tagRomanceThe Other Side of Crash Course

The Other Side of Crash Course


Author's note: this is a true story.

I never thought that I could ever want something so much or so hard, literally. I had known Ashley for about six months at the time and god did I want to make her mine. I mean I had thought about girls before, but never like this. I had seen her around campus a few times and a friend of mine introduced us one time, but I hadn't seen her for a while since then. She was the epitome of any straight guy's dream girl, and I'm totally serious. She wasn't just like hot, she was far past that. It really wasn't just a sexual thing either, I mean yeah that had a whole lot to do with it, but there was something more to it. I could just see something in her and I could just tell without even really knowing her that well, she was perfect.

We ended up getting to know each other in a weird way. One night on my way out of my house to go buy some parts for my truck, one of the idiots that I happened to call my friend stopped by. He (for one reason or another) brought his date to my house; I mean his date, what the hell kind of date is that? It's a rather shitty date if you ask me. Later on that night I found something in her, and I don't really know how to explain it, but I found something in her that I fell in love with, and I fell hard. I figured that I would never see her again, due to the fact that I knew that she and this asshole would break up due to the simple fact that he was, well an asshole! I thought that she would assume that I was just like him and think I was an asshole too.

About two months went by and not a moment had gone by without me thinking of her, wanting her, wanting to be with her. I saw her every day in the halls of school and one day, purely out of the blue, she came up to me and asked, "Hi, remember me?" Hell yeah I remembered her! I had been eating, breathing, and sleeping thoughts of Ashley for the past two months. I tried to sound calm and not seem completely desperate and not make an ass of myself, so I said, "Um yeah I remember you, so how are things going with you and Rob?" She rather quickly pointed out that they had been broken up for around two months. I felt bad for her, but at the same time I was probably the happiest I had been in god knows how long. So she asked me how I had been and in a few minutes we both somehow managed to stumble through our conversation and catch up on things. Long story short she asked me if I wanted to have some fun during the summer, and I apparently lost my cool and let on how happy I had become, but it didn't matter, so she gave me her number and told me to call her sometime.

I really didn't feel like waiting a few months to call her, so I decided to call Ashley later on that week. I asked her what she was doing that Friday night and she informed me that she had no plans, so we went out. I picked her up and met her parents briefly and then we were off. We ended up going to Bennigan's to grab a bite to eat, first off. Neither of us really even touched our food, due to the fact that we were both a little nervous and we were too busy learning every detail about each other as we possibly could. After dinner we went to the local miniature golf course and go-cart track. We had a blast there and at this point I think that we were starting to become a little more comfortable with each other. From there on we went to the movies and saw "Bruce Almighty." I don't really remember much about the movie to be perfectly honest; I was way too busy thinking about her and how I was doing on this date. What did she think of me? Did she think I was a total jackass? Did she regret giving me her number? I had no clue but all of these thoughts were racing through my mind and on top of all of that I wanted more than anything to kiss her, but I didn't know if I should.

After some time I finally got the guts to try and hold her hand. She had no objections to this, so I felt a little better. I could hardly pay any attention to the movie because aside from the fact that it was really a downer, I was still thinking about kissing her. I finally got the nerve and after like what seemed like weeks, I finally did it. I could have died then and there and had been perfectly happy, though I'm guessing she may have had a problem with that. The movie ended a short time after that. As we left, it started to rain a bit. It was only around 10:45 or so and she had until midnight. I didn't want to take her home yet, but I thought that I was doing horribly. She remarked that she didn't want to go home either, so I figured that I had to find somewhere to take her and I figured it had to be good, because I didn't want to mess this up. The best thing I could come up with was McDonald's. It had stopped raining by the time we got there and neither of us were really hungry, so we just got some milkshakes and went back to my truck. I didn't really know what to do so I put the tailgate down and offered her a seat. We sat there for a while drinking our shakes and watching the storm. It was cool as hell, because it was lightning and thundering, yet there was no rain. At some point I stopped being horribly nervous and leaned over to kiss her. It was the single most amazing kiss of my entire life. At first it was just an innocent little kiss and then after a few minutes we started to make out. It was perfect, as if it was a scene out of some movie. It wasn't just a kiss--it was like our souls were intertwining and our tongues were the source of this soul swapping. Her tongue was soft and as she let it fall into mine, I could feel my heart racing and my breathing quickening. I, for the first time in my life, felt like I was found. Even though I thought that I had made an ass out of myself that night, she told me to call her. I thought that she was just being nice, but I still gave it a shot and called her soon after.

