tagLoving WivesThe Outback

The Outback

byTony King©

It was the dream holiday we'd been planning for years, a trip to Australia. The plan was to fly to Cairns and spend a week diving the Great Barrier Reef before hiring a four wheel drive and heading out to explore Northern Queensland.

The first week flew by but the adventure I'm about to relate happened a few days later. We set of through Port Douglas and the Daintree National Park and had a great time visiting the rain forest and the various wild life centres. We booked in to a small hotel in Mossman and went out to eat. It didn't take long to find a local bar down near the sea front and we were soon engrossed in conversation with the locals. "Naw mate, if you want to see the real Australia then you got to off road and head inland."

"Strewth mate, you tryner get em lost, no mate, you stick to the main roads, safer that way." The friendly arguments went on long into the night, each old boy with his own tale to tell.

"Tell you what mate, you got to watch them Abbo's. Few years ago, couple tourist went off road and ran into a tribe of em. They stole everything they ad and rapped the white woman."

"My God, what should we do if run into some Abbo's?" my wife asked. "If you've got any Whiskey, give em that, get em drunk and they might just leave you alone."

"Naw, don't listen to him missus, he's had too much whiskey imself!" They all fell about laughing and we headed of to bed.

Next day found us stocking up with provisions, including, at Carol's insistence, two bottles of Whiskey, before heading inland leaving the tarmac and civilisation far behind us. We travelled all day without seeing another person or vehicle, it was a wonderful experience and we were at last seeing the real Australia. At night we pitched the tent close up to the jeep and fell asleep listening to the eerie sounds echoing through the still night. We'd taken all the right precautions against snakes etc; the tent had a sewn in ground sheet and the zipper front prevented any unwanted creatures from entering. By the third night we were getting used to the sounds and after a hard days travelling went straight to sleep.

It's bloody hot in Australia and Carol decided to wear only a wrap round top that tied together under her tits and a small pair of white bikini briefs. Her 38" tits strained against the thin material and I had trouble keeping my hands of her. We arrived at a place called Kaundu during the early evening and pitched our tent while it was still light. Apart from the dirt road we were travelling on there was no sign of any life whatsoever. I watched Carol's big tits swinging around as she set about pitching the tent. Before long I was pitching a tent of my own and eventually I just grabbed her, leant her over the bonnet, pulled her briefs to one side and shoved my hard cock straight up. She must have been feeling randy as well, because her pussy was so wet there was no resistance as I slid in and she immediately pushed back onto me. There's something special about shagging outdoors. Whether it's the thought of being caught or just the feel of the warm air wafting round you, it's really great. A few hours later, we'd eaten our supper and were sitting in the tent planning the next day's excursion.

"What's that?"

"What's what," I replied. "I thought I heard something moving about."

"It's probably a roo or something, I'll go and check it out." Unzipping the entrance to the tent I grabbed the flashlight and went outside. My heart nearly stopped. There were five Aborigines milling around the jeep. They were all dressed in traditional clothes and carried spears. "What you doing here?" Thank God for that, they spoke English. "We're just resting up for the night," I explained, trying to keep it friendly. "This sacred ground," he said, not so friendly.

At hearing voices, Carol emerged from the tent. "Oh my God," she said rushing to my side and hanging on for dear life, "what do they want?"

"It's OK, I think we're camped on their land or something." They started to look inside the tent. "What you got in there?" the leader asked. "Nothing, just our beds and some food."

"Whiskey, Tony, give them the Whiskey, remember what that man in the pub said." We had two 1 litre bottles of scotch in the Land Rover and before I could stop her she'd given them a bottle. "Thanks missus," the leader said smiling. They immediately started to pass it round. "Drink," one of them said passing the bottle to Carol. "I, I don't drink," she said. "Drink, you drink with us," the guy insisted. "Just take a little swig, keep them happy." Carol took a swig and passed it back. The five guys seemed happy now and sat cross legged on the ground passing the bottle round. I got some wicker mats from the tent and Carol and I sat with them. Each time the bottle came to Carol, she took a small swig, grimaced at the taste and passed it on.

