tagLoving WivesThe Other Men In My Life Ch. 02

The Other Men In My Life Ch. 02


I was so relieved when my pregnancy and STI tests came back negative. I could finally get on with my life. But for my husband he just thought we could get on with swinging. He kept going on about his desires and sexual fantasies, telling me what happened that night in the hotel was not my fault and how it had been the most exciting night of his life.

I have to admit as we discussed that night in great detail I became extremely aroused. I felt myself getting wet as he talked about how the sales guy removed my dress, touched me and then fucked me. I remembered how I came three times, including a multiple orgasm.

So, as the weeks progressed we talked more about the experience and my husband's fantasies. I thought I knew him. I thought it was only a fantasy that had turned into an addiction to porn. How wrong I was I thought as I found myself getting more and more turned on with his wild imagination, with the ways in which he described me acting with other men.

I had to question whether or not he still loved me and more importantly if our marriage could survive such a lifestyle. Were we emotionally strong enough to cope? I guess that night with the sales guy answered most of our questions. Once I had the all clear my husband became insatiable. I had refused to let him anywhere near me up until that point, blaming him for what had happened. Of course I knew it was much my fault as my husbands, but it took a while before I could admit to myself that I had enjoyed it, let alone admit it to anybody else.

When we did resume having sex it was explosive. I was nervous at first, full of guilt for what we had done; for what I had done and I couldn't relax. But my husband insisted that nobody was to blame and that deep down I wanted it as much as he did.

I began to convince myself that he was right and this is wanted I wanted. To have sex with other men for my husband's pleasure, for our pleasure. The thought started to excite me, even alone I would think about the endless possibilities.

Sometimes my husband would grab me unexpectedly and start tearing my clothes off as he went off on one of his fantasies. The tone of his voice, the touch of his hands, his words, oh his words would hit me straight between the legs and I couldn't help but want what he was saying.

It was a three or four months after that night in the hotel, with the sales guy, when my husband sat me down and suggested we should take the next step for real. He told me he no longer wanted it to be about fantasises, and he couldn't get that night out of his head. I was nervous when he spoke, but also aroused as I confessed how I felt about it all. He had created a need inside of me, a want, a desire; a hunger that I felt must not be left to fester.

We went to bed that evening and fucked each other's brains out. There was no talk of swinging or fantasies it was just pure raw sex. We grunted like animals and when he bent me over doggy style to finish us both off I closed my eyes and imagined it was somebody else filling me with their hot seed.

However, before agreeing to sleep with another man I laid down some rules first. If I were to sleep with other men it had to be safe. My husband agreed and promised to make sure he was always in a fit state to stop any situation from going too far. I told him alcohol must not be allowed to govern our emotions, if we do this it's because we are in control. Of course some situations would inevitably involve drinking but being too drunk would be wreck less.

Being safe obviously included safe sex so the following morning I made an appointment to see my doctor and I started back on the pill. Rhys and I had been using condoms because we didn't yet want any children, and after twelve years of being on the pill I wanted to give my body a break. But if we were going to do this, I couldn't risk a condom splitting and falling pregnant.

The first step we took was to sign up to a swinger's website. Rhys had found one which thankfully wasn't the one I had signed up to when I was doing a bit of digging around on the subject. I thought about telling him but then I found myself unable to. I couldn't explain it at the time but I decided to keep it to myself, including my MSN friend, Tommy.

I hadn't been on MSN or that website since the first time I was there, and I had no intentions of doing so either, but I decided it was for the best not to let Rhys know, considering all the shit I had given him about his porn. When I had a moment alone I planned to log on and delete both Tommy and my website account.

The website we used wasn't too dissimilar to the one I had joined. Layout was pretty much the same and we were bombarded with guys and some couples requesting to be our friends and the guys didn't mess about in telling us what they wanted to do to me, especially when we put a few faceless sexy photos up.

We spoke to some of the couples and shared our experience, but this was purely about Rhys watching me with another man. He did ask if I would sleep with a woman but I told him straight that I wasn't going down that road, even if I did have the occasional fantasy. A lot of the guys seemed to get turned on by the idea of fucking me in front of Rhys and we spent several evenings touching and pleasuring each other whilst we spoke to these guys.

