and opened the front door. Her jaw dropped and her cheeks turned scarlet when she saw Peter.

"Oh, hello," she said regaining her composure.

"Hi," said Peter. "Look, it's about yesterday. I hope Maxine and I didn't embarrass you too much."

"No," said Trish still blushing at the thought of it. "What made you think that? Look, don't stand out here on the doorstep, the neighbours will see you. Won't you come in for a moment?"

Peter stepped into the hallway and she shut the door behind him.

"Come through to the kitchen," she said. "I was just going to make a cup of coffee. Would you like one? It's only instant I'm afraid. I don't go in for all that posh stuff; you know, lattes, espressos etc."

"Instant is fine," said Peter.

He followed her down the hallway into the kitchen and stood in the doorway watching her as she set about preparing two mugs of coffee. She put the kettle on to boil the water. "Take a seat," she said, nodding towards a table with two chairs either side. Peter sat at the one nearest to the door. "So what made you think I was embarrassed, then?" she said.

"Well it must have been a bit of a surprise coming face to face with Maxine in her underwear and me with absolutely nothing on," he said. "To be honest, I didn't hear the doorbell otherwise I would have stayed upstairs out of sight. I truly am sorry if you felt embarrassed or offended in any way."

"Well it was a bit of a surprise I must admit," said Trish. "You don't expect to visit your vicar and find her cavorting about with the organist. It's a good job I didn't have Abigail with me though."

"Yes, it was," said Peter, then he suddenly looked worried. "You haven't said anything to her, have you, I mean I don't want the rest of the choir finding out, especially the younger ones."

"Good heavens, no, of course not," said Trish. "What do you take me for? If I told her, she'd be texting all her friends and broadcasting it to all her followers on Facebook and it would be halfway across the country in ten minutes!"

"That's a relief," he said. "Then it's our little secret. Yours, mine and Maxine's. No-one else must ever know."

"It shall be," said Trish crossing her fingers behind her back. She dare not let on that she had already told Helen, who would be phoning again for all the gory details within the hour.

"Do you mind if I ask you another question?" said Peter. "You might find it a bit sensitive, but did the sight of me being naked yesterday turn you on at all?"

"I'd rather not say," she said turning beetroot red again.

Peter took that for a 'yes' but decided not to pursue the matter further. He watched as she busied herself making the coffee as the kettle had now boiled, and she handed him a mug, then started to fold some washing that had just come out of the washing machine. Every so often she would glance furtively across at him. Peter noticed it a few times but said nothing about it.

"We called round this morning, Maxine and I," he said taking a sip of coffee. "We both wanted to apologise to you personally, but we'd been to see Agnes first and she kept us talking about Sid and showing us pictures and that so when we got here there was no reply. We noticed your car was here though so we guessed you wouldn't be far away."

"Oh, I caught the bus into town," said Trish. "I always do unless Abigail's with me. It's cheaper than parking in town when I'm on my own and I can come back at leisure. It's her sixteenth birthday next month. She wants a new watch. There's something wrong with her current one which keeps stopping and it's going to cost a lot to put right so I've brought her a new one."

Peter watched her, noting her frequent glances in his direction, as she finished tidying away the washing, piling it all in a basket ready to be ironed. She stood leaning against the worktop sipping her coffee, the sun lighting up her golden curls and turning her pale blue blouse semi-transparent. He stood up and joined her. He put his cup on the table and gently prised hers out of her hand and put it next to his. He put his arms round her waist and pulled her gently towards him before planting a kiss on her lips. She kissed him back, and then pulled away. No words were spoken as he pulled her closer still until their chests pressed against each other. He started kissing her again. She put her hands on his shoulders as his hands started roaming across the small of her back. He could feel her lovely tits against his chest as they kissed until eventually she broke free.

"That was lovely," she said, running her hand through her curls. "But I guess you have things to do?"

"Only to kiss the loveliest lady that I can think of at this moment in time," said Peter with a wink.

