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The Party


I know from reading the many erotic stories that a lot of married men fantasize about seeing their wives with other men, either going the whole way and having sex with them or just being naked and exposed in front of them. I want to relate to you the first experience I had of this, and how it changed my life.

My name is Laura. I am an attractive blond with what I am told is a stunning figure. My firm 38dd breasts are the envy of most other women and an eye magnet for every man whom I pass in the street or has had the pleasure to meet me. I am fifteen years younger than my husband, Alex, and I still don't think he could believe his luck when we met one wonderful evening at a friend's house. I found him an interesting guy to talk to and quite attractive in a rugged sort of way. After a long conversation I agreed to go out with him on a date. He said, much to my amusement, that he found me exciting and incredibly sexy. I am not sure about the exciting, but I do have an insatiable appetite for sex. In fact, I have a reputation for being a bit of a nympho. Over the next few months we had an exciting time. Alex was a great guy to go about with, being caring and attentive, and great in bed. But I always had this feeling that he couldn't quite believe his luck in meeting me.

We got on great together and he moved in with me after we had known each other about nine months. We got married about a year after that. He once told me, much to my amusement, that his mates told him what a lucky bastard he was too have hooked me. I have to say at this point that our sex life was great for the first six years of our marriage, but like all good things, it slowly came to an end. Being married to a nymphomaniac is, I suppose, every man's dream, but in actuality, I suppose it is really not that good; well, not after six years, it's not. After a while, I began to feel that sex between us was becoming a chore rather than a pleasure.

The problem was that I still wanted sex as often as possible. In fact, I needed sex just as much as I ever did, and when Alex couldn't provide me with what I wanted as often as I wanted it, my eyes started wandering, although at this stage I didn't do anything about it. I have to admit that I did begin to flaunt myself a little just to see what sort of reaction I got. I began to wear slightly more revealing clothes when we were going out, and I could not help myself flirting a little when we met up with Alex's mates or when they came around to our place.

It all came to a head one night when one of our friends organized a Hawaiian party. Mike was in advertising and had the reputation of throwing exciting and original parties. This one turned out to be one of the most memorable.

The invitation read, 'Wear what you would on a trip to Hawaii, colorful shirts, grass skirts or maybe sarongs.' It was an easy costume to come up with. Alex had actually bought a wonderful shirt while we were on a holiday in Miami the previous year. I couldn't decide what to wear, but in the end I decided on a short flowered sarong that I used as a beach wrap. It came to mid thigh and showed off my lightly tanned legs. The problem was that I found I couldn't wear a bra under it, not that I actually needed one. I decided it looked OK without one, even if it were a little revealing.

I saw the look on Alex's face when he saw my outfit and I thought he was going to say something, but he didn't. I saw him looking at my breasts and I knew he could see that my nipples, which were always quite prominent, were making a clear impression on the thin material of the sarong. I knew he could also see that I was not wearing a bra by the movement of my breasts as I came down the stairs. I knew I should have said something, but things between us were a bit strained that night, and I did not want to cause any more trouble, not just as we were going out. Luckily, my outfit turned out to be one of the talking points of the party. Some of the other women there were also wearing some equally revealing outfits but mine seemed to be attracting the most attention.

As usual at Mike's parties, drink flowed and my glass never seemed to be empty. I was beginning to get a little giddy, and was having fun dancing with some of the other guys and laughing with them. I could see that Alex was not happy with the situation, but I was annoyed with him. We had had this big argument about sex last night—well, about the lack of it as far as I was concerned-- and I think for the first time in our marriage he was feeling a little left out. It was just after midnight that it came to a head. Things had began to slow down a little, some people had already left, and we were down to about a dozen people. We were all sitting around Mike's large lounge drinking and chatting when someone suggested we might play a game. Everyone seemed to agree with the suggestion. Glynn, who always was the life and sole of any party, suggested his version of 'Truth or Dare' and everyone quickly agreed.

