tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Other Side

The Other Side


We have all heard the saying before; every person has a good side and an evil side within them, well, today Jack North just switched sides.

Jack was like most other 55 year old guys, a little overweight, starting to go bald and definitely not getting enough sex for his liking. His wife Linda was not the woman she was at 20 but then neither was he; still, she did have a great figure, a sexy ass and some very nice large breasts. Their sex life over the past couple of years had died down to once or twice a month and that was only when he practically had to beg.

With Christmas approaching Jack was enjoying the sunny day to put up some Christmas lights on his modest home in the suburbs. Linda was out doing some shopping to buy presents for their nieces and nephews, unfortunately they were never able to have kids of their own.

When the ladder slipped and Jack fell to the concrete sidewalk he landed awkwardly and the back of his head hit with a sickening thud. Little did he know that today would be the first day of the 'new' Jack.

Pam, Jack's neighbour across the street happened to witness his fall and came running across as fast as her 20 year old body would allow her. Too bad Jack was unconscious as he would have loved to see her perky tits bounce as she ran to him. Pam was a newlywed and she and her husband kept to themselves other than the occasional wave.

Pam knelt down next to Jack and checked to see if was still breathing and gave a sigh of relief when he started to move and come to.

Jack opened his eyes to what he thought was an Angel and uttered his first words. "Am I dead?"

"No, silly but you really took a bad fall and banged your head. Do you want me to call you an ambulance?" Jill had a look of concern on her face and even though she didn't really know Jack she felt very sorry for him.

"Just give me a moment and let me see if anything is broken." Jack sat up on the sidewalk and moved his legs and arms around and everything seemed to be fine. He reached back and felt a huge bump on the back of his head but surprizingly he didn't have a headache. "I think I am okay but perhaps I can get you to help me into the house."

Pam reached down under Jack's armpits and helped Jack to his feet. They were face to face and Jack took the opportunity to lean forward and put his arms over Jill's shoulders pulling her into him. He could feel her tits pressing against his chest and he rested his head on her shoulder.

"Please, just give me a moment to get my balance, by the way thank you so much for coming to my rescue." Jack whispered into her ear.

Jack held Pam in a tight embrace and he could feel his cock getting harder and harder as he took in the softness of her body and the lavender smell of her long blonde hair. Poor Pam wasn't very experienced and her husband said she was very naive when it came to life. She didn't really want to be this close to Jack but he seemed to need her help after his bad fall.

"That's okay Jack, take as long as you need. You can lean on me if it helps."

My god thought Jack, this young woman is so gullible. He was really squeezing her into him now and there was no way she could not feel his hard cock. He reached down and grabbed one half of her tight little ass giving it a hard squeeze through her yoga pants and pulled her crotch even closer into him. Still she never said anything, jackpot he thought, I wonder what else I can do to her.

"Sorry Pam, I hope I wasn't too aggressive but I thought I was going to fall over. Do you think you could help me into the house? "

"Sure Jack no problem, why don't you put an arm on my shoulders and I will help you in."

Jack had his arm over Pam's shoulder and she had hers around the small of his back. He pretended to stumble a bit and reached out with his other hand and grabbed hold of her tit to balance himself. He left his hand there and Pam never said to move it or made any comments.

"One sec Pam, I am just a little dizzy. I hope I am not hurting you." They stopped after only going about five feet and Jack was putting more weight onto Pam's shoulders and really squeezing her tit now.

"It's okay Jack, take your time." Jack could feel Pam's nipple growing under his palm and he rubbed it in circular motions. Jack couldn't believe his good fortune as he could tell Pam didn't have a bra on under her light t-shirt. Finally Pam let out a little moan and he could feel her legs start to wobble.

"Okay let's try again." said Jack.

They shuffle walked towards the door with Jack continuously fondling Pam's tit. He had his head on her shoulder and was looking down at his hand playing with her tit. He reached up and pulled her t-shirt out and could see her tit and hard nipple on display. Still Pam didn't say anything. Fuck it he thought and reached under her t-shirt and placed his hand right on her bare breast.

"Oh Jack, you shouldn't be doing that." Pam didn't want to let go of Jack as she thought he really would fall and bang his head again, she didn't know what was she supposed to do.

