tagFetishThe Owner Ch. 01

The Owner Ch. 01


I am a wealthy woman of discriminating tastes. For fun, I opened a private club for women only, women of exotic tastes and a predilection for virile boytoys with impressive packages. Early on, I engaged a talented chef who had had previous experience incorporating male semen into her recipes. She was absolutely insistent on having a constant supply of fresh semen in order to concoct her specialties. That she happened to be a lesbian was no concern of mine.

As we planned the opening of our club, it became obvious that we would have to start with a limited clientele. That way we could rely on one male semen producer to supply what was needed for cooking, for table serving, and perhaps even for take-away samples. The stud would have to be healthy, dedicated to our organization, and to making vast amounts of money from willing, aroused women clients.

Eventually I advertised for our boytoy in the most discreet publications. The requirements included a huge penis and testicles, the ability to stay erect and dripping for prolonged periods of time, and to produce vast amounts of semen. Being good looking and muscular would be pluses. Porn stars would not be eligible. We did not need to bring in diseased male specimens who might jeopardize the health and welfare of our clientele.

As luck would have it, a twenty-something man applied. In his packet he included photographs of his body, and specifically of his huge genitals, and a sample jar of his semen. It was certainly more than any of the other candidates submitted. He came to the interview well dressed and well groomed, and was not at all embarrassed to show me his cock and balls. Through intense questioning and some interesting demonstrations, he proved to be the best possible candidate. He ultimately became the star of our operation, the object of adoration of our wealthy sex-crazed women members.

When the third year of our club's operation rolled around, word of mouth had increased the numbers of women who wanted to join, but we had to set limits because of our sole source of semen. Jenna, our chef, encouraged me to seek other candidates who might be able to augment production, thereby opening up additional membership slots.

Once again, I turned to advertising. Over 200 candidates applied this time. Men of every hue, men whose equipment was astounding, men who claimed to live for the privilege of providing semen for hungry women. Jenna suggested establishing a stable from which we would harvest semen. Occasionally the studs might be able to service some of the women who desired private time, but basically they would be fed and housed, taken care of, and milked daily of their semen for use in the kitchen and in our mail order operation. From the 200 applicants, we identified two dozen men who would populate our stable. Each of them was intelligent, hung, and prolific. I, personally, tested every one of them. Having an unreasonably hungry cunt, it was a total pleasure.

Our sole male waiter/entertainer would probably always be the favorite. But we decided to introduce two other men who would also provide these functions. In this way our club could grow and more women could treat themselves to a wonderfully erotic dining experience.

It proved fairly easy to find two additional waiters, men who were well endowed, who loved to have women adoring them, and who enjoyed sharing their semen. Our first new hire was Jamal. Very tall and well built, he was hung like a horse. With some background in dancing, he was graceful yet very masculine and muscular. His foot long cock was rarely not erect and he seemed to be able to produce semen without ever stopping. Our chef created some new dishes based on the exotic taste of his semen.

Paco became our third waiter. Although not as tall as the other two, he was solidly built. His cock was impossibly thick and his balls hung nearly to his knees. He liked to let the ladies touch him and stroke him, and he was an immediate hit at the club. His semen was extra thick.

After much thinking I decided to build a wing of private rooms where women members might be able to engage the private services of one of the studs from our stable, or for a specatacular price, the services of one of the three waiters. I designed a tasteful brochure, with full body photos of each stud, and his precise measurements. I emphasized that the services of our studs would be limited since they had other responsibilities to the club. Only the luckiest women would be able to sample the sexual wares of our waiters. For that, we used a lottery system.

In secret, I had hired seven gorgeous women with enormous breasts. They were kept full of milk for recreational purposes. I made sure they were pampered, waxed, and cared for. They were allowed to tease our studs, but not to engage in copulation. The tension created from the proximity of the studs to the milkmaids was palpable. The maids provided milk for some of our recipes, as well as entertainment. Their sensual dancing with milk engorged breasts seemed to arouse our members.

On the fifth anniversary of our club, I planned a huge orgy for our charter members, those twenty women who initially purchased memberships. To prepare our men, we closed for two days. The studs were forbidden to engage in any activity that might cause them to lose their seminal fluid. The milkmaids were kept isolated; breast pumps relieved them of excess milk.

On the anniversary date, our twenty charter members arrived, dressed in rather erotic costumes, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. In addition to the performance of our head waiter, the other two waiters put on shows. Gradually, the milkmaids and stable studs filtered in, and the rubbing and stroking of bodies drove our members wild. Many of the members were openly holding their cunt lips open, begging for penetration. Some were sucking each other's breasts as they watched our pornographic live show. Fucking was the order of the day.

As I mingled among the sex-crazed throng, wearing only stilletto heels and diamond jewelry, I smiled at how well I had provided for my clients. I felt a strong arm surround my waist as a blindfold was slipped over my eyes. This sudden loss of control over the evening was daunting and I felt a tinge of fear. Hands, rough hands, touched my body everywhere. I was picked up and placed on the table where our head waiter usually is masturbated.

Many hands caressed and teased me. Tongues darted in and out of my mouth. My big breasts were being suckled vigorously, Fingers were in my vagina and ass. My cool abandoned me; I had turned into a wanton whore. I wanted cock and semen. My body shook and ached with need. I became aware of a stud kneeling between my legs and forcing his huge thick cock into my cunt. As he fucked me, shots of hot sperm started spurting all over my body. How many cocks were involved, I do not know. Shouts from our women members seemed to encourage my violation. They were clamoring for me to be fucked. I could have sworn some of them were using strap-ons to penetrate me. The orgy I had created had turned on me. My cunt began to spasm as I erupted into series of deep orgasms. Grunts from copulating couples filled my ears. I could not stop cumming.

Close to losing consciousness, I became aware of strong arms lifting me and carrying me off. The stud put me down carefully, removed my blindfold, and took me into the shower. He washed me carefully, tenderly, cleaning my body of all the violating fluids. I looked up and smiled at my head waiter, he whose name I could not remember. "Darling" I whispered as I felt him impale me on his cum oozing cock. But then I realized that he was not rescuing me, but rather gearing me up for a waiter's orgy. I saw Jamal and Paco. They were licking their lips in anticipation of what they would do to me.

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