Some people had decided to sit this one out. They had heard that things tended to get a little risqué when they played this game. In the game, someone spun a bottle and the person the bottle pointed to when it stopped had to pick up a card from a pack on the floor. A black card required answering a question truthfully and red card was a dare. Things started slowly at first. The questions were quite tame, like who was your first lover, and at what age did you first have sex. The dares were of the same caliber-- kiss the person on the left or right of you, or stand up and sing a song. But gradually, as they usually did, things became a little bolder. One guy was the first to expose some flesh when he lost his shirt, which was a laugh, and everyone stared with interest when an attractive girl called Clare was dared to remove her sarong. With a little hesitation she did, with the guys cheering her on. She grinned as she revealed to everyone's delight a brief bikini.

I wondered to myself what would have happened if that had been me, knowing as I did that I had very little on beneath my sarong, but suddenly the idea excited me. Could I actually go along with it and expose myself if I were dared? It did not seem that I was going to find out as the bottle never seemed to stop when it was pointing in my direction. Even when it did, I always managed to pick a black card

One of the guys at the party was a guy called Martin, who was known to everyone as a bit of a lad. He had also been a friend of Alex's since they were teenagers and he was always game for anything. He was the first to bare all, when one of the girls, Avril, was dared to remove some guy's shorts. She picked on Martin because she knew he would not object, and as it turned out, he had been traveling commando style. I think Avril was more surprised than anyone when she lowered his shorts to suddenly find a well proportioned semi erect cock pointing in her direction. Martin laughed, seemingly unconcerned about his naked state, and sat down and continued the game.

After that, things began to inevitably go down hill. Clothes were slowly being removed, although at that moment, Martin was the only person with anything on display. Then it happened the bottle was suddenly pointing towards me. It was Martin's turn to ask the question and I drew a card from the pack. It was red, which meant a dare. Martin smiled around at the other guys in the game. "I think it is about time Laura showed us all what she has on under the pretty sarong," he said, looking around the group. I was feeling both excited and nervous as I slowly stood up. I looked across at Alex and saw the look on his face. I don't think he really believed that I was going to expose myself in front of everyone. I saw the expectant look on the guy's faces as I slowly undid the knot on my sarong. I felt that telltale twinge and knew I was beginning to get wet. There were gasps and whistle as the sarong fell away and my firm 38dd's were at last on show to everyone. I saw Martin looking at them with interest and there was no doubt that his cock looked a little more alert than it did a few moments before.

Soon after my showing, another couple of the other girls got the chance to display their boobs, but I was pleased to see they were not in the same class as mine. I noticed with some interest and growing excitement that the guys sitting around could not keep their eyes off my exposed breasts. The game was now getting down to the bare essentials, and at this stage, two of the couples made excuses to pull out. There were now only eight people in the game. Two of the other girls and myself were down to our bikini bottoms with our breasts on show, although the other woman, Sue, who was Mike's wife, was still completely covered. Among the guys, Martin, of course, had been naked from quite early on in the game, and one guy, Graham, still had his shorts on, but Alex and the other guy Robin were down to their boxers.

It was Martin's turn again to spin the bottle and it spun slowly to a stop pointing directly at me. I smiled across at Martin as I leaned forward to pick a card. I held it up-- it was a red queen. I saw the grin on Martin's face as he looked down at the last brief item I was wearing. "I think it's about time you joined me," he said. I smiled as I stood up, but I was trembling slightly. I had, of course like most women, been topless while on holiday so I was not too concerned about displaying my breasts, but I had never exposed myself totally to anyone apart from Alex for the last eight years. I could feel that my juices were flowing and I hoped it would not be obvious to everyone just how aroused I had become. There was silence in the room as I slowly and teasingly pulled on the ties of my bikini bottoms. They slowly slipped undone and I allowed the last brief item of clothing to drop to the floor. Every eye in the room was now on my totally naked body.

