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The Party


(Note: This story is designed to be read by the sub in a D/s relationship. Particularly, by a younger female sub for an older male Dom. The story is written in the first person and the present tense from the Dom’s point of view and addressed to the sub. The story is not meant to imply in any way that the sub or any of the participants are younger than the age of consent. I would appreciate feedback and voting on the story. Take a second to leave me some feedback, via the anonymous link if you'd rather. Also, take a second to vote on the story. Some of us write these stories for the gratification of the knowledge we help get you to ..ah.. be gratified. Ah well, you know ... we want to know you liked it.)

I open the door to the club and lead you inside. "Ok sweetie," I say softly to you. "This party is going to be fun for you but you are going to be held to our strictest standard of behavior. You know I have lots of friends who are in the lifestyle. I have arranged for several of the Doms to bring their subs. I also invited only those whose subs are about your age."

Your eyes get wide with surprise at this information. "They are all my age?" you confirm, thinking of some of the older female subs I have introduced you to.

"Yes, though the ages of the Doms varies a lot," I reply. "I excluded inviting any Doms whose subs are more than one year older than you or more than one year younger than you."

I take you into the changing area, a small room with lockers. "I have rented the use of this club for private use by us. Tonight, you will see me touch and be touched by subs belonging to other Doms. You will be required to touch and be touched by both subs and other Doms, though the rules are you may not accept any Dom's cum in your pussy, and though you will let some Doms cum in your mouth, you won't swallow any cum but mine. You will accept any cum in your ass if I allow the Dom to be there. Do you understand tonight's rules?"

Your eyes are big as saucers, but you nod and say, "Yes Sir, I think so. I will do anything with people that you tell me to, but I shouldn't swallow any cum but yours and I shouldn't let any one cum in my pussy but you. Is that right, Sir?"

I nod and smile at you. "Now, take off all of your clothes and put them in this locker. I will take off your collar as I have a special show collar for us to use tonight." I watch you as you quickly slip off your shirt and bra revealing your firm breasts. And then, your jeans and panties are quickly removed and put into the locker. Your socks and shoes are last and then you are naked except for the submissive's collar that I gave you last year when I took you as mine. You turn your back to me and I unbuckle the collar which you have worn continuously since I collared you. I put the collar into the locker and close it. You reach up and touch your naked neck because it feels so strange to not have a collar on.

"Now I feel naked, Sir," you say softly.

Opening another locker I remove a very thin cotton robe which I unfold and hand to you. You slip it on and tie it at the waist with the sash. The robe hangs open on your chest, revealing the open area between your titties. The hem just barely comes halfway down your butt, so it is not covered. From the right angle, your shaved pussy isn't covered either. I examine how you look and smile. I take a very broad and thick silver collar from the locker and slip it around your neck. It is so broad that you have to tilt your chin up and hold your head high to accept it. Then, I fold the hasp to close it and lock it into place with a small padlock. You realize you cannot tilt your head down at all. But now you don't feel so naked anymore.

I reach out and untie the robe and pull it off your shoulders. "Hold the robe here with your arms," I command. You bend your arms at your elbows to hold the robe up. I take some small wires that look more like tape and plug them into the collar, and peel a backing off the sticky tape that is on one side. I stick the wires to your upper chest and down the side of each of your breasts and then across the underside of your breast to the nipples. At the end, the wires split and affix on each side of each of your nipples for each breast. Then I take another longer wire and plug it into another connection in the collar and peel the backing off of the sticky side. This wire runs along your collar bone and then down under your arm and down your right side to your hip where it snakes across your hip. At the top of your mons, it splits and runs down the top of your slit where the tip of each wire is affixed right next to your clit inside your outer labia but on either side of the clit itself.

You feel my fingers pressing the sticky tape into place. "What are these, Sir?" You ask, though the thickness of the collar prevents you from tilting your head to look.

