The Parker Twins


As she opened the door to her parent's bedroom, she noticed the door to the master bathroom was shut, but the light was on. Jessie must be taking one of her long baths. So much for that idea, she thought. Annie made her way back to the bedroom and after locking the door, she walked around the bed and knelt down twisting her hand and fingers in an odd angle. Her hand groped slightly as she slipped it in between the fabric. A slight smile lit her face as her hands found what they'd been looking for. She pulled the small box that had been stowed inside the bed's box spring and opened it. Inside was a seven inch light pink dildo that her mother had given to her. She got up from the floor and was about to yank off her jeans when an idea occurred to her. Being a twin had some unique advantages. For one, though their attitudes were different, their mannerisms and many preferences and actions remained the same. With that thought it mind Annie stuffed the toy between the pajamas, unlocked the door and strode down the hall. Completely absorbed in her fantasy Hallie didn't hear the door to the bathroom open and shut.

Hallie felt the warm water beating down on her legs as she finished tracing the outline of her pouting sex losing the battle for self control. Her fantasy was making it hard to keep her movements slow. Annie peeked through the glass of the shower, steam making it a little difficult to see. She could make out the form of her sister sitting on the floor of the shower with her legs spread. Annie couldn't suppress a smile. Bingo! She thought. Annie quickly undressed, putting her clothes in the hamper. Before she opened the shower door, Annie turned and looked at herself in the mirror, faintly running one hand over her bare skin pausing between her thighs feeling the warmth and obvious excitement. She took a breath to help her resolve and opened the glass door to the shower.

Hailey's fingers were just about to push through the slick folds were she caught the sound of the shower door opening. Her heart raced, not from excitement but adrenaline as she remembered she hadn't locked the bathroom door. Her eyes flew open as she scrambled to cover herself and look like she was doing something other than fingering herself. Before she could move she noticed who had opened the door. Hallie had actually only seen her sister completely naked once, after she'd won a poker match at camp betting that the loser had to jump into the lake butt naked. At the time, she hadn't really paid attention as her main goal was to steal Annie's clothes before she was able to get out of the water, the only goal had been humiliation. Now that she could make out all the features of her twin's body. It was like looking at a mirror of the her own features save for a two inch jagged scar that ran just over Hallie's rib lower left rib, a unpleasant reminder of a riding accident when she was eight.

Hallie's eyes glanced from Annie's familiar body to her face. Annie wore a look of smug victory, as if she'd just won a bet. Hallie's eyes narrowed, "What hell are doing, are you crazy? Geez Annie!" Hallie started to close her legs and started to get up.

Annie's face changed from smug satisfaction to indecision and the apology. "I wasn't trying to startle you or…uh…stop you. I kind of figured with all the talk about Aiden you probably needed some time…by yourself."

Hallie didn't feel all that kindly towards her sister at this moment. First off, she'd just been caught masturbating by her sister and second, her sister had already assumed that she was and still had walked in on her.

"Great rocket science!" sarcasm dripped from her tone. "Now get the hell out of here!" She was standing now pointing at the exit.

Annie looked a little sheepish but didn't budge. "Actually, I was feeling kind of the same…need," her words started to come out faster, "and Jessie is in the bath tub so I couldn't take care of myself the way I normally do, and I thought that maybe you wouldn't be upset at the idea of…"

Hallie had been so stunned by the admission that Annie had thinking about masturbating, let alone that she actually did it on a regular basis. Her anger turned to surprise and a little confusion. She held her hand up and cut off her sister. "Whoa, whoa, whoa; wait a minute. This isn't like…wrong to you…me," she gestured to the shower that was now splashing over her shoulder, "doing….this?"

Annie's face changed to bewilderment, "I should certainly hope not. Besides, what did you think I was doing taking hour long baths, marinating?"

"That's so weird."

"What's weird about it?"

"Well I was just under the impression that it was…uhm….below your kind of thing." Hallie was suddenly embarrassed again. It felt like she was discussing something that was horribly wrong.

