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The Party



I deliberately left the ages vague, but it should be very clear that no minors appear in this story.

If you are looking for slap, spank, slam, bam action try another story. Nothing to see here; move on. The eroticism is of a more subtle sort in this story and the actual action takes place off the stage, sort of out of sight. Please let me know if you like it or hate it and especially, why. Good or bad, don't forget to vote!


I had suddenly become an unattached male, which is a quick and delicate way of hiding a lot of pain and anguish that has nothing to do with the here and now except that during an evening of trying to medicate away some of that pain in a local pub, I'd met three buddies, Phil, Ron, and Todd. After an evening of carousing and flirting outrageously with the ladies there, without notable success (OK, I admit I wasn't trying too hard), they had invited me to a party at their place the next evening. After that I'd somehow become included in their group, getting invited to all kinds of things, from watching games while guzzling beer to white water canoeing and hiking and cycling. And parties. Ah the parties! I'd healed up quickly and well with the help of those parties, or rather some of the women from those parties.

The guys were well connected and in addition to the ones they/we threw, they got invitations to lots of different parties around town. I had a fair amount of luck with the women at these parties and didn't go home alone often though no long term relationships resulted. The guys liked to brag about their conquests and give blow by blow, suck by fuck accounts of their exploits with the women while I tended to be more private about such matters. When they'd ask, I'd just say I had a good time and generally wouldn't elaborate. They might have thought I wasn't closing the deal very often because they would often point out women at various parties and tell me how easy to bed they were. But I always made my own choices. Some led to fun in bed and others didn't but I had a good time right up to the night of The Party nearly two years after we'd met in that bar.

Ron had gotten an invitation to a big wingding at a law professor's house. Graduation was coming and all the students as well as many of the attorneys and other professionals in town were coming. It was a golden opportunity for the established attorneys to look the up and comers over. There were going to be about a hundred people there and lots of single women were supposed to be coming. It sounded like our kind of party, and then some.

After I was introduced to the host and hostess, we made our way around the house, checking out the scene in the various rooms. Ron had been right; there were plenty of women there, many unattached.

Now I have a weakness for beautiful redheads, but then, who doesn't? Some people will try to tell you that there are only two kinds of redheads, beautiful and butt ugly, but as a true admirer of redheads who has spent many a pleasant hour observing them, I can say with some authority that just as with other hair colors, they run the gamut from stunning to scary. Those who think otherwise just don't have the redhead fascination gene. I don't know why, but I have redhead radar. I can even pretty well tell the real ones from the fakes unless they've gone really heavy on the makeup. There are lots of little clues if you know what to look for. Redheads aren't lost on the advertising industry, either. Have you noticed how many redheads appear in commercials compared to their actual distribution in the general population?

So, anyway, I noticed that there was a truly beautiful redhead sitting in an out of the way spot and I just could not understand why she was being practically ignored. She was a wet dream wrapped up in wavy red hair and faint but discernable freckles, with the quintessential little black dress showing lots of thigh and cleavage that made me want to just crawl down in between those mounds and kiss each faint little freckle, and strappy black high heels showing pretty feet. She was not wearing a ring. Once in a while someone would go by and say a few words of greeting but they never stayed to talk for more than a few moments.

Well, I wasn't going to waste the opportunity; I'd make a move while the coast was clear. I'd normally expect that she'd be swamped with eager men, but why give them a fair shot if I could beat them to it? Besides, I fancied that she had caught my eye a couple of times and was showing interest.

As I started across the room, Phil called me to wait a moment. I waved him away saying," in a minute, buddy", and continued towards her.

I approached her close enough to be overheard over the din of music and voices and said, "I just can't understand why you are sitting here all alone. Does some big hulk who is elsewhere already have a claim?

She chuckled and said, "I guess your pals didn't warn you?"

"Huh?" was my stunningly brilliant rejoinder.

"Yeah, I'm sure they didn't, then; but they are trying to now." She gestured towards where I'd left Phil standing.

