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The Parking Lot


"Meet me in the parking lot behind the rink at 2:30 ;) " was all the text message said. Drea stared at her phone, confused, wondering why her friend, Karl, had sent that to her, or if it was even intended for her.

"Karl - I think you sent this to me by mistake. - Drea", she texted back.

"Drea - no mistake, and no questions. The rink @ 2:30, k?"

"k," she responded, still feeling puzzled and confused.

Drea looked at her watch and noticed it was just past 1pm. She checked her calendar and was surprised to find that it was clear for the afternoon, she didn't have any meetings and she was fairly well caught up on her work, so she could slip out of the office for a few hours without being missed. "But why does he want to meet up with me? It's the start of the summer, the ice rink shut down for the season about a month ago, and I haven't talked to Karl since that tournament that our kids played in a couple of months ago," she wondered. "I wonder if something is wrong, maybe he needs someone to talk to? Maybe he's in trouble? This is just weird."

She had always found herself attracted to Karl. Their kids played together on the same hockey team, and even though they came from very different backgrounds, they were alike in many ways. He had a great sense of a humor and always made her laugh, and even though he sometimes had a tough exterior, she knew he was a softie on the inside by the way he interacted with the kids. Plus he was so damn cute and sexy!

* * *

Karl's heart was beating wildly in his chest and his hands shook as he put the phone down on his desk. "I can't believe I just did that," he thought with a mild sense of panic. "What if I chicken out? What if she doesn't show? What if she's so offended that she drives away in anger and calls my wife? Oh my god, what did I just get myself into?" He took a few deep breaths as he closed his eyes and tipped his chair back, trying to relax. But the anxiety was fueled with obvious arousal as he felt his dick twitch and begin to swell. He reached down and stroked the length of his cock through his jeans, giving his balls a squeeze as he let out a groan and thought about Drea's enormous tits and how badly he had always wanted to get his hands on them. For years, images of Drea had filled his head during his whack-off sessions when his wife wasn't in the mood.

* * *

Drea pulled into the parking lot and spotted Karl's truck parked in the back, just like he said, hidden from view of the road. She pulled up beside it so their driver's side windows were facing each other and she rolled down her window. Karl's window was already down, and his left arm was resting on the windowsill. He didn't look hurt, upset, or in trouble - he looked somewhat peaceful, yet his cheeks were flush and his pupils were wide as he looked at her with... lust? Is that what it was? Karl's right arm was out of view but it looked as if he were slowly pulling on something in his lap.

Suddenly it hit her like a lightning bolt as she caught a glimpse of skin where his hand was stroking, and her eyes went wide, "OH MY GOD! Karl, what are you doing?" she shrieked.

He let out a moan and his eyes twinkled as he stared deeply into her eyes and said in a calm, deep voice, "Don't get out of your car, just slide your pants down".

She hesitated for a moment and her heart began beating nervously. He moved his left arm out of the way so she could see the full length of his stiff cock being stroked gently yet firmly by his right hand. He continued at a steady pace, reassured that she wasn't angry or offended, but waiting for her to comprehend the situation and see if she would play along. His hand went to the top and squeezed the head to milk out a few drops of pre-cum before using it to lubricate his hand and slide his tight fist back down the shaft to tug on his balls.

"Karl, I don't know about this," she whispered in a paranoid voice, glancing around the lot to see if anyone could see them. There was a part of her that was scared and nervous, yet another part of her that was really turned on and intrigued by this surprising turn of events in their friendship!

"Slide your pants down," he repeated without breaking the gaze into her eyes, as he continued to pump his cock.

Slowly and obediently, Drea did as Karl asked.

"Panties too."

Again, she followed his command, pulling both her pants and her panties down to her ankles while she sat bare-assed in the leather seat of her car.

"Drea, I want to watch you. Spread your legs wide so I can see that pretty pussy. I want to see you touch yourself and get yourself off while I do the same. Unbutton your shirt and take off your bra."

Fire burned in her eyes as she looked at him and did exactly as he asked. Exposed, Drea used one hand to rub and squeeze her tits while her other hand slid between her legs, around her silky folds. Her fingers were so warm and soft, it felt so good to touch herself. She couldn't resist looking over and down at Karl's thick, hot meat, topped with a big purple head that glistened with pre-cum. Drea's mouth began to salivate as she imagined having that gorgeous cock in her hungry mouth. "Karl, I feel silly, can I come over there? I want to touch you, feel you."

