tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Pantyhose Stalker Ch. 05

The Pantyhose Stalker Ch. 05


Introduction: I was originally only going to write four chapters of this story but when I was nearly finished with Part Four it was already 25 pages long so I cut the story into two sections: Chapters Four and Five. I cut the story just after Mike fucks Michele in the same railway station where he had forced himself on her only a week or so earlier. This cut nicely set up the long anticipated sex scene with Mike and both Bouvier women. Enjoy the final instalment and please leave me your comments and reviews.


The first thing the Bouvier women noticed when they came through the front door was the smell of cigarette smoke. Both of them made a beeline for the lounge room and were quiet shocked to see Detective Mike Harris sitting in a lounge chair sipping wine and smoking a cigarette. He smiled up at the two women and for a second Michele smiled back, surprised to see her lover sitting in her lounge.

Then the absurdness of the situation hit her.

"Mike! What are you doing here? How did you get in?" Michele asked, confused.

"What are you doing here asshole!" Nadine snarled.

"Nadine! Please! Don't be rude!" Michele snapped at her daughter.

"Mike; this is quite a surprise. Please tell me what you are doing here and how you got in?" Michele asked firmly.

"I used the house keys that that I took from your handbag the night I attacked you in the railway station workshop," Mike said matter-of-factly.

Both women were stunned; Michele's jaw dropped.

"And I've come here to fuck you both," he said in a conversational tone and sipped his wine.

"You bastard!" Nadine screeched at him.

"Oh my god! You are the Pantyhose Stalker! You fucking bastard!" Michele gasped as the truth dawned on her.

No wonder he knew exactly what to say to her in the workshop when she had begged him to fuck her and of course his cock was similar in length and girth to her attacker. It was the cock that had invaded her. Detective Mike Harris was the Pantyhose Stalker!

Mike casually placed his wineglass on the coffee table and motioned to the couch.

"Sit ladies; don't make me take out my gun," he said.

Both of the women were overwhelmed and they shakily complied with Mike's request.

Mike checked them both out and was impressed with what he saw.

Because Michele had been to work before the football game she was wearing her usual business suit, skirt and jacket combination. She wore a white satin blouse, black pumps and smoky-grey sheer nylons. She was sophisticatedly accessorised with gold jewellery, earings and watch, heavy makeup and red nailpolish.

Nadine wore her cheerleader outfit; a white pleated skirt, a figure-hugging spandex top, white with the letters GA in blue and red emblazoned on it, flesh-tone lycra tights and white gym shoes. She too wore lots of makeup. Her ponytail had been let out and her glossy brunette hair fell to her shoulders.

"Now ladies; the words assault and attacker are being bandied about here quite liberally. In my defence I think there is something you both need to hear before you accuse me of anything," Mike said casually taking another sip of wine and drawing back on his cigarette.

Mike hit the play button on his MP3 player. The unmistakeable voices of Nadine Bouvier and Detective Mike Harris were amplified through the small speakers:

'Now we're panty-popping Mike; do you like it?'

'Nadine this is so lovely but I want you to put it on your pussy!'

'Shhh.............Easy Mike; let me do it,'

'Come for me Mike!'

'I'm coming with you Mike! Come on my young slick cunt!'

'Mmmm...You're tighter than your mother!'

'Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh fuck me! Fuck me you bastard!'

Mother and daughter looked at each other in shock. Michele gained her composure first.

"How could you Nadine! How could you fuck a man that you knew had attacked your mother!"

"No mom! That's not right! That's not how it happened! He forced me! He made me!" Nadine sobbed.

"It doesn't sound like it; it sounds like you are enjoying every second of it!" Michele spat at her daughter.

"What! Just like you!" Nadine snarled back at her mother.

Michele's face flushed bright crimson and she glared at her daughter.

"You told me! You told me that when you were assaulted the man made you come!"

"Oh there's no need to justify yourself to your mother Nadine; just listen to this," Mike said and hit the play button once again.

This time Michele Bouvier's lust filled voice burst from the speakers:

'Oh my god, this just what he did to me; just what you are doing now,'

'Don't come on me Mike; come in me! Fuck me! Fuck me like the harlot I am!'

'Do you like this? Do you like humping me through my pantyhose? My attacker did; he loved it!'

'Oh this is so good! Fuck me Mike! Fuck me!'

'Oh fuck me Mike! Fuck me Mike! Fuck me!'

