tagFetishThe Owner Ch. 02

The Owner Ch. 02


In the course of establishing my two private clubs and my milking parlor, I learned a lot about myself. For a woman of a certain age, society places certain limits on sex. Therefore I cultivated a somewhat ageless look by taking care of my body and seeking the cosmetic enhancements I needed. I maintained my focus on men, or at least on their cocks and cum.

When I opened my club for women, the head waiter, Andre, was our star. He provided the studliness and prodigious amounts of cum to make our gourmet dinners and entertainment exceptional. Women of distinction clamored to join. One night after an orgy celebrating the club's anniversary, Andre and the other two waiters raped me, used me as pleasure holes for their lust. The problem was that I rather enjoyed the experience. For a while I hated him, but eventually we got together and Andre turned out to be a powerful and satisfying lover. He was an expert cunnilinguist and I noticed that the more he ate me, the greater the amount of fluids I produced.

I continued to collect and use various pleasure toys. I loved dildos. Anja, my best friend, swore by glass dildos and, although reluctant at first, I ordered one - actually a very big and expensive one. When he arrived I was intrigued with his appearance, clear with bands of colored glass, and a curved tip to hit my g-spot. In the course of play, I noticed that when he rubbed my clitoris, electric jolts went through my groin and down my legs. When I inserted him, I needed no lube. In fact, he seemed to encourage a great deal more wetness in my cunt. If I kept him in for a while, there would be a build-up of searing hot fluid that would gush as I pulled him out. I appeared to be enjoying an increase in the production of my feminine secretions. I also noticed that I produced more fluid each time I had an orgasm. And most importantly, I loved doing it.

Curious about capturing my liquids, I did some research and discovered QRX labs. They had developed an absorbent material that would also allow for the extraction of the absorbed liquid. I experimented. Although the material worked, extraction was too expensive a process and I abandoned it.

Going back to basics, I took a large stainless steel bowl from my kitchen and sat on its rim to masturbate. All of my fluids could drain directly into the bowl. Sometimes the fluid was clear and at other times it had a more opaque, slimy appearance. In my kitchen I also had small jars, the type used to package single servings of jam. Due to the increase in the amount of fluid I was producing, one orgasm was about enough to fill a tiny jar.

Since I masturbated at least three times a day, I was able to accumulate about 20 small containers of my cum by the end of the week. These I kept in the refrigerator. A graphic artist designed a tasteful, elegant label for me, modeled on a wine label. It took me a while to decide what to call this fluid, and I came up with the name Femcum. (I secretly hoped this coined word would someday be used worldwide.) My label indicated the producer - I jokingly called myself Mommy - and the date of production. The chilled jars of Mommy's Femcum were kept in my men's club and sold only to the chartered members, many of whom had a fetish for women's juices.

Producing limited amounts of a product is good in some ways because it makes the item seem more valuable to those who are able to purchase it. But collecting my femcum started to feel like a chore. I liked being able to offer a limited edition of Mommy's, but decided to expand my operation. I scheduled a meeting with my milk producers, those young women with huge, lactating tits. Most of them were excited about the possibility of increasing their workload and earning extra money.

I invited the studs from our stable to join us. These were the cum producers for our kitchen and for private sales. Sex between these men and women had been strictly prohibited. Now I had something new to offer. The studs would be allowed to engage in cunnilingus to encourage femcum increases. In turn, the maids would be allowed to fellate their cocks and balls, but not eat their cum. Of course, there could be no fucking since we did not want any contamination of fluids. Other sex play was allowed, just so long as our cum and milk production was maintained. After two weeks, we would examine the maids to determine how much of an increase had occurred in their cuntal secretions. I arranged for 24 hour recording of activities.

After popping in the tapes, one by one, I realized another profit potential. The tapes themselves, once edited, would be sure to sell like hotcakes. The more the studs rubbed and played with the maids' engorged tits, the more milk they produced. The more the maids teased the men's huge balls, the greater their cum production. Close ups of engorged, hard nippled tits and huge hard cocks, body rubbing, french kissing and biting were included in our new videos. I believe that the lack of penetration actually made the vids hotter.

At fortnight's end, my maids were asked to masturbate over a bowl as I had been doing. Toys were available as desired. Each maid's femcum was measured and compared to the level two weeks ago. There had been a remarkable increase! We would be able to market hundreds of containers each month. My label designer produced a slightly different label for each maid that included a photo and web address for clients to make contact.

At our men's club, Femcum became an immediate best seller. It was still fairly limited in production, and I intended to keep it that way. Some men, clearly addicted, were buying jars by the dozen. We also added chilled Femcum cocktails to the menu. I noticed that some of our clients would snort the liquid as they masturbated their randy cocks during the live entertainment. On rare occasions, I masturbated a cock here or there, as a personal favor to a customer. As you may know, I enjoy the feeling of sperm ejaculating on my skin.

We soon arranged for a more comfortable method of collection and our maids were happier than ever to provide their liquid. The only day we did not collect any cum was Mondays. Our operation was closed on Mondays and staff was allowed to mingle. Our huge banquet room was the setting of a weekly Monday orgy.

At first I watched them, all of these supremely endowed young men and women who produced for me. The sex was outstanding and varied. Every kind of penetration took place. Heaving, grunting, panting noises filled the room as my employees engaged in lascivious behaviors. They began quite early, because by 10 pm a cleaning company would come in to mop up the mess. Eventually I hired a videographer who could edit the weekly orgies and occasionally produce some of the filthiest porn vids available anywhere. You might be surprised at the identity of our major purchasers.

I was wealthy, successful and sophisticated, yet unfulfilled. I loved sex, loved to fuck and cum. I loved the feeling of a big thick cock. It was disconcerting to find myself a mere voyeur at the orgies. As I sat there one Monday with my tits exposed, rubbing my swollen cunt, my eyes saw a jar of Mommy's Femcum. At the same time I had a great urge to pee. And I knew immediately that the next exciting chapters in my life were about to begin.

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