tagLoving WivesThe Party

The Party


"No," Jess said as she pushed him away but he persisted. His hands rested on her hips and she did nothing to move them. Her heart raced and her knees grew weak. She knew what she should do but her body was at odds with her mind. Her husband, David, was watching. What would he think?

His face was close and she could feel his warm breath on her neck. It sent shivers down her back and her mind raced as she fought to regain control of the situation. He was hot and she wanted him but she couldn't, she shouldn't.

"Your words say no but your hot ass body says yes," he teased as his hands moved up from her hips and slipped under the hem of her shirt touching her bare flesh. It felt good and she liked it. She fought hard to stifle a low moan.

"I can't," Jess whispered as the sound of her beating heart thumped in her ears. His lips were on her neck planting soft butterfly kisses on her sensitive skin. "My husband is watching." She continued. She had never been unfaithful to her husband. They had been married for nearly twenty years and she loved him dearly. She would never do anything to deliberately hurt her sweet husband.

"He is enjoying it," the tall good looking stranger said knowingly as he pushed his hips forward until they pressed tightly against her. Jess could feel his hard cock against her. It felt big and she liked the feeling of his hardness on her tummy. She had often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a well endowed man. David had an average sized dick and while he satisfied her in nearly every way, whenever she was left to her fantasies she always conjured up a lover with a really big dick.

"He'll leave me," she said as the stranger's lips continued to trail soft kisses on her neck and up to her ear. Her head tilted granting him unfettered access and she sighed softly as his warm breath caressed her sensitive skin.

"He's no fool besides he wants to watch," he said bluntly. "David wants to see us together I could see it in his eyes when we left. You saw it too." His fingers traced the top of her shorts and she moaned openly. Her body was on fire and her hips had started grinding subtly against him forcing his big cock against the pubic bone above her increasingly wet cunt.

"Stop," Jess said weakly. She was still trying to regain control but they both knew it was a lost cause. Her arms moved to his waist. She pushed him away and then pulled him tight. She was conflicted. "Please." Her voice trailed off leaving the intent and meaning of her plea unknown.

His lips planted tender kisses from her neck to her mouth and her lips parted of their own accord. They kissed softly and tenderly. It was electric and she returned his kiss passionately. She had known that she was playing with fire when she let him lead her outside after an hour of intensely graphic flirting. She liked the way he made her feel. She felt alive, beautiful and desirable.

"Oh god," Jess moaned softly, "what am I doing?" The question was rhetorical. She knew what she wanted and so did he.

Jess thought back to the party. She had glanced at her husband as the stranger led her out of the party toward the secluded darkness of the back yard. She had made eye contact with David when she walked by and her husband knew what she was doing when she left the room. He had made no effort to stop her. He had stayed inside at the party while his wife left with another man. A man whom she had met mere hours earlier and whose name she could not remember.

David stood in the window watching her in a passionate embrace with another man and that excited her in ways she had never imagined. She could feel her juices soaking her white cotton panties. She had never done anything that naughty before. She and David weren't swingers, they were an ordinary couple, and she didn't know what to expect but her body was on fire and she was no longer in control of her body or her mind.

The tall stranger had introduced himself shortly after she had arrived at the party with her husband. She had been talking with a few friends at the time and she was instantly intrigued by him. He was tall and very handsome with a fit build, dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Jess had always been a bit of a flirt and nothing more but he had a smooth confidence that caused her to let her guard down quickly. They talked and he made a few subtle flirtatious comments that she had smiled and brush off at first but she soon became comfortable and made some playful remarks of her own. Over the next hour their comments had become increasingly more suggestive and graphic until he suggested that they go look at the new pool in the back yard. She quickly accepted without thinking and he had led her past David to the back door. She had hoped her husband to rescue her from her desire but once her seductor put his hands on her soft body she was his.

Her tongue slithered into the stranger's mouth like a restless snake and it entwined with his as they kissed deeply, wetly and passionately. Her hands moved up his back under his shirt feeling his warm skin stretched tightly over his strong rippled muscles and she raked her nails down his back as they kissed leaving red welts in their wake.

The stranger's hand left her hip and moved to his shorts. The sound of his zipper was amplified by her excitement and it echoed inside her head. Her body trembled with excitement. She returned his kiss hard as he fished his manhood from his lose fitting shorts.

