The Other Amsterdam


'Only if you are; I'll leave it entirely up to you, though. This doesn't mean that I want to marry you and have your babies or anything though,' she assured as though that made me feel any less displaced and bewildered. 'Oh god,' she gushed, 'the way you described making love to me...'

'This isn't one of your cruel pranks?'

'Darling,' she cooed. 'Look into my eyes.'

I did, again. I was astounded. She meant it and she would even reassure me in so many words that she wasn't playing games with me. 'Well it's there now, out in the open, and I'm not ashamed.'

Julianne went back to her tea as though nothing had happened. I lay there watching her for a while. She must have sensed the look on my face because she wasn't even looking and I could tell she was deadly serious but now heavily anxious in waiting for response.

'That'd sort of be like going from one Amsterdam to the next, wouldn't it,' I supposed.

Disarmed, she smiled wanly, almost vacantly, and gave a single slight nod. 'From one legal high to the other...'

My heart was in my throat for much of that night's remains.


There was no telling the time. It was the middle of the night and almost pitch black in the bedroom. I lay facing my mother while she faced away. I had been asleep for two hours at the least and woke up pressed against her with one arm around her waist.

If she was serious, deadly serious, then how could I possibly refuse and live with myself. As she said, if it was legal then what was the harm? If it was an act of love between two consenting people then what was the catch?

I got up on one elbow and looked over her, rubbing her belly softly through her pyjama top, and studied the innocent beauty of her sleeping face for what I could make out. Then she stirred and opened her eyes, meeting mine when she finally accustomed to the dark.

'Are you watching over me, angel?' she asked and smiled. I nodded.


'Yes son...'

'Would you like to go to France with me?' My stomach knotted as soon as those words were out and my heart became a hopeless stammering fault.

'I would love to go to France with you,' she affirmed and then reached out to pull me in close. For the first time in my life, I felt love so intensely, as though I were drowning in it and rushing up for air all at once. I breathed a contented sigh and kissed her cheek. Then she turned around to face me, less than an inch apart.

'And I cannot wait,' she whispered before kissing me and closing her eyes again. I wondered for a while if she knew how badly I wanted to kiss with her there and then, all night, and if I would be ruining it for her if I did. Eventually though, sleep took me.


The Chateau Corneille was an exquisite house situated in the deep and beautiful countryside of Normandy, maybe with a higher class of clientele than ourselves. But what did it matter, now that we had decided to chase our spontaneously wicked dreams with all the danger and excitement of a life or death situation.

Too late for that, I thought. I had died happy in my mother's arms the night before, with the stark realisation that we weren't just best friends but now destined to be lovers. I hadn't felt such intense nervous heartache either as I did the day we showed up at the Chateau, already booked in and ready to take our rooms, from which we wouldn't emerge for several days.

As we signed the book and spoke with the receptionist, I couldn't help but feel her gaze on me, knowing very well what nobody else could possibly have known. When I met her gaze, I blushed fiercely in awe of her beauty. It seemed that the sexual creature she had always been was now showing through the motherly facade.

Bedroom eyes, I thought wondrously, and reached out to hold her hand as I escorted her up the stairs to our suite. Such a shame that the audience this story is intended for won't get the guided tour, but I do recommend it. It's just that for the first day at the chateau neither of us paid a blind bit of notice to anything other than each other.

'Well,' she said the moment we were alone. 'Now that we're here...'

My breath was caught in my throat, shallowly coming and going like the salty breeze whipping the tide of the sea. 'If we've changed our minds,' I began to say but was disarmed.

'We haven't though, have we?' she asked, more insisted, as she took off her coat and let it drop to the floor. Beneath it she wore a fine grey mini dress that showed off her long toned legs and arms, slightly pale but still remarkably youthful. I glanced up and down, feeling myself already beginning to harden and divine towards her, and then returned her gaze once more, anticipating and most of all accepting.

'No, Julianne,' I agreed. 'No we haven't.'

'Come to me,' she beckoned and accepted me with open arms. I held her firmly in my arms, my cheek to hers, and breathed in the orange and jasmine scent of her hair, murmuring as I exhaled heavily against her ear. 'Address me as your mother. I am still your mother and that's the greatest, most undeniable factor in what we're about to do together.'

