tagFetishThe Panty Club Ch. 07

The Panty Club Ch. 07


"What have you got planned for the day?" Teri asked her brother as he surfaced for the morning and stuffed some bread in the toaster.

"Dunno, hadn't really thought about it," he replied, his hands rubbing his face as he struggled with the whole concept of being awake.

"Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason, just curious I guess. Mum and Dad are off to golf again, so I didn't know if I'd be home alone or not. Abby said that she might come over."

Greg tried to keep his face from lighting up at the thought of his sister's gorgeous friend coming over and he quickly dismissed any half-baked plans he had about getting away from the house for the day.

"Oh ok," he said, almost pulling off the feigned nonchalance. Teri rolled her eyes at him and warned him to stay out of their way.

"Abby doesn't need to go walking through your puddles of drool all over the house." Greg just responded by chucking a wet dishcloth at his sister, who squealed as it missed her cheek and hit her on the shoulder and neck instead.

"Brat," she replied, flinging it back at him only to have him snatch it from mid air and toss it into the sink. Teri left her brother to his breakfast and went upstairs to get properly dressed for the day. She rummaged around in her underwear drawer for something sexy, finally settling on a silk spandex thong from Victoria's Secret. Creamy coloured, with black polka dots and a pink lace trim, it felt lovely as she settled it over her pussy. She pulled on a short denim skirt over that and then pulled out a black lace bra, confining her breasts before sliding a green t-shirt over the top. She checked herself in the mirror, adjusted her bra and set about tidying up her room before Abby came over.


When the doorbell rang, Teri bounded down the stairs, excited to see her friend. She was slightly annoyed, though not surprised to see that Greg had managed to get himself to a point where he'd see Abby when she came in. He was hopeless. He was a couple of years older than her and though generally a good brother, he was always perving on her friends. She couldn't blame him given how hot they were, but he could at least try and be a little subtle!

Teri threw the door wide to reveal Abby standing at the door in a pair of cutoff denim shorts and a plain cotton black tank top. The shorts were so short that the pockets stuck out below the leg line and Teri had to quickly snap her eyes up from taking in how hot she looked as Abby quickly stepped inside to hug her friend, crushing their breasts between them.

Greg looked on as Abby stepped inside and embraced his sister, his mind instantly day-dreaming about how hot it would be if they were to do it naked. At a C cup, Abby's tits weren't as big as his sister's massive Ds, but he was never one to complain! The hug broke apart and Teri took her friend by the hand, instantly starting to chatter in the way that girls do as she led her friend up the stairs toward her bedroom.

"Hey Greg," Abby said, smiling at him as she was led past. Greg grinned and tripped over his own tongue as he attempted to return her greeting.

"Oh shit you're hopeless!" Teri laughed at him, "Now stay out of our way and leave us alone!"


"He's actually pretty cute you know," Abby said to her friend when they were ensconced in the sanctuary of her room.

"Oh god, he's my BROTHER Abby, I don't care what he looks like," Teri laughed.

"Fair enough," Abby replied, but the look on her face told Teri that if his brother played his cards right, he might just be in with a chance. She wasn't about to let him know that of course.

"So tell me, what is it that you desperately wanted to tell me that wouldn't until we were alone together?" Teri asked, trying to move the subject on.

"I um, don't think I want to tell you, I think I want to show you, but there's no hurry, I don't want to rush it," Abby replied cryptically.

"Aww what? That sucks, here I was getting all horny and excited and you let me down!"

"Horny?" Abby asked, raising her eyebrows. "Who said that I was going to do something that would make you horny?"

"Are you kidding, look at these shorts, you're lucky my brother and I both didn't cum on sight!" Abby laughed.

"I'm glad you like them," Abby giggled, standing up and spinning in front of her friend. Teri grabbed her friend's butt as she twirled, squeezing her firm cheeks.

"There's nothing not to like!" Teri declared. Abby fell on top of her friend, still giggling and within moments their lips had found each other and their tongues danced together, probing and licking within each other's mouths. Abby's hand found its way beneath Teri's skirt, feeling the silky panties and rubbing them against her mound. It was only a matter of moments before she felt them dampen beneath her touch. Teri's legs spread wide as she worked her pussy against her friend's hand.