The next time I went out with her, we went out to grab a bite to eat again and did normal date activities and afterwards we came back to my house. I don't know if I had mentioned this before but Ashley was and IS a rather frisky girl, and she decided to let me know this on that day. I didn't quite get it at first since I am a man after all and we tend to be a little slow when it comes to women (or who knows maybe I am just an idiot with women), but my point is, I didn't understand it at first. We were lying on my couch in my living room watching TV and talking and she started to tickle me and at one point she got a good grab at my crotch. I might as well mention this before I forget, but before dating Ashley, I had not done anything with a girl other than a kiss, and I mean anything! So anyway, I had a bottle of water at the time and she was determined to spill it on my pants. She made numerous advances on me and finally succeeded in spilling nearly the entire bottle of water on my pants. So I sort of freaked out (due to my lack of experience with women and the fact that I didn't know what to do). I panicked and I froze like a deer in the headlights. So I told her I would go and change my pants and I went to head for my room. She was right behind me. I had no clue what to do, but I then and there dropped my drawers and proceeded to put a dry pair on. This really wasn't what she had wanted so we resumed fooling around once I got my pants back on. We laid on my bed making out a little with an occasional grope occurring every now and then. So me being the dumbass that I am, I totally lost it and told her, "Ok I think I know what is going on here and I just don't really wanna do this right now." I mean what the hell was I thinking? I had quite possibly the most gorgeous girl that I could ever imagine in MY ROOM and she wanted to fool around with me and I said something so idiotic? I mean I had the excuse of never doing anything with a girl, but come on! I thought that this was going to be it and that I had scared her off for good.

As it would turn out, for one reason or another, I had not scared her off. In fact, she thought that it was SHE who had done the scaring, and she thought that she was being too aggressive. I simply told her that I had not done a damn thing with a girl and it sorta wigged me out somewhat. I added that I could obviously get over this problem; it was just going to take a little while. The summer continued on and it was the most badass summer that I had ever had in my life (and yes I got over my problem of being scared of fooling around with her). We went to the mall together, movies, more miniature golf, go-carts (which to this day she still kicks my ass in), horse lessons, and competitions. We also managed to have our fair share of "fun" during the summer and I went from never doing anything with a girl to doing everything except eating her out and having sex. Both of us had never had sex, but she had more experience with the other "fun" stuff than me. However, according to her I was a quick learner.

It was kind of weird doing that kind of stuff for the first time. I mean yeah I bet to most people it is really pathetic for an 18-year-old guy to never have done anything with a girl except kiss her, but that was just what happened and there was nothing I could do about it. I really lost my trust or lack of caring with people because of the fact that I moved around a lot. At this point in my life, this had been my fifth school, and I had stopped allowing myself to get attached to people because I figured that sooner or later I would move and lose that person. It was easier preventing this heartache if I didn't get attached to anyone to begin with. You see, Ashley really wasn't supposed to happen; I didn't want to fall in love with anyone, I just wanted to be alone. She changed all that and all of the hurt that had been in my life went right out the window. In some way or another, I wanted to love again and I wanted to be loved too, and for the first time in probably forever I allowed myself to trust someone.

