tagFetishThe Panty Club Ch. 05

The Panty Club Ch. 05


Amber stood at Claire's door, hopping from foot to foot, hoping that she'd answer it soon. Amber had been drinking heaps of water during the course of the morning but had avoided going to the toilet, wanting to be ready to piss when she got to Claire's house.

It was starting to seem that she might have had her timing a bit off though, because she could barely hold on. She crossed and uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, her hand pressed against her pussy as she desperately tried to avoid wetting herself before she got into the house. She rang the doorbell for a fourth time.

Claire finally got to the front door and peered outside to see Amber hopping from foot to foot. She smiled at the thought, wondering just how close Amber might be to pissing herself. She opened the door a crack and Amber looked up with relief flooding her features. She rushed toward the door only to find that Claire hadn't yet disengaged the safety chain.

"Quick Claire, let me in, I'm going to burst," Amber said as she saw Claire peer between the door and its jamb.

"Oh I don't know, I might like to see you wet yourself on my doorstep. It would be hot to see your piss soak those jeans and run over your feet," Claire said, making no move to open the door.

"NO! Not out here, please Claire, let me in, I'll do whatever you want inside, but not out here on the door step."

"Hmm, I dunno, I can't really think of anything that you could do for me right now, it would be much more fun to see you pee right there." Claire said, her fingers groping at her own crotch as she considered the possibility.

"God Claire, please ..... " Amber begged as she continued to hop and squirm, one hand now pushed against her pussy from behind and one in front.

"Well ok, but you are only allowed just inside the door," Claire said, closing it and then opening it to allow Amber in.

"Oh thank you!" Amber said, bursting in through the door the first second that she could. She grabbed Claire in a hug before begging to be told where she was to piss.

"Right here," Claire replied, sitting herself down on the tiled floor. She looked up at Amber in her jeans and light blue long sleeved t-shirt. "Squat on me and piss your jeans Amber." Amber squatted over Claire, who was wearing a pair of marl grey track pants and a tight black dance top that exposed her belly. Then she relaxed and waited for the warm feeling of her piss soaking her jeans. She felt the piss as it passed her pussy lips and the warmth spread around her butt and over her pussy.

Claire watched as the denim of her student's jeans darkened and moistened as her piss spread through it. Then the first drops fell from her butt and started darkening the material of Claire's track pants. Claire wiggled so that the pee that then started flowing freely from Amber's saturated jeans feel in a stream onto her mound and then absorbed into the material. She rubbed her hand through the urine and against her crotch, stimulating herself as Amber continued to relieve herself through her jeans, the moisture of the urine soaking right through her panties to mingle with the moisture that she knew would be seeping into her panties from her pussy.

Eventually the flow of piss stopped and Amber stood up. Claire made her turn around so that she could see the large wet stain where the piss had soaked into the denim. She reached up and rubbed Amber's butt, feeling the wet cloth, before kneeling in the puddle of piss that she'd been sitting in and attacking the button and zipper with her hands and pulling Amber's wet jeans down her legs.

Amber watched as her teacher knelt before her and began stripping off her clothes. Claire removed first one of Amber's shoes and then the other before having her step out of her wet clothes and tossing them to the side of the entrance hall. Standing barefoot in her own piss, Amber watched as Claire's hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She moaned at the contact. She felt Claire's fingers on her bald pussy lips and then one slipped between them and penetrated her. She leaned into the contact which turned out to be brief.

Claire withdrew her finger from Amber's pussy and sucked on it before plunging her tongue between Amber's lips, tasting her pussy, moaning and humming as she worked it over.

"Can we go somewhere more comfortable?" Amber asked as she attempted to find a better position in which to enjoy her teacher's oral attention.

"Of course," Claire replied, smiling, "I was just overtaken for a moment." She stood up and Amber took in the image of how wet Claire's pants were, enjoying the fact that the bum of her pants was soaked as well as the knees. Claire pulled her track pants off but left the wet black cotton panties that she was wearing on as she picked up Amber's pants. She took them to the laundry and threw them in, tossing some of her own clothes in as well.

