tagFetishThe Panty Store Ch. 01

The Panty Store Ch. 01


My new boyfriend and I were doing some shopping, well not really we were hanging out at the mall. That is what he thought at least. I hadn’t known Lance very long. He was a friend of a friend. We had met at a party a few weeks ago and had hit it off. The sex had been great, it was wonderful, Lance was a very thorough man and I enjoyed a man who took his time. Things were at that point where just being near him turned me on to the point of needing constant panty changes. I think he knew it to because often he would reach under my skirt and run his fingers along the lace of my thong. He never really touched me just the thong.

Lance seemed to like me near him as well; I seemed to attract him a bit of attention from his friends. We were in the courtyard area by the fountain when we met up with Mike and Rick. Lance wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. My slip dress was low cut and my breasts pouted out of it nicely. As the men were chatting Lance ran his fingers along the edge of my exposed breast sending chills down my spine. I closed my eyes for a second letting the wave of heat roll over my body. When I opened them I noticed Rick watching me, more like my tits where Lance’s fingers were still moving. Instantly my nipples perked pressing hard against the fabric of my bra and dress. I noticed Rick run another undressing gaze up and down my body before the boys parted ways. I elbowed Lance in the side.

“Owww, what was that for.”

“I’m not on display.”

He smiled wickedly. “Sure you are, or you wouldn’t wear little things like this.” He tugged on the skirt of the dress pulling it down and exposing more of my breasts. I was thankful for the low cut bra underneath pushing them on out, because he truly enjoyed the display. I watched him lick his lips as if his mouth instantly went dry. I smiled to myself as I sauntered off towards my favorite store. He watched my ass for a minute then followed. I was beginning to heat up more, my panties were starting to get uncomfy it was time for a new pair and oops I didn’t bring any with me. After all there wasn’t really any room in my little handbag. I rounded the corner and there was my favorite store. “Naughty by Nature” As I went to walk in Lance pulled me back.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why? I thought you liked my outfits.” I smiled wickedly at him.

“I do, but not a sex shop.” He looked serious and that nearly broke my heart. I love my outfits and toys. It’s the only reason I come to the blasted mall.

“Tell you what, you come in with me, and I’ll try on ANYTHING you want.” I gave the soft challenge. I was praying he took it.

My heart was sinking as he thought about what I just said.

“Anything? No matter how scanty?” He looked into my eyes as he questioned me. Like he was searching for a truthful answer.

This caused me to giggle like a little high schooler. “Yes baby, anything, no matter how see through, little, or not there it is. Now come on this is my favorite store.” I pulled him in and he followed.

When Tom and the counter called me by name I saw Lance’s eyebrow raise. “You shop here often?”

Tom laughed. “She’s our best model.” I giggled as I walked back to see what was on the New Arrivals rack. Lance just seemed to walk around a bit dazed.

I hadn’t figured out what turned him on yet. My leather outfits had done nothing for him, nor had most of the others. I wasn’t sure he was going to be much help either. I picked up a red leather she devil costume and held it up. “Lance, what do you think of this.”

He eyed it and shrugged so I put it back.

Tom winked at me and went over to ask Lance if he needed help finding something. I kept looking for something new. I smiled as I heard Tom chuckle as he walked towards me with a number of panty and bra sets.

“No parading around the store in these okay.”

“I promised last time I wouldn’t get you in trouble again.” I smiled at him sweetly.

“I know, but I know you too.” His eyes glittered as he winked at me. I really did adore Tom too bad he’s gay.

I walked towards the fitting hall. I turned and Lance was looking at a rack towards the front of the store. She was a cute little blonde. I didn’t really mind, but this was his show after all. “Lance baby, are you coming?”

“Oh, oh yeah” he nearly stumbled over himself as he turned to walk to the far back of the store with me. I loved the fitting hall there was a nice comfortable couch, lots of mirrors and four changing curtains. I had walked back here many times to find couple trying out the outfits before buying them. This time no luck, just a couple younger girls trying on costumes and assessing themselves in front of the mirrors. They blushed and ran behind the curtains as they saw Lance walk in. I smiled and pushed him down and the couch.

“Stay there, I’ll only be a second.”

Lance leaned back on the couch making himself comfortable as I stepped behind a curtain. I quickly picked out the pair to try on first. It was a studded leather thong with matching peek-a-boo bra. There was a bit of satin lining for my comfort. The outfit fit nicely and my breasts displayed well in the bra. I was pleased with it. I spun around gazing at myself for a moment before stepping out from behind the curtain. I had left on my high heels so Lance could see the full effect.

