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The Others


Author's Note: My contribution for the Halloween 2003 Contest was not inspired by Ghosts or Ghouls or Vampires. Instead it was inspired by people. People who look like you and I do, but who live with their own 'demons', their other selves. Thank you for taking the time to read it and I look forward to your votes and thoughts.


It was Lisa's fault, it really was. Perhaps not directly, but it all started when she saw the invitation to the Halloween party and heard Karen talking to me over coffee about it. None of us liked Karen very much. She was strange, and now this request to celebrate the Witches New Year confirmed it.

"The Witches New Year?" I was horrified. She was weirder than I thought.

"Shannon, to most people, Halloween is a fun holiday to dress up and eat candy. Well I like to eat candy on Halloween, but we consider it to be a very important holiday in a more spiritual sense as well."

I stared at her as she rambled on about how the proper name for the occasion was Samhain, pronounced 'Sow-een.' She reiterated this like it was supposed to mean something to me. I shrugged as she continued her tirade. Seemingly, she believed this Sow-een signified the end of summer and the third and last of the harvest festivals when the crops were in and everyone could relax and prepare for the long winter ahead. It might have been my imagination but her eyes seemed to take on a glassy stare as she enthused about how it was also a time to reflect on the events of the past year, and to remember those who had passed away.

"It's the time of the year when both good and evil spirits travel from this world to the next," she said dropping her voice in reverence. "People dress up in costumes, to scare off the bad spirits and the idea of playing tricks is not sinister or malicious it's just a way of having some fun before the cold winter sets in." The look on my face just have spoken volumes, because she smiled brightly as though trying to convince me, "And the gathering of treats was originally done to provide offerings to the Gods, in thanks for the harvest."

A small shiver shot up my spine chilling me to the bone. It was amazing how you could work with someone for years and not really know them. She had always been a bit strange but now this, this confirmed it.

"What's going on Karen, you into witchcraft or something?" I asked suspiciously.

Karen laughed. "Oh relax Shannon! Wicca is an earth religion -- a re-linking with the life-force of nature, both on this planet and in the stars and space beyond. There is nothing satanic about any aspects of Wicca, or Paganism. We don't celebrate black masses, conduct sacrifices or cast hexes on Halloween, or any other day for that matter. Now will you be there? It's a party, for Christ sake, just a Halloween party."

"I'll think about it, but I'm not dancing around fires in the moonlight."

"Nor am I," she said winking naughtily. "I'm coming out of the broom closet and I plan to have some fun."

I avoided Karen for the next few days. No way, was I going to that party.

But Lisa wouldn't let up nagging me about it and by the time Halloween rolled around she seemed almost obsessed by the idea.

"It sounds like a blast Shannon, go and have some fun tonight. It's a perfect opportunity with that fucking boring fiancée of yours out of town for a week."

"Lisa don't you dare talk about Dave like that," I hissed crossly, "he's a wonderful man."

"Oh shit, yes he is, but for someone else. You're only thirty for fucks sake. He behaves like you've been married for thirty fucking years."

I hated it when Lisa got started on me. It just made me plain angry. She was critical and sarcastic with a tongue like a viper and a vocabulary that could make a gutter whore blush. I'd never met a nineteen year old girl before who had such a filthy mouth.

A dull ache throbbed at the back of my head as I bickered with her. It was pointless, she always won arguments. Not because she was rational or logical but because she was emotional and highly spirited. She always wanted her own way, like a petulant spoilt child and come hell or high heaven she didn't give up until she got exactly what she wanted. Lisa hadn't been this arrogant or bitchy in a long time but I think it was all the talk of spirits and her fascination with the occult that did it. Her period was close and somehow her hormones kept her in a state of highly charged sexual tension and anxiety during this time. Sometimes, I swear I could actually smell the heated pheromones she exuded and the sexy vibes oozing from her pores.

No matter how hard I protested, she wouldn't quit.

"Well if you want to be a fucking party pooper, then maybe I should go," she goaded. "There might be some horny devils there, you know, some hunky fuck boys."

The dull throb had changed to a relentless hammering in my skull. I didn't see her face, but I knew that it would have taken on that sultry evil expression that it always does when she gets hot and thinks about sex.

"And I could do with some good hard cock I haven't been fucked in a while," she continued, confirming my worst suspicions.