"Honestly Hal, it's never bothered me," her face scrunched up a little, "except for the times you wake me up at night whispering Aiden's name over and over again."

Hallie's face flushed. She'd always figured her sister was asleep when she'd been taking care of herself.

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean for it to be…awkward."

"Well, again, I'm sorry I startled you, but if you don't mind either hurrying up with it or if you don't mind me joining you," she gestured to the running shower.

Hallie just stared speechless.

"It would be nice if you could make a decision this decade before I freeze. I've already froze by butt off once at camp, I would rather not do so in my bathroom."

Hallie was suddenly aware of the fact that the mist was spraying over Annie's naked body and that she wasn't actually in the shower yet. "Uhm…I guess you can come in."

Annie stepped in and closed the glass door behind her. She moved her body so that she could stand directly under the stream of hot water and shivered and the water began to stream over her. Annie's eyes closed as she let the water flow down her face onto her very perky breasts and down her smooth legs. Hallie found herself staring at Annie's body as the water cascaded down over her chest and between her legs.

"Actually, I have to confess," Annie was speaking even though her eyes were still closed, "I came in to see if you wanted to…you know…help each other out." She didn't look at Hallie as she let her words sink in. When she angled her head towards her twin and opened her eyes, she couldn't help but smile. It was every day she was able to completely take her twin by surprise. "You know the look on your face truly is priceless."

Halley's jaw felt like it was on the floor. She didn't in her strangest dreams envisioned her sister to be a lesbian. She managed to close her mouth but couldn't keep the incredulous tone from her voice. "You mean you're like…uh…lesbian, you're not into guys?"

Annie shook her head, "First, I'm not a lesbian, and it was thinking about Ewan that made me excited in the first place. I just figured since we don't have any other secrets and that we are sisters, it might be kind of fun." Annie stared at her twin for a few moments, then she amended, "But, if the idea makes you uncomfortable, it's completely fine with me." She then thought for a moment. "I hope you don't think I'm weird or anything, I mean you are truly my best friend and I don't want you to think I'm a freak."

Hallie just stood there. Annie got a little worried, "Well for good sakes, at least say something."

Hallie continued to stand there, not moving and not saying anything. Annie just sighed and started to wash up. So much for relieving stress, she thought wryly. She washed quickly and left the water on as she stepped out of the shower grabbing the towel that Hallie had placed on the counter top. After dressing in her pajamas, she started to walk out, dildo tucked discretely in her left hand. She placed her hand on the door knob and looked back. "I'm sorry if I scared you, I'm going to bed. Love you." With that last sentence, she was through the door and shut it easily behind her.

Hallie had stood in the shower staring at the space left by her twin. Her heart felt as though it was pounding and standing still, all at the same time. The water kept running and the water began to turn colder, Hallie broke from her stupor and washed so as to still have some hot water to rinse her hair. As she rinsed the last of the conditioner from her hair, the water began to chill and she shivered as her hand gripped the nozzle and twisted it to the off position, shutting all shower heads off, leaving only a soft dripping soft on the tile floors. She shivered again as the air from the vent breathed air across her bare chest. Hallie felt goose bumps all over and her nipples hardened as the cool draft and wet skin reacted. Though, her mind was far from relieving the stress caused by her overactive imagination of Aiden's toned body, as the skin around her nipples tightened, a small wave on enjoyment shot through her chest. She closed her eyes and groaned. It was going to be a long night.


Hallie still sat on the stool in the dimly moonlit kitchen lost in thought. She absently peeled pieces of cheese from the ever dwindling stick of white cheese still staring into memories. She didn't notice the figure that had wandered into the kitchen until a blinding light ignited her vision. She started as the light momentarily distorted her vision. Seconds later, her eyes adjusted and she noticed the form lingering next to the light switch. Annie's face was a mixture of sleep and confusion as she spotted her sister at the counter. She looked at Hallie. Her sister held what was left of a cheese stick in her right hand and looked slightly startled by the unexpected light.