Her hand quickly found his stiff throbbing cock. She grabbed it and squeezed hard as they continued to kiss deeply. Jess hadn't touched any man besides David in 20 years and the gravity of the situation was not lost on the pretty married woman. She moaned into the strangers hot mouth as she moved her hand over his big cock. He was big and her hand barely encircled his generous girth.

He moaned low and deep into her mouth as his fingers deftly unfastened her shorts and slipped inside her soaking wet panties. She could smell the faint scent of her arousal. She had always loved the sweet smell of her pussy despite the fact that she didn't care for the taste of her tangy juices.

"God you're wet," he whispered to her softly. He had never in his life felt a woman's pussy as wet as she was and he suspected it was because her husband was watching from the window above.

"Mmmm, I need you inside me," she groaned as his fingers found the swollen nub of her hard clit and rubbed it slowly. She was ready for him. She needed to cum and she wanted to feel his huge thick cock inside her, consequences be damned.

The stranger smiled triumphantly and looked up at the window where her husband stood silently watching his wife's seduction. He pushed her shorts down past her knees and watched them fall to the ground exposing her thick hairy bush to his hungry eyes. He usually preferred a shaved or neatly trimmed pussy but there was something about her hairy bush that was dirty and much sexier than if she was shaved.

She moaned loudly as the cool night air hit her overheated wet cunt. Her mouth lunged toward his and she kissed him hard. She had dropped all pretense of playing hard to get. Her tongue plunged deep inside his mouth and twisted together with his as her hand stroked his massive cock.

"Please," she moaned between kisses as she pulled on his hard cock. There was no doubt about her intent. She could feel his precum oozing from the tip of his dick and she wanted to bend down and take it into her mouth. She rarely gave her husband head and when she did it was almost always with reluctance but with the stranger she wanted to do it. She wanted to feel his huge shaft stretching her jaw. She wanted to taste the forbidden fruit of his tangy precum too but more than either of those things she wanted his thick monster inside her cunt. She was supposed to hate that word but she didn't. She loved it. It was dirty and that was exactly how she felt. "Please fuck me," she said harshly, "I need your big cock inside my wet cunt."

The stranger turned Jess around and grabbed her full hips. She was facing her husband and she could see his silhouette in the window as the stranger reached around her and grabbed her big heavy tits.

She moaned and twisted her neck to kiss him again. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth and she licked her sexy lover's lips as he pawed at her tits. She could feel the drooling head of his big cock at the slippery entrance of her soaking wet cunt and she pushed her hips against it. She was shocked at the ease in which his big fuck stick entered her. He was so much bigger than her husband and she loved the erotic feeling as he stretched her excited cunt.

The stranger pushed his hips and met the hot married woman mid thrust. His big thick dick sank balls deep inside her as his hands cupped her heavy natural tits. He started to fuck her slowly as he looked up at David who was watching from a bedroom window inside. He could see her husband's movements and he smiled as he realized that the other man was jerking off watching his wife get fucked by a man she hardly knew. He hiked the woman's shirt up and unfastened her bra freeing her big tits to the cool night air and to her husband's gaze.

"Fuck yes," she groaned as he fucked her with long smooth strokes. His big thick cock stretched her cunt like nothing ever had and she could feel him bottom out against her cervix each time he deep dicked her sloppy hole.

"Harder," she begged. She could feel the early signs of a climax and she knew it was going to be a good one, maybe even earth shattering. He was that good.

He pounded his giant cock into her liquid core. His rhythm was steady but he expertly mixed short and long strokes to keep her excited body guessing.

Jess was loud and David could surely hear her passionate screams through the glass as he watched from above. Her words were unintelligible and laced with vulgar profanity. She begged her lover to fuck her harder. She pleaded with him not to stop and to make her cum like a randy whore. Her body shook and her cunt clutched at her lover's big dick.

She was close. He grabbed her hips and pounded her hard and fast, pushing her over the edge. Her body convulsed and she cried out like a howling wolf as she came.

He didn't stop. He continued to fuck Jess right through one climax and into another. His hands held her hips and he fucked her even harder as her second climax spilled into a third. The sound of slapping flesh filled the night air as he slid his hands up to her huge tits and pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger sending her to another climax.

Sweat rolled down her face and covered her chest and back as they fucked furiously for over thirty minutes. She had never cum in consecutive climaxes in her life but she shook her way through four as her well endowed lover pounded mercilessly at her dripping wet cunt. She could feel her juices running down her thighs and her legs felt weak as the waves of a fifth climax lapped at her tired body. She came weakly and dropped to her knees at his feet.