"No! Stop it! You're not going anywhere. You weren't invited," I retorted hotly.

"Who the fuck will know?" She sneered. "I'll wear a costume that shows off my pussy and tits. That should get the guys hard and no-one will give a shit where dreary old Shannon is." Lisa tossed her silky blonde tresses back and slammed the door hard.

From far off I heard Amy let out a frightened shriek. She was six years old and very sensitive to noise and arguing. It always made her sob uncontrollably.

"Dammit Lisa, I hate you. Now you've woken Amy!"

"Yeah so tell someone who gives a fuck," Lisa screamed back. "I'm getting out of here."

The splitting pain streaked through my skull and hit me between the eyes. I needed to get to Amy to comfort her before that crying drove me insane.


The wind gusted, swirling leaves up against Lisa's legs as she pushed open the door to the costume hire store. She adored being outside and the crisp weather made her feel exhilarated and alive.

"Anything I can help you with?"

Lisa let her blue eyes rove over the tall store assistant. He was clad in a black Zorro costume, with an attached cape and boots. An eye mask and hat completed his outfit. She smiled sultrily at him. It was a little gimmicky, but he looked sinister and sexy and it excited the hell out of her.

"I see you're already into the swing of things," she remarked. "Show me what you have left for a girl like me."

"A girl like you," he said appraising the luscious curves of the honey blonde woman standing before him. He was a little puzzled; despite her conservative dress there was something cocky, blatantly sexual about her. He could see it in the way she moved and stood. Her hands on her hips with her pelvis thrust forward and the way her eyes sparkled and held his. This was no Snow White or Sabrina, the friendly witch. No this was definitely one of the variations of the slut Halloween costumes. He led her directly to them. "I think you might find something suitable here," he said, brushing her arm softly with his hand as he pointed to the outfits.

Lisa's eyes lit up and glinted with excitement as they fell on the array of masks, wigs and vibrant costumes. There were two that immediately caught her attention, but she only took one and slipped into the dressing room to try it on. What was the point of having a store assistant if you didn't have him assist?

The high collared red dress with the plunging neckline hugged her body like a glove and fell sleekly over her hips down to her ankles. She examined her form from every angle in the mirrored room while she extended her shapely leg through the daring slit in the front of the dress. Being Lady Brimstone made her feel decadently evil.

"But how evil is evil?" she said softly giggling to herself as she adjusted the red horns on the top of her head and caressed the pitchfork prop that accompanied the costume. It was time to play.

"Zorro, Zorro, I need your help please," she called from the dressing room.

He appeared and stared with open admiration at the transformation.

"You look stunning," he gasped.

Lisa ran her hands seductively over the dress and fixed her eyes on him.

" I don't think I should wear panties with this, the panty line spoils the effect. What do you say?"

He didn't say a word but she watched his eyes widen through the gash in his mask as she reached between the slit of her dress and hooked her fingers into her panties peeling them off. She hiked the dress up so he could get a glimpse of the shortly trimmed triangle of her blonde bush.

"Shit," he hissed between his teeth as he felt his cock jerk in the tight confines of his black jeans. "Uhh I better get back to the front of the store. The boss will be looking for me."

"You can't go anywhere with your sword pointing like that," Lisa teased, reaching to caress his bulge through the taut fabric.

He froze. His head told him to get the hell out of there and keep his job, while his cock responded to her insistent touch. "I have to go," he croaked.

"No not yet, wait," she gasped ripping at the zipper and freeing his throbbing cock. Let's fuck. Just a quickie please."

He watched her drop to her knees and suck his cock into her mouth. Her eyes had taken on a wild wanton look and her lips worked frantically drawing his mushroom head into the warmth of her soft mouth. Her tongue flicked teasingly over the tip and he stifled a gasp as she tried to take his entire length into her throat.

"Oh Jesus," he groaned softly. Her tongue was merciless. He wouldn't last long.

She pulled her mouth away from him and grabbed the high legged chair that was in the corner of the dressing room. She bent over it and pulled the dress high up, exposing the cheeks of her ass and her slick pussy to him.

"Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, doggy style. Come on do it!" She whispered harshly.

His cock throbbed as he eased the head in between her pussy lips. She was moist and surprisingly tight. He pressed forward and sunk his entire shaft into her.