I turned and saw Phil and Todd beckoning me to them. I waved them away and turned back to her. "Warn me about what? I'm Jerry, by the way."

"Debra." She held out her hand and I took it. It was warm. Then she gave me wicked grin. "I spank all of my dates."


"Yes, really. Better go let your pals tell you all about it." And she waved me towards them.

"Why? Don't you want to tell me?" I motioned to a nearby chair.

"OK. You asked." She gestured for me to move the chair over.

As I did I noticed that many of the people in the room were suddenly watching. I swung the chair around and sat, mostly facing her but able to see part of the room. They were still watching.

"Oh, they're watching to see what you do when I tell you about spanking men. They know I'm always up front about it. Most guys find some excuse to be elsewhere as soon as I tell them. They (she waved again to indicate the people in the room) get to chuckle as the embarrassed man runs away with his tail tucked between his legs. You'll also hear a rumor that I sometimes dress men up in lingerie and use a strap-on on them. I don't know where that one came from; I certainly didn't start it but I will neither confirm nor deny it.

"So they are scared of you. You must go home alone a lot, then."

"Well, yes and no. I generally do leave the parties alone, but I usually get calls later and often have my choice of several guys to spank and occasionally get to spank more than one in an evening. So it works out."

"So you mean they're afraid to approach you here in front of their friends and acquaintances but will call later, knowing that if you accept a date they will get spanked?"

"Yeah. That pretty well sums it up. I've spanked about a quarter or so of the men that are here at this party. Some are even married. My phone number is very easy to remember. It is I SPANK YOU, with the 'you' being the letter U."

"Clever. And now I have it in case I want to call you later, huh?" I noted that some of the others in the room were beginning to find us less interesting and turning back to other business. "I guess I'm not as interesting to them now since I didn't get up and run away. No laugh at my expense." I gestured at the room in general.

"Whoops! I guess you do have my number." She grinned and repeated my gesture at the room. "Yeah, they'll be checking us out from time to time but basically one of two things usually happens and they all know it. Either the guy gets away fast or he sits and asks questions. If the latter it usually means he is curious but usually doesn't have a personal spanking fantasy or interest. The interested ones don't want to risk their friends knowing it. Most of the ones who stay and ask questions are psychologists or journalists or something similar; people who are used to interviewing people without feeling threatened by the answers they get. So what do you do?"



"So which of the guys have you spanked?"

"Oh, I'd never tell anyone that. If I did they would quit calling." Another gesture at the room. "They don't want anyone to know that they'd actually let a woman turn them bottom up and spank them, you know. It would cause my source to dry up if I blabbed it about."

"But you've spanked a quarter of the ones here tonight?"

"More or less, yes, and one of the women, too. And everyone wonders if I've really spanked someone they know, they just aren't sure, though they would like to know. It would make for such great gossip, you know."

"A woman, too? Are you bi? That is, if you don't mind my asking."

"I don't mind. Ask away. It was just a spanking out of curiosity, though. But maybe I might be. She did have an orgasm bumping against my knee while I spanked her and it excited me, but we didn't do anything else. I certainly thought about it while I masturbated later. I suspect that she started getting her boyfriend to spank her afterwards, though, so it never went anywhere. The irony is that her boyfriend is also one of the ones I've spanked. I have no idea whether they both know about it."

"Wow, you are pretty blunt about this stuff."

"Why not? It saves me from having to waste time on dates only to find that the guy will not let me spank him. This way, at least I know he is interested in trying it. I like to spank."

"You could make a lot of money as a domme."

"Nah, I do it for fun. I don't want or need the money."

"Oh... so with the guys... You spank them, then what?"

"Oh, if you are asking about sex, I generally don't have sex on the first date. Most of the ones here that I've spanked have been one time only, though one of those has been giving little indications all evening that he may call later for a rematch. There is also one I haven't spanked who appears to be showing interest. I won't tell you which ones, but if you are observant you might be able to figure it out for yourself. It could be a productive and interesting night. There are three of them here tonight that I've spanked more than once and I've slept with one of those a couple of times, just a casual thing. He has an on and off girlfriend. Many of them try it once and never call back. Some even quit part way through. I always give them a safeword."

