tagFetishThe Pack Ch. 08

The Pack Ch. 08


The Pack: Finale

We had talked, my husband and I, examined our lifestyle, laid bare our inner thoughts and told of our wants and desires. I pondered on how it had been possible for a group of rustic, rough, ill educated men to have the ability to change the course of our lives and to have drawn me in to a web of perverted and unbridled sex. The men I had become accustomed to calling 'The Pack' had always hovered on the outskirts of our everyday routine, patiently waiting, self-assured, knowing I would give in to my appetite for wicked perverted lust, a hunger they had been all to happy to satisfy.

Steve too had been weak and though I hardly could condemn him for his fling with a willing village wench he had forced me to re-examine my feelings toward him and ask some very pertinent questions. He had, from the very beginning of our life here been content to throw me to the wolves, not knowing then of my secret, believing instead that I was scared and intimidated, frightened every time I left the house. It was Steve who instead of providing comfort protection and shelter had invited the men to our home, to work on our land, and then left me alone with them throughout the day. I remembered too how he had chosen to abandon me for the sake of his business friends, leaving me to be taken home through country lanes by a member of that same gang of men, delivered into the clutches of 'The Pack'. While I, as far as he believed, was filled with terror, he had looked after his own interests -- then met up with Julie, to fuck her.

There were other issues too that festered in the back of my mind. It was one thing swinging and enjoying wife watching but Steve had lay between my legs sucking out the spunk of other numerous men, unconcerned of how it got there! Steve was like the sad creatures on the Internet who spend their time rattling on complaining about wimps when real men would simply ignore what they find disagreeable. It seemed Steve was one of those men who liked to display a false anger in order to cover up their own shortcoming.

The bottom line was that we'd agreed to leave the area and set up somewhere else -- at least that was the official line. I had decided to leave my husband, though the decision had not been taken lightly or without good reason. I knew his secret -- he was planning to leave me too -- and with most of what was my share of the business. For a while now I had been aware of money being diverted from our accounts, and had learnt of his intentions. Steve and Julie were planning to run off, disappear into the wide blue yonder.

Any misgivings I had harboured about putting my plan into action as regards Julie's father, the nasty evil Jim -- the member of 'The Pack' I called 'The Piss Man' were now irrelevant. The plans included using Julie though I had thought perhaps I was being unkind. Jim had been the only member who had treated me badly, delighting in his use of force, violence, when the others had played mind games and intimidated me, but happy to claim victory when I succumbed to having sex, they never overstepped the line.

The game was to make me, this middle class respectable lady, surrender to having dirty sex, which was enough -- Jim wanted to destroy and punish. Though he knew about his daughter's loose ways he was happy for her to seduce married men and extract money from them, giving him a hold over them too. Neither did he care if her boyfriends were simple village lads. It would have been easy to upset him by revealing she visited the camps of itinerant workers and immigrants but I wanted more in the way of vengeance.

Keeping up the pretence and appearing ignorant of the truth I had continued to encourage Julie to amuse and play around with my husband, even going home one night to find them in our bed fucking away. Julie had, for a while been my plaything too, having her tell me if my husband was being well looked after, and suggesting to her when they could get together, while my fingers delved inside her cunt. Many was the night when Julie came to me after seeing Steve and we played with each others tits as we lay together, a double ended dildo between our legs.

"I am helping to arrange a party," I told her one night, "Very select and exclusive. Some very wealthy people will attend and discretion is important. I need other females -- some are being brought in from elsewhere -- known reliable ones. If you're interested, I can get you in, the men will pay handsomely, lots of money to be made. The catch is, you will have to cater for their whims and fetishes."

I did the sales talk and Julie fell for it, promising to tell no one, especially Steve or her father. The importance of secrecy, the emphasis on maintaining discretion, partying with very influential and rich people -- men, and in some cases their wives too -- made it easy to explain why the event was to be held deep in the forest, in the large wooden hut that served as the lumberjacks canteen, shower and locker room.

