tagFetishThe Panty Club Ch. 03

The Panty Club Ch. 03


Claire casually walked over in the direction of the group of girls sitting in their circle on the school oval, trying desperately to conceal the excitement that was coursing through her body. As she approached, they all seemed to hush. She didn't want to alarm them too much and so passed them by at a reasonable distance, rather than right beside them. The result was that she wasn't able to completely verify her suspicions. Was the grass wet? She thought that she saw a glint of moisture reflecting the sunlight, but she couldn't be certain.

Over the next couple of days, Claire found her mind wandering back to the incident over and over again. She thought about the times that she'd run into her student, Amber, in the toilets and the fact that she was always there with friends. It wasn't a give away, but she couldn't help but wonder.

She found herself planning the most outrageous things and almost completely shocked herself when she started to put one of them into action with barely a thought for the consequence.

It was Wednesday's drama class, the last class of the day. During the class, Amber had been quite noisy. Not really any noisier than she might have anticipated any other day, but Claire used the opportunity. She pulled Amber up a number of times and in the end, told her that she'd have to stay after class.

Amber was clearly feeling outraged and her class mates also looked a little taken aback. Miss Martin was one of their favourite teachers, usually fairly lenient and certainly not prone to the sort of over-reaction that was apparent in this class.

At the end of the day, Claire asked Amber to write a page on why it was inappropriate for her to carry on discussions unrelated to the class topic when the teacher was trying to run a lesson. Whilst Amber was writing it, Claire sat opposite, admiring her student, but trying to keep a look of stern disappointment on her face.

That's a hard thing to do when you're secretly fantasizing about what that student might be wearing under her school uniform!

"Um please Miss Martin, I need to go to the toilet," Amber said when she was about half way through the page.

"You can make use of the toilet when you complete the page," Claire told Amber, squeezing her legs together as she considered how Amber must be starting to feel. Claire looked infuriated, but started writing even quicker. Claire noticed that she'd started squirming in her seat somewhat as well. She must have been holding this for some time, Claire realized, enjoying the small movements Amber made in her seat as she tried to suppress the urge to pee.

Amber was furious. She'd been supposed to meet her friends and swap panties and now she couldn't. She'd been drinking since lunch time, when they'd all peed in their their pants because she'd wanted to do it again on her way home. And now she was on the verge of pissing herself whether she wanted to or not and all because Miss Martin and turned into Attila the Hun or something. She shifted in her seat, trying to keep the pee in, feeling indignant and unjustly treated. It wasn't even like she had been doing the most talking!

Amber was almost at the end of the page, but knew that she wasn't going to be able to finish. "Please Miss, I really have to go, I am seriously going to wet myself if I don't," she begged of her teacher.

"I don't care Amber, maybe it will teach you how to behave."

Amber stared at her teacher with incredulity. She couldn't do this, surely? She wondered what would happen if she told the headmistress. God, that was a conversation that she didn't want to have though, she decided. She simply couldn't imagine having to admit to the headmistress that she'd peed her pants because she'd been kept back late. Way too embarrassing.

As she stared in outrage at Miss Martin; as she did so, she studied her teacher's face, trying to read her expression. She expected anger or satisfaction at the 'justice' she was carrying out, but what she really didn't expect to see was a look of anticipation. They'd done plenty of work in the drama class about portraying and recognizing emotion and that was definitely a look of anticipation. Did Miss Martin want her to piss herself??

Amber felt a tiny bit of pee squeeze from between her pussy lips as she sat there in shock. She'd relaxed just for a moment and forgotten that she was holding it back. She felt a spot of warmth seep into her panties, currently a pair of blue cotton briefs that had really only dried in the last hour from their lunch time games.

"Maybe Miss Martin was only calling her bluff," Amber thought. "Surely she wouldn't really want a senior student to piss themselves, it would be too risky. She probably just expected Amber to get up and walk out to go pee. It would give her another excuse for detention on another day.

"Well fuck her," Amber thought, "I'm going to call her bluff. Let's see how she reacts to actually having someone piss themselves in her class!"