Teri responded by grabbing at Abby's tank top, pulling it off over her head to reveal a black lace bra which she quickly and unceremoniously disposed of. Her hands sought out her friend's tits, squeezing and caressing them as her nipples hardened.

"Mmm, you have such lovely nipples Abby," Teri whispered before snagging one between her lips and pulling it. Abby moaned and Teri continued, using her tongue, teeth and lips to play with first one and then the other, sucking licking and biting. Abby's hands wound their way into Teri's short, dark hair, holding her head as her friend worked over her tits.


Greg listened to the noises that were coming from his sister's room, his cock hard as he imagined what could possibly be going on. There was a lot of giggling, but also the occasional gasp and moan, enough to get his imagination working overtime. He pictured the two girls in various states of undress, touching each other and kissing. His cock twitched at the thought. He kept trying to plot ways to get a peek at what was going on, wondering if he could get a ladder to see through the window, but deciding that the neighbours would probably see him and wonder what he was up to. He very briefly considered setting off the fire alarm, but he knew it was linked to the local fire station and would cause more drama than he cared for if he wasn't able to stop it in time.

He settled for waiting outside the room, listening. Most of the time he couldn't hear much because of the music that was playing, but between songs, he caught snatches of noise, enough to keep him in the doorway. During one particularly long song break, he heard the girls talking about a club and how hot it all was. His mind continued to try and find a legitimate way to walk in, but also knew that if he just barged in, Abby would rat on him to their parents and that they'd take her side.

Then he had a spark of genius. If he took his camera in and anything like what he imagined was going on, he could hold it against them and they wouldn't be able to rat on him without telling what they'd been doing. He went quietly back to his room and grabbed the camera, making sure that it had some charge and was ready for some photos.


Teri sat watching as Abby slowly pulled her tiny shorts down her luscious legs, revealing a pair of black lace tanga panties beneath. The holes in the lace gave a tantalizing glimpse of the skin beneath and Teri reached out her hand to caress her friend before pulling her back to the floor. They were both topless now and they held each other close, breasts pressed together, hard nipples spearing into one another as they kissed, their hands exploring beneath each other's underwear.

"Sit on the bed Abby, I want to taste you," Teri told her friend as they gave each other a chance to catch their breath. Abby stood up and sat on the bed, Teri reached up to pull her panties off her in the process. Abby spread her legs wide, the moisture of her pleasure glistening on her bald lips as Teri ran her fingers gently between them.

As Abby moaned her pleasure, Teri dipped her tongue into her friend's pussy, slipping it between her lips and then dragging it up over her clit.

"Oh fuck yes, eat me!" Abby said, just as the song on the CD Player ended. They were too caught up to notice the sudden silence.


On the other side of the door, Greg nearly came in his pants to when he heard Abby tell his sister to eat her. It was all the motivation that he needed and he quickly opened the door and whipped the camera up, finger activating it immediately. The girls leapt in surprise as the door opened and the flash went off in quick succession. They parted and attempted to cover themselves, both of them beginning to yell obscenities at Greg even as he fled the room. Teri jumped up to chase him, her hands on her large breasts as she attempted to control them as she ran, wearing only her panties. Greg fled to his room and locked the door, barricading it with a chair for good measure as he quickly took the memory card and began downloading the photos even as the screaming and pounding on his door grew louder.

"I'm going to kill you you fucking arsehole!" Teri was screaming. With the photos on his hard drive, he duplicated them quickly and uploaded them to an internet site where he'd be able to access them again if his sister decided to do something crazy like format the hard drive (not that he thought she'd know how).

With that done, he opened his door, waiting for the wrath that would descend. Teri was standing there, wearing only her panties, her arms crossed to hide her breasts from him, though not very successfully. Greg tried his damndest not to look.

"Give me the camera," Teri demanded with a seething, cold, quiet rage.

"Well I can, but it doesn't matter, I've made copies," Greg told her.

"I want them all," Teri said.

"Well, maybe I'm prepared to trade them," Greg stated, dangling the carrot.