But anyways, she made doing "stuff" really easy and at first I thought that she wasn't a virgin, but that day that I lost my mind and freaked out, she informed me that she still was, so that meant a lot of pressure was off. Even though I felt a little more confident about the whole thing, it was really hard at first. I mean just trying to get the nerve to touch her or let alone try to take any article of clothing off was a task in itself. Once I finally (sort of) got over it all, it wasn't that difficult. I never at any point during any of this had any clue what the hell I was doing, but apparently what I was doing was working good for her. She had not even the slightest problem in getting me out of my pants and she knew damn well what she was doing once she did.

When we first started dating, she didn't have a job but after a while she got one working at the local grocery store in the deli. This was kind of funny because at the opposite side of town, I was working at another grocery store as a bagboy, and we joked about being rivals, but I guess you just had to be there to see the humor. Anyway, it became more complicated to see each other as often as we would have liked. Between our jobs and the constant interference of our parents every thirty seconds, we had some trouble seeing each other for a while but nonetheless we still managed.

The most complicated issue of all was yet to come: in August she would be heading off to college and I was still stuck at high school for another year. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't fully realize how much it would suck until she actually left. The day that she was leaving, I planned on getting up at around 4 a.m. and seeing her before she left, but as my luck went, my alarm clock did not go off and I woke up five minutes before she was going to be leaving. I barely got dressed, jumped into my truck, and floored it the whole way to her house, hoping I would be able to catch her. If I didn't catch her, I figured that I would drive all the way down to the college and back, just to say goodbye. I drove at around 95 mph or so with tears streaming down my face the whole way there, which probably is a bad thing when you are doing speeds that high. She lives about three miles or so from me and I got there in about a minute and a half. I barely put my truck in park as I reached her driveway. I dove out of the truck and ran to the door of her house praying that I hadn't missed her. I just made it--she had not left yet and I could not stop crying from the second I saw her. I hadn't cried since I was a little kid and I balled like a freaking baby. You see, I hadn't been without her for more than a day and from that moment on, she was going to be 3 hours away from me (more than 300 miles). My first thought was this: who the hell knows whom she is going to find out there? I was pretty sure she could easily find anyone better than me out there, especially since she was now a college girl dating a dorky little high school kid.

The first chance I got I drove those 3 hours to see her. It wasn't the first week though, due to the fact that the students had to get settled in on their first week and visitors were not allowed. The initial plan was to go pick her up and drive all the way back to my house and have her stay with me for the weekend (without her parent's knowledge of course). I initially had problems finding her when I got to her campus, but eventually, she found me. I saw her running across the lawn towards my truck and I jumped out of it. Without even pausing to put it in park, I ran to her and hugged her with all my might as my truck rolled on past us. We got to her dorm and I hugged and kissed her with all my might. Not long after that, she gathered her things and we got in my truck and headed off. At 9:23 p.m August 30th (ironically our 3 month anniversary), a seventy-six-year-old woman driving a Chrysler Concorde at over 50 mph blew a red light and slammed into the side of my truck, sending Ashley and I spinning through the intersection. Ashley was wearing her seatbelt, and of course like the dumbass I am, I was not. Neither of us was really hurt, but we were rather sore. Everything in front of the windshield on my truck was trashed or gone and parts lay all over the intersection: glass, headlights, paint, my bumper, and lots more. I had to climb out of the window to get out, and I told her to stay in the truck for the time being because I wasn't sure yet if she was hurt and I didn't want to risk her getting hit by some idiot flying through the intersection again.

If ever you have met a guy that was obsessed with their truck I was that guy. I loved and worshipped my truck and poured every single dime that I had into it. I had tricked it out pretty well, so like I said I was obsessed. It was weird though--I didn't even think about it, like who gave a fuck about my truck? It was a big stupid piece of metal, who cares? My truck suddenly became very unimportant to me as I got my priorities straight and put all my concern into Ashley. The wreck scared us both to death, I mean if we had gone any further into that intersection, my truck probably would have been torn in half and she would have been killed--it was that bad. So picture this: we were 3 hours from home with no car. After a few minutes, the police showed up and my mangled mess of a truck was towed away to god knows where. And of course, we were left standing dazed with nowhere to go.