'Oh my god Mike I feel like such a tart,'

Mike hit the stop button. Michele's chin had dropped to her chest and tears welled in her eyes.

"You fucking asshole! You forced yourself me and then you forced yourself my daughter. How could you? I trusted you! You're a fucking detective for god's sake; I thought you were going to find my attacker and punish him," Michele sobbed.

Nadine shifted closer to her mother and comforted her.

"You fucking asshole! That recording has obviously been edited; it proves nothing!" Nadine said.

"Oh I think you'll find it means everything. If you try to bring charges against me I'll introduce it into evidence. What do you think a jury will make of it?" Mike smirked.

"Asshole!" mother and daughter exclaimed in unison.

Mother and daughter sat silently on the couch; they were exasperated and fearful. Mike just sat there sipping his wine and enjoying the feeling of power and the anticipation of what was to come.

"So what do you want?" Michele asked eventually.

"Oh let's not rush things Michele; why don't you and Nadine take a glass of wine and maybe have a cigarette; we have a lot to talk about," Mike indicated the bottles of wine and the two glasses sitting on the coffee table.

"Nadine is not old enough to drink and she doesn't smoke!" Michele barked.

Nadine blushed.

"Oh she smokes; don't you Nadine? And I always say; old enough to fuck, old enough to drink," Mike grinned.

Michele's head snapped around and she glared at her daughter.

"Nadine!" Michele incensed.

"Jeez mom! Do you really think smoking is the fucking issue right now!" Nadine replied.

"Pour, I insist," Mike said.

Michele sat with her arms folded glaring at Mike and then at her daughter. Mike reached inside his jacket and stroked his pistol in its pancake holster, not particularly menacingly, but he wanted them to know he was not going to be fucked with.

"Christ!" Nadine leaned forward and filled both of the wineglasses.

"Don't mind if I do!" Mike leaned forward and offered his glass and Nadine topped it off silently.

"Drink," Mike insisted taking a slug of his wine.

Both of the women picked up their glasses with trembling hands. Nadine took a big gulp of her wine; Michele sipped hers. Both women were secretly grateful for the drink; if ever they needed one, now was the time.

"Isn't that better?" Mike said.

He slid his packet of Marlboro Lites and his lighter across the table after lighting up one for himself. Michele just glared at the cigarettes, taking small sips of her wine for comfort. After an awkward silence Nadine snatched up the smokes and lighter.

"Fuck it!" she said, and lit a cigarette, exhaling a long plume of smoke.

Michele snatched the cigarettes from her daughter and put one between her red-lipsticked lips. She tried to light it but her hand began to shake. Nadine reached out and took the lighter from her mother's trembling fingers and lit it for her.

"Thanks," Michele whispered.

Mike let them drink and smoke for a few minutes without saying anything; Nadine gulped her wine down in four swallows while Michele sipped at hers between taking long drags of her cigarette. Nadine filled both of their glasses again and sat back in the couch; the warmth of the alcohol made her feel a little more confident.

"So what now Mike? We going to sit here and play happy families?" she said sarcastically.

Mike was impressed; Nadine was taking the lead while her mother was still trying to come to grips with the situation.

"Well ladies; technically I have forced myself on you both, even though you both eventually enjoyed it. Nadine; you begged me to panty-pop you before I forced myself on you. And Michele; you begged me to fuck you in the same workshop where I had forced myself on you only days before! But of course you did technically enjoy it when I forced myself on you as I recall."

"Mother!" Nadine glared at her mother.

"I didn't know he was a criminal when I let him, err, do me," Michele said defensively.

"So you see, as our British friends say; we have a bit of a sticky wicket. It's your word against mine. And I have a recording of you both enjoying the shit out of me fucking you!" Mike said.

"Now. Not only can I use the recording in defence of myself should you accuse me of sexual assault; I wonder what would happen if I sent copies to Michele's publishing firm and to Nadine's college? Or to your loving husband and doting father Harold. Or if I was to post it on line maybe?"

Both women blanched and looked at each other anxiously. Michele reached for another cigarette, this time offering the packet to her daughter. She realised they were in a no-win situation so she became confident enough to ask a question.

"Which brings us back to Nadine's question. What now? What do you want?"

"I want to fuck you both of course," Mike smiled.

It really came as no surprise to both of them. What else could he want? He could blackmail them for money but to what end? Besides, Mike was making no effort to hide the huge erection tenting his trousers. Michele took the lead.

