The Pain Trip


It had been a very stressful and frustrating week for her and she need to relieve the pent up compulsion she felt to just kick something. Airports and customers, her boss and her staff, they all seemed to have conspired to make it a really annoying week of sickeningly unrewarding events. Julie really wanted a diversion.

When she had finally boarded the plane Julie had felt like just lying back and going to sleep; to escape the reality of it all. But a piece of entertainment would be enticing for her sexual relief from the week's onerous and often meaningless tasks associated with her work.

As she sat there watching the parade; as everyone boarded the plane, she noticed him walking down the aisle towards her. His thick jet back hair, a deep five o'clock shadow on his face, and his beautiful smile directed at her. She purred inside, like a pussy cat that has just spotted a lovely little mouse to toy with for entertainment. He wandered down the aisle in his cream coloured shorts, and casual short sleeved light green silk shirt; seemingly so self assured.

That was worth watching! She smiled inside, and secretly murmured to herself, 'oh yeh what a lovely toy for me'; as he fortuitously took his seat in the one that was beside her. Well maybe the week would end better than it had started for her.

This could really be some real agonizing fun for her. Yes, the day had already improved without a doubt! Such a patient woman, her plans demanded that she be careful as she thought through what she might gain from what she planned. She sat next to him for almost 2 hours planning every move and possible scenario that might occur, and what she would do to catch her mouse.

After an hour he had become very sleepy and then had finally gone to sleep. It was so delightful, his childlike innocence, in his sleep. Then after about another half an hour his head had shifted and was resting on her shoulder. How sweetly convenient for her, and how absurdly dangerous for him, that he should fall into the web she had woven.

Very carefully she pressed her call button so she didn't wake him and politely she asked the hostess for a blanket to cover him. She definitely needed to hide from any prying eyes what she was about to do to him.

As he slept on her, she turned her head to start licking and sucking on the flesh on his neck in a way that no-one but her could see but that he would certainly feel. She was nipping his neck, and as he was starting to stir so she stopped.

Then taking advantage of him wearing shorts, she started to run her hand along the inside of his bare flesh just above his knees. How smooth and delicate his flesh felt under her claws. She couldn't help herself, her appetite for the agonising entrapment of her mouse was such a treat that she ran her hands up higher, and carefully began to pinch a tiny amount of the soft flesh of his inner thighs using the very tips of her nails.

He was definitely stirring now. And so she gently and carefully moved her flirtatious hand underneath the blanket covering her mouse's greatest weakness, and up over the front of his shorts to see what effect she had on his masculine body. His hardening cock could be felt radiating its heat through the flimsy material that were his shorts. Didn't it prove beyond any doubt that he was definitely enjoying what was happening?

She smiled hungrily to herself. Maybe he was really awake and enjoying her torturous teasing of his body already. Lucky little mouse, so much agonising ecstasy was about to come his way and the distress about to inflicted on his cock would make him an addict for her sexual pain.

Moving her right hand into the position she needed to launch her attack from, her palm was sitting tantalizingly across his shorts where his hard cock was stirring into life. Julie was ready to grind her nails and cause absolute distress to his hiding piece of pleasure.

Then, knowing she was ready for her demanding treat, she wrapped her hand around his cock, and then she tightened her grip knowing the anguish she would be inflicting. The grip she had on his cock meant he could be constrained in what he would be able to do and how he could physically respond.

Thus began the suffering ecstasy that he and his cock. For they were now a prisoner of her hand and were beyond escape from her world of painful delight. And then it was obvious from his response that her prisoners rock hard cock was under her control. Yes, his eyes shot open and he looked straight into her face. Julie look hungrily into his eyes, and leant over to whisper in his ear; never releasing her distressing grip on his cock.

"Be a good boy and do what you are told and I won't scream and cry rape. You don't want me to scream for the stewardess do you? With all these horrible marks all over my body, what will they think you have been doing to me?" she whispered.

His face drained and he was looking like a trapped little mouse now, she almost had him, so she enticingly whispered, "be a good boy and I'll give you more pleasure than you will have ever dreamed of, but if you don't do what I tell you, I'll make you suffer in prison with great satisfaction."