One of them started singing while two others got up and did some sort of dance. It involved lots of stamping and gesturing with their spears and I could see Carol getting more and more agitated. "Hey calm down, there not going to hurt us," I tried to reassure her. She was having none of it. That stupid story the guy had told us had her really spooked. "There going to rape me, I know it, there going to rape me." She was totally pissed from the whiskey and no amount of reassurance from me would convince her. Even though she still had only her skimpy top and briefs on the Abo's hadn't paid her any attention at all. They seemed more than happy to drink the whiskey, sing a few songs and dance around the small fire they had lit. I was even beginning to enjoy it, the buzz from the whiskey helped.

Suddenly Carol shot up and ripped her top open. "OK, come on then, this is what you want isn't it, come on then you bastards."

"Carol, what the hell are you doing." It was too late. One of the guys was now standing in front of her staring at her large white tits. He looked at me. "Missus gone sun crazy mate."

"I know what you want, just take it and then leave us alone," Carol ranted, now removing the open blouse and stepping out of her panties. All five men now went quiet as they stared at my wife's naked drunken body. I must admit, she looked pretty good standing there in only her sandals, her smooth shaven pussy glistening in the firelight and her big tits heaving up and down with each breath.

The guy standing directly in front of her reached out and gently caressed her nipples. Then another joined in. Taking a nipple each they licked and sucked them. Carol leaned back against the jeep and closed her eyes. They started to explore her body with their hands, running up her thighs until they reached her pussy mound. They seemed delighted with the smooth mound of her pussy lips and spent ages just running their hands over it without actually penetrating the lips. The other three joined in. They were all very gentle with her and kept looking at her face for some reaction. Carol remained routed to the spot, legs and eyes closed. "You want us fuck you missus?" the leader asked. "That's what you want isn't it?" she replied acidly. The guy just shrugged his shoulders. "OK with you boss?" he asked, looking over at me.

It was a chance not to be missed. I'd always fantasised about watching my lovely wife being fucked silly by another guy but never in my wildest dreams could I have envisaged this. On the other hand I couldn't let her see that I was in agreement. "It's up to her," I said trying to be diplomatic. "Boss says it's up to you missus, you want us fuck you?" Carol broke away from the men and for an awful moment I thought she was going to run. Instead, she lay down on the mats, spread her legs and stared defiantly at the men. "Come on them, this is what you want, isn't it?" They didn't need any more encouragement than that and I watched intently as the first guy crawled between her open legs. He was certainly a big boy, much bigger than me and I wondered just how she would react when he started to enter her.

Thankfully she was still wet from the fucking I'd given her earlier and I was amazed when his cock just slid straight up. He was up on his arms looking down at her face as he slowly fed his large cock in and out of her pussy. She had her eyes shut tight again but was now moaning every time he bottomed out. Encouraged by her moans, he speeded up and now started to really slam his cock in and out of her. We could hear his balls slapping against her juicy thighs. "Yesssss, yessss, yesssssssssssss." Carol arched her back, lifting her hips clean of the ground as she raised her cunt up to meet his thrusts. Her tits were pointing skyward and I've never seen her nipples so long or so hard. She seemed to be coming for ages and the guy fucking her increased his pace until he too started to groan. Her eyes flew open as he pumped his spunk into her and she clung on to him wrapping her long slender legs round his arse trying to force his cock in even deeper. "My God, I can feel it spurting."