"A couple of the guys are executives from the company who has contracts with the forestry people -- that's why you may recognise a few of the faces there, workers paid to keep their mouth shut, help make it happen and, are invited to the ball! You may be expected to perform with the wives too -- some of them will want to do more. They will want to do things they normally can't do, even at their own parties, at least, they wouldn't get to do these things with their friends and neighbours. That's why there's big money to be had for girls like you."

She took the bait. The groundwork had already been done. My accomplices were members of 'The Pack' who had issues with Jim, grudges. As for the genuine lumber men they were only too willing to go along with this prank especially as their reward included free drink and lots of sex.

Also I had taken the trouble to cultivate a friendship with the one genuine wealthy man of influence in the village who I hoped could provide an authenticity to the event. It had taken several weeks and many assignations before I put the proposition to him -- did he know of anyone of his ilk who might enjoy attending a very special party? By the time I felt confident to ask the question he had experienced the pleasure of my body, coaxed and teased into indulging in his own little kinks and foibles. My lipstick had stained his foreskin many times and his anus had been invaded, his arse thrashed, as he delighted in seeing me dressed up in the most outlandish costumes.

"I couldn't risk my reputation being ruined," he told me, matter-of-factly, "But I know people from away, unknown around here, who might like to come and spend the weekend -- and feel safe amongst discreet strangers who didn't ask questions. Yes, they would enjoy being able to let their hair down!"

Some invitations were hand delivered by myself.

One night, well after dark, several vehicles drove slowly up the forest road and through the gates of the compound. Well away from prying eyes and nosy neighbours a party was going on. Big men with muscles and no finesse, little men with influence and money, their trophy women, their arm candy, danced, drank and smoked the finest weed, snorted lines or swallowed pills that were their preferred recreational aids. Girls and women, some there to supplement their meagre income, entertained and made themselves pleasing to the eye. All knew what sort of party it was. Several guests were being paid, most of them were there because it was a chance to enjoy their favourite fetish or indulge their depraved appetite.

Well after the first hour, clothes began to come off. One husband sipped a drink while he watched his wife, a cock in each end. The party was hotting up. Tits were exposed; stiff cocks pulled out from trousers, mostly to be handled by strange hands. In one corner a short whip teased the bare arse of a woman who was tied to shackles that hung from the ceiling, her cries muffled by the luscious lips of a mother figure, a lady who writhed excitedly every time the girl jerked as the lash cracked across her red wobbling backside.

"Be a good girl for mummy!" she uttered, living out a fantasy.

Apparently daddy would also be nice to her later.

"Make him put it up my arse!" said another woman to her husband.

Threesomes, foursomes, cock-sucking while husband watched, wives trying out lesbian encounters, it was all there. And I was the person who had made it all happen. I strolled around the room, dressed like I was a willing participant in an impossibly short skirt and thin sheer top without bra. As I passed through the door into the locker room that had the shower area behind I passed a woman who was bent forward on her knees sucking a very big cock while her businessman husband took her from behind. I nodded at two men from 'The Pack' who were busy fucking a local housewife, accomplices to my devious little plan. All was in place.

Beyond, on the tile floor there lay a woman, mouth open catching the stream of piss from a straddling big breasted blonde who held her pussy open with one hand while wanking the penis of an old man. Another hour passed and to play my part I 'warmed up' by joining a couple on one of the many bunks then followed up by letting a black guy lift me high to impale me on his massive dick, hanging on to him as he bounced me up and down his full length rammed up my tube.

I found Julie and whispered in her ear. She would join me in playing a very dirty little game for which she would be well paid. We went into the shower area. Some men had arrived with their wives, though they were clear about the form of entertainment they hoped to find, they remained nervous about confidentiality.

"They are paying very good money -- but insist that no one see their faces while they -- let's say -- perform. Anyway, it's part of their kink, their fetish." I whispered to her the amount of money she would pocket. Julie agreed to wear the blindfold.

