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The Other Man


Two month ago I had a unique, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was on assignment in Atlanta. I'm a management consultant and I was working there for about two months. One evening while eating dinner at a casual restaurant, I noticed a young woman across the room looking at me. She was with a man and they were visiting between looks across the room. At one point she got up and walked right next to me. She smiled. She was attractive, about 30, auburn hair, looked Irish, and a nice figure. She was wearing slacks and a blouse, appeared to be in good shape, about 5'5" tall and I would guess 120 pounds. At this point I began to get a little curious. I smiled back. Over the next 20 minutes she looked my way again several times. The man she was with left then. She began to walk my way again. When she was adjacent to me she said hello. A sweet voice and cute Irish accent I might note. I said hello back and smiled again. It looked like she wanted to say something but didn't quite know how to go about it.

I said, "Can I help you?"

She didn't respond. I asked her if she would like a seat.

She smiled and said "Yes."

After waiting a few uncomfortable moments I initiated our conversation by introducing myself and asking her name.

"Sharon," came the response.

She apologized for interrupting my meal. I noted that it was my pleasure being joined by such an attractive young woman. She smiled. I told her I noticed that she'd been looking my way. I asked her if she thought she recognized me or if I looked like someone she knew.

"No it's not that," she said.

"Well?" I said questioning.

She started slowly, "It's my husband's 35th birthday and we were thinking..., well we were exploring the possibility..., well we thought it would be fun...."

She paused again. "I'm sorry." She said. "This is hard to talk about. You see, my husband would like me to..." I looked at her and waited. Finally she said. ".. to be with another man while he watched."

Sharon breathed deeply after she had finally gotten it out. Her face was red and she looked nervous.

"Wow." I said. "What does that have to do with me."

"Well, you looked interesting." She said.

"Interesting?" I responded. "I'm flattered." I said. "So you think you might be interested in having sex with me while your husband watched? What makes you think I'm interested?"

Sharon said, "You looked nice, well groomed, professional, mature, safe, and kind of sexy." Sharon was starting to relax as by now she knew I was not outraged at her proposition and was in fact flattered. "Thank you." I responded. "And why should I be interested in you?" I questioned.

Now Sharon responded, "Aren't most men interested in an opportunity to have sex? Don't you find me attractive?" She asked. "It won't cost you anything. We'll be safe. We're not crazy or anything. If you're not interested I'm sorry I bothered you." She said.

It was fun teasing Sharon with my questions. She was cute and innocent and naïve -- and she had a very hot body.

I said, "You are very attractive and I do like sex. Let's talk." "When would this sex take place? And where? Does your husband want to participate or just watch? Do you do this often?"

Sharon responded, "No, we tried to arrange it twice but it didn't work out. This would be the first time. We could do it at our house, or somewhere else. We can do it tonight or some other night. Joel, my husband wants to watch."

We spent the next fifteen minutes telling each other about ourselves then I turned the subject back to sex.

"And what kind of sex do you like?" I asked.

Sharon hesitated briefly then said, "I like to be on top so I can control the movement, so I can watch."

"And what does your husband like?" I asked. "Or rather, what would he like to watch?" Needless to say I was getting aroused as the conversation continued, I think Sharon was to. She was getting more comfortable and had a delightful girl next door look.

"Well", Sharon said, "I think he would like to see me getting screwed hard with the man on top."

"You mean fucked in the missionary position?" I said. "And?" I questioned. "Anything else?"

"Yes." Sharon said. "I think he would love to see just about anything. Maybe he would like to see another man giving me oral sex."

"And how do you feel about that?" I asked.

"I think it could be fun." Sharon answered "Especially if the man was nice."

"Are you okay with someone cumming on your body?" I whispered. Sharon blushed and shrugged her shoulders -it seemed like something she had never thought about. "Do you give good blow jobs" I asked. "I'll do my best." Sharon answered.

"And if I want to fuck you in the ass?" I questioned.

Again Sharon blushed and grimaced, "I'll try whatever you want if you are gentle and if you do this for us." She said.

As far as I was concerned that phrase "I'll try whatever you want" cinched the deal for me. I told Sharon I was very interested but I was not sure she would be willing to go through with it. I asked Sharon to unbutton the top button on her blouse and show me the goods. She grinned and looked around nervously then unbuttoned the top button.