"So you just spank them and send them home?"

"Sometimes it works out that way. With most, we talk afterwards. Some get dressed right after the spanking and others just stay naked and cuddle while we talk. It often depends on what their particular spanking fantasy is and whether they are able to deal with the fact that they enjoy it. Some of them have particular scenarios that they find exciting. I like them all so if they aren't too shy to tell me, I try to meet the fantasy. It's fun."

"Some stay naked? You strip them gradually during the spanking, like pants down, then off, then the rest of the clothing off?"

"Oh, no. I require them to strip completely at the beginning before they go over my lap and I spank them naked the very first time. I remain fully dressed, at least for the first round, if there is more than one. You'd be surprised at how many men like being naked and giving up control to a fully dressed woman. Very, very few have quit when I ordered them to strip. Most of them don't go home un-satisfied if they stay for additional rounds, too, because I strip to my underwear and lube them up between my thighs halfway through the second spanking, or occasionally on the third spanking. Most get off very well that way. Those are the ones that generally will come back for more, later, if I let them. Not everyone gets to come back, but most do if they wish to."

"So let me get this straight. They don't want it known by friends and acquaintances that they want to go out with you and get spanked but they'll call you later, secretly, and arrange a date?"

"Yep. I'm not unselective though. I do turn some down."

"OK, Yeah. And of the ones you accept dates with, you strip them naked while you remain fully dressed and spank them?"


"Bare hand, whips, or paddles, canes, other things?"

"Any or all of the above, depending on the person and their fantasies or wishes. As I mentioned, some are too shy to say. Those don't usually get far, though there have been exceptions."

"And if they stay for additional rounds of spankings you strip to underwear, spank, lube them up and spank them until they cum between your thighs?"

"Sometimes. More often than not, actually. But not always. I always tell the married ones to go home and be real good to their wives."

"But you don't consider that as having sex with them?"

"Well, they might consider it sex, probably do, but I don't let them fuck me. Define that however you wish."

"I can see why you have a reputation for being frank. So, some lucky ones might actually get to have sex with you later?"

"Some of the ones who are really into spanking, yes. Not as many as you might think, though. I'm very selective as to who gets in my bed."

"Do any of them ever spank you?"

"Oh!" I could see that I'd hit a nerve. There was a long pause and I was about to change the subject when she said, "Two very special ones used to spank me. Special people, special circumstances. Let's drop this subject, though, please."

I could see there were some painful memories so I did as she wished and took a whole new tack. "So would you be willing to spank me?" She got a startled look. "You look surprised!" I said.

"I had you pegged as one of the academically curious ones, with no real interest in actually trying it."

"A totally incorrect assumption; and you ducked the question. Should I withdraw it to save us embarrassment?"

"Oh, no! I was actually hoping that you might have enough interest to call later and give it a try. Remember how I cleverly gave you my phone number? She laughed. "I just thought that when you sat to talk here and now that you were just one of the curious but not really interested ones." She leaned forwards in the chair.

I leaned towards her. "OK, then, that's settled. Shall we go?"

"Go? Go where? ... What?"

"Leave here, right now, go somewhere where you can make me take off all my clothes and spank me. I'd love to cum between your thighs but I'd rather wait until the third or fourth round if you don't mind. I already know I like to spank and to be spanked. You can also put me in panties or whatever and use a strap-on on me, too, if you'd like. That would be a new one on me... Or should I say in me?" I grinned and blushed deeply judging by the heat in my face.

"I have not confirmed the strap-on!"

"You didn't deny it either. In fact you actually stated that you wouldn't confirm or deny it; to an investigator that is pretty revealing. So, shall we go now, or would you rather hang around here awhile and collect more possibilities. I can call later."