"No touching, we can only watch each other. You've gotta stay in your car."

Frustrated, but willing to go along with his desires, she licked her lips and swallowed deeply, aching to feel him inside her mouth and wet pussy. She let her fingers explore every inch of her womanhood. She would rub the outside of her mound, squeezing her lips to press her clit between them, then open her legs wide to explore the folds before thrusting a couple of fingers into her cunt as she moaned. With her other hand, she continued to squeeze and pinch her nipples, turning them into rocks on her huge tits. After finger-fucking herself, Drea would rub her clit, drawing neat little circles around it before rubbing vigorously, then she would easy off by massaging her mound again and starting the cycle over. She was getting so wet with arousal, leaking all over the seat. "Thank goodness leather seats clean well!" she mused to herself.

Karl watched her intently, beating off slowly and rhythmically as he watched her get herself off. The pleasure she was experiencing was obvious - this was a girl who knew how to make herself feel good! Looking down at his cock, he wasn't sure if it had ever been this big and hard. Drea had such a look of horniness and pleasure on her face as she masturbated herself while watching him do the same, and he wasn't sure how long he'd be able to hold off. He wanted to touch her so badly, but they were both married and somehow he rationalized that it wasn't cheating if you didn't actually touch the other person, so he resisted the temptation to grab her and fuck the living shit out of her. Still, a guy could dream, right? He kept imagining how good it would feel to be inside her, burying himself in her hot, slick cunt, or having her devour his cock in her cute little mouth while he put his hands in her hair and fucked her face. The more he thought about these things while watching her, the bigger his cock seemed to grow. He was stroking and squeezing his shaft while pulling on his balls.

She was so turned on that she knew she couldn't hold off for long. Her face was bright red from arousal and her breathing became quick and shallow as she rubbed herself more quickly while jabbing fingers inside her soaked pussy. Panting and moaning, she could feel herself starting to shudder and shake.

Karl could see she was close, "I want to see you come first. Come hard, baby, then watch me spunk all over my steering wheel." She watched him stroke as he egged her on, "Rub it, baby, pretend that's my tongue between your sweet lips, lapping up your juices." She panted harder. "Can you feel me sucking your clit?" She moaned and rubbed. "Imagine if my cock was slamming inside you right now. Would that feel good? Do you want that?"

"Oh god yes, Karl, I do, can I have it? Please? I want it so bad. Please will you fuck me? Fuck me hard. I want you." She looked at him in horny desperation as she uttered these phrases in short, rapid bursts because she was breathing so fast and heavily.

"Not today, only watching. Finger fuck yourself, I want to see you get off. I want to see you spray your juices all over that pretty car of yours. Pretend I'm sucking your clit while sticking my fingers in your pussy and your ass. I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, you filthy dirty girl?"

Closing her eyes and imagining the scene he described, Drea could hold back no longer. She screamed out as her orgasm hit in waves, soaking her seat with her slippery juices. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her head was tipped back as she got lost in ecstasy. She continued to rub herself off until the last peak finally subsided, then she opened her eyes and looked at him again with lust, satisfied but still craving the real thing.

As soon as her eyes settled back on his hand stroking his hard cock, his trigger fired and he yelled out as string after string of hot, thick, sticky cum shot high up into the air, spraying the roof, the seat, the steering wheel and the dashboard. He couldn't recall ever blowing such a big load and it seemed like it would continue forever. Squeezing the last couple of drops out, Karl felt completely drained, and with his head back against the headrest he slowly rolled his head in her direction. Karl smiled and looked in her eyes, and could think of nothing more to say than to slowly drawl, "Wowwwww."

"I know. Wow!" she repeated slowly, still panting slightly.

"Thank you for meeting me here. Can we do this again sometime?" he asked nonchalantly as he zipped his pants back up and began to wipe the cum out of the interior of his truck with a napkin.

"If there's a next time, I need more. I want you inside me - I can't stand just watching. I want to feel the real thing! Your cock is amazing and I need to experience it" she said as she cleaned herself up.

"We'll see," he said with a wink, then roared the engine to life. "Have a great day." And he waved as he drove away.

Drea sat there in stunned silence, still hardly able to believe that this actually happened. Then a smile formed across her lips as she began to think about what their next encounter might hold...

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