"Ok Mike you can fuck me. Now, later, any time you want! But leave Nadine out of this. She's a teenager for fuck sake!"

Mike laughed out loud.

"You've heard the recording. Your little darling is a slut, hot for cock when the mood's on her."

"Hey!" Michele and Nadine protested in unison.

Mike just sat there drinking his wine and lit another smoke.

"Come on Mike; take me upstairs; I'll do anything you want. Anything," Michele pleaded.

"Just let Nadine go."

"Nah; not the plan I had in mind at all. Let's all have another drink and then we're all gonna fuck!" Mike grinned.

Michele looked tentatively at the door leading to the hallway. She might make it to the front door but Nadine wouldn't; not before Mike grabbed her or drew his weapon. Mike looked on amused.

"Oh fuck it!" Nadine said and reached for the second bottle of wine and began to open it.

"Let's face it we're screwed mom! There's nothing we can do stop him," she said resignedly.

Michele sighed, resigned to her fate. She offered her glass to her daughter who filled it to the brim.

"And give me another cigarette asshole!" Michele snapped at Mike.

He tossed the packet over and both ladies lit up. They were sitting with their arms and their legs crossed. Michele's skirt had ridden up once again exposing the dark bands at the top of her nylons. Nadine's little cheerleader skirt did nothing to cover her thighs and Mike had a great view of her spandex-clad legs all the way up to the tops of her thighs. He openly ogled the two ladies.

"There's an old Victorian saying: 'When sexual assault is inevitable lie back and enjoy it.' I don't know who coined it but it seems to be appropriate at this juncture," Mike said, draining his glass.

"Me first then!" Michele stood.

Her intention was take Mike up to her bedroom and fuck his brains out; do everything and anything he wanted. Sate him! Drain him! She just wanted him too spent to assault her daughter.

Mike laughed.

"Jesus Michele! You think I'm stupid? No! We are going to have our little party right here!"

"Now give me your handbags; I don't want you anywhere near your cellphones. Nadine you get more wine or whatever you crazy teenagers drink nowadays. Michele, you deadlock and bolt the front door, we don't want anyone interrupting out party do we?"

"Either of you attempt to escape.................well.................let's not go there shall we?"

Both women handed over their handbags and Mike tossed them in the far corner of the room. They begrudgingly went about their tasks and then sat back down on the couch. Mike topped off their glasses again; as well as the wine, Nadine had bought in a bottle of Bourbon and a shot glass. Michele gave her a filthy look but Nadine just shrugged back as her as if to say 'what the fuck?' Nadine who was not used to drinking this much was now quiet tipsy and Michele also felt the wine giving her a buzz despite her anger and fear. It was obviously not affecting Mike's libido; his hardon was still clearly visible through his pants.

"Now ladies I have to say you both look stunning today but there are a few, shall we say little adjustments I want to make to your attire," Mike said.

While they were about their tasks, Mike had laid out the items he had procured from their bedrooms.

"Nadine you first. I really like your little cheerleader outfit and those spandex tights make your legs look magnificent but unfortunately they have to go. And those gym shoes! They just won't do at all," Mike grinned.

Michele cringed; this horrible man was going to dress up her daughter right here in front of her. She pleaded one last time.

"Please Mike! I mean it! I'll do anything you want! Anything! Just let her go!"

Mike was surprised when Nadine responded.

"Stop it mom! Stop it! Don't give him the satisfaction of hearing us beg. Fuck him! He can take what he wants from me but he won't take my dignity!"

The booze had obviously infused her daughter with bravado; but maybe she was right? Begging would not help them and would only excite him or maybe anger him.

"Come over here Nadine," Mike beckoned with a crooked finger.

"Oh Jeez!" Michele gasped and took a big gulp of wine to help steady her nerves.

Michele knew she was about to watch her daughter be defiled. The only compensation she had, and this was buried deep in her psyche, a place where people kept their darkest thoughts, was that she knew her daughter had already willingly fucked this man once before.

Nadine rose and put down her drink and walked a little unsteadily over to where Mike was seated and stopped in front of him.

"Lift your skirt," Mike ordered.

"Oh my god!" Michele sobbed.

"Shut up mom!" Nadine barked.

She slowly lifted the hem of her cheerleader skirt up her slim, muscled thighs. Mike growled at the back of his throat. The little white pleated skirt didn't have much distance travel; it was a tiny thing made of a satiny nylon-lycra blend. It hissed against her tights in the quiet lounge room. Nadine held the hem at the top of thighs and Mike indicated for her to raise it higher. She was wearing the same white lycra gym panties that she had worn the night she panty-popped him in his car.