Lucky for us the cop that took my report for the accident was one of the nicest cops I have ever met in my life. Ashley and I sat in the back of the squad car and waited for him to wrap up the report from the other driver. Once he finished he came back and asked us if we had anywhere to go. We did not have anywhere to go and he could not take us back to her dorm because it was out of his jurisdiction, so he offered to take us to a motel. So anyway, the cop proceeded to turn on his lights and siren and floor it to the hotel like there was a fire or something, which was pretty damn cool. I don't know if you know this but you have to be like 21 to get a hotel legally, and we were both 18 at the time, so I had no idea how this was going to work. The cop came into the lobby of the Days Inn with us and asked the manager if he would mind giving us a room. The manager asked the cop if we were going to cause any problems or throw any parties and they joked about this for a few minutes, and finally he agreed to let us have a room. So we thanked the cop, got our belongings out of his car, and went up to the room.

We got to the room and we threw our stuff to the floor. We sat down on the couch and took the time to let what just happened to us sink in. "Hey would you look at that, there's only one bed!" This was rather amusing to me and I seemed to be having devilish thoughts at the time. I called my dad and let him know what had happened. Needless to say he was a little pissed off. At first he jumped my ass about it, but once I had the chance to explain what happened, he got off my case. I hung up with him and went back to making sure Ashley was ok, because she still seemed rather shaken up about the whole thing and was convinced that it was her fault. She reasoned that if I hadn't had come all that way to see her that this all would never have happened and I would still have my truck, and to tell you the truth I was so worried about her I didn't even think about my stupid truck. I finally got her to realize that it was not her fault and there was no point in worrying about it. I had planned on doing some more custom work to the truck anyhow and what better time than after a wreck?

I didn't really plan it all to go like that but nobody really can plan out everything, and having things happen like that is part of the fun—it's all up to chance and in my situation things were going pretty good even though my truck just got totaled. Ashley was ok most importantly and so was I; I didn't care about my truck. After all, I could have lost her that night and things could have been much, much worse. Since we were both fine and we were completely surging with adrenaline, it occurred to us that we had an entire hotel room all to ourselves. We had had opportunities to be alone before, but it was never this alone. In that hotel room, nobody could bother us, interrupt us, or walk in on us which was a rather interesting thought. I mean before I totally go into it, think about it, how freaking perfect was the situation? It may sound like some perfect Cinderella story or some other kind of fairytale, but this really happened, I'm not making this shit up.

We didn't completely jump straight into it obviously, I mean we were still really nervous about it all and I honestly don't think that we had any intentions of going "all the way" but like I said, we can't really plan out every detail in life. We started talking and hugging each other and stuff, just being glad to be together and being glad that we hadn't been hurt. We started kissing a little bit and it didn't take long before we started kissing more and more passionately as time went on. At this point we both were getting a little into it and our hearts began to race. I moved my hand down the length of her body, and caressed every curve on my way down. At this point she was already working on getting me out of my shirt and I had to play catch-up and I began struggling to get hers off. After some much needed assistance, I got it off. She began to work her way down my body to get my pants off and after I had done likewise, we were stripped down to basically everything but our underwear. We then took care of that and after I had fidgeted with her bra (with some luck managing to get it off), we fell to the king-size bed.

As we lay beside one another, I began to work my hand down to her pussy and lightly stroked her clit. I knew that this was driving her mad and as much as I liked to tease her, I wasn't going to make her suffer any longer. I dove a couple of fingers into her pussy and began wildly fingering the hell out of her. At this point she had become rather wet and this showed as my hand became coated as I sawed my fingers in and out of her. She was rather busy herself at the time stroking and caressing my cock, and with every motion of her hand I had to fight the urge to cum all over myself. To keep myself from getting to that point of no return, I moved down on her and started to lightly lick her breasts, moving my tongue in circles over her nipples, driving her mad with each and every lick. With each flick of my tongue I never lost eye contact with her as I stared up at her with my devilish grin.

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