tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Other Side of Destiny Ch. 1

The Other Side of Destiny Ch. 1


Beyonce stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. Once again she, along with her band mates, Kelly and Michelle, was on the road. It was no surprise that her love life was nonexistent. She was never at home long enough to date. She didn’t mind that, because she loved singing and understood that relationships had to be sacrificed. The only problem with that was she was horny.

‘I wish I could just find someone to chill with, well, maybe do a little more. I’m a hot girl, it shouldn’t be this hard.’ She sighed. Beyonce kept staring at her face while thinking of her prospects. ‘There is Sisqo, but he is too short, I mean he barely reaches my chest, plus I think he likes guys as much as I do. D’Angelo, too short; Mos Def, he’s nice but doesn’t really do it for me.’ She continued down her mental list: Usher, Tyrese, Justin, JC...etc., but rejected them all for one reason or another. The only guy who even appealed to her slightly was Nelly. Beyonce thought ‘Hmmm, Nelly is cute, he likes me, no wait, he worships me and we are on tour together ... maybe I should give him a little more attention. That decided she left the bathroom and got into the top bunk.

Beyonce was on the edge of sleep when she thought she heard a moan. She held her breath and listened for the sound to come again. It was coming from the bunk underneath her, Kelly’s bunk. ‘ I wonder what she’s doing down there?’ thought Beyonce. She quickly got the idea after she heard another muffled groan. ‘Damn, she must be taking of her business down there!’ Beyonce lay there listening to Kelly’s moans. She started moving her legs under her silk sheets. Beyonce smiled, she knew how to take her of her little problem now.

Beyonce rolled over onto her back and pulled her T-shirt off. She moved her hands slowly up her flat stomach until they cupped her breasts. She took the thumbs of both hands and began rubbing, pulling and twisting her nipples. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling and the sounds coming from the bottom bunk.

‘Yeah, Hmmm, so good’ Kelly groaned.

Beyonce took her hands off her breasts and moved them down her stomach then her large golden brown thighs to her red silk thong. She touched it and it was soaking wet. She grabbed the waistband and lifted her hips, pulling the thong to her knees then kicked it off. The silk sheets felt so cool against her shaved pussy. She shivered and bent her knees and spread her legs as wide as possible. She could hear Kelly’s groans getting louder. She moved her right hand down and gently rubbed her clit. It was so slippery and her finger was so cold that when she touched it she gasped.

Beyonce began flicking her clit, making her pant. She was so turned on by the moaning and the wet, squishy sounds of Kelly’s fingers going in and out of her pussy . Beyonce took two fingers and stuffed them in her pussy. She loved the way it filled her up. She started pumping them in and out and moving them in a circle. She slid her other hand to her nipples and started pulling and pinching them again. The sensations caused Beyonce to let out a moan, a loud moan.

The noises in the bottom bunk stopped, and so did Beyonce. She held her breath; she wasn’t sure Kelly had heard her so she didn’t know what to do. She started rubbing her clit again slowly when she didn’t hear any questions. Beyonce whispered ‘Kelly, you gave me a private show, so I think I should return the favor.’ So she leaned back and groaned again. This time she was sure Kelly heard her because she heard a little gasp. Beyonce didn’t care. She just kept moving her fingers around. She started humping her two fingers again and took her other hand and began to rub her clit. This caused her to moan even louder. Then she heard Kelly’s moans start again, this time not muffled. Beyonce started pumping her fingers harder and thrusting her hips. She heard Kelly moan ‘ Oh God, yeah, oh yeah’ and knew she had come. Beyonce kept rubbing her clit until she came too.

Beyonce laid on her back with a smile on her face. She knew that she and Kelly would have to talk about what happened, just not now. She was too tired. So she rolled over and fell asleep.

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