The others were now all naked and waiting there turn. They stood there wanking their cocks and I couldn't help but notice that they were all very well endowed and one of them was positively enormous. As the first guy climbed off the others were jabbering away feverishly in their own language. They stood round her in a semi circle and made he kneel up and suck each cock in turn. It was the first time she had ever seen an uncircumcised cock and she looked fascinated as she knelt before the first man and rolled the foreskin back, exposing a shiny purple head oozing with pre-cum. She put her pink tongue out and licked the sticky spunk for the end of his cock before taking the first few inches into her mouth. She sucked for a couple of minutes before moving on to the next man and repeating the process. It was when she got to Mr big cock that she had problems. Try as she might, she could only get a couple of inches in her mouth. She still gave him a good licking though and loved rolling his foreskin back over the exposed head before rolling it back again. She looked like a kid with a new toy.

Two of them positioned her until she was in the doggy position. As one kneeled behind her the other knelt at her head. She willingly opened her mouth as both black cocks entered her at once. They guy that had already taken his turn came and stood beside me. "Still OK you with boss?" he asked. "No worry's," I said enjoying the sight of my wife taking on two large black cocks at the same time.

The guy at her head came first, holding her still as he rapidly fucked her mouth. She hates swallowing cum and although she'll let me cum in her mouth she always spits it out. This time she just closed her lips round his cock and swallowed all that he could give her. The one fucking her soon followed and shot yet another load up her wet willing cunt. Carol had released the cock from her mouth and as the man fucking her shot his load she was calling out encouragement. "Oh yessss, fuck me hard, harder you bastard. Oh my God..."

The next two took over and kept her in the same position. They swapped round a couple of times letting her taste her own cunt juice on their large pricks. She was like a bitch in heat. Keeping one hand on the floor for balance, her other hand would stroke up and down the black shaft feeding her mouth while her tongue licked round every bit. The guy with the really big prick was obviously giving her tremendous pleasure when he fucked her and she was shouting obscenities at him the whole time. He had real staying power and long after his mate had filled her mouth with spunk, he was still pounding at her cunt. He turned her on her back and fucked her missionary style, up on his hands looking down into her now wide open eyes.

She was in heaven. "Yessss. That's it, like that. Oh yess, now faster, that's it, deeper, come on you black fucker, this is what you want isn't it, a nice white pussy to fuck, come on then, lets see what you can do with that big black prick of yours." We all stood round and watched as his enormous black prick went in to the hilt. He would hold it there rotating his hips while she screamed through yet another orgasm. Then, he would alternate between fast and slow, all the time just staring into her face, watching the lust in her eyes. The others started to play with her tits, pulling and twisting the nipples or just squeezing her ample tit flesh in their large hands.

Two knelt beside her head and offered her their cocks again. As big boy fucked the hell out of her she turned her head from side to side taking first one then the other cock into her mouth. The guy standing next to me was wanking his erecting and shouting encouragement to his mates. I too had my cock out and was near to coming when big boy slammed into her, clenched his buttocks and started to fill her cunt with his hot seed. She screamed out in ecstasy as the other two started to shoot their warm sticky load over her face and into her open mouth. Her whole body was covered in a sheen of sweat and trails of spunk splattered her face and hair. As big boy got off I dived on. My medium sized prick never even touched the sides but within seconds I was adding my own load to her well filled cunt. The leader took another turn as did big boy and each time she would shout encouragement as they invaded her willing body. This time big boy pulled out at the last minute and shot rope after rope of pearly white liquid over her smooth cunt mound, up across her belly and all over her tits. By the time they were finished she was covered in warm gooey spunk, her face, her hair, her tits, her stomach and gallons of it pouring out of her cunt, down her thighs and onto the rattan mats. Her nipples were red and swollen from all the abuse and her face was a picture of pure satisfaction.

The five guys got dressed and after thanking me and telling me we could stay as long as we wanted, they disappeared into the night as quietly as they had come. Carol was still lying on her back with her legs open. She had one hand between them and was gently rubbing the sticky mixture into her clit. Her body shock visibly as another mini orgasm tore through her and she looked up at me, a big satisfied smile across her face. "I'm sorry love, it was the whiskey; you know I can't drink."

"No worry's," I said returning her smile, "We've still got another bottle for the next time!"

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