tagLoving WivesThe Other Side Of The Story

The Other Side Of The Story


- A sequel to the "Betrayed By My Wife!" -

I must be, without doubt, the luckiest girl in the world. Despite living in the country and having recently moved into the city I remained a virgin until I married Henry. We had courted in the most proper manner and after our engagement we petted to quite a depth but avoided sexual intercourse. Mind you, we played with each other and reached some wonderful climaxes but left the actual sex until the marriage bed.

We were probably a perfect couple because of our compatibility. Everything I asked of Henry was done immediately - nothing was too much trouble. I was spoilt rotten but I loved every minute with Henry and loved him dearly.

When we were married we had to leave my flatmate, Dell, behind and I was sorry about this because the two of us had grown fond of each other. I was very inexperienced at living in the city and Dell had helped me learn all the tricks of the trade. Dell was very protective of me and watched me like a hawk. Dell even checked up on Henry after she had met him the first time.

Everything began to collapse around me when I stupidly listened to Colleen, the manager of our store, instead of using my own judgment! Of course I didn't realize it then but looking back that was the beginning of the end of our marriage.

Colleen was the type of girl who chased after men and bragged about how many lovers she has had. She also described in detail just how exciting it was to be fucked by different men because they all did things differently and that was where the excitement came in. The more I listened to Colleen the more excited I became thinking about the possibility of fucking another man. Certainly I was totally happy with Henry and didn't want to do anything which would hurt him but, as Colleen said, "Henry will understand when you tell him you love only him and just want to try one other man so you will be able to experience the differences. He will let you do it and it will make your marriage stronger!" Stupidly I thought this made sense.

Henry and I were lying in bed after making love when I decided to ask him to let me fuck another man! I looked him in the eye, still panting from our wonderful lovemaking, and told him, "Darling, I would like to make love to another man!" Poor Henry, he looked as if he had been hit by a truck! I tried to explain what Colleen had told me and he just wouldn't accept any explanation for something which he called absolutely stupid! Nothing I said made any sense to him. We rolled over and I went to sleep although I am sure Henry didn't sleep at all that night.

I realized the only way to get him to agree was to wear him down so I kept on and on, asking him to let me fuck another man! He lectured me on every possible thing which could go wrong from me leaving him for the other man to catching diseases but I just wouldn't listen to a word!

Henry was so concerned he even called to see Colleen and they had a bit of a fight but although they left on reasonable terms she didn't convince him to let me go with another man. Next Henry called Dell and asked her to talk some sense into me. I agreed to meet Dell but we only ended up fighting and she guessed the friendship was over. I accused Henry of all sorts of nasty things by going behind my back to Dell.

Colleen eventually contacted a man she said would be ideal for me! She had used him on lots of occasions and could recommend him to me. She made the necessary contact arrangements and I spoke to him on the telephone. He agreed to come to our house and make love to me next Friday night! Now I had to tell Henry and see what he might do about it!

I suppose I could guess how Henry would react! He was furious and disgusted with me when I told him this man, Will, would be coming to our home to fuck me! That seemed to be the last straw and although he didn't display any harmful aggression at me, he certainly wasn't going to give me permission and that was that.

I tried to involve Henry in my preparation for Will. First I attempted to make love with Henry on the night before Will but he certainly didn't want to participate but eventually I managed to get his lovely cock inside me but he still didn't do anything - he just lay there and let me do all the work. This was the first time I hadn't been able to stir him into action with sex. Anyway, I asked Henry to help me get ready for Will and after I had enjoyed a wonderful cleansing shower and stood naked in the doorway of the bathroom waiting for Henry to melt at the sight of my naked body he just didn't react. I asked him to shave my pubic hair off so that I would look my best for Will. That must have been the end for Henry! He refused point blank and, as I had no experience at shaving my pubic hair (I had never done this before) I didn't want to do this by myself. I decided to ring Colleen to help me.

Colleen arrived armed with her shaving equipment and proceeded to shave me completely - including my underarms and pubic hair. Afterwards she rubbed oils into my body and made me more beautiful for Will. Henry and Colleen had a fight and as soon as Colleen had finished she left us! I tried to get Henry to help me choose my clothes for Will but again he refused, all the time asking me to stop this foolishness! I really thought Henry would give in and let me go ahead with my idea but he just wasn't likely to give in. I asked Henry if I should greet Will in a negligee or should I be fully dressed?

I had just about decided to wear a very short black mini-skirt when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and was surprised to find Colleen standing there. She came inside and asked me if I would like her to fuck Henry while I was fucking Will because she didn't want him to disturb us! Henry blew his stack and threw her out of our house. He physically pushed her out the front door where she fell over backwards on the porch.

At exactly 7pm, the time agreed upon, the doorbell rang again. I headed to the door and greeted Will, a wonderful, attractive 6ft black man! I had purposely avoided telling Henry that Will was black - I thought that might be a bit much for him. I now tried to introduce Will to Henry and, being the gentleman he is, he didn't attempt to punch Will but merely nodded at him. I moved over to Will and began kissing him and hugging him.

Will's large hands were exploring my body and my excitement level was rising very rapidly. He felt up my breasts and it felt wonderful. Soon after he slipped the spaghetti straps of my dress down over my shoulders and exposed my breasts. I hadn't worn a bra or panties so my dress was my only covering. Soon after my dress slipped down my hips and fell in a heap at my feet. I was now naked in front of my new man. We continued to kiss and he felt me up both on my breasts and my cunt and he also kissed my nipples - I was at a peak of excitement. I eventually pushed my hand down the front of his jean until I found his cock! Boy, what a cock it was! Very large and stiff. Henry tried in vain to stop us but I don't think anything would have stopped me at that stage. I quickly removed Will's clothes and we were naked!