Amber relaxed and stopped squirming, watching Miss Martin's face as she allowed her pee to stream from her pussy and into her pants and then into her skirt. She felt the fabric drench, the warm piss spreading across the seat where she was sitting to soak the bottom of the panties and her school dress before it started dripping off the seat.

Claire stared at Amber. She was actually doing it. She moved so that she could see under the desk from where she sat, watching as piss first dripped and then flowed from the seat in which Amber was sitting. She desperately wanted to rub her pussy as she saw it happen. Her gaze was transfixed.

Amber was stunned to see the look of anticipation on her teacher's face replaced by a look of total and unabated lust as she pissed her panties and school skirt.

"Now look what you've made me do!" Amber said quietly, looking at the mess that she'd created.

"Yes, it seems you have a problem," Claire said and Amber was surprised to realize how husky her teacher's voice was.

"Me? What about you? You made me do it!"

"You really believe that? Do you really think I wouldn't have let you go to the toilet if you just stood up and went? Claire asked.

"Or does it turn you on to wet yourself Amber? Is that why I keep finding you in and around the toilets?"

Amber stared at her teacher. She knew? Surely not. God, how the hell could she answer? Amber dropped her gaze, unable to come up with a response that she'd be happy with other than to stutter a couple of unconvincing, "No, that's not it's."

"Its ok Amber, I owe you an apology; and maybe an explanation." Amber sat in her wet skirt and panties, surprised at the turn of events, not quite understanding what was happening. "I set you up Amber. I set you up because I was afraid to ask you what I really wanted to ask. But now I think I need to ask you," Claire said in a rush, afraid of what she might be doing to her career.

"Do you like to wet yourself Amber?"

Amber stared, amazed. This couldn't be happening, surely? Her teacher had set her up to watch her piss herself?!

Miss Martin looked like she was just about to freak out and run away or something, when Amber hesitantly said, "yes."

Claire heaved a sigh of relief at Amber's admission. The girl was blushing and so she quickly moved to reassure her. "It's ok Amber, I like to too. There's nothing wrong with it, its just ... different to what a lot of other people like."

"You really like to wet yourself?" Amber asked, her heart racing. She looked her teacher up and down, surveying her body. Miss Martin was one of the younger teachers at the school. She was wearing tight, marl-grey leggings over a black leotard that she'd had on during their drama class which today had involved quite a bit of dance. Her breasts were of average size and Amber noted her waist was nice and slim. Her black hair was pulled back in a simple pony-tail and she was only a little bit taller than Amber.

"Oh yes," Claire responded. "I do like to wet myself," Amber was a little lost for words and unsure as to how to continue this conversation, when suddenly she was aware of a wet darkness rapidly spreading from the crotch of her teacher's leggings down her legs. She stared in fascination as she realized that Miss Martin was pissing herself right there and then!

Claire separated her legs slightly as she felt the warmth of her piss spread through the fabric of her leggings and run down towards her feet. She watched Amber's face as she continued to allow her bladder to release the urine that she'd been holding onto since earlier in the day. When she saw that Amber was smiling, she moved closer to her, offering to help her stand.

"Tell me Amber," she said as she helped her to her feet, "Would you be interested in spending some time with me on the weekend? To explore this a bit further?"

Amber could feel her pussy moistening as she stood close to her teacher. "God, should she really do this? She'd come a long way from the naive girl that her friends had brought from her shell, but was she ready to do something this crazy?" she thought to herself.

"Um yes, I think so," she replied, swallowing the lump that seemed to have lodged itself in her throat, her stomach fluttering.

"Good, I'll tell you more after Friday's class," Claire told her. As Amber watched, her teacher rubbed her hands against the sodden crotch of her pants. "I guess I'd better change before going to the staff room," she laughed lightly. "Did you need something to wear home Amber?"

Amber eyed her teacher, thinking, daring.

"I want to wear your knickers," she replied.

Claire raised an eyebrow, surprised, but excited. She stood in front of her student and pulled her leggings off. Then she had to step out of the leotard, pulling it down to expose her bra before sliding it off over her legs. She was wearing a black cotton thong which was completely soaked.

Amber watched, almost salivating with anticipation as it was removed, revealing her teacher's neat little crop of pubic hair that started above her pussy and extended down over her lips.