"And the next" I said.

Sharon hesitated. I told her it would barely uncover the top of her bra. Sharon discretely unbuttoned the next button.

"Delicious looking." I teased. I then told Sharon that to show she was serious I wanted her to go to the restroom and remove her underwear and put it in her purse then put her blouse and slacks on and return. Sharon protested that her blouse was to thin and her nipples would be too visible.

"Exactly the point." I commented. Hesitating briefly, Sharon excused herself and went to the restroom. I was wondering it she would return but sure enough, a few minutes later she returned -- no panty line under her slacks and her aroused nipples very visibly protruding through her blouse with a nice amount of exposed cleavage. I then told Sharon that I very much wanted to see her but not tonight, I wanted her and her husband to think about it some more. I told her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it to call me early next week and we'd set something up. I told her if I went through with it there would be some rules. She would have to do as I asked. I would get some time with her before her husband came in the room. No drugs, no cameras, no other people and the promise to never tell.

I asked Sharon how many other men she'd ever had sex with.

She answered, "My husband and one other years ago."

"Any children?"

"Yes, but at camp for two weeks."

Any criminal past?

"Heavens no."

I asked Sharon to tell me her measurements.

"36-26-37, C cup bra."

I then asked her to give me a phone number and an address. I gave her a card with my number. I was a little reluctant to be so forthcoming but I sensed in her case it would make her more comfortable and more likely to carry through with the plan. I told Sharon I hoped to hear from her early next week and I asked her what her favorite adult beverage was.

"Champagne." she answered.

The next Monday, Sharon called around 11 pm. She said that she and her husband Joel had thought about it all weekend and were very excited about going ahead with the plan. I told her that Friday evening would work for me and that I would arrive at her house at nine. I told her that Joel could be there when I arrived but he would have to leave or else I would. "You said you'd do whatever I want." I reminded her. "I'm going to fulfill your husband's fantasy but some of my own fantasies as well." I told her. "I can't wait to see you."

After work the next night I went to a local boutique and purchased some sexy lingerie to send to Sharon. A black low-cut lace bustier with garter straps, black satin and lace thong panties and black seamed stockings. I also purchased a shear white baby doll nightie, two bottles of champagne, a blindfold and some sex toys. I wrote Sharon a note telling her that I wanted her to wear the enclosed lingerie or exchange them for the right size if something didn't fit, with a sexy dress or skirt and blouse and have a few glasses of champagne before I got there to help her relax. I told her not to have any sex this week until our meeting on Friday, but to wear the enclosed butt plug during the day this week. Sharon was attractive and had a great figure and pleasant face. But she was shy, inexperienced with men, and had never been unfaithful to her husband. I admired her for her willingness to consider this for her husband, though I think she was looking forward to it as well. I still wasn't sure she'd go through with it in which case I would be out a $150 bucks in lingerie and sex toys. I had the lingerie, butt plug, Champaign and note delivered to her home.

I couldn't wait for Friday to arrive. I called at noon to confirm. So far so good, she still seemed nervous but anxious to go ahead with it. She had been very flattered with the gift and said they fit perfectly. Yes, she had been wearing the butt plug.

I arrived a few minutes before nine. I had a bouquet of roses and a duffel bag with a few items. Joel met me at the door and shook my hand. He looked nervous but also excited. He thanked me for coming over and said he hoped I would have a nice time. He asked about the duffel bag and I told them I had some body lotions and sex toys. Sharon greeted me in the entryway, she looked radiant. She fixed her hair and was nicely made up. She had a snug black miniskirt and semi-sheer black silk blouse. The snug sexy clothes made me realize just how nice her figure was. I greeted her with a friendly kiss on the cheek and handed her the flowers. She thanked me for coming. I asked her if she was nervous. She said yes but had had a glass of champagne to help calm her down.

She said, "Don't worry; I'm not going to back out now."

I told Sharon she looked fantastic and that she didn't need to worry, while I was in charge I had no interest in doing anything but making us both feel good. I asked Joel to put some nice music on and pour Sharon another glass of champagne before he left. I asked Sharon if she was ready to follow orders. She smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

"Great." I said and I gently embraced her and gave her a very warm full kiss on the lips. Joel watched as he walked over with the champagne. As Joel stood there I told Sharon that she was going to be my sex toy for the rest of the evening.