Eventually we found several guys I thought were suitable and we began corresponding with them for a few weeks. We spoke with two guys on the phone before agreeing to meet one of them in person. He said he was divorced and lived alone and that we were more than welcome to visit him.

We considered a hotel, paying two ways and he was up for that, but a decent hotel where we would not be thought of as a seedy couple would cost more than it was worth. My husband convinced me it would be safe so we opted to go to this other guy's house instead.

It was a Friday night in November and I remember it being very cold. The guy we agreed to meet was called Mike and he was thirty seven years old. He was a little taller than my husband from his description and he was handsome with dark hair. He had a nice body, toned but not muscular. I was ashamed to admit it but the main reason we, or rather I, had chosen him as a potential meet was all down to the naked photo he sent us of him with his hand wrapped firmly around his cock. He claimed it to be eight inches and I could see it was thick.

My husband's jealousy was about to be tested I thought, but he appeared more excited than me. Mike welcomed us into his home taking our coats and giving us a glass of wine each. He then led us into his lounge which seemed very clean and tidy, and the room smelt nice with scented candles centred on his coffee table. My husband and I sat down and Rhys smiled nodding towards the TV. I looked to the corner of the room and suddenly burst into a fit of giggles.

Appropriately or inappropriately I couldn't decide as I briefly watched two men stripping naked a young girl on the forty inch screen. I couldn't believe I had missed it on the way in, and Mike apologised for being cheesy before Rhys told him it was quite alright.

I was wearing a short red dress with matching heels and underwear. I didn't wear any stockings but Mike later commented on how impressed he was with my matching strapless lace bra and panty set.

With the room dimly lit and some porn quietly developing on the TV we knocked back a couple of glasses of red wine before Mike suggested we go upstairs. By now the porn film was in full swing and having watched some young woman having two studs fuck the hell out of her I was ready for my own bit of fun.

The three of us went upstairs into Mike's bedroom and I was impressed with the cleanliness of his home. Although we were there to fuck not inspect his hygiene levels it made me feel more comfortable.

Mike turned a bedside lamp on and jumped onto the bed. Rhys and I stood still for a moment looking at each other for directions before Mike suddenly told my husband to undress me. As Rhys followed his instruction I watched Mike as he started to undress himself, eagerly stripping off his clothes before he was naked with his legs spread stroking his big thick cock.

By the time he was naked my husband had me down to my underwear, my breasts swelling over the top of my bra as he gently caressed my body. I was tingling all over and my pussy was wet as I watched Mike playing with his rock hard cock.

He kept playing with himself as my husband groped me and removed my underwear. I could hear his ragged breathe on my neck as he stripped me for this stranger.

"Play with her tits, Rhys." Mike ordered.

My husband unclasped my bra and before it had fallen to the floor he had his hands round the front of my body cupping and squeezing my sensitive bust. I kept my eyes firmly on Mike, my gaze dancing between his eyes and his cock.

"Now feel her cunt," he demanded, "tell me how wet she is for my cock."

A soft whimper escaped my lips as his crude words seemed to echo around the room. Mike told us on the phone he had had a few experiences with cuckold couples and that he would see we got what we came for. Rhys was beside himself with excitement. He quickly slid his hands down the side of my body, gently gliding his hands over my curves and Mike groaned as he watched my husband sliding my tight panties down my smooth legs, revealing my freshly shaven pussy. Mike was now stroking his cock a little faster, and as I watched him masturbate he watched my husband finger fuck me for a few minutes before telling him to bring me over to him.

It was so erotic, and as my husband held my hand and walked me to the side of the bed I quickly slid my hand between his legs to make sure he was rock hard. He was, groaning into my ear as I squeezed his bulge through his trousers.

My husband sat me down on the bed and then went and sat in the chair that Mike had purposely put in the corner for him. Once he was seated Mike turned me so I was facing him and reached between my legs with his right hand. He groaned as soon as he felt how wet I was. I turned my head around then whispered in his ear. "I want you inside me."

