tagFetishThe Panty Store Ch. 02

The Panty Store Ch. 02


We pulled into the drive and he opened the car door for me. His hand resting on the small of my back as we entered his house.

"Drink?" he whispered in my ear.

I was so hot after going down on him in the car, I just nodded. Really I could skip the drink but at the same time, I wanted the rush. I walked slowly to the couch and sat down on the soft leather.

He came back in with two mixed drinks. I didn't ask him what they were. I swallowed the sweet liquid burning my throat. He was standing there smiling at me.



"Horny," I laughed.

He sat down beside me taking my drink and setting it on the table. Lance and I had sex often but usually he wasn't so intense. The fire I started was burning out of control and I was eager to be consumed by it.

Lance's sexy body pressed against mine and pushed me down on the couch, his hands went up my skirt as I laid back. His hands massaging the fabric of the pink thong beneath the layer of thin material made my pussy throb.

"Do you want me to undress for you?" I asked him as his lips found their way to my neck.

He started nibbling and sucking my skin. Waves of pleasure rushed through my body at his touch. He didn't answer my question, he started unbuttoning my shirt. After the first he gave a tug and they all popped off, exposing my pert round breasts. He moved his lips down towards them. I moaned in ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, baby you know how much I love to have them kissed." My mind was whirling

Lance bit down. I moaned louder, my pussy slickened at each stroke his tongue made across my large brown nipples.

My hands went to his waist pulling his shirt out of his jeans. I pulled the shirt to his shoulders then pushed him back so I could finish pulling it over his head. He smiled as he shook free of the shirt. He licked his lips at me. I smiled, this time not really knowing what he had in store.

He moved down to my skirt pulling it down to my knees. He didn't totally remove it, he left it there. He knelt beside the couch and buried his face into my wet cunt. The panties still in place he started licking and sucking the material. I was moaning, this tease, the fabric tickling my clit, it was driving me out of my mind. My nipples ached for more attention and my pussy was screaming with a deeper lust.

Lance must have sensed my need he thrust two fingers around the moist material into my waiting pussy. I moaned and came instantly. I screamed as the flood oozed out of my body. Lance chuckled softly then continued to suck my juices from the satin fabric. When he was done he kissed me. His lips and tongue tasting of my sweet juices. He reached down pulling my skirt the rest of the way off and tossed it to the floor. He stood up and slowly removed his belt. The look in his eye was almost frightening. He too dropped this to the floor beside us.

"Do the honors?" He smiled at me. I tried to sit up and he pushed me back down. I looked at him curiously.

I reached up and unzipped his fly. As I tugged his jeans down his full glory sprung forth. It was glazed in precum and bulging. I knew I had just sucked it dry not long ago. I questioned myself as to its apparent increase in size. I felt my clitty throb thinking of how excited licking my panties had made him. I stroked the glorious member a few times then teased the balls dangling beneath it. He moaned kicking his jeans the rest of the way off. I looked up at my Adonis. His athletic body on its six-foot frame made my heart race.

He knelt down beside me kissing me gently. I felt him snuggle down between my legs. I was pleased to feel his weight against my body. He kissed me passionately and thrust in my cunt hard. I screamed at the sudden attack. He just kissed me harder until I quieted. He gazed into my eyes as he stroked my slick pussy. I moaned as his wonderful cock teased and tickled my g-spot.

He increased his pace thrusting harder and faster. His hand stroked my hair as his lips devoured my neck. My skin tingled and burned for more. I felt my body reacting to his, every thrust causing me to moan louder. My pussy sucked at his hard cock, sweat starting to drip from our bodies. My mouth tasted the salt on his skin as I bit his shoulder. My body was his. He moaned softly and I felt his cock thicken. I gripped his full shaft tighter with my pussy my own orgasm starting. The flood broke, I screamed gripping his tight ass cheeks in my hands, I felt him let go the warmth of his come painting my walls. He laid on top of me for a bit, not moving just holding me. I started to drift to sleep. I felt him move, then press his lips back against the fabric of my thong. He sucked softly against the fabric tasting our orgasm. I moaned loudly my eyes still closed then he picked me up.