"What for?" Teri was all business now and Greg briefly wondered just how much he might live to regret having done this, but figured that if he was in this deep, he may as well keep plunging.

"I want to be in your club."

"You can't," was Teri's instant response.

"Well then I guess you don't get the photos," Greg replied, moving to close the door.

"Fuck Greg, it's not that simple!" Teri declared, her eyes glistening with the beginning of tears.

"Not my problem," he said flatly. Teri grabbed the door that he was about to close and pulled it shut with a massive bang. She stalked back to her bedroom where she discussed it with Abby who was in the same predicament. They decided to call Anne since she was the club founder. Maybe she would be able to think straighter.

After talking with Anne, the two girls felt better. As they suspected, she'd taken a different view and had seen a path forward that neither of the two victims had been in a position to consider. They went to Teri's underwear drawer and hunted through it, discussing the merits of their finds until they came across a yellow cotton gap low-rise thong that had a fine white lace waist band and little else at the back.

Dressed again, they went back to Greg's room and politely knocked on the door. Greg opened it tentatively and Teri spoke before he could open his mouth.

"You really want in the club?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said, grinning.

"You know where my friend Anne lives, right?" she asked.

"Sure, over on Beaumont."

"Meet us there at 5:30 Monday and wear this," she said, flinging the thong at him. Greg caught it instinctively before it hit him in the face and then tried to sort out which way it went as he took in what he'd been thrown.

"This is a joke right? Isn't it a bit early for revenge? I have the photos remember."

"You don't even know what the club is for you dumb fuck, so if you really want in, you come when you're told and you wear that." Abby and Teri walked away.


It was Monday afternoon and Greg stood in his room, eyeing off the thong. He was wondering if he really wanted to go through with this. He glanced at his computer where there was a picture of his sister, wearing only her panties, down on her knees in front of the incredibly hot Abby, who was naked, with her legs spread. He wished he been able to watch it happen. It was that thought that led him to drop the shorts he was wearing, remove his boxers and pull the thong up instead. It was tight and the tiny bit of fabric in front did nothing to contain him and separated rather than supported his balls. This wasn't going to be comfortable. He adjusted things as best he could, all too aware of the string at the back cutting up between his buttocks. He pulled on his shorts and went down to his car to drive over to Anne's house.

After a cool greeting at the door, he was lead to where there girls were, sitting around in their school uniforms, a turn on in itself.

"Right Greg," Anne started, "This is my club and I am lead to believe that you don't really know what its about, but that you want to join." Greg indicated that this was correct. "Well, there are some things that you have to do to become a member. You get one shot at this. If you don't do it, we will collectively ruin you, no matter what you do with the photos that you took of Abby and Teri. Agreed?"

"I don't know what I am agreeing to yet," Greg started.

"It doesn't matter, you either agree to it, or take your chances that your blackmailing of your sister will be a better result than anything we can think of doing to you. Now I believe that you were asked to wear something here. Show us please."

Greg stood nervously looking from one girl's gaze to another, skipping his sister. They were all hard, cold glances and he wasn't prepared to even meet Teri's at this point. Swallowing his courage, he undid his shorts and allowed them to fall to the floor, revealing the thong that he'd been given. His cock hung out one side and one of his testicles had popped out the other.

"Not a bad start," Anne said. Greg felt himself start to harden under the gaze of the hot girls in the room and looked back to Anne as she continued. "The first thing that you need to know about this club is that we don't allow hair. So the next thing that happens is we shave you. Ready?"

"What, just like that?" Greg asked.

"Just like that, assuming you still want in," Anne said.

"And I'm to believe you're all shaved?" Greg asked.

"Yes, you are and don't bother asking for proof. Just come with me." Greg looked at the girls, looking for a clue in their expressions that would reveal that they were in fact all shaved, but they weren't giving anything away. Even the photos that he had hadn't given him that clue as his sister's head had blocked the sight of Abby's pussy at the time. With a shrug of his shoulders, he bent to grab his shorts, but was quickly told they wouldn't be needed. He followed Anne and the girls all followed him as he was lead to the bathroom where he was told to remove the thong and lie on the floor.