Julie watched as her instructions were weighed up, and is choices came into focus, by him. He looked at her, she bent her head so she could hear him speak.

"Ok, I'll do whatever you want, please, please, don't scream," he whispered.

Trapped, he sat watching her, waiting for her next move. And then it started, she released her grip on his cock and used her index finger to rub his cock roughly through his shorts and to tease his lustful body into erotic wakefulness. Running her hand up and down his cock, teasing him, driving his desire into lust; she enjoyed the game as she played and toyed with her mouse.

Knowing, that he was trapped in her game, and soon to become a willing participant she roughly massaged his cock through his pants with her right hand. Every now and then she would the grind her nails into the tender flesh along his cock. Creating a strong association between his pleasure and pain, and his ecstasy was hers to regulate at her whim.

Her left hand was for her; to reward herself for her successful entrapment of her mouse! With her left hand she moved towards her pussy as she pushed aside her panties so that she could access to her own steamy pussy and her taunt clit. As if to reflect the subconscious frustration she continued to experience from the weeks events, she started roughly rubbing her clit.

Julie was using a circular massaging motion that relied upon strong pressure and hardness to create her own agony of lust. And as she pleasured herself she continued to tease and manipulate her toy's throbbing cock.

Like any good cat she watched the way her prey was responding to her toying with it. He seemed to completely under her spell and was simply allowing her to play with him in whatever way she wished. Her clit was agonizingly hard from watching him squirm under the teasing and pinching pain she was inflicting upon his cock through the thin fabric of his shorts.

Blissfully enjoying the pain she was inflicting on him and thinking about how her own erotic plan of him where succeeding so easily. She pushed three fingers inside her pussy and began to grind her fingers roughly into herself.

As she did so, she could feel how moist she was from the delightful anticipation of what she was about to do to his yummy body. For while his cock's pleasure would drive his desires, she knew her own need to cause him erotic suffering was much more unrestrained and demanded she exploit his greatest weakness.

To prevent anything unexpected happening she leant over and whispered in his ear, "baby if you're enjoying what's happening then don't make any noise just stay still and I'll make sure you get what you deserve. Remember if you don't do what you're told I'll start screaming and there will be people running everywhere."

She turned and looked into his eyes, which sparkled with a combination of fear and lust; but his face still had a look that said he was only half aware of how she was toying with him.

Oh, she knew how to fix that, to prove to him he was nothing but her play thing; for her to pleasure herself with as she wanted. As she let go off his cock, she moved her hand down to the soft inner flesh of his thigh, knowing he would think she was finished with her cruel attack on his horny body. Instead it was an interlude for some new pain.

His cock throbbed in his pants and he longed for her to continue playing with his cock. With his mind engrossed in the need for more attention on his cock, she cruelly dug her long nails into his soft pliable flesh on his upper inner thighs. He did groan, perhaps in pleasure, but perhaps his whole body tensed as if inviting more pain.

There was no doubt at all, he wanted her to play with his throbbing cock again, he was trying to grind his cock into her hand as his urge and anticipation of more pleasure overtook his normally restrained sexual inclinations. His lust encapsulated body tingled with anticipation of more searing anguishing ecstasy. Whatever it took, his cock demanded more attention; he desired more agonizing massaging. By now it was a thirsty for attention hard cock with little intention but to spurt cum everywhere.

And as she played with his body, she continued to grind and flicked her own clit roughly, and then every now and then push two of her fingers inside her pussy, gyrating her pussy's inner flesh; as it embraced her self-inflicted pleasurable rough play. As she flirted with the levels of pain she was providing to her toy, she felt surges of lustful domination of her toy cause a powerful pleasure rush throughout her mind. She knew her pussy was on fire and so very juicy because she had been dining on the blissful anticipation of making him come uncontrollably when she decided it was the right time.