My hands smoothed down the sides of her dress and rested on her slender hips before daring to reach around and to cup her buttocks, pulling her into me so that she could feel my hardness pressing against her pubic bone. And she did notice, because as one hand reached down to caress the outline of my bulging erection, the other went to my belt buckle and tugged suggestively.

'May I?' she asked so politely. I nodded, caressing against her cheek and planted a soft kiss there. 'Unzip me,' Julianne directed, responding with a kiss at the corner of my mouth. As I sought the little tag and pulled down carefully, making sure not to catch my mother's long red hair in the zip's teeth, my other hand came into contact with the smooth valley at the middle of her back and found no bra straps.

Meanwhile she had unbuckled my belt in three swift moves and unzipped the fly of my trousers, letting them fall to the floor and leaving me bulging with excitement in my sheer cotton boxers. Before I could pull her out of her dress, she had then wrestled the shirt off my back and now we stood naked before each other, all but for our underwear.

Julianne shone as light as porcelain, just as fragile and well-crafted as fine china. I took one of her hands in mine as I stood back to soak her in, and she the same almost appearing to perform a curtsy. But she was so intoxicated with the sight of me before her, and especially with the thing stretching my underwear all out of shape.

'I always knew you were a stud,' she teased. 'A thoroughbred stud, made to mate with.'

And I was so stupefied by her leanness, her intimate nakedness, like the dimples in her prominent hips, the deep setting of her collarbones and the artful slouch of her milk-white breasts -- such blushing in the red of her nipples. I wanted to dot-to-dot every freckle on her body, but she had other plans.

'Let me see it,' she pleaded, reaching out to run her fingers across my confined length. 'I want to hold it and to feel its weight. You look so full...'

I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my boxers slowly, knowing that the anticipation was killing her, and lowered them bit by bit, my stiffening cock resisting the pull. And an inch at a time, I bared my flesh to her until I sprang free and pointed up towards her trembling chin.

Her mouth fell open with a quiet gasp. Excitedly she looked up at me before tearing her eyes away to fill her gaze with my engorged manhood. And she began to voice her delight with short breathless laughs, overcome with joy.

'My lord, you are blessed, aren't you,' she observed. I took her hand again then and pulled her to me, wrapping it around my girth as far as her feather-light fingers could encircle me.

'As are you, mum, but I always knew,' I responded, pulling her into me.

She landed against my chest with another gasp. She whipped her hair free, her other hand reaching around to cup my behind as she slowly and gently began to masturbate me, more than impressed with the weighty fleshy pole now resting warmly against her wrist. I was hers, dumbstruck, lovestruck, and shivering with anticipation in her hands.

Under her intense gaze I was frozen, speechless and willing to be subjected to anything she desired, or to give her whatever she asked for. It was my belief that she would be in control, that she would let me know what she wanted, and so it was in those moments that I let her hold me and touch me, to prepare me for whatever came next.

'Touch me,' she breathed. 'I think you know where I mean.'

I didn't have to be asked twice. My hand ran down her soft belly and over the edge of her silk thong, which left so little between my hand and her intimate area that she might as well have been wearing nothing at all. Smoothly and with a deliberate swift curve I trailed two fingers down along her crotch, feeling her split in two and become suddenly hot and damp. She breathed in sharply with an approving look and then brusquely took my hand and forced it beneath her thong where my fingers, entwined with hers, came to rest on her trimmed pubic thatch.

Julianne removed her hand then and grabbed my wrist to force my hand further. The moment I felt her wet folds against my fingertips, I dipped in to sample her wet heat, swirling lightly and withdrawing to tickle her bulging clit. This was my mother, leaning weakly into me as I petted her with my fingers, teasing her feverish sex, and I knew then that we would go all the way, that the throbbing toy filling her hand would soon find its way into her and that we would join as a sexual entity and evolve into something greater together.

'You don't know how good that feels to me,' she intimated, nuzzling into my bare shoulder.

'I know how good it feels to me,' I offered and then sunk a finger in to the knuckle, so easily.

'Tell me what you want of me!'

'Ladies first, mother,' I teased so chivalrously and nibbled her ear. That earned me a louder gasp as her head lolled back and gave my lips access to her long, slender neck again.

