The Other Amsterdam


I bucked my hips up into her, my own mother, hoisting her up into the air while she clung to me, holding me deep, and as I spurted my come like a jet deep into her, she sucked me up and drained every drop.

I sat up, clashing with her in a frenzy of kisses. We held each other tightly, convulsing and spasming as the climaxing thunder clap wiped us out and then finally flattened us for good.


I came around ten minutes later to a familiar sensation, but only then really letting it hit me where I was and who with. Her mouth around my still semi erect cock, her slurping lips and tongue teased me back to life. And then she climbed my body to join me, wrapped up in my arms. For a while all we could do was to gaze at each other wondrously until she broke the silence.

'You were right about that...'

'What,' I asked.

'I do taste good on you.'

I laughed weakly, then, 'oh mum...'

'Yes darling.'

'I'm blown away,' I groaned.

'Was it all you ever hoped?' Julianne asked politely. 'Was I?'

'Yes to both, and more than you may ever know,' I promised. 'And we have so much more to come.'

'There's that word again,' she noted and giggled. 'You are such a beautiful, considerate lover. You deserve only the best. I'm glad we shared this.' Then she dozed a while with her face resting against my chest.

'Mum?' I breathed a little later.

Was she asleep?


'Will you ever marry again?' I asked.

'No, I don't suppose I will,' she whispered. 'I'm happy as I am. Why?'

'Because I don't care if it's wrong back home,' I concluded hazily. 'I want us to be lovers. Can we be?'

'We already are,' she said after a pause and baited breath. 'I told you, you were always the only man for me!'

I could have died happy that night. Gladly I didn't. It was the beginning of a greater love; the greatest of my life.

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by Anonymous

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by SlideNClick11/22/18

Holy shit!!!

I've had a couple friends who had similar relationships with their mums. More like pretty deep friendships than anything. Really left me wondering...

Did anybody else literally imagine Julianne Moore?more...

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