I was covering my exposed nipples with my hands. As I acted like I was trying to figure out if it was a good purchase in the three way mirror.

“Come closer to me.” I turned and looked at Lance good for the first time since I walked out. There was a bit of fire in his eyes that wasn’t there before.

I walked closer. I wasn’t really sure what he was going to do. The suspense made my pussy throb.

“Turn slowly for me.”

I did as he asked. The girls from earlier jetted out of the hall. His gaze didn’t break from me as they walked by.

“Drop your hands.”

He smiled as I did. He reached up and ran his hand over the leather covering my throbbing kitty and I nearly orgasmed. He chuckled softly then turned me around running his hands over my exposed ass cheeks then his fingers around the straps of the thong. Suddenly it dawned on me. Lance liked panties.

I looked over my shoulder and sure enough he was sporting a nice hard staff under those slacks. My nipples perked I saw it in the mirrors we looked so naughty. I giggled and turned back around his hands still tracing the edge of the thong back to my pussy.

“Would you like me to try on something else.”


I walked back behind the curtain, this time picking the lacier thong, it was red. I didn’t bother with the bra I just took off the one I had on. I stepped out from behind the curtain in just the red lace thong and this time the fire was more apparent. He smiled as I walked over to him. This time I pulled his face towards the lace rubbing it against his cheek. He moaned. His fingers going up to the straps again. His touch against the lace was gentle; I was getting really turned on by this. I pulled away from him; I quickly ducked behind the curtain. This time switching into a g-string with ties on both hips. As I was tying the strings he slipped in behind me.

“Not bad, but I want you to try this one.” He picked up a perfectly shear, mesh g-string.

I smiled. I turned to look at him. I saw the intrigue across his face, so I changed. I bent as I slid the panties down over my hips. I rubbed my ass against him as I pushed it past my ankles. He ran his hand over my rump, letting a finger trail down the crack of my ass. As I switched undies I ground my ass against him a bit harder as I stood up he pulled the straps into place.

”Turn around.”

I did as he requested. He looked up and down my body twice. I looked at myself in the mirror behind him. My bald pussy showing perfectly behind the thin material. I don’t know that I liked the white color but I loved the effect they were having on Lance. He moved to his knees in front of me. I could feel his breath against my skin. Mesh was starting to get an interesting appeal.

Tom walked into the hall “Can I help you two with something?”

“No Tom everything is okay, thanks” I spoke shakily.

Tom laughed as he walked out.

I gathered my clothes and got redressed as Lance stood to his feet. He pulled me to him kissing me deeply. I gathered the panties and carried them to the front counter. Tom quickly rang up my purchase and then Lance and I left. We didn’t speak we just walked to the car.

As he started the engine he turned to me. “I want you now.”

I giggled softly. “Here?”

“Yes, pull up your skirt I want to see what you’re wearing.”

I pulled up my skirt exposing the pink thong I put on that morning. He put his hand over my crotch and fingered my clit through the satin fabric. He reached down with his other hand exposing his hard staff. He then leaned to me kissing me passionately. He grasped my neck in his hands pushing my head down towards his hardened cock. I parted my lips willingly as the hardened meat slipped into my mouth. I tasted the precum on my lips, my mouth watering for more. He moaned softly as I stroked his manhood with my mouth.

His hand played with my panties, his fingers always toying with the edge of the satin covering my pussy. He would slide a finger in every now and again. I was getting so hot. As I sucked him harder, playing with his balls in my hands his fingers slid under the satin toying with my pussy. I felt his fingers as they slid in my wet warm snatch. He moaned as I licked and twirled my tongue over his cock then balls. I sucked his balls while his fingers dove into my tight hole. He started grinding his cock into my face. His fingers working my pussy faster I started to cum. As my body bucked against his hand, my pussy sucked at his fingers he moaned as I sucked his cock harder.

He pushed my head down and I felt his staff thicken in my mouth. I sucked faster as he continued to finger me through climax. I moaned around his cock as he started to cum in thick spurts into my mouth. His cock rubbed the back of my throat as he shot his thick seed in me. I licked him clean when moaning stopped.

I sat back up in my seat and started to recompose myself, he reached over and lifted my skirt back up. His eyes were still fiery. I knew there was more to come when we got back to his place.

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