I looked across at Alex, but he seemed to be having a problem readjusting an erection that was tenting his boxers. I smiled to myself as I slowly sat down. Luckily for him, the people in the room were not looking in his direction. I felt a mixture of excitement and arousal that my body was now totally exposed before everyone. There had been silence for a few moments; suddenly there was applause. I still could not actually believe that I was sitting there naked in front of all our friends allowing them all to feast there eyes on the pleasures of my body. I could see that Martin, who was sitting directly opposite me, was now fully erect, his eight inches of solid meat standing proud. I don't know what happened to me. I could not help myself as I slowly and deliberately allowed my legs to part so that my wet pussy was openly displayed to him. From where he was sitting, I knew he would be able to clearly see into its

moist pink depth.

I think my display of nudity caused a bit of a problem as the game came to a sudden end when one of the women had a sudden attack of the nerves when she was asked to remove her bikini bottoms, and ran from the room. The rest then drifted away into the kitchen to fill their glasses and get some food. I was left in the room with Martin and Alex. Music suddenly filled the room as someone turned on the CD player. Martin smiled across at me. "Mind if I have a dance with your good lady?" he asked, looking across at Alex.

Martin stood up and came over to me. His large cock, still almost fully erect, was bobbing in front of him, and he seemed completely unconcerned. He reached out and gently pulled me to my feet and we started to dance to the slow smootchy music. Martin was slightly taller than I and I could feel his aroused cock rubbing against my leg. He was holding me firmly and my breasts were rubbing against his hard hairy chest. I dared not look over to Alex and I wondered what he was thinking now, seeing his naked wife dancing with an equally naked Martin. I put my arms around him and stroked the back of his neck while I felt Martin's hands cup my bottom, gently squeezing the firm flesh.

I was by this time becoming so aroused, I wished that Alex were still not in the room. I urgently needed relief and at this moment, it was Martin whom I wanted to relieve me. I stole a glance over at Alex as he sat on the sofa watching us. I was amazed to see that his hand was thrust inside his boxers, and from the movement, I could see that he was stroking a large erection. It was then that I realized that the sight of me dancing with Martin, the pair of us naked, was exciting him. My god, I thought to myself, he is actually enjoying the sight of us together.

Martin leaned close and whispered in my ear, "I want to fuck you, Laura. I want to dip my prick in that pretty pink pussy." I could have screamed. That was just how I was feeling at the moment. "I think I need a drink," he said, "or I might do something silly and I don't want to spoil a good friendship." He squeezed my bottom again and we parted. He picked up his discarded shorts, slipped into them, and, with a smile at me, he left the room. I picked up my sarong and wrapped it around my body and went over and sat on the arm of the sofa.

I looked down at Alex and noticed the wet stain on his boxers. I couldn't believe that he had actually wanked himself to a climax while I danced with Martin.

He looked up at me slightly embarrassed. "I think you enjoyed that as much as I did," he said with a slight grin. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. I could feel the urgency in his body, something I had not felt for some time. He wanted me and I wanted him. I wanted to show him he was still the only man I loved. Yes, I would have loved to feel Martin's cock enter me, but there was no love there, only pure lust.

"I think my wonderful hubby wants his little Laura to help him out," I said in the baby voice I used when I wanted something. I walked over and closed the door and turned the lights out. The room was now only lit by several flickering candles and the dying embers of a log fire. I smiled at Alex as I walked back towards him and sank down on the floor at his feet. I leaned forward and eased the top of his boxers down until his now limp cock was exposed. Then I took the still wet tool in my hands and began gently squeezing it back to life. Soon it was once more standing erect and proud. I looked up at him and smiled. "Can Laura lick her lovely lollypop?" I asked softly in my baby voice. Alex groaned. How could he refuse such a request and he groaned again even louder as my warm wet lips engulfed his hard cock and sucked it into my mouth. Soon my head was bobbing and Alex was gripping tightly onto the chair arms as I quickly brought him to a second wonderful climax. Even though he had cum only minutes before, he still managed to pump copious amounts of his hot sticky fluid into my eager ever waiting mouth. I lovingly swallowed it down, enjoying every last drop. Alex lay back in the chair, exhausted. With my head still resting on his lap, I gently caressed his sticky limp cock. "Did my baby enjoy that?" I asked him. He could only nod his head.