'Oh God yessss," she hissed softly looking at herself in the mirror. She could see him still fully clothed and masked behind her, but she felt his hard naked cock driving into her. Her breasts hung out of the red dress and jiggled with every plunge of his cock into her pussy. Watching herself being fucked by a total stranger made her feel wicked, diabolically evil and she moved her body to meet each of his deep penetrating thrusts.

"Fuck, I'm gonna come," he whispered urgently.

She squirmed and writhed beneath him, flexing the walls of her pussy around him. "Yes do it, come inside my cunt, do it!"

He exploded, shuddering as long spurts of his cum splashed deep inside her. As soon as he withdrew from her, her lips and mouth were on him again. Hungrily sucking, lapping up the last drops of his seed.

"Christ, I'm sorry, it was so quick and you didn't come, but you were just so hot I couldn't control myself," he said feeling a little awkward. He pulled up his zipper and straightened his belt.

She licked her lips lasciviously. "That's okay, you got me nicely juiced for the party, now be a good boy and wrap up the sexy Dark Fairy costume hanging outside for me."

He laughed nervously. The woman was weird, no question about that. "So you're not taking the Lady Brimstone costume after all?"

"Dark Fairy is sexier and shorter, easier access to you-know-where," Lisa replied with a sultry wink.

"Yes Ma'am," Zorro said backing out quickly. "Uh please don't stain the red dress when you take it off." He disappeared smartly, not trusting his sword that was beginning to perk up again, nor the bizarre behavior of the strange woman in the dressing room.


There was no sign of Shannon, so Lisa danced out from her bedroom into the kitchen through the white double doors. She swirled and pirouetted in her black gathered satin bustier with the soft delicate wings attached to the back, the almost sheer mini skirt and black fishnet stockings. She tangoed past the refrigerator humming something dramatic from an opera that Shannon and Dave had attended a while back –she didn't know the name of the piece, but the melody had suddenly come to mind. She gave her hips an electric shimmy and admired her reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror that covered the kitchen's far wall. She was thrilled at the sight of the woman who stared back at her. Her makeup had been applied with a skill that astonished her and the black shoulder length wig concealed every strand of her honey blonde hair, making her look intriguingly mysterious. Tonight she was not Lisa; tonight she was the Dark Fairy, all darkly sexual, decadent and evil. She flayed and fluttered her arms about and reached left - - right- - left. On the second left, something flashed under the bright kitchen light, then disappeared into her purse.

Lisa spun, kicking up her leg with a grace that would have shamed many a chorus girl and tangoed back out the way she had come, still humming. She grabbed her coat before slipping out of the front door and heading towards Karen's house. It was a short walk, two blocks away from her house. On the kitchen counter, a single empty slot in the knife block marked her passage. Bottom right slot – one of the medium sized ones. Instead of fourteen knives, there were now unlucky thirteen.

The heels of Lisa's shoes clattered on the pavement. The wind was chilly but the sky was clear. She was way past the age of trick-or-treating but she was caught up in the spooky atmosphere of Halloween and she soaked it up as the moon lighted her path towards the party. She smiled at the excitement of the children masquerading as devils, ghosts and Dracula, bounding through the neighborhood, going from door to door shouting "Trick or Treat." A few stopped her and she dug into her purse to give them some candy.


The blast of music and laughter assaulted her ears as she stepped onto the porch lit by pumpkin lanterns. The party was in full swing and the cloying heat of bodies crammed together in the large room greeted her as she stepped inside. She shrugged off her coat and let her eyes adjust to her surrounds. A low wolf whistle caught her ear.

"Great outfit babe."

"Yeah you look hot!"

She smiled into the wall of testosterone that hit her. Two guys lounged against the bar, sipping their drinks. One blew smoke rings as he watched her through narrow eyes. Lisa opened her mouth to reply when Karen appeared, intent on greeting all her guests. She stared at Lisa with a mixture of awe and disbelief.

"My God, is that you Shannon?"

"No I'm not Shannon; I'm Lisa," she replied brightly, "Lisa the Dark Fairy."