He started kissing her again ignoring her half-hearted gestures to stop. Realising she wasn't going to immediately win, she put her hands back on his shoulders again. Again he pulled her close to him so that her tits were squashed against his chest. He slowly moved his right hand round to her left breast and started sliding it gently up the side and then across the front of it. Up and down he moved before gently giving it a squeeze. Each time he brushed past her nipple she would give a little gasp.

Eventually he let go and Trish stood trying to catch her breath. Before she could say anything however, he pulled her towards him once more and started pushing his tongue down her throat. She didn't seem too fazed by this even though there was a slight difference in height and she had to stretch up to do it. Peter's right hand was once more playing with her breast. Her hands were more round the back of his neck than his head as her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. His other hand now moved up to her free breast and started squeezing and massaging in unison with its twin. After a few minutes, he released his grip again.

"You'll have to leave soon," she said when she had got her breath back. "I'm expecting Abigail home soon and I don't want her to find us together, it will be an awful shock for her."

"You know as well as I do that Abigail is away at her dad's until tomorrow," said Peter. "I heard her telling Annabelle that yesterday."

"Well, okay, I'm actually expecting a friend round," she said.

Peter laughed off what he thought was a feeble attempt to get him to leave.

"The more, the merrier!" he said.

He was up close and personal again and started fondling her tits once more before bringing his right hand up and starting to unfasten the buttons down the front of her blouse, while continuing to massage her right breast with his left. Her blouse slowly opened up revealing the semi-transparent white bra in all its glory. The nipples could clearly be seen through it, already half standing to attention. She was now giggling, trying to fend off the wandering hand and protesting loudly, often all three at once.

Her bottom was now pressed up against the worktop and with Peter's imposing frame in front of her she had very little space to manoeuvre in. She felt, rather than saw, his hands go up over her shoulders following the contours of her bra straps to the fiddly hooks and eyes beyond. The protests continued, and she still had the giggles.

"No, Peter, you mustn't do that. That's naughty. You mustn't...no, you really mustn't undo...oh god, that's divine...oh...oh!

Peter had succeeded in unfastening her bra and pushed it up to expose her beautiful breasts. Now they were like putty in his massive hands as he lifted them and squeezed them, poked them and prodded them with the bra material resting on the top of his hands as he did so. His cock was now like a tent pole under his trousers but there was no way he was going to let Trish see that just yet.

Trish had her eyes closed moaning gently as he was doing this and only opened them when she could no longer feel her tits being manipulated. Her bra had fallen back across the face of them with the straps still on her shoulders and the fastening panels hanging in the small of her back. She felt Peter's hands sliding over her waistline and guessed what was coming next.

"No, Peter, you're not to do that, I've told you. I've enjoyed it so far but I'm expecting company soon and you're not to...oh Peter!" she exclaimed looking down to her feet.

He had hooked his thumbs into the side of her skirt. It was a pleated one with an elasticated waistband, black and with a multitude of white polka dots and its hem rested just over her knee, except that one swift flick of the thumbs had sent it lifelessly to the floor where it splayed out round her ankles, hence her exclamation.

"Now I think that's quite far enough for one day," said Trish, but again Peter was tantalising her once more. His fingers now rested on the waistband of her black nylon half-slip, the thumbs once more in position. He slid it up and down a few inches.

"No, Peter, leave my underskirt alone please, and don't do that, you'll stretch the elastic... Peter, stop it... No, no...You mustn't." Her protests as usual went unheard and he slid it up and down a few more times. Each time he did it she would giggle and chastise him until he finally relented and withdrew his fingers.

"You mustn't do that to my underskirt," she said, waving her finger at him like a mother scolding her child. "You will spoil it you know... Now where's my skirt?"

She looked down to the floor as Peter took a step back and made a quick downward tug on each side of the material just below her waist and it dropped silently on top of the skirt.

"Peter!" she giggled. "You won't take no for an answer, will you?" He shook his head and helped her step out of the skirt and slip and remove her blouse and the now redundant bra. "So I guess that only leaves one more thing then?" She nodded to her white briefs, which already had a damp patch in the crotch. Peter's fingers went to the waistband.

"Oh well, in for a penny..." she said as they were sent southbound and she kicked them off.