I took Will into our bedroom and allowed him to make love to me! He kissed me all over my body and eventually he had his mouth over my cunt and was licking me and sucking my clit until I came with a shudder! Will moved over my body, I parted my legs and Will pushed his huge cock into my cunt! He fucked me with long leisurely strokes and I came several times waiting for him to cum in me! Soon he began to hold me tighter and I swung my legs around his body and held him tightly while he pumped his load deep into my hole! This was all Colleen had told me - this was an experience not to be missed ever!

Next he positioned me on my hands and knees and again entered my cunt. He was certainly a very virile man. He seemed to be able to get deeper into me and this felt absolutely wonderful as he pumped his second load into my cunt! Henry had been watching from the doorway of the bedroom but now he wasn't standing there. Will just loved sex because he moved around to my head and pushed his hard cock into my mouth. There is no other word for it - he just fucked my mouth and I was quite surprised when he came in my mouth and I just swallowed his load.

I could hear Henry moving about in our spare room and then re re-emerged into the bedroom carrying a suitcase! He walked around our bedroom gathering his clothes from our wardrobe and all of his underwear from the drawers and piled this into the suitcase. All this time I was stroking Will's cock and gradually it became hard again so I asked Will to fuck me once more before he left. Will gladly obliged and he was in me pumping away giving me the most glorious feelings as I came and came!

Henry stood in the doorway of the bedroom holding his suitcase. He told me our marriage was over! He told me he loved me from the moment he first met me until yesterday when I made known I was going to fuck Will. He told me his lawyer would be in touch and then he walked out the door. I was dumbstruck! I certainly didn't expect him to move out much less say our marriage was over. I tried to participate when Will fucked my again but there was nothing there - I had made a very bad mistake!

I had no idea where Henry had gone. He could have booked into any number of motels for the night but I was sure he would be back tomorrow and would forgive me because I knew he loved me! When he didn't return home the next day, I began ringing around the many motels but most of them wouldn't acknowledge whether he was staying there or not. I wouldn't be able to go to every motel and watch. I tried ringing him at his office but his secretary, Julie, acted as a barrier and I wasn't able to get passed her! She kept telling me he wasn't there and I could tell from her voice she was lying! I tried visiting his work but someone must have seen me drive up because they locked the front door and I couldn't get anyone to answer it!

Fear began to turn to terror! What had I done? It was meant to be a night of experimenting with another man - now it had turned into a nightmare. I kept ringing his office. He is the owner of the business and all of my calls were blocked by Julie. I didn't hate Julie - I knew she was just doing her job! It was me who was the idiot in all of this - I had just underestimated the control I thought I had over my husband!

Eventually I had to give up trying to contact Henry. Depression had started to set in and now I didn't want to talk to anyone. I stayed away from my work for so long I was eventually served my notice and now I didn't have a job! All of this because I was stupid enough to listen to foolish advice!

At last I did meet up with one of Henry's senior staff members and although he wasn't comfortable talking to me, he did tell me Henry had gone away on a holiday and that he had told all of the staff our marriage was over.

Next came a procession of letters from Henry's lawyers. There were the preliminary papers for the divorce, the numerous statements which had to be signed and eventually the actual divorce papers! Now it was final (except for the waiting period) Henry had divorced me. Perhaps he was distressed too but I began to finally realize just what I had thrown away through my stupidity.

The divorce wouldn't become final for some time but I just didn't care anymore! I now didn't care what I looked like. I didn't go to the beauty salon any more. I didn't eat proper meals and worst of all I still loved Henry and just couldn't get that out of my head. Eventually I learned from one of my former friends (I had just stopped seeing anyone now) when I had to go to the supermarket, that Henry had found a very attractive lady with whom he shared a home. They were very much in love and, although they weren't in any rush, they intended marrying in a year or two.

This was the final straw - now I had lost him forever. I had reached a low in my life I just couldn't get away from. I even tried swallowing a bottle full of tablets with a bottle of whisky but only made myself dreadfully sick and ended up in hospital. They kept me in the hospital for about 3 weeks while they nursed me back to physical as well as mental health but I was a very bad patient and wouldn't co-operate with them at all. All this time I was in hospital I hoped Henry would come and visit me and take me back again, but that never happened.

At long last after many months of agony and stress, my body gave up! I collapsed in the street one day whilst shopping. I had lost our home - I couldn't keep up the payments and now I lived in a one roomed apartment in a very seedy part of the city. I had sunk to the depths of despair. My collapse landed me in hospital again but this time I was transferred to a psychiatric hospital where they diagnosed me with severe depression. I was kept in this hospital for 4 months while they treated me and eventually believed they had cured me of my troubles.

When I was released I moved away from the city - I found a room in a small town in the country where I eventually found work as a shop assistant. I hated my existence but realized I had brought it all on myself and although I still loved Henry, I knew there was no hope of ever being with him again.

Ten years have now passed since I spent my evening with Will! I am now a very lonely woman, still living in my little room by myself and never meeting with other people except for those in the shop where I worked. I regretted my stubbornness in pushing Henry too far, and I hated myself for being such a stupid idiot. Above all else I have now forgiven Henry for leaving me - I now wish him every happiness with his chosen woman. I wonder if he every thinks of me! I hope so!

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