Anne grabbed a razor and filled a cup with warm water. "Would you like to trim him Abby?" Anne asked her friend. Abby glanced down but shook her head. "Amber?" Amber grinned and grabbed a pair of scissors from the vanity.

"Lie still, I'd hate to cut it off," Amber said with an evil twinkle. Greg swallowed and watched as Amber took his cock in her hand to move it out the way whilst she snipped at his pubes, reducing them to stubble. He found it a massive turn on and his cock hardened as she moved it this way and that so that she could access him properly. Greg glanced at the girls, finding that all their eyes were on what was happening around his crotch; all except Teri who seemed torn between watching and just glaring at him.

When Amber had finished trimming him, Anne squirted some shaving cream on him and rubbed it over his balls and pubic area. It did nothing to lessen the extent of Greg's erection and before he knew it, Anne was dragging the razor over his skin, shaving him smooth. Greg lay back and tried to relax, afraid that the slightest movement from him would see her nick his cock or sack as she denuded him. He didn't look again until she declared he was done and asked Abby to wash him off. Abby took a washcloth and roughly washed him down.

"There, much better," Anne declared.

"He actually looks bigger without the hair," Amber said, winking at him. Greg inspected his hairless equipment briefly before being told to put the thong back on and join them in the living room.

"Ok Greg, there's one last step before you become a member. Usually, this is a little different, but for now, this is what's going to happen. You're going to masturbate into a pair of panties and then, when you've cum, you're going to wear them home. And Teri's going to go home with you and make sure that you wear them until after you've sat and had dinner."

"Um, that's a little gross," Greg said.

"Maybe, but if you really want in, you'll do it. Usually when a girl joins us we all cum in our panties and swap them and that's what we're going to do while you cum. But since you make a different sort of mess, we've decided that you should wear it home, especially since you're blackmailing your way in. Are you in or not?"

"Fuck it, I've gone this far," Greg muttered, looking at the girls and suddenly realized that they were all going to masturbate! He hoped he'd get to see something. Anne sat on the couch and hiked up her school dress to reveal a pair of white spandex hot shorts. She sat down and rubbed them against her pussy. As Greg watched, the other girls took it as a cue and did similarly. He glanced around, seeing Amber was wearing a black lace thong similar in design to the yellow one he wore and Abby had on a purple mini-brief. Teri was behind him and he wasn't game to turn around to check on her.

"Come on, get to it," Anne told him, indicating for him to lie on the floor. Greg lay down and pulled his cock out the side of the thong and started to work his hand up and down it, pumping his shaft as his gaze took in the sight of three hot girls in their school uniforms all rubbing their panties or slipping a hand inside to play with their pussies.

"Mmm, that's hot," Amber declared as she watched him working his cock. The conversation descended to a series of whimpers, groans and moans as they all worked their way toward orgasm. Greg didn't think that he'd be able to last too long with all the visual stimulation and was very surprised when Anne was the first to announce her climax, her legs shuddering as she clamped her thighs around her hands. It was too much for Greg and he exploded, a rope of cum shooting up in the air and landing on his leg and hand.

"You're supposed to cum in the panties!" Anne scolded him. Greg was beyond caring though as he spurted a few more times.

Amber wasn't far behind him, squealing as her body reached its pinnacle. Anne stood up in front of Greg and slid her panties off. She turned them inside out and bent over him, using them to wipe the cum from his hands and legs. Greg's eyes flicked from trying to peek up her dress to watching what she was doing.

"Take that off," Anne told him, pointing to the thong. Greg obliged as Anne turned the panties she'd been wearing the right way around again. She handed them to him. "Here, now you can wear these instead."

Greg sighed as he took them from her and stood up. As he did so, he became aware that his sister and Abby had both cum as well whilst he'd been distracted. They were all now watching him again as he stepped into the white panties and slide them on, feeling wet cum against his legs and balls as he settled them in place. As he adjusted them, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Abby and Teri handed each other their panties and Anne held the yellow thong for Amber. "Want this?" she asked.

"Sure," Amber replied, laughing. "Just tell me its not too smelly." Anne laughed and flipped it to her. Amber slid her black thong off and swapped for the yellow one, giving the black to Anne who put them on.

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