Peter kissed her gently on the lips again, her tits rubbing against the front of his shirt. The bright sunlight accentuated the wisp of blond curls of her pussy, and he ran the fingers of his right hand amongst them. There was a definite dampness there and he pushed her back towards the kitchen table, but Trish stopped him.

"No, we'll go upstairs into the spare room," she said. "Abigail and I have our meals on there and it's not right that we do intimate things on it, not only that but it's hard and I might get a splinter in my bum!"

The kitchen table was a relic from a bygone age. It had belonged to Trish's grandmother and many years of people rubbing against the edge of it had caused it to wear and cause the occasional splinter.

"I could always try and remove it for you," said Peter cheekily, "Or you could get Abigail to do it do you!"

"I told you I don't want her knowing," said Trish. "Now come on."

Suddenly she seemed eager to get started and took him by the hand and led him upstairs into the little bedroom at the front over the garage. A single bed was pushed up against the wall with a plain white sheet covering the mattress and a single pillow without a pillowcase at the head. Blue curtains hung at the windows. Peter pushed her gently down onto the bed and stood before her. She reached forward and unfastened his trousers, pulling them down to his ankles, followed by his boxer shorts. His cock stood out proud in front of him and Trish gasped at the size of it fully erect. Last time she had seen it, it was only half that size.

"Impressed?" said Peter smugly.

"Not half," said Trish gazing at it with awe and wonder.

She held its shaft firmly and put her tongue to its tip. She started licking it, leaning forward to get more of it into her mouth. Peter had his hands round the back of her head, urging her onto it until she had the shaft fully inside. She sucked it greedily. Every now and again the glans would catch the back of her throat and she would gag slightly, but she was a game girl and kept going back for more. The last time she had had a man was just after her husband had walked out on her. It was more a drunken fumble at a friend's birthday party and she had instantly regretted it in the cold, grey light of the following day. Thirteen years of pent up passion and frustration was now coming to the surface from deep within as she sucked for all she was worth until with a stifled 'uummm' she took a mouthful of Peter's semen straight down the back of her throat. The suddenness of it made her retch and start coughing quite violently. Peter withdrew his cock which was still spurting forth and patted her on the back.

It took her a few minutes to regain her composure. She had swallowed a lot of his seed but the coughing action and the premature removal from her mouth caused the remainder to trickle forth over her breasts and lower body.

"Are you okay," said Peter.

"Yes, I am now," she said. "You know, it's that long since I've had a cock in my mouth that I forgot just how sudden the end result can be!"

Peter kicked off his shoes and disentangled his trousers and boxers from around his ankles. Trish positioned herself on the bed with her head on the pillow as Peter climbed onto it beside her. She parted her legs in expectation and her cunt lips were already slightly open and glistening from her secretions. He positioned himself on top of her and guided his erect cock through her wispy curls towards its goal. It went in quite easily and his buttocks began tensing and relaxing as he started pleasuring her. Peter's was the first cock to penetrate her in thirteen years and she was savouring every moment of it jerking her body in time with his, looking down her body at her boobs which were vibrating up and down with each thrust as he held her hips firmly. She lifted her gaze upwards a little and he was deep in concentration.

Gradually she could feel her body tensing. She started moaning gently as the thrusting continued. The moans gradually increasing in crescendo as the juices within built up.

"Oh, I've waited so long for this," she gasped. "Oh, any minute now I'm going to explode... Oh, bloody hell, here we go... oh, oh...OH...ARGH!" she screamed as the first organism in well over a decade overtook her. Peter exhaled too as his stream of hot spunk filled up her cunt and flowed back out onto the sheet. He withdrew and knelt astride her waiting for her to get her breath back. She lay back on the pillow, eyes closed, breathing deeply. It was nearly five minutes before her breathing had calmed enough for her to speak.

"Oh God, you don't know how long I've waited for that," she said.

"Was it worth it?" said Peter, smiling down at her.

"Worth it?" she said. "I'd do it all again if I had the energy."

"No regrets then?" said Peter, climbing off the bed.

"Definitely not!" she replied sitting up. "Thank you. Perhaps we can do it again some time."

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