Karen took another sip of her drink, a potent combination of red burgundy wine mixed with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and sugar. It was known as Hippocras' Aphrodisiac. She was on her fourth glass and a little tipsy, but she couldn't get over Shannon's makeover. Even her voice sounded different. It had taken on a husky timbre to go with the costume.

"Ahh I get it, incognito," she winked, "Well glad you came anyway."

"So it's Lisa then?" A deep masculine voice said as she grabbed a glass of wine from a passing tray.

The voice belonged to a well built dark haired man dressed in a black cassock type jacket with an attached white collar. His long legs were covered in dark trousers and a small gold cross hung from a chain around his neck.

"Yeah it is," she threw him a flirtatious look. "What's your name?"

"You can call me Father, and you can come confess your sins to me anytime."

"Oh Father I have sinned and sinned," she intoned seriously before breaking into a dazzling smile. She glanced at the man standing next to him. He was dressed as a Monk in a deep brown hooded robe with a rope belt. A large Monk's crucifix dangled down to his waist.

"I may prefer to confess my sins to him though," she said gesturing towards the Monk.

The Priest laughed, "Oh but he has taken a vow of silence, he won't be any good to you."

"Says who?" she teased, "His is bigger."

"Oh no, mine is definitely bigger, want to feel?" He fixed his eyes on her and grasped her hand brushing it against his groin. She smiled as she felt the growing bulge beneath his cassock and then moved her hand subtly over the silent Monk's robe. His cock jerked responsively under her caress and she let her hand linger there for a moment before moving it up to the shiny cross that dangled from his neck.

"I was talking about his cross," she purred sultrily, but now I'm not sure…"

Ever since she had seen the huge shiny adornment hanging from his neck, images flashed through her mind. Scenes from a movie. She couldn't recall actually seeing the movie, couldn't remember the name, perhaps she had just read about it but the flashes were there, a young girl masturbating with a crucifix. A shiver shot up her spine at the evil thought and a dull throb started deep inside her pussy.

"Well since mine is bigger, would you like to dance?" The Monk dragged her onto the dance floor and pulled her hips towards him. She tried to get him to reveal his name, but with no luck. He simply pressed himself against her breasts and ground his stiffening cock between her legs as they danced. The feeling of it sawing back and forth excited her madly. For the next dance she was whisked away by the Priest. He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her ass as they moved to the sensual beat of the music. His chest under the cassock felt hard and muscular and the musky scent he emitted flooded her senses. Her heels had her almost as tall as he was and she maneuvered herself so that her pussy could slide back and forth over the hard bulge of his cock as they danced together.

"Are you and the Monk ready to preach the gospel and exorcise a demon or two?" She whispered seductively in his ear.

His eyes lit up in unbridled excitement. "Oh good Lord, yes, your soul needs saving big time and we have just what you need." He dragged her off the floor and gestured for the Monk to follow.

Lisa kissed him hard, biting his lips as they had made their way through the crowd of revelers to the nearest bedroom. Two girls were entwined on the bed. One dressed in a Nurse's uniform lay with her pussy gaping while a naked redhead ate her out. The maddening scent of female essence hung over the bed and their pleasured groans drove Lisa wild. She pulled up her skirt to expose her slick pussy and lay on the bed beside the writhing women.

"Come cleanse me of my sins Father, come eat my cunt."

He didn't need a second invitation. His tongue found her wetness and slid between her sticky folds, while the Monk pulled her tits out of the top of the bustier and sucked on the big swollen nipples. She groaned in deep pleasure as the two men lavished oral attention on her. The tongue between her legs slithered like a snake over her clit and plowed into her scorching depths, while she pressed as much of her tit flesh into the Monk's hot mouth as she could. A pleasured wail ripped from the Nurse's throat as the Redhead sucked and finger fucked her into ecstasy.

Lisa closed her eyes when the Monk slid his cock into her mouth. Her head hung off the bed as she devoured him passionately, dragging her tongue rapidly up and down his shaft, fluttering it around the head teasingly and then sucking him deeply into her mouth. Spit dripped from her and she grunted obscenities as she lost herself in her feast of cockmeat. The Monk uttered a long groan as he felt her take him all the way into her throat with a deep vacuuming suck. She fondled his heavy balls and pushed her pelvis hard against the Priest's mouth. Her cunt was streaming with his saliva and her own juice. She shifted her hips upward as his tongue found its mark.

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