"You'd actually walk out of here with me, knowing that everyone here will know I'm taking you somewhere to spank you? Aren't you worried about what they'll think?"

"Sure I would! Nah, I already know I'm a spanko, so why not? Why should I worry about what they think about something that is absolutely none of their business? I don't really know most of them anyway."

"But what about your friends, the guys you came with? They are sitting there really watching us, wondering what the hell is going on. They are sure going to be shocked. What are you going to tell them later?"

"Eh, Nothing. They really don't ask anymore because I always tell them the same thing when I date a woman -- 'I don't kiss and tell.' But you're right; they'll probably ask or try to tease me this time, given the circumstances. They still won't get a straight answer, though. It isn't their business. So...Your place or mine, or would you prefer that I get a motel room?"

"OK. It's your funeral. We'll go to my place, because I have all my spanky toys there." She looked me in the eye and added, "And that unconfirmed strap-on and panties and other lingerie in several sizes and colors."

"Right! So let's go!" I helped her up and took her by the arm and the hubbub of voices suddenly fell silent, leaving just the music. We smiled all around and said our goodbyes and thanks to the host and hostess.

"I'll catch you guys later." I waved to Phil and Todd as I led her to the door and out into the night.


When the guys asked me later if I knew she was a spanker when we left the party I raised an eyebrow and put on my most incredulous look and said, "What? She spanks? You're kidding! Who does she spank? I don't believe it." And I wouldn't budge from that line or rise to the bait when they tried to tease me about it, so they finally left it alone. I also managed to keep hidden the fact that I was sitting very carefully for a couple of days. Ron admitted privately that he'd been spanked by her once but I didn't tell him anything either.

Oh, and Debra and I actually spent that whole weekend together. Her phone did ring a few times and a couple of messages were left but she didn't answer them. I got to spank her, too, that Sunday morning. I guess the third time is a charm because we moved in together a few weeks later and got married a couple of years after that.

That was over ten years ago.

Some of our friends who knew her before we met still wonder about us. I'm sure Phil, Ron, and Todd, who are all married now, by the way, still sometimes wonder. A very few know for certain.

Gotta go! I can hear her getting out all the toys. Two of the couples who do know for certain are coming over for the weekend and we're going to have a little party. Jill and Jim, the woman and man she mentioned having spanked separately are one of the couples. The other couple, Bill and Linda, we all met later. We usually play cards; you bet your ass! Oh, and Deb did discover that she and the other two women as well, are bi. The guys certainly don't mind, though. It's really hot to watch them spank and finger each other to orgasm! Linda and Bill stayed overnight one time and Deb and Linda did a whole lot more than that while Bill and I got an eyeful! Nobody got much sleep that night. Jill was jealous when she heard so I'm sure more is coming.

There has been some teasing talk among the women about them spanking and then requiring us guys to suck each other and otherwise play together. We are all very nervous about it but have discussed it privately amongst ourselves and decided that we'll go through with it if they decide to press it, at least once, anyway. Deb knows about our decision from our pillow talk, and I'll bet the other wives do, too, if not from their husbands then from Deb.

Bill and Jim said their wives have been really smoking hot in bed lately and they think they are secretly planning what they are going to do to us. Deb has been extra randy too, and dropping hints every time we make love so I'm pretty sure they have something uncomfortable but sexy hot planned. All three of us men have found ourselves suddenly cut off from sex and forbidden to masturbate as of last Monday, but the women have been teasing us unmercifully all week so everyone is really super horny.

This is our Halloween party and the women picked all the costumes. I know from talking with the other guys that we've all been given fairly similar costumes, but we don't have any idea what the women are wearing. I do know that a very sexy new leather strap-on harness arrived this week, though. We have also been informed by the women that we won't be playing cards but there will be other games instead. Seems like we are in for more than just our usual vanilla cards and spankings.

Deb has informed me that I'd better hope for both skill and luck tonight because it is her goal to make me be the very first one on my knees with a dick in my mouth. I'm so nervous! She usually gets what she wants!

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