Jess looked up at him with an exhausted yet satisfied look on her pretty face as he moved in front of her and fisted his big hard cock.

"Suck it," he said firmly and pointed the head of his big cock at her gaping mouth. His dick was slathered with her juices and precum oozed from its tip. She had never liked the taste of her pussy juice but she didn't hesitate for a moment. She opened her lips as wide as she could and stuffed as much of his slippery wet cock into her hungry mouth as possible. The taste of their combined juices was surprisingly good and she moaned around his shaft as she enthusiastically sucked the strangers delicious cock.

She grabbed his shaft with both hands as she noisily slurped on the head of his giant dick. She hadn't swallowed her husband's cum in years. She didn't mind the taste as much as the texture but with her new lover she wanted to drink his seed. She looked up at him with smoldering eyes. Her hands moved fast over his slippery shaft as her tongue swirled around the tip.

He moaned and groaned with pleasure as she worked tirelessly on his stiff dick. He could have cum earlier but he wasn't ready for the fun to end. He knew she wanted him to fill her mouth with his hot cream but he had other plans. He pulled her back to her feet and sat her on a retaining wall with her back to her husband.

Jess spread her legs wide and offered her lover her wet hairy cunt as her husband continued to watch from the bedroom window.

The stranger fed his huge dick back into her sloppy wet hole and her body was instantly alive. He pounded her hard making her cum for a sixth time as he looked up at her pathetic husband stroking his dick. Unbeknownst to Jess the stranger waived to David in the window and motioned for him to come down. He knew he would. He wanted to see his wife fucked by a real cock up close. He knew David's type and he smiled as he watched the other man leave the window.

Jess was a loud fuck. Her body shook and she yelled and cried with intense pleasure as climax six turned into seven. Her body was exhausted but she was still as horny as when they had started over an hour earlier. Her eyes were closed tightly as she came and when she opened them her husband was beside her. He was fully dressed but she could see the outline of his hard but decidedly average dick in his shorts.

The stranger was close. His back was getting tired and now that his audience was there to witness his climax he could allow himself the pleasure of an orgasm. He looked into the sexy married woman's pretty brown eyes and smiled broadly. "Are you ready for it," he teased as he continued to thrust his big thick cock into her quivering core.

"God yes," she hissed loudly, "fuck me hard lover."

"Where do you want it," he asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Cum inside me baby." Her words were thick with lust and her body shook with yet another small aftershock.

Her lover grunted loudly as hot cream pumped from his organ like lava from a spewing volcano. He pumped his searing hot cum into her cunt until it overflowed with his seed and the entire time he looked at her pathetic husband with a triumphant look on his whistled face. He continued to pump his dick into her until it started to go slack.

She sighed with disappointment as he pulled his rapidly deflating cock from her gaping hole. She had loved the full feeling he gave her and she knew that her husband's average dick would never be enough for her again.

Her lover's cum dripped from her gaping hole as she fought to catch her breath. He pulled up his shorts and tucked his flaccid cock into them as she gazed longingly at his dripping tool.

"Call me," he said abruptly as he handed her his business card. He turned and walked back into the party without another word leaving Jess and David alone in the darkness.

David dropped his pants and moved toward his pretty wife. His dick jutted out from his body and pointed toward the sky as an obvious sign of exactly how excited he was. He slipped between Jess's splayed thighs and pushed his cock into her cum filled hole covering himself with her lover's thick cream.

"No, don't," Jess said softly as she pushed David away, "I'm too sore."

David was unfazed by his wife's rejection and wrapped his fist around him cum slicked cock. He stroked it furiously as he gazed intently at his beautiful but disheveled wife. His climax built quickly and he stared at Jess' gaping pussy until he passed the point of no return. He groaned loudly and cum flew from his cock onto his wife's sexy body.

They dressed quickly and slipped from the party unnoticed.

"Where do we go from here," David asked as they drove home. They both agreed that they had no regrets. It had been the best sexual experience of their lives and it had opened a whole new world for them to explore.

"We start by calling Jared," she laughed as she looked at her lover's name on the business card, "and inviting him over next weekend for another round." Jess leaned across the car and kissed her husband as he drove.

"I love you, you know that right," she said softly.

"I love you too."

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