"Please Jack don't squeeze so hard your hurting my breast."

"So, it's okay if I hold your tit?"

"Yes, just until we get you into the house."

"Tell me it's okay."

"Yes you can squeeze my breast until we get in the house." Pam said.

"No Pam it's not a breast it's a tit. Now ask me nicely to squeeze your tit."

"Please Jack I want you to squeeze my tit." Pam stuttered.

Jack couldn't believe his ears, she was going to let him play with her tit. He stopped their progress once more and moaned into her shoulder, more to get her sympathy than any real pain. Pam was really getting concerned for Jack now and thought maybe she should have called for an ambulance right away. Jack was now pinching Pam's nipple between his thumb and finger, each squeeze getting harder and harder.

"Ow Jack that really hurts, please don't do it so hard."

"Maybe I should switch tits, would that help?"

"I think so, Jack could you please squeeze my other tit now." Pam remembered to ask nicely.

Fuck this day couldn't get any better, could it?...thought Jack. He moved his hand over to Pam's other tit and grabbed hold real tight giving it a full squeeze.

Pam let out a soft moan and legs were starting to shake a little again. Her body was getting excited and there was nothing she could do about it. Pam's face was flushed and her breathing was rapid and shallow. She didn't know how much longer she could do this.

"Pam are you getting turned on by me feeling your tits? You are aren't you! I bet your panties are all wet." Jack grabbed hold of her other nipple and starting to pinch it. "Pam reach down with your hand into your pants and tell me if your panties are wet...if you don't I will."

Pam was so confused, she only wanted to help Jack and now here she was getting her breasts felt up by an almost stranger and worst of all she was enjoying it. What would her husband say if he saw her now? The thought made her think of how her husband never played with her breasts, he said there was not enough there to worry about. He never pinched her nipples like Jack was doing.

Jack gave her nipple another hard pinch. "So, are you going to check or am I?"

"Wait Jack...let me do it." Pam couldn't believe she was doing this. She reached down with her hand into her yoga pants and into her panties right down to her pussy. She was shocked she was so wet and couldn't help but give her pussy a little rub. Maybe a little longer than she thought as Jack encouraged her to keep rubbing.

"Show me your hand, let me see how wet your fingers are." Jack growled.

Pam slowly brought her hand out and immediately missed the feeling her fingers were generating. Her fingers were soaked in pussy juice.

"Let me smell them," Jack said. "Hmm, that smells so good but I bet you taste even better. Put your fingers in your mouth and suck them clean."

Pam didn't seem to have any strength to argue with Jack and just went along with the flow. This was the first time she had tasted her own juices and she found she liked the taste as she sucked and sucked.

"Fuck me, you are a horny little slut aren't you!" Jack exclaimed, "I need to feel your cunt for myself." Jack shoved his hand down inside Pam's pants and panties and hit pay dirt. "My God your cunt is shaved and soaking wet. I didn't know you were such a slut."

Pam has completely given up now and Jack can do anything he wants. She is moaning like a back alley cat as Jack rams his fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Please Jack can we go into the house now I don't want the neighbours to see us." Pam moans.

"Will you show me your tits and cunt?"

"Anything, please I can't take anymore." Pam is now leaning on Jack for support and he is steering her to the front door.

"Ask me nicely or I will take your clothes off right here."

"Please Jack take me in the house and I will show you my tits and cunt." Pam can't believe how the events have turned out but she has also never been this excited or turned on in her whole life.

"You better not be pissing around or you will be sorry," Jack said in a threatening voice.

Jack kept his hand in her pants and his fingers were still ramming in and out of her cunt as he half carried Pam along the sidewalk. She was no longer lucid and had her head resting on Jack's chest lost in the moment.

They arrived at the front door and Jack threw it open, Pam had her arms around Jack's neck and he carried her into the house with his fingers deep in her cunt and her feet in the air. He kicked the door shut with his foot and slammed Pam against the wall knocking the air out of her lungs.

"Okay slut take your t-shirt off and show me your tits."

Pam was in a dream-state as she reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She didn't wait for Jack to tell her to take her pants off and in a few moments she was naked in front of Jack with his fingers still in her cunt. Yes, she now thought of it as a cunt, not a pussy or vagina, that was too civilized.