I said. "We are going to play a little game of "Simon Says" to see if you are ready to follow orders and go through with this."

I said "Simon says rub your breasts and pinch your nipples through your top."

Slowly at first she began to feel her own breasts. She was self conscious with a stranger giving her orders and her husband standing there -- but she complied. Next I said, "Hike up your skirt and show me your ass."

Sharon turned and hiked up her skirt. "Wow!" She had a great ass framed by the garter straps and thong panties.

I told Sharon to talk dirty to me and tell me what she wanted.

She said. "I want to have sex."

I reiterated, "Talk dirty."

Sharon responded, "I want to get fucked."

"And?" I said.

Sharon said, "I want to suck your cock." It was clear that this was not normal conversation for her but she was cooperating.

I opened my duffel bag and pulled out a blindfold. I told Sharon I was going to have a little fun with her body and that being blindfolded would heighten her senses. I told Sharon to drink the champagne that Joel had just given her. And I told Joel to put the blindfold on his wife. He seemed nervous but excited. The bulge in his slacks was obvious and his hands trembled as he placed the blindfold.

As Joel stepped away I walked up behind Sharon and pulled her tight against my body facing Joel. Her hair smelled delicious and I slowly ran my hands over her body. I watched Joel as my hands traveled first over Sharon's hips and waist then up her sides, then gently tracing over her breasts before traveling back down over her stomach and front. Reaching the bottom of her skirt hem I slowly pulled the tight skirt up. Joel was beside himself as I peeled her skirt up uncovering her stocking tops and garter straps then her panties came into view. With her skirt bunched mid-hip level my hands moved to her blouse. I unbuttoned the top button slowly then traced my finger in the valley between her breasts. Then the next button, then the next. Joel fidgeted and the bulge in his slacks was huge. Sharon made soft moaning sounds and no doubt was well aware of the hard cock being pressed against her ass.

Another button and the bustier cups were clearly visible with Sharon's tits bulging in their confines and heaving as she took deep breaths. It was clear that Joel was willing to allow this to happen.

I pulled up the blindfold and told Sharon to give her husband a good bye kiss and walk him to the door.

"Yes Simon." replied Sharon with a smile.

Joel reluctantly headed to the door after I reminded him our deal involved me having some private time with Sharon. I assured him I would be gentle and offered to let him take my wallet and keys if it would give him some comfort. Joel left and after locking the door I walked with Sharon and my duffel bag to the guest bedroom.

Once in the room I looked around and began planning. They had a large bed and a very comfortable room. I replaced the blindfold and held Sharon for a few minutes rubbing her back and shoulders and letting my hands wander. I nuzzled my mouth to her neck and began nibbling. I turned up the heat in the room and sat Sharon on a chair and told her to relax while I prepared to give her a body massage. As she sat blindfolded and obedient, I removed the covers from her bed and placed a waterproof painter's canvas under the sheet. I placed Sharon seated in the center of the bed and told her that I was going to massage her body with lotion. I told her not to worry about her clothes and that I had protected their mattress. Before Sharon could respond I kissed her on the lips and firmly placed my hand on her full breast for the first time. This will be fun I assured her. I told her that if she would like we could call Joel on his cell phone and he could listen but not come home yet.

"He'd like that." she said.

As she said the number I set the bedside speakerphone on and placed the call. When Joel answered I said, "Listen and enjoy."

