The Party


She had been invited to a party. Correction, she had been told that she was to attend a party. It was all part of a bet that had taken place the previous week. They had been discussing fantasies and both had expressed a wish to spend an evening under the spell of the others whims and wishes. Partly to see what each person would come up with, partly to see how far each partner would go before one or the other called a halt.

It was agreed that he would call the shots first and so it was agreed that tonight was the night. And now he had told her that they were going to a party. It was being hosted by someone she knew nothing about, and as far as she was aware, she would know nobody there.

She dressed in a dark blue two piece outfit made of silk. The skirt was shortish and flared, the blouse buttoned up the front and had long sleeves. She put on her highest heels, her most expensive perfume, and when she looked in the mirror, she was pleased with what she saw.

He picked her up at 9 pm and they drove for 90 minutes to a remote town. Now she was sure that she would know no-one. Upon entering the house her thoughts were confirmed. It was a large house, and the party was spread through several rooms. There must have been well over 100 people there. Her partner seemed to know the host but very few others.

They both sat and had a few drinks to loosen up. Eventually, he took her drink from her hands, placed it on the table and told her that he now expected her to follow his every wish. She nodded silently.

he led her into the next room where people were dancing. The music was slow and the lights were low. He held her close as they moved to the rhythm. His hands moved across her back and his lips grazed her neck. Then he began to whisper to her. he told her that he was going to leave her in this room for precisely one hour. She was to stand or sit alone, watching the dancing. Should anyone ask her to dance, she was to say yes. She should not dance with any one man for more than 10 minutes, and she should not leave the room under any circumstances. However should her dancing partners' hands start to wander, she should let them do whatever they wish. At the end of the hour she must leave the room and come and find him at the bar.

With that, he turned and walked out. She walked to the side of the room and looked around. Within 5 minutes she was dancing, her shoulders being gently caressed by man she had never met. After 20 minutes, she was with partner number 3, swallowing silently, as his hands crept lower and lower.

One hour later, she walked into the bar area and sat beside him in a secluded corner. He just smiled and waited. She realised he wanted her to tell him what had happened, so she told him. In intricate detail.

When she finished, he pulled her onto his chair, and began to kiss her frantically. His hands groped her breasts and disappeared under her skirt. It happened so fast that she never had time to even consider anyone else in the room. She kissed him back hard, and her legs parted to allow him access. As his hand swept across the front of her panties, he noticed that they were wet ..... very wet. She blushed as she realised, which brought the evil smile back to his lips. She shuddered involuntarily.

He removed his hands, sat her back on her own chair, then told her to go to the rest-room and remove all of her underwear. She stared at him for a minute or two, then without a word, got up and departed.

When she returned 5 minutes later, she found him in exactly the same position. She handed him the required garments, which he placed in his pocket. He then told her to go back and dance; same rules to apply.

One hour later when she returned, she looked extremely flustered. Her hair was disheveled, another two buttons were undone on her blouse, showing the tops of her breasts. Her skin was slick with sweat and her nipples protruded through the thin material.

He again just looked at her. This time, she simply said .... "Please,...just take me out of here and fuck me. Right now!!"

He said nothing, but stood, smiled and took her hand. He led her out into the hall and then up the stairs. He marched her through all the people stood in the hallway and into a bedroom. He closed the door, pushed her up against it, unzipped himself and proceeded to fuck her brutally against the cold wood of the door itself. As he thrust hard into her, the door shook in its frame, and she cried out passionately. They carried on in this fashion until they both came furiously.

He then pulled out of her, zipped himself back up, stepped back, and told her to wait outside while he cleaned himself up. As she walked out, he leaned back and smiled to himself, as he imagined her out there, facing people who would have heard everything, standing semi-clothed, thighs glistening, breasts heaving...... he laughed quietly and decided to take his time cleaning up.

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