"Baby?" I asked him

"Just going to the shower." I opened my eyes and he smiled.

He stood me in the shower and started the water, the warm liquid felt good against my tired body. He tugged my thong down, I stepped out of it, he hung it on the towel bar and I thought little about it. His large hands massaged soap into my skin. He took deliberate time washing my large breasts. He moved down my body washing away traces of our recent sex session. He kissed and licked my skin.

He stood back up and kissed me deeply, I took the washcloth away from him. I started at his neck, massaging the muscles with the soap, working my way down his broad shoulders and chest. I traced his muscles with my fingertips. He flexed them arrogantly as I moved over them. His lips gracing my forehead as I lovingly washed this Adonis of mine. I moved down his body dropping to my knees. The spray of water pounding my neck and chest. I adorningly washed his staff. He placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing me closer to him. I greedily sucked him. I could feel his heart beat against my tongue as I sucked his soft manhood. He moaned softly while I gently soaped and massaged his balls. He moaned again. I nuzzled the hair at the base of his cock with my nose.

He thrust deeply into my mouth, his cock stiffening with each stroke, soon it was back to its full glory.

"Stand up." His voice was panting and raspy. The sound of it gave me chills I did as requested.

His strong arms grabbed me pulling me close to him. His tongue licking away the water on my neck. I moaned at his touch. Amazed I could want him again after such a playtime a few minutes before, my pert nipples pressed against his muscular chest. He nibbled and bit softly at my neck. My body ached for him already. His hands moved down my slender back resting on my firm ass. He gripped my supple bottom and lifted me. Out of instincts my legs went around his waist.

He pressed my back against the shower wall. Instantly I felt his huge cock fill me. I moaned in ecstasy. He smiled at me wickedly, like this was some power he knew he had over me. There were moments I felt he could command my body to do anything he wanted it to.

His slow strokes were driving me out of my mind. My body ached for more of him, more pleasure that only he could achieve. My pussy sucked against his cock as he brought me closer to climax. My fingers bit into his large muscular shoulders.

"Please, Lance make me come." I begged for mercy, my senses were tingling out of control, if I didn't cross the break to orgasm soon, I felt I would burn up.

The wicked smile he flashed me reaffirmed he enjoyed the torturous slow love making, he loved to hear me beg for release. With one hand he changed the setting on the shower, pointing it at my aching breasts, the water beat strongly against my skin. He smiled as my expression changed. The water rushed over my tender breasts tantalizing the nipples. Little sparks went throughout my body.

My pussy tightened around his hard cock. He started thrusting into my body faster. I moaned with delight. His large hands pressed me against the wall as he made use of my body. As my orgasm came I screamed out. The pleasure too much to control. He lowered me to the floor. My legs felt weak. He steadied me with one arm. His hands moved down my sides. He bent me over.

"Put your hands on the wall for support babydoll" His voice filled all my thoughts.

I did as he requested.

His large cock thrust into me. I slid against the wall a bit. His muscular legs heavy against mine. He chuckled behind me as he thrust deep into the warmth of my body. The water from the shower spraying against my lower back and running down my arms and face.

He firmly slapped my ass cheek and I yelped. He just chuckled again and thrust into me harder. My body was completely his. Everything he did caused me to heat up again. Each thrust brought me to the edge of another climax. I felt his cock thicken within me. His fingers biting into my hips. He thrust himself deeper nearly knocking me over. I felt the hot cum fill me, he thrust again, and my orgasm joined his. We stayed in that position for a few minutes letting the after glow fade. He pulled me back against his chest kissing the inside of my neck.

We rinsed off in the warm water still showering down on us. He stepped out of the shower picking up a towel he dried my body, once again massaging my breasts. I was already on fire and we'd ravished each other twice so far. He finished wrapping the towel around me and tucked it in. Then he tucked his towel around his waist and led me out of the bathroom.

"Lance my clothes are in the living room I giggled as he pulled me towards his bedroom."

"You don't need them today." He smiled at me then he thought about it. "Honey, go get on a pair of those panties you just bought." He winked at me and let go of my hand. I nodded and turned towards the living room to do as my lover requested. "Which pair?" I questioned in my mind as I walked down the hallway.

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