"May as well wash and dry them so that you've something clean to wear home," Claire said, grinning at Amber. Amber stepped closer and enveloped her teacher in her arms and their tongues speared into each other's mouths, joining together in a tangled dance.

Their hands roamed over each other's bodies, grabbing at buttocks and breasts and caressing each other's hair as they passionately kissed together.

"You know, when you said somewhere more comfortable, I didn't quite expect you to be happy with the laundry," Claire laughed as they finally separated for a moment.

"Well it wasn't quite what I had in mind, either," Amber laughed and this time the two of them ended up with bottles of water beside them as they lay together on Claire's bed. Claire had discarded her panties so that they both lay with their utterly bald pussies exposed and their fingers teasing at each other's lips.

Claire grabbed at Amber's top, pulling it off, insisting that she should free her breasts so that they could be feasted on. "Well only if you get your's out as well!" Amber insisted.

They both quickly removed their tops to lay naked together in bed, hands and lips and tongues exploring each other's bodies.

"So tell me Amber, have you ever tried a vibrator or a dildo?" Claire asked after a while as she licked at her student's pussy gently.

"No I haven't," Amber replied, blushing at the question.

"Would you like to?" Claire asked, pausing in her activity to take a drink of water.

"Sure," Amber said, smiling. Claire went to her cupboard, Amber watching the way her taut buttocks moved as she walked away from her. When she returned, Claire held a shoe box which she dumped on the bed in front of Amber.

"Go on, open it and choose something," Claire said, sitting down on the bed on the other side of the box. Amber pulled the lid off and her eyes widened at the selection of toys that she found inside. There was about a dozen items in the box and she pulled them out one by one, checking what the differences were, turning them on and feeling them vibrate in her hand as she went. Eventually she found a latex one that was quite soft to the touch. She grinned at Claire and handed it to her. As Claire took it from Amber, Amber pulled out a string of beads.

"What do you do with these?" she asked.

"I like to put them in my bum," Claire said, blushing. "Then when you're cumming, you pull them out, its amazing."

"Really?" Amber asked, disbelieving.

"Oh yes," Claire laughed, but let's just start you with this one. She pushed Amber back on the bed and picked up a tube of lubricant which she then applied to the toy. Turning it on a little, she started to rub the vibrating toy against Amber's pussy, enjoying the small squeals and yelps that she produced as she touched her with it. She pushed it into her pussy repeatedly, taking time out every now and then to ensure that it rubbed against her clit, causing Amber to squirm and moan even more.

As she pleasured Amber with the vibrator, Claire started to suck on her breasts and kiss her as well, looking to apply pleasure to as many of Amber's pleasure centers as she could at once. She loved the little yelps that Amber produced when the vibrator rubbed against her clit and so ensured that she received plenty of attention in that area.

When Amber was really squirming on the bed and clearly on the brink of orgasm, Claire moved down between her legs and pushed the toy deep inside her pussy and used her tongue to excite her clit. It had the desired effect and Amber shuddered with the force of the orgasm that rocked her system. Claire quickly moved back up along side her, kissing and touching her student as she recovered from her orgasm.

Claire rolled herself on top of Amber and then stood up on the bed, Amber looking beautiful as she lay naked beneath her, recovering from her orgasm. Amber grinned up at her teacher, loving the view of her bald pussy from below along with the curve of the underside of her breasts.

As Amber again shifted her gaze back to her teacher's pussy, a stream of piss started to flow from it. It flowed down and landed on Amber's stomach, the warm urine splashing over her. She felt droplets land on her breasts and pussy and as it continued, Claire rotated her hips and her stream traveled all over Amber's body. Amber rubbed her hands through it, spreading the warm fluid over her body as Claire continued to pee, now squatting as the stream continued to flow, but spraying forward more and up over her breasts, to flow down over her neck.

When the flow stopped, Claire lay down on top of Amber again, their breasts mashed together as they kissed passionately, their bodies sliding against each other with the wetness of the piss that coated Amber.

"Eat me Amber," Claire declared after a couple of minutes as she moved up over Amber's body. She knelt with one knee either side of her student's face and Amber was left with little choice but to bury her tongue in Claire's pussy. She licked and lapped and sucked and nibbled, her eyes watching as Claire pulled on her nipples and rotated them between thumb and fore finger. Before long Claire was forcefully pushing her pussy against Amber's face and then she came, slumping forward over Amber's head as her pussy convulsed.

