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The Party


"I know! You'll go to the party as my sexless humanoid!"

My girlfriend Alisia and I had been having a few drinks, kicking around ideas for a costume party we were planning on attending. We had both agreed that we'd pick each other's costumes. After I decided that she would go to the party as a she-devil dressed in her latex bodysuit, It was her turn to pick. So she had the crazy idea of me being sexless for the evening.

"Dear," I replied. "How is that going to work? If I'm wearing any clothing no one will know that I'm supposed to be sexless, and if I go naked everyone will see that I definitely do have sex organs!"

I could see the wheels turning in her head, and I knew she would come up with a way to make this happen. After all, she is very stubborn, and when drunk, very convincing!

"Darling, I'll figure everything out. Don't you worry!"

And so worry I didn't. The week passed, and I had forgotten all about the party. But Alisia didn't. Very soon it was Saturday, and I was relaxing in front of the computer when she came bouncing into the room.

"Ok Darling. Time to get ready for the party!"

"What party?"

"Darling! The costume party we're going to tonight! We have to start getting you ready if we want to get there at a reasonable hour."

I had no idea what she was talking about. I remembered a discussion about going to a party, other than that I was speechless.

"Come on Darling! We have to make you into a sexless humanoid for the party tonight!"

Then I remembered our discussion over drinks earlier in the week and I knew I was in trouble. Since I knew arguing would be futile with Alisia, I waited for her instructions.

"Ok Darling, I've put a lot of thought into how you can be sexless and still attend a party. And the only way this will work is if you are REALLY sexless. That way if anyone wants to check, it won't look like you are trying to get out of wearing a costume!"

With that, Alisia grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom. There on the bed I saw random rolls of tape, something that looked like a little funnel, and a can of paint. I almost told Alisia to forget the party, but one look in her beautiful eyes made me decide to see what was on her mind.

"Alright, I need you to strip for me darling."

As I undressed, I saw her pick up some masking tape and the little funnel. Before I could ask, she answered the question forming in my head.

"I need to make your beautiful dick disappear for the evening darling. But I know that you'll want to drink tonight, so we need a way for you to relieve yourself. Don't worry darling, it won't hurt a bit!"

And with that, she started to tape the little funnel to the end of my hardening dick. She was basically attaching a spout to the end of my dick so I could urinate. She then grabbed my dick and pulled it as far back between my legs as she could. With the tape, she quickly secured me like that. Then with the rest of the tape, she proceeded to completely cover my groin, only leaving the tip of the funnel showing. When she was finished, I did look completely sexless.

"What do you think so far darling?"

I was completely speechless! But that didn't stop Alisia. She quickly went to the next step in her plan. She grabbed a roll of duct tape and completely covered her previous layer.

"What is this for?" I asked her. "You've already done a very good job of making my dick disappear!"

"Don't worry darling. If someone really needs to check your costume, I don't want them feeling your dick through your clothing. This has to be convincing!"

So she kept wrapping until all the duct tape was gone. Then she went back to the masking tape and started all over again.

"Don't worry darling, latex paint doesn't stick very well to duct tape, so I had to switch back to this."

When she finished, she rubbed her hand over my groin. Even I couldn't feel her hand.

"Perfect! Now on to the next step."

There is a next step? She must have put a lot of thought into this one! Alisia proceeded to pick up the can of paint and started painting all the visible tape.

"Don't move" she cautioned me. "We don't have time for touchups!"

I looked down, and noticed that the paint color she chose almost exactly matched my skin color. This girl was good! While we were waiting for the paint to dry, Alisia briefed me on some details of my costume.

"Ok darling. I've set it up that you can pee tonight, but nothing else. I hope you don't mind but you'll have to sit to do that! Now you'll go to the party dressed normally, so if anyone asks you what you are dressed as, you have to tell them you are a sexless humanoid. If they ask you to prove it to them, you have to let them touch or even see. No exceptions! And don't worry, I'll be right there with you."

By that time the paint was dry, and Alisia had me lay down on the bed so she could trim the end of the funnel off flush with the tape. She handed me a mirror so I could admire her handiwork. I have to say, she did a great job. All anyone could see was a very small hole between my legs that most people would miss if they weren't looking for it.

After she let me look, she had me get dressed for the party. I went to get a pair of my jeans, but she had picked out a special pair for the party. They were very tight and definitely showed my lack of "manliness" down there. As I dressed, Alisia started to get ready for the party as well.

While she was dressing, I found my hand drifting down to my crotch. It was definitely a different feeling, not feeling anything! But it was also very erotic!

Soon, Alisia made her appearance. She was dressed in a skintight latex bodysuit, complete with hood. There were small horns protruding from the top of her head, along with a two foot long tail dangling between her legs. I could feel my dick trying to burst from its constraints, as she sauntered towards me.

"You like what you see big boy...whoops, I mean thing?" she chuckled. "Too bad you can't have any of this tonight, since you are sexless!"

If I knew Alisia hadn't spent so much time working on my costume, I would have ripped the whole thing off and taken her right there.

"You ready to go, my little thing?"

She grabbed a jacket as we walked out the door. As I was locking our front door, she turned to me with a sly smile.

"Since I know you can't have me tonight, that must make you a very frustrated thing. So I have a little present for you this evening."

With that, she handed me a small key-fob with one button. When I looked at her quizzically, she just replied "try it and see what happens."

So I pushed the button, and saw Alisia catch her breath ever so slightly.

"Darling, that button controls the vibrating egg that is hidden inside me. And since I locked my bodysuit on, I guess you'll just have to tease me all night long!"

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Can u add more parts to this story. It was getting good

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