I did not speak for a while and then I said, "Darling," in a subdued voice. He looked down at me. I smiled. "May I ask you a favor?"

He smiled. "Ask away my love, you know I can't refuse you anything."

I smiled, still caressing his cock, but then I looked at him a little more seriously. "Martin wants to fuck me," I said in a quiet voice.

He looked down at me. He seemed a little stunned, but I remained quite calm. "What about you," he asked in a soft voice, "would you really like him to fuck you?"

I slowly nodded. "But only if you give your permission."

For a moment, I didn't think he knew what to say. Here was his beautiful young wife, the delight of his life, asking his permission to let one of his best mates have sex with her. He was quiet for some minutes. I did not know what he was thinking. He stroked my hair. "You know I love you very much and I know we have not been getting on that well of late, but I don't want to lose you. If you really want to have sex with Martin, I can't see that I have any option but to let you, but there is one condition." He paused for a moment. I wondered what he was going to say. "The condition is that I am allowed to be there and watch."

I looked up at him and smiled. My soft hands were still playing gently with his cock that was once again becoming aroused. "I was expecting that you might ask that," I said, "and I wouldn't have it any other way."

There was a light knock on the door and it slowly opened to admit Martin. He smiled across at us. He had a bottle of wine and three glasses in his hands. "I wondered if you two needed a fresh drink," he said. I smiled at him and beckoned him over. I could feel a slight resentment from Alex, but that was only to be expected in the circumstances, knowing as he did that if things went to plan, Martin would very shortly be fucking his exciting young wife, fucking her as Alex sat and watched the action.

Martin sat on the floor beside me and placed the glasses down on the carpet, then filled them all with red wine before passing them to us. I took a sip before looking at Martin. "I've asked him and he's agreed as long as he can stay in the room with us."

Martin looked a little embarrassed, but he shrugged. "Can't see why not, as long as it's alright with you," he said.

I smiled, "It's fine by me. I even think it might make it more exciting."

Martin turned to look at Alex. "I feel rotten about this, but I don't want you to think any less of me. I still want us to be mates, but she's been driving me mad. I just need to find out what she's like. You know I have fancied her for a long time." He stopped. He seemed at a loss for words.

Alex smiled. "It's not a problem. In fact, it will probably solve one. You two just have fun."

I took a long drink from my glass and Martin did the same. Then he took my hand and moved away from the sofa where Alex was sitting. We moved over to the sheepskin hearth rug in front of the dying fire. Martin took me in his arms and kissed me, then gently laid me down on my back. He slowly pealed off my sarong and looked down on my naked body with the last flames of the fire reflected on my pale skin.

He slowly began to caress my breasts, pulling and twisting my hard nipples. I let out little excited squeals. He leaned over me and in turn took my breasts into his mouth, lovingly licking the twin mounds of flesh. At last his lips found my nipples and he drew them into his mouth. I groaned. I loved my nipples being toyed with, and they were always extremely sensitive.

I lay there, my excitement mounting, as I felt his one free hand slowly work its way down my body. It paused for a moment as he brushed the small patch of my well trimmed pubic curls that topped my pronounced mound. Then I groaned out loud. His searching fingers continued downwards and I groaned a little louder when his fingers lightly brushed across my pussy. I opened my legs to allow him space and I felt his fingers begin to ease me open and slide inside. I thrust my hips up against his hand wanting to feel more of him. I have to admit his technique was good. I loved foreplay and he soon had me writhing on the floor pleading for more.

As he eased himself up to remove his shorts, I saw him look across to where Alex was sitting watching us. He kicked off his shorts and again I shuddered as I saw his large engorged cock standing proud. He was certainly well endowed, at least a good eight or nine inches and as thick as my forearm. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around the monster. Now it was Martin's turn to groan. I could feel the excitement mounting within me knowing that very soon, that awesome weapon would be deep inside my sweet pussy.

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