tagInterracial LoveThe Pact Ch. 03

The Pact Ch. 03


The previous day, being a Sunday, naturally couldn't last forever. On the other hand, it certainly brought a smile to this man's face as I arrived at the office. I was a bit tired from a whole day and night of delightfully intense sex with Desiree, and I knew that I had to catch up on my book, but I considered it a worthwhile diversion.

I focused so much on my lunch and thoughts of possible orgies that I didn't notice Blanca sit beside me in the office building's cafeteria until she put her arm around my neck and started to breathe heavily in my right ear. While she did that, Cristina joined us and used her fingers to lightly fondle my bulge. I got the impression that they weren't content to be subtle anymore.

"Um...ladies, I like the attention, I admit it. However, I wonder what you gals want from me," I feigned innocence, not expecting to really fool them.

"Your body, of course. What do we have to do, throw a mattress on the floor and go down on each other, before you'll give us some hard cock? Cristina and I really want to have your babies. If the issue is Desiree, we'll charm the pants off her, too. We're allowed strange pussy as well as strange dick," Blanca confessed, now kissing my face shamelessly.

"Alright, you win. But I warn you, I'll hold you to the part about Des. Not that she'll object these days. I think that she'll be happy to eat you out. Just be sure to return the favor," I teased them back.

"What's the catch?" Cristina giggled, now masturbating me with abandon.

"Well, there's a possibility that you might also end up doing a couple of other guys and a fourth woman," I cautioned, as if that would deter them.

"Again, I'm waiting for a problem," Cristina repeated.

"Fair enough. I can't wait to tell Desiree about this, since she agreed to open things up yesterday. You want a quickie threesome, girls?" I pushed the envelope.

"Sure. We'll just have to take turns with you. Can you persuade Des to let us come home with you afterward? I hope that doesn't sound too forward, to invite ourselves over to a couple's house, for the express purpose of seducing both halves of the pair," Blanca propositioned me, proving herself the more aggressive of the duo.

"Somehow, I seriously doubt that she'll be opposed to a foursome. She'll just probably want a reward, not that I mind. I can guess what kind of gift she'll want from me, and it doesn't bother me, either," I laughed, before kissing the girls and heading for the men's room.

Evidently, I misread the women's plans for me, because they dragged me into the ladies' room instead. After making sure that the unused handicapped stall was still vacant, Blanca and Cristina then yanked down my dress slacks and shared the wondrous job of deep-throating me. I really enjoyed myself, for certain, although I naturally worried that we might get caught and someone might complain to management about public bathroom sex.

On the other hand, the ladies found it extremely delicious to suck my cock while I stood in the stall, gladly stopping at the end to encourage me to give them facials. They licked my seed off each other, but only where it landed on their flesh. Anything that hit their clothes or hair they left alone, evidently viewing it as a souvenir. They also French-kissed me in turns, after which I hurried to the men's room so I could freshen while they did. My colleagues were always a bit nosy, a tendency that irked me except when displayed by Blanca or Cristina.

My lunch hour being virtually over, I quickly texted the ladies' request to Desiree, who immediately replied, "Yes, please. I can't wait for our first orgy." I was sure that she was enthusiastic, but I also suspected that she looked forward to her first gang-bang in the near future. Then again, so did I, especially when I considered that I would also get a romp of my own with Tammy.

I did my best job of pretending not to be excited and distracted for the rest of the day, but I didn't fool the girls. They made sure to visit me and tease me as much as possible, hoping to ensure that I didn't forget to take them home (as if I could forget). I naturally wondered if any of my colleagues at the publishing firm had any notion of what was up between the ladies and me.

After work, we rushed home and met Des at the front door. She surprised me by kissing all three of us on the mouth and even slipping us some tongue before we got safely inside. She was also totally nude, which was another shocker.

Things got even wilder after we locked the front door. Des virtually ripped off my work clothes and boxers, recruiting my colleagues to help her. Then we watched Blanca and Cristina undress each other, which excited Des enough that she started masturbating herself with one hand and me with the other.

"I hope that we build up a large appetite, ladies, because I have a feast planned to give us energy for the night. That's doubly true of you, my stud. Who goes first? Not me, of course. How about you, Blanca? I can munch on Cristina while Ian screws you. By the way, I like to drink piss, in case any of you girls need to pee," Des proposed, not taking over but facilitating this orgy.

"Works for me, hon. Well, Ian...no need for foreplay right now. Just fuck me hard," Blanca begged me, bending over the loveseat to offer me her tush.

"Are you suggesting anal, Blanca? I don't mind, but where's the lube?" I reacted with a nasty grin.

Des rushed into the kitchen and found some shortening, which she applied to Blanca's asshole. She seized the chance to finger the Latina while she did so. Grinning at both of us, she then spread Cristina's thighs and resumed her experiment with dining on pussy.

Realizing that I had no better chance to butt-fuck Blanca, I grabbed her ass-cheeks and slid my cock slowly and steadily into her pucker. My new Mexican mistress gasped and began to move backward to meet me, indicating that I should now actively sodomize her. I grunted as much as she did, as my experience with anal sex wasn't as extensive as my fantasies would prefer. In any case, she was as hot as a tamale by this point and certainly rather wet.

I also understood that I'd have to wash my cock afterward, but I didn't mind that issue. That was the price to pay for pounding Blanca's bottom, and I was quite willing to pay it. I rammed her for several more minutes, reveling in this encounter with my Latina's backdoor. The way that she responded with groans and moans, along with leaking her juices, proved to me that this wasn't something that she tolerated for my sake. In some way, Blanca's asshole was an erogenous zone for her, and she apparently knew it for quite a while. It was clear to me that she long hoped to surprise me with this, and the news was definitely of the pleasant sort.

While I plundered Blanca's bowels, my fiancée serviced Cristina's sex with a gusto that she normally saved for her favorite cuisine. Far from being sickened by the taste, Des licked the Filipina's cunt as if it had the flavors of a delicious salad. She definitely indicated an enjoyment of Sapphic pleasure that made me wonder just how much latent bisexuality there was in my Italian babe's psyche. For that matter, did she have some past encounters of the female kind?

I wasn't worried about that, however. There was far too much fun to distract myself with just how honest my girl was about potentially scandalous and embarrassing collegiate trysts with her own sex. I didn't have time to think about much else anyway right then. Something about buggering a hot Mexican who loves to take it in her sweet and ravishing ass tends to give a guy a one-track mind for a little while.

In just a few more seconds, I came in Blanca's bottom. She climaxed herself right afterward, evidently brought to such a state by the idea of my cum in her sphincter. We then watched as Des brought Cristina to orgasm, which caused my fiancée to have a facial of sweet feminine fluids. The Filipina hottie thanked her with another French kiss, before winking at me as if to say, "You're mine, now, senor."

I didn't mind that....I just worried about how to stand on my unsteady legs after my incredible romp with my luscious Latina and her tight heinie. After all, I had to walk to the shower, not that the sound of feet behind me indicated that I would be alone. I didn't bother to check if it was Cristina or Des. Either way, I knew that I would fuck both of them as well in time....and either way, I would certainly enjoy my shower.

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