"I think you've got some more washing to do," Amber laughed a little later as she rolled off of the soaked bed.

"Yes, it does tend to be one of the things you have to get used to when you enjoy the things I do," Claire smiled back at her, stripping the bedding as she spoke. "How about a shower Amber?"

"That sounds lovely, but there's one thing I want first."

"Name it," Claire said, smiling.

"I want to see you put the beads in your bum, I'm curious." Claire grinned at her and went to where the shoe box had been set aside. She pulled the long string of large round beads from the box and walked over to where Amber stood.

"I tell you what, I'll show you, but I'm only putting the first one in, you have to do the rest."

"Okay," Amber replied, grinning. Claire picked up the lubricant and knelt down on the floor doggy-style. Then she squeezed lube out of the tube onto her anus, feeling it run down over her puckered hole and then to her pussy. She used her fingers to start lubricating her anus and then picked up the beads. She rubbed the first one on her pussy, pushing it in and pulling it out several times as Amber watched and then she pushed it against her bum hole. She felt her anus stretch as the ball was pushed inside her bum. She kept pushing until her finger had followed the bead inside up to the second knuckle, then dropped the string, allowing it to hang from her bum.

"Your turn," she said to Amber. Amber knelt down beside her teacher and picked up the end of the string so that they were all suspended in the air, except for the one in her arse. Then she took the second bead in the string and moved it to the entrance to her Claire's anus. She pushed gently against the hole, fascinated as it began to spread to accept the intruding bead.

It went in and Amber pushed it further as she'd seen Claire do until her own finger was two knuckles deep in Claire's butt. Claire squirmed and Amber could feel the ring of Claire's anal muscles around her finger. She was surprised to find that she liked the tight feeling of her teacher's anus enveloping her finger. She pulled it out and grabbed the second bead.

Before long, Amber had pushed 6 beads inside Claire's anus and there were no more on the string, just a ring of plastic that was obviously meant for retrieval.

Claire looked back over her shoulder at Amber, "Now how about that shower?"

"Aren't you going to take them out?" Amber asked her.

"Not until later," Claire grinned, standing up from where she'd been kneeling. Amber helped her to her feet.

"I can't believe that you're going to leave them there, that's so weird," she laughed.

"It's not that weird, I've got a set of vibrating balls as well and sometimes I stick them in my pussy and go shopping with them inside me."

"Seriously?" Amber asked in disbelief.

"Oh yes, though I can't say that I've ever worn them to school," Claire replied, grinning. "I'll have to get them out after our shower and let you feel them." By now they had reached the bathroom and they quickly made their way into the shower once the water was running at a nice temperature. Claire told Amber to stand still so that she could wash her and Amber luxuriated in the attention of having someone lovingly wash each square inch of her skin.

Claire started at Amber's feet, washing them one at a time, then up her calves to her thighs. Then she took her time washing Amber's pussy, sliding a couple of fingers inside as she applied the soap. She ran her fingers around and over Amber's bum, being sure to slide them over her anus as well, applying a little pressure, but not going so far as to penetrate.

Amber moaned as Claire's fingers brushed over her anus, surprised that such a touch could be so erotic. It made her think of the fact that Claire still had the string of beads stuck inside her anus.

Claire continued the washing, up over Ambers stomach and the small of her back, caressing her as one hand lead the other in a delightful exploration. When she reached Amber's breasts, Claire again took her time, her soapy hands caressing and squeezing, playing with her nipples.

She pulled on Amber's tight little nipples, enjoying the way that they stood to attention as they were stimulated. Only the soap stopped her from taking one in her mouth right there and then. She knew that there would be time for that later. She finally allowed her hands to move on, washing Amber's shoulders and upper back and her neck, massaging her as she applied the soap. Then she let Amber wash the soap from her body before telling her it was time to have her hair washed. She had Amber kneel down on the floor of the shower to give her easy access to her hair.