'I want you to take me into this bed and to get these panties out of the way, and then I want us to spend all day in bed. My body is yours to do with what you like. So tell me what you want of me.'

Did I want to begin with all of the formalities, to exchange cunning linguistics with her before the big moment? Or did I want to get straight to the point and to do what we were both already dying in waiting for? I could feel with my fingers that she was ready and willing. I just needed the courage to come out and say it. So I did.

'I want to sow my seed in you,' I whispered in her ear and returned to her now shocked gaze. That was when I closed my lips over hers and truly kissed her for the first time, not as a son but as a man seeking to consummate his love for his woman. We became lost in it for a while, clinging to each other weakly at first and then inviting our tongues to play and to tease. Before long we were trapped in a lovers' embrace, sucking hungrily from each other.

I swear, kissing her was almost as mind-blowing as I imagined that the sex would be. I couldn't get enough of her plump wet lips or her agile, seductive tongue. All the while my hands couldn't get enough of her body.

'Then do it,' she clamoured, pulling away for breath, her expression twisted with sensuous, desperate need.

I picked her up into my arms and carried her to the bed, whipped aside the duvet and placed her down gently, then joined her to stir and to simmer in our combined heat.


Julianne straddled me, pinning my stiffness down flat against my belly with her pubic bone as she came down to wrap her arms around me joyously as we continued to kiss and to express our love in the little ways. Small caresses, the flirting appreciations of the human form, holding hands and swapping trivialities -- I loved the way she smiled and bit her lower lip, caught between her motherly instincts and her sexual intuition.

I reached around her hips and eased up the hip straps of her thong so that it applied pressure to her own blooming intimacies and teased, 'it must be about time for these to come off...'

'Don't let me keep you waiting to get into me,' she purred.

'I'm not the only one who can't wait, it seems.' She winked and squirmed against my surrendered member with her damp crotch, humming indulgently.

'No rush, darling,' she assured. 'I know you're nervous. I am too, a little.'

'You are?' I asked. 'Anything I can do to put us at ease.'

'You can take your sweet time when the moment comes but for now you can tell me how you feel,' she suggested and planted a quick succession of little nibbles on my lower lip.

'I feel a lot of love for you, mum,' I struggled to say, with a familiar sting behind my eyes. 'I feel that in my heart, butterflies in my stomach...'

'You too?'

I nodded affirmatively and kissed her back. 'And the anticipation of being inside you is driving me nuts!'

'Yesssss,' she hissed, the tendons in her jaw becoming taut. Then her hands took hold of both of mine at the wrists and placed them atop her breasts before she walked them slowly down her body towards the hip straps of her thong.

'I'll only regret one thing,' she said. Before I could question her Julianne made herself perfectly clear. 'I only wish we'd done this last night, last week, last month...'

'Last year?' I quizzed as I pulled her last garment of clothing over her hips and buttocks. And as she raised herself, nodding an affirmative, I pulled them down over her knees to her ankles and spun her around so that she was lying by my side and that I could throw them over the bedside.

Expertly I returned a hand to her mound and instantly slipped two fingers in shallowly, then continued to sample her hot slippery velvet inner love, much to her satisfaction.

'Well then,' I imagined, all the while gazing dreamily into her hazy eyes, 'while we're confessing more than we'd bargained for and while you're melting around me like butter...'

'Oh,' she sighed when I said that and slipped deeper into her.

'Right now I can't help but wonder if you taste as good as you smell!'

With a wet pop I withdrew both fingers so deliberately slowly and brought them to my mouth before her gaze and sucked them dry, savouring the delicacy of her arousal, then groaned my most positive testimony.


'My fucking god,' she murmured.

I leant down to her exposed ear then and whispered, 'you might want to take my word for it or you might want to find out for yourself. But you would taste so good around my cock!'

'You dirty fucking sod,' she chuckled. 'Get the fuck in me!'

'I love you, mum,' I swore. 'So much!'

'I know you do, sweetheart,' Julianne cooed as I scooted her onto her back and rested between her thighs, so close now. 'And you must remember now.'


'That I always loved you more than you ever knew; which is why I want this for you.'