With the room declared out of bounds except for a certain bunch the charade began. Julie was eased into performing by a gentle fuck from a well-endowed businessman who spoke to her in a very dirty way in his cultured refined accent. She was then pushed into the arms of a female who kissed and licked her and she assumed it was the wife of the guy who had just fucked her.

"I want you to kneel between my legs," the woman whispered, "Lick me -- then I'm going to piss in your mouth!"

Julie soon got the hang of it and played the game sucking off several men then taking their hot piss over her body or in her mouth. Once or twice I knelt beside her and gave her the impression that she was not alone in doing the dirty deed.

Another guest had arrived and had been kept away from the room though by careful manipulation had been allowed to indulge his lust.

"This is a very private party," my accomplice had been primed to tell him, "You shouldn't really be here."

A few minutes later he had been told that an approach had been made and a certain man wished to watch while his wife was spanked and fingered by another man.

"I said I'd find someone -- that's what they're paying for, these rich guys. I could nominate you if you want some action?"

It was enough to make him bite and give him an appetite for later.

"Don't ask any questions -- in fact don't talk to these guys unless they speak to you! Be very discreet, don't question their motives or why they want you to do certain things."

He did his job and now was hungry for more. His glimpse of me, wet and bedraggled, increased his appetite. He would ask what was going on in the far room, the room I had just entered and would be told it was very exclusive but then my accomplice would let the secret out.

"It's a fucking piss party for the rich guys."

When the door was accidentally opened he would see a young blonde knelt on the floor, soaking wet. I walked out and lost behind a tangle of bodies listened in as my plan was executed. Close on hand I had a plan B and would jump in if necessary.

"There's no stopping these rich bitches and their kinky husbands."

The guest would want in on the act and eventually my friend would go away promising, "I'll see what I can do."

"Here's the deal," he would say when he returned, "There's some filthy stuff going on in there. Most of them have disappeared but there's a small group of men who have a little party going. They're watching a couple of wives being very submissive -- to put it mildly! I can get you in because shit... the rivers running dry -- almost everyone too fucking stoned to perform by now. These are important men -- you wear a mask -- you get to abuse their wives but you don't see their faces -- you don't get to see the rich slut you are with so can't use anything against them later. Hey, like I said, it's a piss party, I know you're into that, right?"

"Pity I won't be able to see it -- me pissing on a stuck up rich bitch -- in front of her rich wimp husband!"

"Walk in the corner away from the others -- I'll come and get you."

Meanwhile Julie had been lifted to her feet.

"There's a Middle Eastern guy -- a rich Arab -- wants a little session with you. He wants you in a mask, it's his kink, makes him feel powerful, total control. Big money."


It was on hearing that exchange that I left the room.

The masked girl had been cleaned up so her special guest could soil her afresh and now knelt obediently on a cushion. She had been told on no account remove her mask and instructed not to speak.

The masked man was guided into the room and given a hint on how best to abuse the wealthy submissive wife on the floor before him. He had instructions not to remove his mask or speak to the wife. A woman would be on hand to guide both parties, whose voice would be the only one they obeyed. Reaching up when she sensed the man was near, the woman took hold of his shaft, needing no instruction on how to please. Kissing and licking the tip she sucked the head of his cock deep into her mouth, tickling the tiny piss-hole with her tongue before releasing the red helmet as far as her lips only to suck it back between her teeth. With one hand she squeezed his ball bag pulling hard on his testicles.

After a finger found it's way to his anus the mistress instructed him to turn around then making him bend slightly forward the girl licked his brown hole and literally kissed his arse while placing a hand between his legs to wank his shaft.

The audience played with themselves smiling as they watched, especially the woman in the corner -- which was me, yours truly! Julie was trying to put her tongue up her daddy's arse.