Annie immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, honest." Annie mentally kicked herself, this night was certainly not going well. First, she'd been wrong about admitting her desire for her sister. And now she'd interrupted Hallie's mid-night thinking time, not that she'd known Hal would even be there. She looked Hallie in the eyes and tried to smile. Hallie seem to look past her for a moment, not seeing her standing there. Seconds passed and Annie raised her hand and waived, tilting her head for emphasis. "Hal, you okay."

Hallie was staring straight at her twin as a thousand thoughts flew through her mind. She was deliberating with herself, not sure of what she was thinking or why. Hallie's frozen features masked the thought processes, emotions, and determination she was feeling. It was at her sister's voice that she broke her stare. She blinked at set the piece of cheese down on the counter. Without thought she got up and pushed the stool back. Rounding the corner, she walked over to her twin, her bathrobe wrapped around her. She approached Annie, who looked expectantly at her, apparently trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Without pause Hallie moved to face her twin stopping inches away from her. She tilted her head opposite Annie's, leaned in with closing eyes and pressed her lips firmly against her twin's mouth.

Annie stopped her wave as she thought better of her actions. Hallie broker her stare and pushed back from the counter, a slightly determined look in her eyes. She came around the counter and stopped just in front of Annie. Hallie tilted her head and leaned in. Annie's heart began to speed up as Hallie rounded the corner, a little unsure if her twin had gone from freaked out to angry. The moment stretched as Hallie's lips pressed against hers with timid pressure. Annie's body superseded her mind and her lips pressed back against her twin's mouth with vigor. Her face flushed with heat and she felt her whole body wake instantly. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears spreading to her chest. Her stomach filled with butterflies and a sudden moist warmth began to spread below her stomach, making her legs tingle. Her breathing went from steady to ragged in less then two seconds. Annie couldn't help but moan into her twin's kiss. Three seconds after the kiss had began, Hallie pulled back. Annie opened her eyes and looked straight into her sister's face.

Hallie's heart was pounding as her lips pressed timidly, but evenly on her twin's. She felt the curve o her lips, the taste of her skin and could feel the instant change in her body as Annie's lips pressed back against hers/ Her heart was suddenly pounding faster then if she'd run a marathon and her breathing turned shallow and fast. She was aware that her body was hungering, desiring, pushing for more. She felt the tension in her groin return in greater need now then it had been in the shower. She could feel her face turning red as blood rushed to her head. She felt Annie moan through their pressed lips and she pulled her face back to see Annie's face. Her body resisted as she pulled away and she stared into the eyes of her mirror twin. Only now did she notice that Annie's face was flushed and her breathing was coming fast and hard. Annie's closed eyes opened and Hallie could see something she'd never before seen in her twin's eyes. Burning, pure, desire raged behind her beautiful blue eyes. They both just stared at each other. Hallie felt a desire that she'd not realized building and smolder into a blaze. Hallie knew that if she kissed Annie again, she wouldn't stop. It took both of them well over a minute to catch their breath. Hallie looked at Annie. "We should…"

"..finish this… Annie continued in the way that only twins can.

"…in our room…"

"Just in case…"

"Jessie wakes up…"

"And gets…"



Both girls reached for the light switch at the same time, no need prompting questions from Jessie if it could possibly be avoided. The realization that their kiss would not only considered questionable by their nanny, not to mention their parents, was not lost on either of them. Not to mention, Hallie thought, what we both know is about to happen. The kiss had moved them past a sister helping with personal tension to a longing to please and be pleased.

Each twin felt the brush of the other's hand and lightning travelled up the length of their arms from excited and heightened senses. Both shuddered and pulled their hands back. Hallie reached back and flipped the switch and bolted out of the kitchen as quickly as she could without making noise. Annie followed directly in her steps as she climbed the stairs, knowing that her twin knew every squeaky board in her long term home. Hallie made it through their bedroom door and stepped into the room stopping just 5 feet in. Annie, right on her heals, obviously taken in excitement silently closed the door behind them and clicked the lock.