“I will demonstrate in just a minute, my dear," I reply. "Be patient." I take what appears to be a leash and affix it to the collar behind your neck. Then you hear the click of a switch and you feel the collar vibrate slightly for a few seconds. "There! Now it is all hooked up."

I turn you to face me and pull the robe back up over your shoulders and tie your sash back around you. "This is a powered collar my sweet. I hold up the control at the end of the leash for you to see. The control has several buttons and dials with little red lights. With these buttons, I can give you a small electric tingle to either of your nipples, or both, or to your clitty." I point to the dials and buttons.

"Interestingly, you will be able to cum just from the application of these signals and they won't be painful to you at all. The collar has several batteries in it and a small computer chip that accepts feedback from the sensors even as they apply small electrical signals to you. Let me show you."

I push a button on the small control at the end of the leash and you feel a tingle in each of your nipples. The sensation isn't painful at all but more like a tickle. Then even as you decide that the slight tickling sensation cannot matter much the signals increase and your nipples become rock hard and as sensitive as if I have been sucking on them for an hour. You feel the sensations from your nipples flashing throughout your body and your knees get a little weak because it feels so wonderful.

You realize that this is going to be a powerful stimulant. "Oh Master," you moan. You reach out to hold the lockers to keep from getting unbalanced from the pleasurable sensations.

"And then ... there is this other signal," I say, smiling. I push it and a little tingle begins in your clit and the lovely sensation grows and grows. Your body reacts the same as if I have been sucking your clit and you feel the familiar orgasm rushing to build within you, trying to explode you. But, before it can make you cum, I release the button. Quickly, the sensations die away, leaving your pussy wet with unfulfilled passion. You are sad the sensation is gone and your clit throbs with the echo of the lovely sensations.

"Oh Master, why have you never used this before?" you ask. "I can see how it would make me cum. I am as stimulated and as wet as if you had licked my clit, Sir. It was so swift that I could have cum in another few seconds."

"Yes, I know," I reply. "It is a very powerful control tool, but I know that I don't need it either to make you cum or to control you. Tonight, I am using it as a special reward for your excellent behavior. You will cum tonight like you have never cum before. I suspect you will cum so much you will be unable to walk. But you will be without inhibition tonight ... except for my rules. Do you remember them?"

"Yes, Sir," you say firmly. "I will do things with people that you tell me to, but I shouldn't swallow any cum but yours and I shouldn't let any one cum in my pussy but you. I should let anyone fuck me in the ass that you say to. Oh, and I will see you doing things with other subs and I mustn't get jealous."

"Very good, my dear," rewarding your accuracy with a couple of seconds of electric clitoral stimulation. Your knees quiver with the pleasure. I remove my clothes and hang them in the locker with yours. Then, taking another robe from the second locker, I slip the control to your collar into the pocket of the robe and tie the robe so my cock is covered. I close the lockers and lead you to a door opposite the one we entered.

Opening the door, I lead you into a room that has 5 other Doms with their subs. Each of the subs is naked and none are wearing the kind of collar that you are. Each of the subs is about your age as promised, though there is otherwise great variety. There is a skinny one, a heavy one, with the rest of medium build. Some have large tits, some have very small tits. All of the subs have shaved pussies, though one has a hair stripe which extends her slit. One is a blonde, one is a brunette, two are redheads, and one has with no hair at all anywhere. Her smooth scalp matches her smooth pussy and she looks a little strange to you because of her complete lack of hair.

Each of the Doms simply nods to me and then looks you over. You realize that you have never met any of these before at any of the parties I have taken you to. The subs look you over too and each of them gives you a sisterly nod and then almost as if it were a dance number, they rise to their knees from whatever position they were in. They place their hands palm down on their opened thighs, the knees wider than their shoulders. They hold their shoulders back, helping their titties to look their best and they have their heads erect but eyes downcast. Their knees point to us, rather than to their Doms, as a sign of respect for us as the hosts of the party. You realize they have assumed this position for me as it is the position in which you spend a lot of time for me.