Jack's fingers were going overtime now as he thrust them up and in with a fury or an inner anger that had been building up for the past 55 years. Pam was in a frenzy as well as her orgasm built and built, never has she been this excited and she was ready to explode.

"Yes, yes...right now Jack, oh god I'm coming so hard." Pam would have fallen to the floor had Jack not been holding her up, as it was she was starting to slide down.

Jack let her fall to her knees and pushed her up against the wall. He undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock, long and thick. He grabbed Pam's long blonde hair and pulled her face to his cock. Pam knew what he wanted and she wanted it too. Her husband didn't like oral sex so the last time she had done this was in high school; for some reason it was very important that she do a good job for Jack.

"Okay my little slut time for you to suck my cock, and don't disappoint me." Jack said.

Pam had no intention of disappointing Jack, not after he had just given her the best orgasm of her life, her cunt was still quivering. With one hand around his cock she started with licking his hairy balls and then on to his cock. God, it felt so good to be doing this again, her husband was a jackass for not letting her such his cock. She lowered her mouth over the head, twirling her tongue around and around, licking the sensitive underside of Jack's cock. His cock was perfect, not too large but still thick enough make it a chore to deep throat. Luckily Pam thought she doesn't have a gag reflex and she was working her mouth and lips closer and closer to the bottom. Grabbing the back of Jack's ass she finally forces the last of his cock down her throat, resting there and enjoying the satisfaction of taking all of him. Her head is moving faster and faster and she can't help think only a few minutes ago Jack was a complete stranger and now she is naked and sucking his cock. How did this happen and why was she enjoying being dominated like this.

"Fuck, that is the best blow job I have ever had," said Jack, "but I need to fuck your face. Fuck it hard."

Pam felt her face being pulled off Jack's cock, she didn't want to let it go and his cock popped out of her mouth. She looked up at Jack with her baby blue eyes, still watering slightly from her deep throat efforts.

"Do it Jack, fuck my face, use me."

Jack slapped his cock across Pam's cheeks, harder and harder until her face was turning red. With two hands full of blonde hair he aimed his cock at her open mouth and in one thrust he buried it deep, all the way to the bottom. She was looking up at Jack and the look of surprize was worth it. Slowly Jack would withdraw his cock to the tip and then slam it back in. Every grunt from Pam would drive him on. He was in a zone now, not thinking of her pleasure or pain, focusing on getting his cock in and out of her throat as fast as he could as his orgasm built. He was close now, so close.

Jack stopped for a moment. "Pam I am going to come in your mouth soon and I want you to swallow all my cum. I need to let you know that when I come there is a lot. And I mean a lot!"

And just like that Jack started face fucking her again like a man possessed. With a yell he started to come, shot after shot into Pam's mouth, down her throat. It was never ending and Pam couldn't keep up with all the cum, swallowing as fast as she could. She had never seen a man come that much, even in porn movies. Finally Jack was done, Pam had swallowed most of his cum and only a little bit was rolling down her chin onto her tits.

With his hands still entangled in her hair he lifted Pam to her feet. "Good job slut, not many women have been able to do that." Jack was looking into her eyes thinking of what he would do to her next. "Have you ever been fucked in your ass?"

Pam hesitated as she looked at Jack, his cock was so big and her ass was so small. Softly she said, "no Jack but if you want to try I will let you."

Pam didn't see Jack's hand come up as he slapped her across her face. "Listen bitch I am not asking for your permission, if I want to fuck your ass I will, got it!"

"Yes Jack, I'm sorry." Pam was crying now as she looked at Jack and then bowed her head down. Pam was broken now, she knew it, and she was starting to like it.

Jack reached out and fingered her cunt. "That's right slut I will do what every I want to you and your body." With that he started pinching her exposed clit between his thumb and finger, increasing the pressure until Pam couldn't keep still. His pinching was causing Pam to cry out and tears were running down her cheeks. Then just as suddenly he stopped and pulled her in for a hug.

"There, there, it's okay you didn't know. I'm in control and you are my slut, my fuck-toy, my new little whore. Did you know you were such a slut before meeting me?"

"No Jack, my husband doesn't do these things to me." Pam said. Actually her husband did very little except get himself off in the missionary position once or twice a month.