Unknown to the performing couple the number of people watching had now increased. I looked around at all those smirking faces, malicious and evil, those men I had come to know as 'The Pack' -- they were all present, watching, probably delighted in knowing this humiliation would be spoken off for years to come as many, like me had an axe to grind with Jim. Of course, for me, my revenge was against his daughter too who had conspired to run off with my husband and most of our money.

Jim had lifted the legs of the masked girl and was now licking her cunt greedily. She was wet and open and ready -- ready to be fucked. His rampant cock slid into her and he pummelled away, in and out like a piston.

"Turn her over!" snapped the mistress; "She will take it in the arse!"

The masked man flipped the girl over on her belly. I noted her enthusiasm as she offered up her backside, scrambling onto her knees into a submissive doggy posture. Many in that room played with their genitals as they watched the show, the middle-aged man forcing his cock into the young girls arse as the mistress lubricated both he and the tight orifice; but only I and 'The Pack' knew this was a father sodomising his daughter. The perspiration poured down the bodies of the performers as they fornicated until the man was ordered to remove his soiled cock from the brown hole.

"Lick it!" said the mistress to the girl.

The order was accompanied by a smart flick of a riding crop as the girl turned back toward the unknown man who had invaded her anus. The odours would have reached her nostrils as his cock waved around in front of her face -- then she would have tasted the contents of her own tubes. She carried out the task without too much hesitation. Ordered to finish him off in her mouth (so, she was told, the audience would be able to see the jism splash over her tits and face) the girl pumped the foreskin of the stiff rod until the man lost the fight to delay the inevitable and duly covered her with his cream. Having slowed down her sucking and wanking now, the girl continued to slide the cock in and out of her mouth as the weapon began to slacken, blood draining, allowing the urge to want to empty his bladder, over stimulated and full from drink.

"I want you to drink his piss!" whispered the mistress in the ear of the girl, though loud enough for the audience, and the man, to hear.

The man looked positively ecstatic; he was going to be allowed the opportunity to indulge his favourite fetish, though this time not allowed to see the effects. The girl gave an almost inaudible moan as she willingly succumbed, unfazed by the depravity of the request. The acrid yellow piss began to flow from the man's piss --hole onto the girl's tits at first then, as she adjusted her position, into her mouth.

The time had arrived when all would be revealed. I stood and took up a prime position. When the flow of piss had begun to subside the girl was encouraged to suck hard drawing out the remaining spurts then letting her audience watch as she drank and swallowed. As a last stream of urine entered the girls open mouth something very unexpected happened. The masks were ripped off, quickly, smartly, and simultaneously. Both man and girl stared into each other's faces, the piss still dribbling over the soiled facial skin and breasts of the young girl.

This daddy was realising, to his horror that he had just pissed into the mouth of his daughter, his cock having come from up her arse and into her mouth. The girl was similarly shocked to know that the eager fuck she had just enjoyed -- in front of half the men in the village -- the anal ring, she had minutes before, tried to widen with her tongue, belonged to the hairy arse of her father.

"A big hand for Julie," stated the mistress, "She has, for your entertainment, just been fucked by her daddy and drank his piss! Oh, and also licked her own shit from his cock!"

I looked back several times as I drove out of the village the following morning. I had left Steve a note accompanied by photographs of the previous nights party. It had been an expensive party, buying the co-operation of all those people -- the fees for all those amateur actors who pretended to be so rich and influential -- the expensive food and wine that drew the genuine sexually deprived rich to the event. So it was only right to inform Steve that he had paid for it all. There would be little in the way of funds after I had raided our joint personal and business accounts.

I hoped he would enjoy the new life he planned with Julie though I did mention in the note whether he would always picture her licking her dad's arse or imagine he tasted Jim's piss when they kissed. I would be long gone, but first I had one last call to make. At George's house I would keep my promise and pay the bill for certain help and favours that helped make my plan a success. Parking up the car I walked into the large living room, put down my bag and smiling, began to unfasten the buttons of my dress. Across from me stood several wicked, depraved and sexually aroused men, ready for some action -- 'The Pack'.

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