I was so horny and I could tell Mike was gagging for it too. I took a hold of his cock and gently slid my hand up and down the shaft, feeling it throb in my grasp. I then looked him in the eye, ran my tongue seductively round my lips, wetting them with my saliva before lowering my head into his lap and taking as much of his cock as I could swallow. He groaned, gripped my head and forced his cock deeper down my throat. After a few minutes of sucking, slurping and stroking his juicy thick cock I was gagging to be fucked.

My husband came over to the bed reached into his pocket and took out a condom which he handed to me. "Put it on with your mouth." Mike told me.

I tore open the foil wrapper and leaned over to Mike as he grabbed my swaying breasts again. I moved back into position and placed the rubber on the end of his cock using my hands. Like a pro I squeezed the tip to get the air out and continued using my fingers until I got it past the ridge. I then placed my lips around his shaft and very slowly pushed against the rolled up condom.

I was planning to just roll the whole thing on, but—Oh. My. God—the taste! I felt like I was eating...well, a condom! I improvised by pulling away for a moment and licking his balls while I used my hand to roll the condom on a bit more. Then after I prepared myself for the taste, I put my mouth around his cock again and pushed the condom on until it was fully unrolled.

I looked at Mike once I had finished and his cheeky grin told me he was impressed. It was the first time I had ever done it. I pulled myself up onto my knees and straddled Mike as his hands rubbed my legs and groped my breasts. I leaned forward and he put his face between my breasts, licking them before sucking hard on my nipples. I sat on top of him and took his rubber clad cock in my hand, guiding him inside me.

I wanted to turn around and watch my husband, show him the pleasure on my face, but Mikes cock had stretched me so much that I just simply placed my hands on his chest and started to move my body up and down. I went slowly at first. Easing his length inside me as my pussy contracted to accommodate his size.

We fucked like this for a while, forgetting about my husband until Mike told me to bend over and face him. I got onto my hands and knees on the bed and Mike entered me from behind. I can only imagine what my face must have looked like as eight, thick solid inches of another man's cock filled my tight pussy. The lights were still on, which made me a tad self-conscious about Mike having a prime view of my rear, but I appeased that anxiety by turning my head around and making eye contact with him. We kept our eyes locked until he came. And when he did, he leaned forward so he was on top of me. I flattened my body out so I was no longer on my hands and knees. I turned back to look at my husband as Mike lunged wildly on top me, pushing me hard into the mattress as he filled the condom with his load deep inside me.

We chose not to stay in contact with Mike or with any of the others actually, as Rhys insisted on it being with a new guy every time. He didn't want to risk any guys becoming emotionally involved with me or allow me to get used to a certain guy. It may sound selfish and one sided but I agreed with my husband, after all I could have quite easily gotten used to Mike and his big cock.

For six months we continued like this, meeting like minded guys on the internet, sometimes going to their house, sometimes a hotel. Not once did we ever take a man back to our home. We both agreed it was too close for comfort. Like a drug it became addictive, meeting two guys a month for sex.

Sometimes we had drinks and a chat beforehand, other times it was straight in, get down and dirty and then back out again. It was fun, we enjoyed it. Not all meets worked out the way we hoped of course. Some guys got nervous as by now I was confident and no longer shy about fucking in front of my husband.

But like any addiction, keep doing the same thing over and over and you get used to it. Your mind gets used to it and it no longer stimulates you the way it did in the beginning.

To make matters worse, for me anyway, Rhys was promoted and sent to another office thirty miles away. This meant he spent a lot of the working week in a hotel and on weekends he was too tired to do anything. It was nice in the beginning because it meant the time we spent together was our time and "wife watching" as he loved to call it took a bit of a back seat for a while.

Although it was nice to have a break from swinging I couldn't handle having no sex at all as Rhys worked away. To cope with the boredom and sudden lack of sexual excitement I started watching porn. Ironic I know but hey, what can I say? I frequently visited the swinger's website that I was supposed to delete months ago, but I didn't plan to meet anybody I just enjoyed the cyber sex. During the time Rhys and I had been swinging I had also been corresponding with Tommy on MSN. I had no intentions of meeting him I just enjoyed the private time.