I took one of the bottles of lotion from my bag. I pulled open Sharon's blouse and removed the cap and slowly poured the lotion in the valley between her breasts. A heavy stream of lotion ran down the valley. I moved the bottle back and forth pouring large amounts of lotion over her breasts both inside and outside her blouse, covering her tits with piles of lotion. Taking a second bottle of lotion I pulled the front of one bustier cup forward and filled it with lotion before letting it go, encasing Sharon's tit in a soft lotion bath with the overflow running down over her tit both inside and outside her blouse. I repeated with the other tit and Sharon moaned but didn't say anything. When the second bottle was empty I began massaging the lotion in. Her blouse and bustier were soaked, smooth and soft. I kneaded her breasts as I explored their fullness and brought her nipples to attention. They were straining and visible through her lotion soaked blouse and bustier. I laid Sharon down on her stomach and took more lotion and repeated the steps this time focusing on her ass and thighs. Again the lotion soaked in leaving her mini skirt and panties soaked and clinging to her body. She moaned contently as I massaged her thighs and ass. I removed my own clothes now. More lotion was poured on Sharon's back. A ten minute massage followed. Returning to Sharon's front, her thighs and pubic area were massaged through her clothes. Sharon's moaning increased. It was time for more. I unbuttoned the remaining blouse buttons and peeled it off taking in the sight of her breasts bulging from their confines. I next unzipped her skirt. I slowly removed it being careful not to pull down her panties or stockings. This was one fine specimen of womanhood glistening in a coat of warm lotion.

I decided it was time to get Joel's attention. I removed Sharon's panties by ripping the thin fabric on the sides. Her nicely groomed bush was beautiful. I quickly moved between her legs, wiped the lotion from my target area with a clean towel and attacked her cunt with my mouth. For the next 15 minutes I kissed and sucked on Sharon's clit and pussy lips. In a few moments she was moaning and thrashing wildly.

She moaned "It feels so good, more, more." The sounds were loud enough for Joel to hear her clearly. I didn't know if her reactions were exaggerated for Joel's benefit of if she was truly that excited.

I paused to catch my breath and retrieved a vibrator from my bag. I lifted Sharon's legs and placed the tip of the vibrator between her lotion covered ass cheeks. I turned it on and slowly worked it in her ass. She was squirming like crazy and moaning like there was no tomorrow. I suspected that she had never used a vibrator this way before.

I turned to the telephone and told Joel I had a vibrator stuffed up his wife's beautiful ass and was going to make her cum. The vibrator comfortably planted, I resumed nibbling on Sharon's clit. She continued thrashing and in only a few moments erupted in an orgasm.

I told Joel it was my turn to cum next as I climbed between Sharon's legs and placed my rock hard tool at the entrance to her hot wet cunt. As Sharon was still catching her breath I began entering her. Needless to say she was well lubricated and my six inches was quickly balls deep in her pussy. I told Joel his wife's hot cunt was being fucked by a stranger as I pummeled her in the missionary position. As I pumped in and out my hands massaged her tits and between breaths I provided Joel with a detailed description, "My big cock is now fucking your wife's cunt. She likes it. I am going to fuck the daylights out of her. Her tits feel so good. Sharon is so hot."

She was moaning about how good my big cock felt. I pull the bustier straps from her shoulders and peeled down the cups revealing her full breasts. It was heavenly. It wasn't long before I climaxed flooding Sharon's cunt while I mauled her tits. I collapsed on top of her to catch my breath and we hugged and squirmed, covered with warm lotion, as we rested.

I turned to the phone again and told Joel he should come home to watch what else I had planned for his naughty wife. I told him she was going to give me a great blow job and get fucked in every hole before the night was over. I told Joel to bring a pizza and get home if he wanted to watch rounds two and three. Joel said he'd be home soon.

I removed Sharon's blindfold and begin French kissing her while I fondled her body. We laid and cuddled giving Joel time to get a pizza and get home. I told Sharon that when Joel arrived I wanted her to be on top of me getting fucked when he came in the room. We heard Joel pull-up in the driveway. By now I was plenty hard and lay in the middle of the bed and told Sharon to climb on. Sharon was still wearing the lotion soaked stockings and bustier. She quickly mounted me sliding her soaked hot cunt on my vertical cock. As Joel entered the room I took another bottle of lotion and squirted it all over Sharon's front and began rubbing her boobs and butt. Sharon was oblivious to Joel, focusing on getting and giving sexual pleasure as she rhythmically fucked herself. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my rock hard cock which was impaled to the hilt in her love tunnel. Her lotion covered body glistened in the low light and her beautiful boobs begged to be massaged. Sharon was putting on quite a show alternating her speed and raising almost completely off my cock before slamming down. She was very vocal, moaning and grunting and every few minutes grabbed my head and smothered my face in her cleavage while she caught her breath.

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