You look around the room, returning each girl's nod as they give them and then look to the Doms. "Kneel for the Doms, my dear," I say softly. You immediately go to your knees, spread them wide sitting back on your ankles, place your hands on your thighs and thrust your titties out in the position you know so well and have found to be comfortable. I gesture to the Doms and one by one they move in front of you and look between your legs at your pink slit, your clitty now erect without electric help. Each Dom reaches forward and feels of your pussy with his hand, careful not to brush aside your clitoral wires. You feel the fingertips touching your innermost lips and a small fire begins to burn in your pussy as your body responds unbidden.

Never have you been touched so intimately by strangers; never have you imagined that you would like it so well. Your vagina begins to leak pussy juice and it runs down your upper thighs and begins to drip on the floor.

As each Dom touches you, he makes some small comment about your pussy. "Very smooth …." "It feels very tight." "My girl will enjoy licking this wetness away." "What a sensitive cunt." "Streaming wetness

already ..."

You blush slightly but are honored with each positive comment. I watch your face and when the Doms have moved away, I put my hand in my pocket to reach the buttons on the control. "Don't move." I tell you. Then, I begin to play the buttons. Your nipples tingle and then your clit and back to your nipples.

As the pleasure builds in your clit, you want to move your hips to make the orgasm come sooner but I told you not to move so you hold perfectly still. Your face becomes flushed with the effort to remain still. Your clit throbs with excitement and your glands produce still more pussy lubricant. Your juices are dripping on the floor beneath your very wet spread thighs. The throbbing in your clit increases, and despite all your efforts, a small moan escapes your lips. Your hips quiver slightly as you fight the urge to move them and your hands want to go to your vagina to fill it.

At last, the electric pulses drive your clit beyond its limits and your body begins to orgasm, the intense feelings spreading from deep inside your hips and washing over your whole body. Your body control is quite good, but your shoulders quiver with the orgasm and your breathing is heavy and rapid.

After the climax has subsided you open your eyes again and everyone is just watching you. The subs are clapping their hands softly for you. I begin to walk toward the couple on the far left and you shakily but quickly scurry to your feet to follow. You want to look down to see how much pussy juice is on the floor under you but the collar won't let your neck bend enough. Quickly you move in behind me, walking as I taught you with your shoulders back and your back straight but with your head slightly lowered as the collar will only barely allow.

I walk you around the couple that was on your far left and then around behind the others for a full circle of the room. Your downcast gaze passes over each of the other subs and they look back up at you. You realize that they wish that they were the center of attention instead of you and you know they will be trying to please their masters so that they too can have a party like this thrown for them.

After the circuit of the room, I stop at the first couple again. The Dom is tall and swarthy and his sub is a blond haired girl with very pale skin and huge titties. She is kneeling before him in the correct position, having turned to him as we walked around them, her hands on her open thighs, fully exposing her smoothly shaved pussy. The position forces her large inner labia to hang out and you can barely see that she has three rings in the labia on one side and two rings on the other. I stop next to the Dom and you immediately kneel beside her, assuming the same position.

In a moment, the other Dom and I trade places and he stands before you and I stand before his sub. He gestures to her and she leans forward and opens my robe and takes my cock out. From making you cum, I am already hard. The tip of my cock glistens with precum. Her hand begins to stroke me slowly, the bright red on her fingernails a stark contrast to her pale skin. The tips of her fingernails make small indentions in the skin of my cock. She leans forward and her tongue slides out of her mouth, the bar through her tongue tipped with a dull pronged star.

You watch as she uses the star to tickle the underside of my cock before she slips it into her mouth to suck on it. You are aware of the Dom gently turning your head as he points his hard cock at your mouth.

The bar through his cock is small, but you are surprised to see it there. You open your lips and the tip of his cock rubs the inside of them before it slips on into your mouth. You use your tongue on the underside of his cock as he holds your head and slowly begins to move his cock in and out of your mouth. An unexpected trickle of electricity on your titties adds to the pleasure you feel in your mouth from this hard cock and the unusual feel of his piercing. The tip of his cock oozes a small precum droplet which you smear with the tip of your tongue. You curl your fingers around the shaft of his cock and open your mouth wider to let him slide deeply into your mouth.