Claire held out the wet thong to Amber who reached out and took it. Then she slipped the wet pair of white satin panties off of her bum and down her legs, putting them on the back of the chair whilst she slid her teacher's underwear on. It was damp and clung to her bald pussy. She gave it a rub, massaging it against her mound.

"Now that is a definite turn on," Claire said to Amber as she quickly grabbed her underwear. "I think I might have to wear yours home!" She slid the wet panties up over her pussy before putting on her leotard, it too still wet. She grabbed a pair of track pants from her bag and slid them on, her leggings being too wet to escape notice.

As Amber turned to leave, Claire pointed out that the back of her skirt was drenched with piss. "That's ok," Amber said, pulling a jumper from her bag and tying it around her waist, "This will be enough to get me home."

Claire watched, delighted as Amber left the class. Her heart was racing at a thousand beats per minute and her pussy was on fire. She grabbed her things, intent on getting home quickly so that she could bring herself the pleasure that she so desperately desired.

When Amber finally left the school, her friends had moved on, probably because it had taken her a good 45 minutes to get out. She sighed and made her way home, knowing that she would at least catch up with the girls tomorrow.


Friday came around and Amber dressed with an air of excitement. Cotton and cum day, she thought as she sifted through her underwear drawer, looking for something appropriate. She settled on a pink pair of boyleg panties, rubbing her crotch and then slipping her hand inside to caress her bald lips briefly.

At recess, she met up with the girls in the toilet and Terri grabbed her and pulled her into a stall. Amber was horny and stepped in close to Teri, her hands settling on her nice curvy hips. She pulled herself against her so that she could feel Teri's large breasts crushed against her own and thrust her tongue within her friend's mouth.

Teri returned the kiss fervently and for several minutes they stood kissing in the stall.

"I think we should hurry up," Terri uttered as they broke apart. Her face was flushed with the excitement of their shared passion, but she resisted the temptation to continue kissing. She slipped a pair of white cotton briefs down her legs and handed them to Amber, who slipped her own panties off and handed them in turn to Teri.

Amber took Teri's panties and brought them to her face, inhaling the aroma of her friend's sex. "Mmm you smell so nice, Teri," she told her friend before putting them on and settling them against her bald mound.

"Kinky!" laughed Teri as she worked Amber's pink panties up her legs. They exited the stall to find Anne and Abby waiting for them, exasperated that their friends had taken so long.


At lunch time, Amber met up with Anne, who it turned out was wearing a pair of red cotton boy-leg very similar to the pair of pink ones that Amber had started the day in. Amber made sure that she took the time to kiss Anne in the stall just as she had with Teri at recess. She was so horny that she was determined to get some pleasure from each of her friends before they headed back to Anne's place after school for the real pleasure.

The girls assembled on the oval to chat as they usually did and other than Miss Martin coming past and stopping to chat briefly, nothing unusual happened.

During the last class of the day, drama, Miss Martin passed Amber a note. Amber carefully checked it when she knew that no one was looking. There was just a phone number and the words 'Call me this weekend.' When Amber met Miss Martin's gaze later in the day, she received a smile and a nod. Amber smiled in return.


After school, the girls gathered at Anne's place and went straight to her bedroom. Amber sat next to Abby and as Anne started things off, pulling her skirt up so that she could masturbate, Amber put her hand to Abby's cheek, turning her face towards her. Then she kissed her, completing her day's desire to kiss each of her friends. Abby returned the kiss willingly and Amber pushed her back on the bed, climbing on top of her to continue the oral union.

Amber's hands traveled over Abby's firm breasts, squeezing them through her clothes as Abby's hands in turn crept up and under Amber's skirt to caress her butt in the red boy-leg panties that she was currently wearing.

Anne watched her friends and used them as inspiration as she worked herself towards orgasm. Teri was watching them too, but decided that she wasn't prepared to just do that. She moved in behind the two girls on the bed and slipped her hand between Amber's thighs, her fingers teasing at her pussy through the fabric of her underwear.

