The Party


I was working a construction job in small town in the middle of Nebraska one summer. There wasn't much to do there, accept drink and work. One Friday night in August, one of the foremen was having a party at the farmhouse he was renting, and invited half of the crew to it, pretty much anybody that partied. This was a few years ago, and I was pretty drunk that night so I apologize if some of the details are a little fuzzy, especially the names (or lack there of.)

It was a little after dark when his wife got up on a picnic table and started to dance. As she was dancing, she reached down and started unbuttoning her blouse to the cheers of the crowd. She took it off and started twirling it about her head, when one of the other ladies at the party pulled her down, to the dismay of the crowd and her. Back on the ground, she finished taking off her shirt and threw it towards the keg. I moved over and joined the little group that the host and hostess were in, trying to join the conversation and not stare to noticeably. I was apparently pretty obvious about it, because she spoke up about ten minutes after I had joined the group and asked me if I wanted to see her "boobies." Before I had a chance to stumble a response out over my tongue, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, and threw it towards the keg by her shirt. (Did I mention that she was getting a bit tipsy?)

I guess that I should describe the hostess real quick. She was in her late 20's to early 30's, brunette with glasses. She kind of had that schoolteacher/librarian look about her. She had small breasts but as I just found out, they were very nicely shaped and the nipples were proportioned just right. The only drawback to her was that she had kind of a wide ass, but she was still one hell of a looker.

She started moving around from group to group shortly after this, remaining topless most of the night. She was hassling a few people, mostly men, to take their shirts off. This being a construction crew, most of the men were built pretty nice, but some had beer guts and others were missing some teeth here and there. This didn't stop her though, as she got 3 men and even one lady to remove their shirts. (The lady was a little overweight, nothing real eye catching.)

I asked her husband if he was OK with this, and he told me that she was a free woman and as long as nobody tries to fuck her, and she didn't try to fuck anybody, she was free to do whatever she wanted. He also told me that this wasn't the first time that she had done this. I guess it was pretty common for her to run around at parties they hosted in her bra and panties or just topless after she had gotten drunk. Although, he said that she had never gotten completely naked before.

As the night was getting late, and some of the crowd had left, the temperature started to get a little cool and the host started a bon fire. Needless to say, everyone moved over to the fire for the extra heat. It was at this point that I noticed that a couple of the guys were prodding her to take it all off. She said something to the extent that she wasn't going to be the only naked person here.

One of the guys said, "So if we strip down, or get someone else to strip down, you will to?"


The guys prodded around a little bit but couldn't get any takers. Well this put a bug in her ear, because a few minutes later, she started to move around the harassing a couple of the ladies that were there to strip with her. She had made her way through most of the remaining crowd when this girl that was there said "OK, but I will not take off my underwear."

I should stop here for a moment. This girl was one of the superintendent's daughter. I remember that she was under eighteen, but I can't remember how much. She was a real looker, always catching the attention of every man on sight whenever she sowed up. I can't remember her figure, because I could never get past her eyes. She was a real flirt on site, always trying to catch as much attention as she could.

Anyway, the hostess said that she would take off her pants if the girl took off her shirt and pants. It was kind of funny watching how quiet the crowd got as she started to pull her shirt over her head. When she started to remove her pants, our hostess started to take off her jeans as well, to the chant of "take it off, take it off."

Our hostess kept prodding around and did get the heavy set lady who took her shirt off earlier to take off her bra and threw it into the fire.

The beer continued to flow, when some time later, I saw our hostess falling over with her panties around one knee and the other ankle. While on the ground, she took them the rest of the way off and threw them into the fire. She went back over to the girl again and started prodding her to join her and how wonderful and free it felt.

“Ya mean like this?” she said as she pulled one strap down with her hand across her breasts.

“Yes,” said our hostess.

The girl said, “It’s not gonna happen,” as she pulled the strap up.

The guy that brought her to the party tried to get her to take her bra off with no luck. To his dismay, she would pull the straps down when his back was turned, teasing the guys around her. Once, while he was getting another beer, she halfway took her bra off, holding the cups to her breasts with one hand. I heard the next day that she had even taken the bra all the way off for a few seconds while he was in the can. (I missed it somehow, so I don’t know how true that was.)

Sometime after the bars closed, we went into town for breakfast. The girl had already gone home by this point, in fact, most of the party had left. Our hostess went inside and grabbed a fresh pair of panties, and one of her husband’s flannel shirts. She put these on in the car on the way to the restaurant.

She was quite intoxicated by now, and got a little loud and obnoxious. I think that the only reason that we didn’t get kicked out of the restaurant was that she kept flashing her ‘boobies’ to the manager and several other male patrons, not to mention that our group was known to be large tippers. Shortly before we left, she did a little squirming around and took off her panties, which she set in the center of the table. On our way out to the car, she surprised us all, and removed the shirt, dropping it on the ground. Walking the rest of the way, stark naked.

The job started dying down a couple of weeks later, and they never threw another party while I was there. A couple of months after that party, they moved onto another project, and I never saw them again.

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