There is no outside electricity being applied to your clit now but the sensations you feel naturally in your clitty are just as good. You open your eyes again and looking sideways see the blonde with her head lowered and her tongue star tickling my shaved balls. Seeing her face between my legs gives you another thrill and waves of pleasure cascade from your mouth and down your body. The Dom holds your head with his hands on either side and sets the pace of fucking your mouth and you move your head as he guides you. You suck firmly, letting as many of the surfaces of your mouth and tongue as possible work on his cock.

Reaching under his cock, your hand cups his scrotum. It feels funny and you realize he has several small rings pierced into the center of his ball sack. You can't see them because your mouth is swallowing his cock, and the collar won't allow you to turn your head to the side enough, so you explore the tiny rings with your fingers. Suddenly you feel his cock jerk, and you remember the rules and you pull your mouth back just as he cums. His jism squirts into your mouth and out onto your face and nose. It runs along your cheek and down your jawbone and drips from the end of your chin. What of his cum is in your mouth, you push out with your tongue so it slides down your face.

The blonde sees his cum on your face and immediately switches from me to your face. Her tongue first laps at cum dripping from your chin and then she licks your face like a pussy cat, getting all the cream from you. You feel the touch of her tongue on your lips and your nose and the star catches slightly in your nose before she frees it and licks down to your collar. As her tongue licks your face, her hand cups your breast and her fingertips rub your erect nipples. Her fingers slip lightly over the attached wires and then pinch your nipples firmly. The pinching and the licking combine to send sharp signals of sensation to your waiting clitty.

You look up and see me smiling down at you, proud that you remembered the rule and took his cock out of your mouth as he came so you wouldn’t swallow any of it. The blonde finishes cleaning your face and then she turns to his cock and begins to suck it, trying to get the last of his cum from deep inside him.

I untangle your collar leash from her body and move around and gesture for you to follow me. You rise to your feet and I walk a complete cycle around the room again, and after passing the blonde still sucking at her Master's cock, I stop at the Dom with the first redhead. She is kneeling in the position, so you kneel next to her appropriately. This is the slightly heavy sub, certainly the heaviest in the room. I hand the redhead the control to your collar and her Dom and I walk a little bit away and begin to talk softly. The redhead smiles and pushes the button that controls your clit. She continues to hold it and the intense pleasure builds quickly in your clit until you think she is going to let you cum. But, she releases the button and the pleasure slowly recedes.

You watch as her Dom and I return. I take the control from the girl and her Dom bends and whispers to her. She moves around behind you and out of your sight. I pull on your leash slightly and you rise up on your knees from where you were sitting on your ankles. Then you feel the girl pushing your feet apart as your knees are apart, and she slides her shoulders between your feet and her head under you and between your legs. You want to look down but the collar restrains you head movement. You feel her hands on your hips, pulling back down until you are effectively sitting on her upper chest. You can feel her breath on your pussy and then her tongue slides along your thigh as she turns her head. Not being able to see her but to feel her so clearly is very erotic to you. You aren't sure if you are supposed to touch her or help her or just sit still. Deciding that if I want you to help her I will tell you, you simply sit and feel her kissing along your inner thigh. Then she turns her head and her lips settle on your pussy. Her tongue slips between your still wet labia and slides up and down your slit.

You moan slightly and then her tongue reaches your clit. The sensation of actual touch on your clit is stronger than the electrical stimulation and you moan aloud. You feel a motion in front of you and open your eyes, not even realizing you had shut them. The Dom settles to the floor before you and his mouth teases at your nipple and he takes one of your hands and puts it on his huge cock. Your hand tells you that his cock is the thickest you have ever felt and your fingers will hardly go around it. You stroke it slowly and the skin of his shaft slides easily in your hand.

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