Claire first shampooed Amber's hair, taking her time as she massaged her scalp and then rubbed the shampoo into her hair. She rinsed it out and grabbed some conditioner and in turn applied that to her hair as well.

As Claire moved in the shower stall, Amber spotted the plastic ring that dangled from the short string hanging from her anus. She was tempted to grab and pull at it, but decided that she would wait until she was asked before doing so. She settled for touching Claire's thighs and running her hands up and down her legs.

When Claire had rinsed the conditioner from Amber's hair, she told her that it was time to trade places, that Amber should now wash her body whilst Claire relaxed.

Amber was only too happy and stood up and picked the soap from the soap dish. She copied the process that Claire had used, slowly but surely washing every inch of her teacher's skin. She delighted in the smoothness of it and the firmness of her breasts, which she spent quite a bit of time washing. When she reached Claire's butt, she slipped her hand between the firm bubble-like cheeks and ran her fingertips over her pussy. As she pulled her hand back, she felt the string and ran her fingers around and over Claire's anus. She was surprised to feel Claire push back against her as her fingers lingered in the area. Then she continued the washing journey.

When they were finished in the shower, the two girls toweled each other dry and Claire led Amber out to the living room, both of them naked. Claire fetched them each a large, tall glass of water and they sat down to chat, their hands caressing each other as they drank the water.

"So, are you going to give me any hints as to what I have to do for the next level of membership?" Claire asked Amber.

"No, that would take the fun out of it. But I'll give you a hint about what you get to do after the next one you get," Amber replied, grinning, "Because I don't know how you're going to manage to pull it off given I can't think of anything."

"Well come on then, tell me, if you're going to tease me, do it here," Claire replied, placing Amber's hand against her bald pussy.

"Ok, you get to introduce something new for the group to do with panties," Amber told her.

"Oh, so what are all the things that are done currently?" Claire asked.

"Let's see, we swap them of course, and we wear cotton on Friday. On Wednesday we piss in them, on Thursday we take turns stuffing a pair in our pussies and on Friday we also cum in them."

"Right, so what about sniffing or licking them?" Claire asked.

"Well there's nothing organized about it, but it tends to happen on and off, you might get away with it."

"I'll have to see if I can think of something more creative, but that could be a fall back position," Claire grinned, leaning in to kiss Amber. "More water?"

"Yes please," Amber replied, smiling as she watched her teacher walk naked to the kitchen to refill their glasses. When she returned, Amber took the glass and drank from it. Claire put hers aside and knelt on the floor before Amber, pushing her legs apart.

"I don't think I got to finish what I started before," she said and started laying kisses up the insides of Amber's thighs. Amber leant back and spread her legs further, inviting Claire to take her time in pleasuring her.

Claire studied Amber's pussy as she kissed her way toward it and then as she reached, it licked from bottom to top with her tongue. Then she delved deep between Amber's bald lips, pushing her tongue into her pussy and wiggling it around, her hands stroking at Amber's stomach and up to her breasts.

Amber watched as her teacher devoured her pussy, sucking on her lips and her clit, her teeth grazing her labia and her tongue applying velvet touches. Her nipples were like diamonds as she was pleasured and when Claire wasn't stroking or pulling them, Amber rolled them between her fingers, lavishing in the pleasure that was building between her legs. She felt Claire's fingers run down along her lips as her tongue worked between them and then one of her fingertips was drawing delicate circles around her anus.

Amber wondered at the contact. It wasn't unpleasant, in fact it was quite the opposite, she just wasn't sure about having herself touched there.

"Wait here," Claire said to her, leaning back from Amber's now sopping wet pussy. She stood up and left the room, Amber letting her fingers drift down to her pussy to stroke lightly at her clitoris before taking a long drink of water.

When Claire re-entered the living room, she had a pair of silver balls on a string dangling from her grasp and a smile spread across her beautiful face.

"I think that you should try these out," Claire said to her, passing the two balls to Amber as she took a seat beside her. When Amber took the balls, she discovered that Claire had been holding a little controller in her hand, which she now passed to Amber as well. Amber turned the little dial on the side and almost dropped the balls when they began to vibrate! Claire laughed and took them back from Amber as she again knelt between her student's legs.

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