She moved her hand up again but this time she opened the top button on his shorts, and then lowered the zipper on his shorts, he was now exposed and compromised. She manoeuvred her hand and slipped her hand into his underwear. She could feel the hairness of his body above where his cock was; surrounded as it was by succulently soft flesh including his hard throbbing cock.

Now was the time for the cat to pounce on its prey. She circled his cock with sharp nails on her fingers and placed her hand at the base of his cock, and then she cruelly dug her nails into the very delightfully soft flesh of the lower half of his cock.

As she did so she could feel his whole body quiver; as the pain rushed through his delightfully throbbing cock and spread out across his whole body. Just a bit more pain was all she needed for this toy's addicted hard cock to embrace deeply the need for its orgasmic pain. Then she knew she would have his horny body as an addicted toy, it was what she knew his cock wanted, and she really loved the thought of having him exploding his cum all over the place for her and then rubbing it all over him.

Julie delighted in her stalking play with her mouse's greatest weakness. She used her nails again, and she ran her fingernails cruelly along the delicate fleshy underside of his whole hard pliable cock. It was as she expected, every time her fingers delivered agonising pain she could feel his throbbing cock jump and cry out in dancing appreciation for more of the hungry attention it desired.

When she reached the top of his cock, she teased the top of his cock with her finger nails. He was now her pain addict! She gently teased and teased him until she could feel his whole body rigid with anticipation of what was to come for his now pain starved cock. How quickly the addicts need a fix of pain.

He leant over towards her. She waited for the words she needed to hear, "please I need your nails, please give me more pain in my cock. I can't stand it, dig your nails into me again and again," he begged.

It was what she wanted to hear! And then when he least expected it she gave the pain addict his fix, and she dug her cruel nail into the top of his cock. Like an eagle digging it talons into its helpless prey her victim of painful lust showed his relief at the surge of agonizing pleasure that shot through his body. She knew the pain would overwhelm his lust filled body; and so it did.

Without letting her down, he let out a whimper of relief filled agony and she could see from his face that he was now showing the full extent of the pain she was inflicting on his pain addicted cock. She delighted in the way her mouse was allowing her to toy with it.

Poor little man, his pain addicted cock meant he was just a toy for her to play with now. Julie leant over and bit him on his shoulder as she sunk her nails into the top of his hard cock. Then she felt his cock jerk about like an uncontrolled leaping frog, and yes his cum flying out of his cock; and he was cumming passionately for her. He was such a good boy!

Her hand was so sticky from all his cum. She pulled her hand out and wiped his cum all over his lips and face. Then she leant over and kissed him on the lips. And as she did so she used her hand to grind her clit with her fingers so fiercely, the taste and smell of cum; as she kissed his cum covered face, meant she reach her own orgasm too and she could feel the pleasure surge through her body. The wildness of her lust infused pussy was overcoming her mind and body riotously.

Such ecstasy; she loved the succulent lust of dominance that came from inflicting pain on a helpless toy. She herself was an addict to the sexual energy of inflicting pain; needing to inflict forceful pain on a man to achieve her own intense orgasms. Today, the success, was such a blessed relief!

She whispered to him as he sat looking at her, "you were such a good boy for me shooting cum for me everywhere; I might even given you some more! But first I want to show you something."

She put her right hand under his shirt and moved her hand up to his chest. And when she got to where she wanted, she grasped one of his nipples between two of fingers and twisted his nipple in her vice-like grip.

Never losing focus she watched his face as the sweat broke out on his forehead. And then, as she watched him squirm in searing agony from his sensitive nipples. Delightfully she twisted further as she played with her clit and then she could feel herself coming again. Her muscled contracted and her whole body felt the quiver of lust gush through it, as the juices flooded out of her now drenched pussy as an ultimate relief to the frustrations of the last week.

Her pussy was so hot and moist, and it tingled from the aggravated flood of pleasure it had received. Such fun, she thought to herself, a boring plane trip made enjoyable by a toy to torment; and so many wonderful orgasms already [and more to cum]. A long night lay ahead for her, and how much she loved what she had planned for her luscious pain toy. She purred to herself as she drifted in the blissful sky above us all.

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