Mike reached out with both hands and lightly caressed her knees; he slowly moved his fingers up her legs relishing the feel of her toned thighs encased in the slinky spandex. Nadine shuddered, with revulsion but also with a little bit of desire; it did feel nice to have a man appreciate her legs. Michele sat mesmerised watching this man grope her daughter; she couldn't watch but she couldn't look away either. God help her she could feel a little worm of lust wriggle deep inside her.

Mike caressed the creases where Nadine's thighs joined her torso; he traced the edge of the leg openings of her gym panties; his cock was throbbing and aching for release but he wanted to savour every moment. He would not rush.

He brushed his fingers along the front panel of her panties and felt her tight belly and then slid his fingers down until they came to the Y of her crotch. She kept her legs tightly closed but she was having problems maintaining her balance due to the booze.

"You can open your legs a little or fall over Nadine; your call," Mike whispered.

Michele watched her teenage daughter willingly open her legs for Mike. She stood with her feet only slightly apart but it was enough to allow Mike's fingers to explore her daughter's panty-clad mound. Michele felt her vagina begin to lubricate and was ashamed of herself.

Nadine gasped as Mike traced the outline of her sex through the layers of panty and tights material; the slippery lycra-nylon fabric rubbed together with very little friction. Nadine could hear Mike's heavy breathing and god help her; she could feel herself responding to his ministrations. Mike kept rubbing her pussy until he heard her gasp. He knew she was beginning to become aroused whether she wanted to or not. Michele heard her daughter gasp and noticed she was imperceptivity swaying back and forth on Mike's fingers. Her daughter was getting horny!

"Ok enough!" Mike took his hand out of Nadine's crotch and eased her away from him a little.

He didn't want to get so turned on that he lost control and fucked this teenager before he'd had his fun.

"Remove your gym panties and tights and put these on," Mike reached out and handed her a pair of Hanes fashion pantyhose.

The pantyhose were gossamer fine, flesh-toned and sheer-to-the-waist. He also handed her a pair of white nylon panties that were so flimsy they were transparent.

"Really! Is this necessary?" Michele barked from across the room.

"Shut the fuck up Michele; your turn's coming!" Mike replied.

Michele shuddered and took another long pull at her wine; she lit a cigarette and slouched resignedly against the back of the couch.

"Can I sit?" Nadine asked matter-of-factly.

"Sure," Mike replied and lit a cigarette for himself.

He was enjoying the show.

Nadine sat down and shucked out of her panties and tights; bunching them up as she pulled them down her legs, she flicked them off her feet and tossed them aside.

"Which do you want me to put on first?" Nadine held up the replacement pantyhose in one hand and the panties in the other.

"Good girl for asking; I like my girls to wear their panties over their nylons. Just a thing I have," Mike smiled.

He picked up her discarded tights and panties and bought them to his face and sniffed the crotch.

"Creep!" Nadine chided.

"You say that but I can smell your cunt on them; you're getting a little aroused there I think," Mike chuckled.

"I've been cheerleading all afternoon; all you can smell is sweat!" Nadine snapped.

"I know what hot pussy smells like girly, now shut the fuck up and put on your underwear!"

"Jesus Mike, can't you leave her alone?" Michele pleaded.

Mike ignored Michele and watched Nadine slide her toes into the feet of her pantyhose and smooth the silky sheer nylons up her legs. She stood up to pull the gusset around her waist and Mike got a great view of her almost hairless pussy as she smoothed out the wrinkles of the pantyhose gusset. The nylon was tight and sleek; it clung to her pubic mound and her buttocks.

She stepped into the white nylon panties and pulled them up tight; fitting them snugly around her buttocks. They were full-cut and so transparent that Mike could still the girl's pubis through the two layers of diaphanous fabric. Nadine pulled down her skirt in a gesture of modesty.

"Ok; now put these on," Mike tossed her a pair of black sling-back high-heeled sandals.

"Really! Sling-backs with a cheerleading uniform?" Nadine said sarcastically but she pulled on the heels and began to buckle them.

Mike just smiled. Little did he know that Nadine had on occasion worn high-heels with her cheerleading uniform and admired herself in the mirror. She had once even dressed very similar to how she was now and panty-popped one of her boyfriends whilst her parents were out for the evening.

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