Jack grabbed Pam's hand and led her down the hall to his bedroom and threw her onto the king-size bed. Pam watched as Jack took off all his clothes until he was as naked as she was. Her eyes grew large as she watched him take his belt out of the loops on his pants and he slapped it against his palm.

"Pick a number between one and ten," Jack said. Pam knew what he was going to do and sensed he was testing her.

"Ten Jack, I pick ten."

"Get on your back and open your legs wide, no wider, pull them apart with your hands." Jack was rubbing his belt in his hands almost like he was warming it up. "Now the first one goes right to your cunt." And with that he lashed out a quick swing and the belt hit Pam's cunt full force. She screamed out at the top of her lungs but didn't let go of her legs.

"Put your legs back down the next two are on your tits." Once more Jack swung, first on the left tit and then the right tit. There was no doubt she had been whipped by the marks left behind. Every lash drew a new scream from Pam.

"Good slut, now turn over and get on all fours. No, open your legs wider, yes just like that." The next two lashes landed on both ass cheeks once more causing Pam to scream out. "I owe you five more but maybe later." Jack said.

"So you have a virgin ass, I like that." Jack grabbed each of Pam's ass cheeks and roughly pulled them apart. The pain of that action along with the recent lashes made Pam wince. Jack spit onto her little brown rosebud then pushed in a finger. "Fuck you really are tight. How do you shit out of this thing?"

"Now you have a choice I can fuck your little tight ass dry and you will be bleeding for a week or you can use your slut mouth and get it wet. What do you say?"

"Please Jack let me suck your cock and get it wet." Pam was really scared that Jack would fuck her dry and knew he would really tear her insides up. "Please, please Jack!"

"Okay lay on your back with your head hanging off the bed and I will fuck your mouth."

Pam got into position and Jack put his cock at the entrance to her mouth. He knew that he would get maximum depth like this and best of all he could watch his cock as it went down her throat. Jack fucked her throat extra hard and enjoyed how she struggled when he left it all the way in for a long time. Once he thought she had passed out but she came around quickly.

Jack was loving every minute of his domination of Pam and knew he would using her again and again in the future.

"Okay my little slut time to fuck your ass. Get back up on all fours and spread your ass cheeks for me."

Jack was enjoying the view of her shaved wet cunt and asshole as she reached back and spread herself for him. He got on the bed behind her and pushed the head of his hard cock into her ass. "Fuck me you are tight, this is really going to hurt unless you help me. Now, when I am pushing I want you to push back like you are taking a shit"

Surprisingly Pam was finding the whole experience deeply exciting. Her virgin ass was about to get the first cock in it. She did what Jack said to do and all of a sudden she could feel Jack's cock going in. The pain was still there but not as bad as she thought it would be. Not nearly as bad as the whipping she just took.

"Oh yeah that's it, my cock is in now. You like that don't you slut?"

"Yes Jack it feels so full, it hurts but it still feels good."

Jack is in a groove now as his cock is sliding in and out of Pam's tight ass. He doesn't hear the bedroom door open or his wife walk in.

"Jack!" his wife Linda says, "what are you doing?"

Jack turns to face his wife but doesn't stop fucking Pam. "What does it look like I am doing you stupid fat cow. I'm fucking our neighbour."

"Pam say hello to my wife."

"Hi Mrs. North." said Pam in an embarrassed tone.

"Tell her where my cock is Pam." gloated Jack.

"Oh, fuck. He has his cock in my tight little ass Mrs. North."

"Jack what is the meaning of this!" his wife yelled.

"Shut the fuck up woman and either get naked and join us or close the door and wait until I am finished."

Linda watched as Jack was fucking Pam's ass, she had never had a cock in her ass and could only imagine how much it was hurting her. She didn't know what to do, on one hand she was pissed and angry at Jack and on the other hand she was starting to get turned on. And most important Jack had never been this dominate before, it made her pussy wet.

Jack watched as Linda walked to the door without saying another word, fuck it he thought. As Linda got to the door she closed it but stayed in the room, slowly turning and starting to undress.

"Well don't take all day woman, get undressed and onto the bed."

Pam couldn't believe that Linda was going to join them but she knew she wouldn't want to lose a cock like Jack's either. Jack's thrusts were no longer hurting as much and her cunt was dripping like a leaky faucet.

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