I loved teasing Tommy with all the saucy details but I don't think he actually believed me as he always asked for evidence and I didn't have any. That's another thing Rhys and I agreed on, no filming or photographing our antics.

One night during the week I was getting drunk on a bottle of wine when I decided to have a bit of fun online. I went onto the website that didn't include Rhys and started chatting to some guys. It always turned me on how quickly I could arrange to meet and fuck a complete stranger if I wanted to. But as much as I always fantasised about it I couldn't imagine doing anything without Rhys.

I was chatting to a guy for a while when Tommy popped up and asked if we could talk on MSN. I agreed and very quickly I had a hand inside my panties messaging Tommy back and forth. I had always been very straight with Tommy, telling him not to ask me to cam, speak on the phone or send photos and definitely don't ask to meet. I threatened to delete and block him if he did. I found most of the men on the web to be such pains in the arse; most of them really didn't have a clue when it came to cyber fun with genuine women.

Anyway, Tommy was good as gold and we had hours of cyber chat, fun and sex. But on this particular night I decided I needed more. I needed to up the ante so to speak.

"Do you want to go on cam?" I asked him.

"I thought you don't cam?" He replied.

"I'll only ask once!" I replied, with a smile on my face.

Once we were on cam we were both already half naked masturbating, so there wasn't much seductive foreplay to be had. I told him how impressed I was with his cock and he started to stroke it a little faster, as if he was polishing a length of pipe or something, whilst I removed my nightdress and underwear.

"Can I ask you something?" He said.

"Of course you can." I replied.

"You must be honest with me." He wrote.

"I will. I promise." I said.

"Tell me your ultimate fantasy. What do you desire sexually above everything else?" He asked.

"Honestly? I fantasise about being forced, blackmailed, made to do things I don't want to do, only to find that really I do want it." I told him.

"Do you want to be controlled?" He asked further. "Yes. In my fantasy." I said.

"Why keep it in your fantasy? Why not experience it for real?" He suggested.

By now I had two fingers deep inside my pussy and I was frantically fucking myself. As I watched Tommy stroke his cock I went into detail about the scenarios that ran through my head when I thought about my darkest fantasies. I hadn't even shared them with my husband before.

That night I came so hard talking to Tommy that our cyber fun became a regular thing. Each night after work I would log on and we would spend four or five hours talking and masturbating. It turned me on so much, masturbating live with a man I had never met before, that I became addicted and started camming with other guys. I loved the attention and compliments when I took off my clothes, bared my breasts, exposed my pussy and pleasured myself with sex toys.

Even though I had given my body to several men in front of my husband, this was different. It was exciting on a different level. It wasn't better, but it wasn't worse either, it was just ... different. I loved the notion that my body could cause such a reaction in the men I was talking and camming with. We shared fantasises and experiences, although most of the supposed experiences probably were fantasies. For some of the men I pretended to be their wives cheating on them, or I told them how I would fuck other men in front of them. The fantasies were never ending.

With Tommy it was becoming more serious however. By now we were talking on the phone as we cammed and I was slowly, without realising it or choosing to ignore it, becoming very submissive to his demands. It started off with him telling me what to wear before I turned my cam on. Then he would instruct me on what clothes to remove whilst I told him about my latest fantasy. He liked my make-up to be a certain way, stylish but slutty.

I was playing into a fantasy, one we were both participating in, and it was pushing me to the edge, the edge of reality.

Then one night Tommy challenged me to meet him after I graphically described one of submissive fantasies. I was sat in front of the computer with my feet up on the corners of the computer desk; my legs spread wide, pussy gaping as I fucked myself hard with one of my dildos. Tommy watched the whole thing on webcam. We had started off by teasing each other lightly before Tommy began asking me personal questions; I answered him truthfully and bared the darker side of my soul to him. Very quickly I was in a state of dress that no woman should be in whilst talking to a man other than her husband.

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