'For us,' I declared and felt myself turn to slush inside when I laid eyes on her godly, divine pussy. My straining erection leading my line of sight right up to her blushing pink butterfly where she glistened with that savoury dew, I worried that I would touch her and explode upon impact. Such was my anxiety that I pressed so lightly the tip of my swollen head that I barely felt her. But by her sudden intake of air, her breathing soon becoming deep as she braced herself under me, it was clear that she was sensitive enough to feel even the slightest of movements.

She parted her lips to speak. There were no words to describe what came next, the pregnant pause between us as I took her hands in mine and slithered into her by millimetres with the pace of a snail. I searched her eyes for reassurance. Instead she gave me pride. Deeper she breathed and so did I, synchronising with her before positioning myself to lie with her and simply to exchange glances as we slid deeper together.

The ache in my heart, my belly and my loins welded together to become one white hot ball of foreboding fear and excitement. She took my cheeks in her hands and smooched me right on the lips, nodding her utmost approval.

'Can you believe it?' she asked and wiggled beneath me. I felt her inside, sloshing about, snuggling up against me with the hot silken walls of her vagina. My mother was heaven. I needed more. Slowly I began to ease back and forth, delivering my throbbing length in languid strokes. I merely nodded and became more deliberate in my hip-rolling motions.

'I can't,' my mother admitted as I glided wetly in and out of her, instantly addicted to this dark sexual side of her, not least of all her beautiful pussy. 'I can't believe this,' she repeated, biting her lip and closing her eyes. 'My son, the love of my life, filling me up; impaling me deep...'

She rolled her hips to match my thrusts, whereupon we found a rhythm and a motion that fitted best, and she began to moan -- at first in little pants, and then rising to louder breathy bursts. I was hitting her where it counted, slapping against her swollen clit as I bottomed out, spreading her wide and deep to rub against her deepest sweet spot. Soon we were fucking with lusty abandon, mother and son falling deeper in love -- joined at the hips.

When she came, she came hard. At once wracked with breathless silence, her sensuous mouth yawned wide to let out a silent scream, refusing to break eye contact with me. Then involuntarily her eyes rolled back into her head and her eyelids rolled closed before she uttered a guttural cry, tightening around my straining pole like a ball of pure muscle.

'Do not fucking stop,' she demanded, grabbing my hips to try to force-feed me harder and faster into her. I took her cue and slammed home rapidly, then alternating to a purposeful slow grind, swaying my hips to loosen her up again. 'You fucking beautiful motherfucker,' she hissed and narrowed her eyes to look up at me intensely. 'Stay in me! Stay in me! This is yours!'

I was so impossibly hard, so sensitive, and yet trapped in this vicious cycle of beautiful hell, every inch and strand of flesh and muscle burning and cramping and every sick, perverted word coming from my mother's mouth was surely the last I could take, but I kept on going, squelching and sloshing deep into her gushing sex and dying to mark her womb as my own.

It was already my own territory, ironically. A man had to give the walls of his home a fresh lick of paint once in a while, though. I was going to give her bucketfuls, hot and sticky.

'I love how wrong we are,' I blurted, to which she purred.

'Mm-hmm,' she nodded, 'the way your big virile cock plunges into me. Slow down and kiss your mommy some more.'

We made out, rocking together slowly a while, pulsating and twitching against each other more than anything. 'How's your first dip into your mother's pussy?'

'I love it,' I breathed raggedly against her cheek. 'Every time I read your stories I imagined I was with you.'

'I thought as much,' she said.

'My dream has come true.'

I could see in her eyes that I wasn't the only one. 'Speaking of coming,' Julianne hinted before initiating a stealthy roll so that now it was my mother straddling me. 'When you told me you wanted to sew your seed in me...'

Actions once more began to speak louder than words as my mother began to ride me faster and deeper. I lay transfixed and desperate for release as I watched my girth and length, slick with our combined juices spear forth beyond her pretty red triangle, being milked and massaged relentlessly within my own former birthing canal. With that thought, I surrendered absolutely as did she when she read the fear and excitement in my eyes.

She began to cry, riding me like a horse, howling like a wolf, and in between breaths she panted, 'now son, now, now...'

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