She turned around slowly, slightly out of breath from their quick ascent to the second story bedroom. Hallie was facing toward her transfixed in a stare. Annie wasn't sure how or what was really going to happen next. She cautiously moved until she was only six inches from her twin. They both stood their without moving, breathing heavily and eyes locked. Hallie's mouth opened and her eyes dropped slightly to take in the lips of her twin sister. Hallie's whole body trembled and an urge overtook her. She no longer thought, no longer, controlled herself, no longer worried about what was happening; she simply let go, and embraced her sister in a passionate hug mashing her lips upon Annie's as it she could only breathe using Annie's lungs. Her hands wandered her sisters back and, without realizing it had moved under her shirt and caressed her bare skin.

Annie felt her heart pounding as she conformed her lips to the lips of her twin sister. If one were watching they'd be tempted to think they were watching a lunatic girl making out with a mirror, if not for the difference in clothing, which was fast dissolving as a distinction. Annie felt her shirt being lifted up and she raised her arms over her head, parting their mouths for the split second it took to pull the fabric over her head. Hungrily, the sisters brought their lips back with force, this time parting them slightly to let the other explore the other's mouth. Annie's body was rippling with excitement and pleasure as urges that seemed to have a mind of their own took over her actions. Annie's body wanted, needed, and further demanded more of this euphoric bliss that was engulfing her thoughts.

Hallie didn't consciously remove her sister's top, it was more like muscle memory similar to her fencing sessions, she merely moved without needing to mentally order her own reaction. Her hands moved from her sister's back and suddenly began to roam around to her chest. Without thought she reached up with both hands, fingers opened and gently squeezed Annie's pert, pink nipples between her thumb and index fingers. A gasp escaped her mouth and her eyes flew open in pleasured shock. Annie's legs nearly gave out. She pushed herself back from Hallie's body and groped for the cloth belt that held Hallie's robe. She yanked it free and it fell open with a gentle motion. A shiver went through Hallie's body and both of her nipples tightened and stood at attention as the bedroom air rushed to meet her skin and the excitement of her nudity flooded her senses.

Hallie let Annie pushed the robe from her shoulders and slowly walked over to the queen-size bed that they'd shared the last four and half years. The dim light cast shadows on the fluffed comforters that were in disarray from their midnight waking. Hallie laid back in the middle of the large bed, using her feet to push the covers to the floor. Annie followed without a word and laid down beside her laying on her left side facing her sister. Annie knew that she shouldn't let this continue. She could see the same thoughts in her twin's mind as if echoes of her own, but their resistance had dissolved into their need and their affection for the other. It was wrong, but it was what it was; completely intoxicating. Annie hand began to trace the contours of Hallie's naked body, dragging her index finger from the tip of her big toe, up along the inner thigh, inches from her trimmed hair and pouting lips, circling her belly button, on up to trace her right breast pausing to brush her sensitive nipple and bringing her open palm to cup her chin, pulling her into a kiss. This kiss was hungry for a release that both girls' groins begged for in un-satiated longing.

Hallie could feel her twin's hand moved back down along a mirror path, this time tracing the left side of her body, yet still not breaking their passionate kiss. Her hand moved between her legs and Hallie spread them in anticipation. Annie's hand cupped her sister's sex and pressed with gentle pressure. Hallie felt a shockwave pulse through her body and her back arched, a yelp escaped her lips for a split second before her loud moan was silenced by Annie's mouth on hers. When she regained her control, Annie released the kiss and whispered in her ear.

"Jessie isn't a like sleeper, but even she'll hear you if you yelp too much like that." The grin on her face made it obvious she wasn't scolding her sister's open burst of enjoyment. Annie winked at her sister as she spread her fingers and began to move her middle finger in a small circular pattern. Hallie's body tensed as pleasure gripped her teenage body. No matter how many times she'd masturbated herself, it had never felt this intense or overpowering. Her body rocked with excitement as Annie's hand caressed her slit and gently fingered the engorged nub that lay between them. Hallie bit back a scream as Annie's finger began to move back and forth on her clit, applying more pressure and sending wave after wave of pleasure into her senses.

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