Amber groaned into Abby's mouth as she felt her friend's fingers start to caress her already wet slit. She could feel how wet her panties were as they rubbed against her labia. Teri pushed Amber's skirt up and moved closer so that she could run her tongue along the line of her panties, tracing lightly across the skin of her buttocks. Then she grabbed the panties and crudely pulled them up into her butt crack so that she could nibble and suck at her buttock properly.

Anne cried out as she came, feeling her juices seep from her pussy into the white cotton briefs. After she subsided she removed them and moved over to where Abby and Amber were enjoying each other.

"Come on Abs, time for you to put these on," she said. Amber rolled off of Abby long enough to allow her to take the panties from Anne.

"Mmm, they're so nice and wet!" she said. And then she took up a position where she could slip her hands into the pink boy-leg panties that were originally Amber''s. She sat with her fingers teasing at her clit, rubbing it evenly and smoothly, keeping her rhythm, working closer and closer to the point where she would achieve her goal. The other three girls encouraged her, though Teri continued trying to assault Amber's pussy, using her hand now as Amber sat and watched Abby.

Anne moved behind Abby and undid the zip down the front of her school dress before slipping her hands inside and caressing her firm breasts. Abby didn't take long from that point and was soon cumming happily. She slipped off the pink panties and put on the white pair.

Teri took the pink pair from Abby and sat down to cum in a pair of green cotton briefs with butterflies on them that Amber was yet to wear.

"Aww, they're so cute!" Amber explained as Teri's hands slipped inside them to caress herself. Anne now moved behind Teri, exclaiming that she wanted to play with her massive tits. Teri allowed Anne to slip her dress down off of her arms and undo her bra, releasing her breasts to the air ready for an assault by her friends. Anne and Amber each moved to where they could suck on Teri's tits and it was all she could do to reach her pussy and play with herself with them sucking on her.

"Let me do it for you," Abby said, seeing the trouble that Teri was having. She knelt on the floor between Teri's legs and began rubbing her panties against her pussy. She used her tongue as well, licking along the wet crotch and probing. After several minutes of this though, she slid fingers under the fabric from one side of the crotch and started manipulating her friend's clit.

Teri moaned and cried out with the pleasure that was being exacted by her three friends and before long, shuddered and came.

Amber was only too happy when she did because it meant that it was time for her to cum at last. She lay on the floor and slipped her hands down to her clit, telling Anne to come and sit on her face, knowing that she had no panties under her skirt because Amber was yet to remove hers.

She delighted in the view as Anne stepped over her head before squatting down, her perfectly shaven lips descending until Amber was able to reach them with her tongue.

"Fuck yes!" Anne said as she felt Amber run her tongue along her slit before lapping expertly at her clit. She felt hands on her dress and before long, lips on her breasts along with someone else's hand pushing hers out of her panties. It was quickly replaced and soon Amber was a writing mass of pleasure on the floor as she attempted to absorb the pleasure that she was receiving.

Eventually she could contain herself no more and exploded before handing the sodden panties on to Anne whilst she donned the green butter-flied ones.


On Saturday, Amber was sitting at home, her family having abandoned her for the day in their own pursuits of leisure. She spent the early part of the morning at her computer, looking at movies of girls wetting themselves.

Now she had her phone in one hand and Miss Martin's note in the other. She was debating with herself whether she should call or not.

After deliberating for an hour, picking her phone up, putting it down and picking it up again over and over, she finally dialled the number. Her heart was in her mouth as she listened to the phone ringing at the other end. "Maybe she won't answer," Amber thought to herself.

"Claire speaking," she heard as her teacher's voice cut in from the other end.

"Uh, hi Miss Martin, it's Amber," Amber said nervously.

"Amber! I'm so glad you called. What are you up to today?"

"Nothing actually, everyone's gone out and I was just kind of wondering what to do with myself."

"Perfect, would you like me to pick you up and bring you to my place?" her teacher asked.

"Um, ok, I"ll give you my address," Amber said as the butterflies in her stomach all alighted for a round of acrobatics.

Having hung up the phone, Amber rummaged through her underwear drawer, looking for something that she thought that her teacher might appreciate. She settled for a cute pair of pink cotton briefs with a pair of lips emblazoned across the front panel and green seams and a bra that was also pink, but unadorned.

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